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Alexander Bastion

The kid with the data that everyone wants.

0 · 189 views · located in THe Citadel

a character in “Mass Effect: Conspiracy”, as played by Mr. Baneling Squishy


Alexander Bastion is the only son of Dr. Steven and Dr. Ellen Bastion, and is older then he looks. A child prodigy, and bioticly gifted human, Alexander Bastion was just one reason both of his parents were Doctors. While they specialized in weapons development, after he was born they also took an interest into human biotics, how they are caused, and what they can do. Part of this stemmed from exactly how Alex got biotics in the first place, Ellen never knew of or could ever find out the source of his biotics. Although not a drug user at all, she even looked into the possibility she was slipped doses of Red Sand as a possibility. To this day, it is unknown, but assumed that an Eezo core that they had used for weapon testing had possibly been faulty in some way and caused the exposure.

Alexander has some tech skill, enough he can hack a variety of systems with ease, but actual tech attacks were beyond him. He was strictly a data software and engineering person when it came to tech, other then the stealth program he figured out. He might have good tech skill, but he had no actual offensive tech abilities, being a civilian and all.

Its believed whatever gave him biotics may have also been the cause for the lack of development for his age.


So begins...

Alexander Bastion's Story


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Alex had to wonder how he got into all this trouble. Well, okay, he knew how. But why him?

He took cover behind some crates, as Shadow Broker operatives open fired onto him. Of course, he should have expected they would want the intel. After all the intel was apparently valuable enough to kill for, and given the fact no one could apparently buy it from the Shadow Broker, he apparently had the only copy. And apparently, the Shadow Broker did not feel like dealing. Then again, Alex was not sure what he should do yet.

He just knew he had to avoid as much as possible. He was not sure he could even trust C-Sec, given what was after him. That said, the gunfire was giving away his position, so he needed to scram.

He looked around. Keeper Tunnels, a window, some vents, and what appeared to be a sleeping Krogan were around. SLeeping Krogans were never mugged. Mostly because no one was that suicidal. Who would wake a sleeping Krogan?

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Othemus, who had been on the Citadel masquerading as a doctor running a small clinic in the wards. She heard some commotion outside her clinic and came running. As she ran towards the screams of innocent civilians and gun fire, she saw a squad firing on a group of crates. Not knowing who they were or who they were firing at, she signaled C-sec through her contacts. This way if the would be victim or the attackers needed medical attention they would be rushed to her clinic so she could 'help' them. She deployed her combat drone then fell back to a nearby alcove and hid behind some supply containers. She carefully monitored the situation through her drone at a distance, trying to get an angle on who was being shot at. As her drone moved from cover to cover, from vantage point to vantage point, it recorded the face of the attacker and she ran it through her facial recognition software on her omi-tool. No hits, so she has had no dealings with them and their IDs are restricted or nonexistent, so she sent them to her underground contacts as well as her C-sec. "Who are you? And who are you after? Who is so important to gun them down in broad daylight on the Citadel?" she whispered to herself.