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Bahrat Sabor

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a character in “Mass Effect: Conspiracy”, as played by CortezHorse


Bahrat Sabor

❝The Basics❞


| Age |

| Likes |
♥ His son
♥ Isolation (he likes his alone time)
♥ Clean guns
♥ Noodles (easy, affordable and tasty)

| Dislikes |
✖ Bigots
✖ Crowds
✖ Leaving his son alone
✖ Jokes (he’s never had a good sense of humor and is horrible at making jokes himself)
✖ Watching his son suffer from his illness

| Hobbies |
✔ Pretty talented at building pillow forts at this point in his life. His boy has taught him well.
✔Weapon collections. He loves all kinds of guns, knives, explosives and collects them in a personal stash.

| Fears |
✘ He’s afraid he’ll die and leave his son alone.
✘That his son will die before he does. He isn’t sure which thought bothers him more. Dying first or after.


Bahrat has always been an individual who takes himself too seriously. He lives for his work, or did before his son was born. He’s been told that he needs to “loosen up” and “get a sense of humor,” he doesn’t agree with either of these statements. Although when someone cracks a joke he does tend to just stare with a deadpan expression.

Whether he’s working or at home, his thoughts are always with his son. The boy is the only family he has and the only person he truly cares about. The fact that this horrible disease he has was inherited from him brings him endless guilt and he does everything in his power to make his son happy, even sending him little gifts while he’s away on jobs.

Although he is gentle and loving with his son he’s known for being cold with others, it’s what makes him good at his job. He’ll kill someone in a horrific way then promptly go window shopping for a little knick knack to send to his little boy. It’s not often that someone befriends him or melts the iciness that constantly surrounds him but when and if it does happen he’s quite a vicious friend to have on your side.

| History |
Bahrat had always been on his own, for as long as he could remember, and it had never once bothered him. He quite liked his solitude and his isolation from others made his job as an assassin that much easier. No attachments meant no questions. It wasn't until he stopped by a bar on a whimsy, not something he normally did, or ever did for that matter, but he did anyway to unwind. That choice turned out to be quite life changing. He met a woman there, he fell for her, she got pregnant, had his son and then promptly left after claiming she hadn’t ever wished for a family. It hurt, considering he didn’t often open himself up to others like he had with her but he had his son to think about now. The boy brought out a side of him that he didn’t realize he had and when he found out that the child was struck with the same disease as he had it almost broke him. He promised though, swore to find a way to save him…and now he possibly has.

So begins...

Bahrat Sabor's Story


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Alex had to wonder how he got into all this trouble. Well, okay, he knew how. But why him?

He took cover behind some crates, as Shadow Broker operatives open fired onto him. Of course, he should have expected they would want the intel. After all the intel was apparently valuable enough to kill for, and given the fact no one could apparently buy it from the Shadow Broker, he apparently had the only copy. And apparently, the Shadow Broker did not feel like dealing. Then again, Alex was not sure what he should do yet.

He just knew he had to avoid as much as possible. He was not sure he could even trust C-Sec, given what was after him. That said, the gunfire was giving away his position, so he needed to scram.

He looked around. Keeper Tunnels, a window, some vents, and what appeared to be a sleeping Krogan were around. SLeeping Krogans were never mugged. Mostly because no one was that suicidal. Who would wake a sleeping Krogan?

(everyone was tagged so people know.)