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Raymond Arell

An inquisitive young man with a thirst for adventure.

0 · 233 views · located in THe Citadel

a character in “Mass Effect: Conspiracy”, as played by RJApple


Name: Raymond Arell

Age: 26

Race: Human

Occupation: Investigative journalist

Physical attributes: Ray stands at an average height for a human. He has medium-length hair of a light brown hue. His build is not a particularly muscular one, however, he looks to be fit enough.

Special talents/abilities/items: Raymond possesses an eye for detail. He is a good photographer and writer. Though not uniquely strong, he has a high endurance. He is fairly good at sneaking and blending in to a crowd. He is calm under pressure. He possesses no biotic abilities. He does possess a standard civilian omni-tool, with a slightly upgraded camera.

Personality: He has a thirst for adventure, often leading him to become involved in situations he would be better off staying out of. Ray also tends to be quite inquisitive. Ray believes truth is the most important aspect of journalism, however, he's, shall we say, rather morally gray when it comes to acquiring information, and may resort to less than 'reputable' means.

Background/motivation: Ray is simply after the thrill of the chase, and to prove to his employers that he deserves a raise, a very large raise. He'd been given the chance at a nice education and a cushy desk job, however, that wasn't the life he wanted. He, instead, opted for the far less predictable life of an investigative journalist. With a light stint at a university under his belt, he began his career in the hopes that it would lead to many adventures in the near and far future. His success, so far, has been minimal. Ray's employers have not given him much freedom when it comes to what stories he would pursue, however, in light of recent success, he has started gaining more liberty in that regard. Thus, he has been allowed to investigate the mystery behind the double homicide and the missing child.

Through a contact of his, he learned of the double homicide and the missing boy. Simply unable to pass up such an opportunity, he set out for the Citadel as soon as possible. It could be the story to secure the rest of his career, and that vacation he's been wanting. Since he first caught wind of the situation, Ray has been praying to whatever powers that be this isn't just the work of some fed-up and overworked intern with a mental issue, rather, that there is a beautifully complex mystery behind it which would have his superiors practically drooling. He has begun by networking with any and every contact, mole, and whistleblower that he believes might have valuable information they would be willing to divulge. Ray wants to be there when this mystery is solved, and, preferably, be the one who does the solving. Of course, whether or not this is what happens is left to be decided.

So begins...

Raymond Arell's Story


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Alex had to wonder how he got into all this trouble. Well, okay, he knew how. But why him?

He took cover behind some crates, as Shadow Broker operatives open fired onto him. Of course, he should have expected they would want the intel. After all the intel was apparently valuable enough to kill for, and given the fact no one could apparently buy it from the Shadow Broker, he apparently had the only copy. And apparently, the Shadow Broker did not feel like dealing. Then again, Alex was not sure what he should do yet.

He just knew he had to avoid as much as possible. He was not sure he could even trust C-Sec, given what was after him. That said, the gunfire was giving away his position, so he needed to scram.

He looked around. Keeper Tunnels, a window, some vents, and what appeared to be a sleeping Krogan were around. SLeeping Krogans were never mugged. Mostly because no one was that suicidal. Who would wake a sleeping Krogan?

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#, as written by RJApple
Raymond makes his way down the street at a brisk pace. He'd just dropped his bags off where he would be staying the duration of his stay, and, now, it was time to get to work. Every second counted on this job. First order of business was to find the authorities and get as much information, regarding the homicide, as possible. Once that was accomplished, then he could begin moving forward with the investigation. It felt good, in a rather strange way, to be on the case; there was a story here, Ray could feel it.

A beeping sound drew him back to reality. Ray stopped, and turned his attention to his attention to the omni-tool on his wrist. His boss was calling. With a sigh, he answered the call, steeling himself against the torrent of questions that was sure to follow. "I just got here," he thought, "Does she really think I have something already?"