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Lt. Jack Steele

N7 Delta Force Commando

0 · 149 views · located in Mass Effect Milky Way

a character in “Mass Effect: Fear”, as played by jericho193


(I would just like it to be known that I really liked the way Blizzard layed out their character so I kinda copied haha)

Physical Appearance:
Lt. Steele is a veteran of the elite Human Delta Force. Thus being a squad leader of the nearly 300 year old special forces group he gets gear of the highest quality. Delta Force was originally started in the USA back in the 20th century. But before I get to the gear he wears lets take a glimpse of the man under the armor. Jack is 5'11 and wieghs 210 pounds. Some may consider that weight heavy but that does not slow Jack down at all. He could be comparable to the human's NFL linebackers with a strong square jaw and defined cheek bones to match. His skin color is a light tan. His hair is short and black, its kept in a military manner that isnt short enough to be called shaved but not long enough to get in the way. His eyes are a very different than most human's eyes. His left eye is the bluest blue you would ever see. but his right eye glows a dim red. THe reason for this is because his right eye was lost in a conflict but was replaced with a top of the line biotic eye. There is a long scar over his right eye from the conflict. Scars also happen to litter his body.

When Steele isn't wearing armor he is wearing normal Aliiance clothing.

When he is wearing armor Steele wears a customized set of N7 armor. For the head he wears the Kuwashii Visor to help him aim more effectively without the cumbersome and heavy helmet. As for the torso, the Hurricane Torso Sheath is equipped, a kinfe sheath is located over the right pec. The Sirta Foundation's Tornado Pads cover his shoulders because they help Steele gain the extra edge in hand to hand combat. Over his right arm is the Elkoss Combine Off-Hand Ammo Pack, as to Steele believes one can never have too much ammo. Covering his legs is the Sirta Foundation's Juggernaut Webbing, since Steele is always getting hurt these webbings tend to take care of him when a nurse is not near by. On his left thigh he has a hatchet sheath. The armor is fully black but has the dark single blue stripe going down his right arm along with small blue LEDs that are located throughout his armor.

(Sorry no picture yet, my excuses include: Not the best artist, its late, and yeah other things haha)


Lt. Steele is good at what he does. He doesnt get that way by being loud and obnoxious. He is a very analytical. He has great leadership qualities and is very likable. His men will follow men to Hell if needed. Steele himself is a very loyal man. When he gives his word he makes sure he stays with it. JAck is also very honest. He will tell you if you're food sucks. He won't sugar coat it. Many would consider Steele a lonely man. But then again a man with his position wouldn't really be looking for a relationship. Would he?


Steele has complete access to every weapon that can be found in the Alliance arsenal due to his elite status in Delta Squad. Steele is trained to use every type of weapon there is. He of course takes full advantage of this to obtain rare weapons and upgrades his guns when given the chance. He also likes his guns black. Not bloody white.

Pistol: The Heavy M-5 Phalanx pistol upgraded with a Titan Pulsar and Smart Sabot Jacked Rounds (SSJR)
Assault Rifle: The Veteran M-96 Mattock rifle upgraded with a Targeting VI for accuracy, a Kinetic Pulsar and Tugsten rounds for increased damage.
Shotgun: The Armor-piercing M-22 Eviscerator shotgun upgraded with a Thermal Sink for more rounds, a Microphasic Pulse that increases his armor piercing abilities and Synchronized Pulsar that increases the lethality of the shotgun rounds.
Sniper Rifle: The Mammoth M-98c Baby Widow sniper rifle (Essentially a downgraded Widow) upgraded with a Combat Scanner for increased battlefield awareness, Scram Pulsar to increase the velocity of his shots, and uses Tungsten Sabot rounds.
Heavy Weapon: The Prototype Nova minigun. Look it up.

Melee Weapons:
Carries two melee weapons on his person at all times. On a sheath on his chest Steele has a Bowie Knife that dates back to the 18th century. He also carries a hatchet/tomahawk on his left thigh.

Armor is explained in the description area.

Tech Talents:
Hacking abilities (Suprising yes but if one thinks about it Delta operatives have to be good at infiltrating bases.)

Biotic Abilities:
None whatsoever.


Name: Jack Steele

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 30 Earth years

Affiliation: Alliance Delta Squad (Delta Squad only answers to the Alliance Prime Minister. Technically they do not exist. Much like today's Delta Squad)

Class: Human Delta Force Commando or a.k.a Predator. This class is very simular to the Shock Trooper class in the games just with a different name. Obviously Steele focuses on combat but he's a veteran because of the fact he knows when to be fully aggresive and when to be stealthy.

Rank: Lt.

Status: Single

Ship Owner: Not really, has full knowledge of most human vehicles and some turian designs but not a whole star ship.

Spoken Languages: Speaks GSTL, SPanish, Italian, German, French, Bahasa, and broken forms of Asari Common and Turian Military. (THank the lord for translators haha)

Bio: Steele was born to a rich family on Earth in the USA in Utah. His family was always a military oriented group. His family has been serving since the formation of the United States of America. Steele took pride in this fact and joined the Alliance at 18. He showed exponential skill and was recruited into one of the best special forces groups in the Alliance, Delta Force. This group is ancient but they are still considered the best that the humans have to offer. His first assignment in Delta cost him his biological right eye. But that doesnt slow him down one bit. He is considered one of the best that Humans have to offer. Steele got the Prothean vision on the middle of a mission. Delta Operatives are known to either work alone or in groups and on this occasion Steele was in a group. Let's just say the Blue Suns weren't happy about the human's intrusion on a Blue Suns base and while Steele was out he lost three of his eight man squad. Steele takes full responsibility for this and requested that the men fallen would recieve the Medal of Valor. THe mission was a success of course. Since then Steele has been reconing classified planets to find out more about this new threat he had a vision of.

So begins...

Lt. Jack Steele's Story