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Solak Lesin

Tech Specialist

0 · 142 views · located in Freedom's Blade Command Deck

a character in “Mass Effect: Independence”, as played by Brick50


Established by a congress of 45 star systems, the USP, commonly referred to simply as "The Union" is an interstellar democratic federal republic dedicated to personal freedom and equality in the Galaxy.
Commander Marshall's comrades in arms aboard the USV Freedom's Blade
The Union's Elite Special Ops command, the S.O.D. is responsible for coordinating Union intelligence and black ops, effectively serving as a counter to the Council's SpecTRe Office


Special Operations Directorate Official Profile

Core Profile

Species: Salarian

Gender: Male

Height: 5'7"

Age: 27 ESY

Skin Hue/Racial Morph: Light Blue/Grey

Hair Color: Full horns

Eye Color: N/A

Class: Tech Specialist

Known Equipment & Gear
[hr]Highly custom Omni-Tool undergoing near constant modifications,Omni-Blade, Highly skilled in basic tech, has operational functionality with Sabatoge, Decoy, Tactical Cloak, weak Tech Armor, mastery of Overload tech and Neural Shock [/hr]

Physical Profile
[hr]Solak has a metabolism that is even extreme for Salarian standards and due to this has a seemingly endless supply of energy despite very rarely sleeping. When in his lab he wears a light white hooded lab coat, Solak rarely dresses for combat as he can protect well enough in combat between his tech armor and tactical cloak, being the type of person who despises combat anyways. He does not wear any marks on his face, as he is an outcast from his clan. [/hr]

Psychological Profile
[hr]Solak is a scientist, having spent years researching tech on Sur'Kesh and before being banished by his Council loving clan for speaking out against the Dalatrass was near a tenured teaching position at a prestigious Salarian university. He is energetic even by Salarian standards. Solak is typically non-violent but understands the need for violence in some situations but will always prefer to avoid conflict. He is able to keep calm under tremendous stress due to his methodical scientific mindset. He is very passionate about his research and will happily spend days in his lab modifying his beloved Omni-Tool, making it a daily experiment for better or worse. Like most Salarians Solak hates the Krogan, he sees them as ungrateful children who never would have escape Tuchanka if not for the Salarian's help, he typically tries to avoid the conversation from steering to the Genophage but will defend it when the topic arises. He is very cautious and observant of his surroundings. [/hr]

Historical Profile
[hr]Solak was born on Sur'Kesh and lived a rather privileged life being of a high caste, he was a scientist from a young age and was always researching something. When he was given his First Omni-Tool he was eight years old and he fell in love with it and was always watching scientific vids about the newest tech, by the age of ten he was already modifying his Omni-Tool all by himself.
At the age of fourteen he was on vacation with some friends from school and his ship was attacked by a gang of Krogan pirates, though to be affiliates of the Blood Pack, Solak was the only survivor of this attack, he survived by hiding from them in the ships cargo bay and sneaking off when they landed at Omega. Solak was lost at Omega and had no clue where to start about escaping he ended up working for a small company developing tech for use in war until he saved up enough credits to make it home. Upon arriving back at Sur'Kesh he worked developing tech for STG use. After a few years working for the Salarian government Solak had made quite a name for himself and was contacted by a prestigious Salarian Tech school about becoming a full time professor, Solak's life dream, which he excitedly accepted.
But after learning more about the council and what they had been up to in his absence he spoke out against the Dalatrass during one of his lectures on Salarian political history, he may have been of a privileged caste but not privileged enough to speak out against the Dalatrass like that, he was banished from his home world. Lost again in the Milky Way he began taking up odd tech repair jobs and overheard talk of a union against the council. This piqued Solak's interest, he found his way to the core of the Union by hacking into the terminal he was repairing and contacted the Union, offering his services. [/hr]

Misc. Notes

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So begins...

Solak Lesin's Story