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Inessa Novikoff


0 · 478 views · located in Sephoroy

a character in “Mass Effect: On the Edge - Redux”, as played by Guilty Carrion


Gender: Female Image
Species: Human
Age: 23
Height: 5'7
Weight: 142
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian
Group/Nation: Undecided
Favorite Music: Rap/Electronic
Favorite Color: Purple
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Alignment: Chaotic Good - The Rebel


Inessa has always been fond of sticking out a bit, something which flies kind of counter to her current career path. Her black hair is cut at her collarbone, with streaks of purple dyed into it and a slight part that partially covers one of her light blue-grey eyes. Her features are smooth, still fresh with youth, with a slightly pale complexion. She has a singular nose ring on the left side of her nose as well as a tongue piercing, as well as a large variety of piercings all along her ears.

While not as toned as others of a similar build, Inessa has practiced gymnastics and parkour much of her life and is in good shape, even if she's not on par with the true professionals of her particular career path. Inessa has a pair of twin tattoo sleeves on her arms, comprised completely of simple black tangles of thorns along the length of both limbs. Her casual wardrobe is eclectic in nature, diverse enough to match any of her myriad moods. Whatever she wears, Inessa tends to prefer short-sleeved or sleeveless all together, fond of keeping her tattoos in plain sight for all to see.

Psychology Report

Inessa is a woman at a crossroads, adapting to the life consequence has thrust upon her, all while trying to maintain some hold on what she was before. She's frequently alone, preferring solitude over deciphering the intentions of the strangers who seek her attention. Some interpret this as simply being the mindset of a loner, but it is more of a security blanket, to ensure that nothing can get deep enough to manipulate or use her. It's an imperfect defense, as ultimately everyone eventually needs to break their guard, but Inessa is stubborn to exactly admitting that, even if she is inwardly happy for those seldom interactions that pass her shell.

For all the effort of her facade, Inessa is rather easily excited and quick to anger; both of which make her incredibly impulsive when they get going. When truly fired up, Inessa is much more of a spitfire; willing to step up to just about any challenge and blaze through it with indomitable will and pure 'can-do' attitude. She'll talk freely and without restraint, even if she might regret some of the things that tumble out of her during these periods of intensity. It's easy to tell that this 'hidden' nature is much more of her actual personality, while the other exists simply to protect her.

Her pride is a fierce thing, even though she knows full well that she is by no means the biggest fish in the pond, or anywhere close to that. The thief doesn't like to seek help, even when pushed to her absolute limits, hating the concept of being in the position to owe anyone anything. When her pride is wounded, Inessa is prone to immediate outbursts and insults, but it will quickly fall off into melancholy.

Inessa is overly familiar with the feeling of fear and panic, a sad reality of her recent years; and when she's placed into a position of zero power, fear easily takes a cold hold over her spine. She dislikes figures of high authority mostly for this reason, despising the feeling they instill in her by their presence alone, even if they're supposedly 'on her side'. This fear often leads to panic, and when she panics, Inessa tends to get...reckless.

Very reckless.


Inessa was born in Leningrad and spent the first few years of her life on the human home-world, Earth, before her family moved to the Citadel for the better career opportunities. For a kid from the heart of humanity, it was something of a culture shock to be suddenly thrust into the core of all Council space, suddenly exposed to myriad species that she'd only ever heard of briefly before. While it took some time for her to find the courage to brave leaving the house, eventually Inessa adapted to her new environment, transforming a life long hobby of gymnastics into a passion for parkour to navigate the crowded streets. While C-Sec was often less than thrill with this chosen activity, she had a rather uneventful school life and was set to head off into higher education despite a few minor hitches in grades.

It was at this time that her father was diagnosed with late stage lung cancer, and while cancer was 'treatable', much of his lungs had been destroyed by the tumours. The ideal treatment was synthetic lung generation, but it would be incredibly expensive and require frequent check ups to ensure the tissue was functioning and not being rejected. Even sacrificing her tuition wouldn't come up with the funds necessary, and the necessary work to come up with the funds would likely be too late.

In a panic, and without any real regard towards the repercussions, Inessa broke into a Binary Helix office with all the grace of a train and managed to drag off a company prototype despite her many blunders. Before the weight of what she did could really catch up to her, a buyer found her. It at first seemed like a perfect end to a reckless stunt, but when the buyer turned out to be none other than the very man in charge of the office she had robbed, she found herself trapped in a very small car with a pair of very large guns aimed at her head.

The business man, while noticeably irritated by her actions, noted her apparent 'skill' and luck in the business. He inquired after her reasons, and with some mild, blunt coercion from his men, learnt of her motives. She was in 'luck' it seemed. Binary Helix was always in need of individuals capable of providing an...aggressive leg up over their competition, and she was in dire need of the sort of income the mega corporation could provide. There was little room for negotiation, and Inessa agreed to their terms, perhaps a bit reluctantly.

She's remained in the 'private employ' of Binary Helix ever since, trapped by their arrangement despite an ever growing hatred for the man and a longing for any way out.

So begins...

Inessa Novikoff's Story