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Use this character for any generic NPCs. Important NPCs should have their own character made.

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a character in “Mass Effect: Solace”, as played by NelielChan

So begins...

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Jason walked out of a dark room, lit only by one light, with papers and datapads thrown everywhere. He looked behind him at a Turian lying, beat up, on the floor. "I'm looking forward to working with you again, Tyrius." Jason said walking away allowing the automatic door to close. He thought that an informant of the Shadow Broker would know more about Shepard's disappearance, but all he heard were suppositions and assumptions. Jason walked over to the edge of the platform that he was standing on and looked out over the Presidium. "Udina owes me one. Maybe he knows more about Shepard." He thought beginning to walk down a ramp to his right.

Jason walked up to the Asari Consort's building only to see a group of mercenaries in front of the doorway with an Asari blocking the doorway. He walked up to the group of mercenaries and noticed that the Asari blocking them was Sha'ira. "Oh, Jason it's good to see you again." Sha'ira said walking past the mercenary group toward Jason. "Who is this person? You better not be two timin' us, Sha'ira." Said the leader of the Mercs. "Boys, I would like you to meet a friend of mine, Jason Atkins. He's an N7 operative, Alliance elite. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to mess with him." Sha'ira replied as the Merc leader began to look back between Jason and Sha'ira. "Yeah, so beat it." Jason said pointing for them to get lost. The mercs slowly began to walk away. "I would like to thank you for helping me out, Jason." Sha'ira said moving to look Jason in the eyes. "Sorry, but I don't think you should be thanking me in the usual way." Jason replied with Sha'ira getting a quick smile. "It's been about two years since I last saw you." Sha'ira said leading Jason into the Consort building. "It's been two years since the last time you thanked me like you usually do." Jason said as Sha'ira led him into her quarters. "You're starting to sound like you want me to." Sha'ira said sitting in a chair. "Do I? I guess I've been having a bad two years." Jason replied getting a chuckle from Sha'ira. "Well, even if you were willing... at any rate, I was wondering if you could help me with something." Sha'ira said looking from her hands in her lap up to Jason. "Sure, what do you need?" Jason asked sitting back in his seat. "The mercenaries you saw before... let's just say that I owe money after the Geth attacked. They keep hassling me over unpaid debts, but I know that I've cleared all of my debts. I need them... gone." Sha'ira explained. "Just tell me where I need to go and you'll never have to worry about it again." Jason replied as Sha'ira grew a slight smile and handed him the datapad. "Here's where they are hiding out. It used to be a base for a Shadow Broker informant." Sha'ira said. "Let me guess, owned by Tyrius?" Jason asked looking up from the datapad at Sha'ira. "Yes, how did you know?" Sha'ira asked. "Let's just say it was a lucky guess. It's in the same direction that I'm going. I'll take them out and head to the Alliance Embassy." Jason answered getting up, hugged Sha'ira and walked out of the door.

Just outside of a door being guarded by a pair of mercenary guards, Jason sat behind a wall with his Phaeston assault rifle in hand. Jason tossed a frag grenade and killed the merc guards. Jason rushed into the merc base and quickly assaulted the mercenaries eating lunch on the inside. Jason attacked the mercs that were standing in front of Sha'ira's building earlier and killed all of them except for the leader. "I take it you're the leader." Jason said as the merc leaned against the wall behind him. "Y-Yes, who are you?" Asked the panicked Mercenary. "I'm Jason Atkins and if you send your boys after Sha'ira or anyone associated with her again... I'll be back." Jason answered with a stern voice. "I.. get it. I'll leave her alone." Replied the Merc leader. "Good, I do look forward to seeing you again... if you try anything." Jason said turning and walking away to tell Sha'ira the good news.

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"Well it's been fun, but I got to get going" Atkins said to Sha'ira walking out of the Consort's building. "I won't be staying at the Citadel, it's become... too exciting for me." Sha'ira said as Atkins turned around. "Too exciting for you? That's a new one, especially after you started dating a Turian general." Atkins replied. "Yes... well... it's been a while since then... it only got wild after Shepard." Sha'ira said as Atkins took a step back. "What did you just say?" Atkins asked stunned.

"To all nearby Alliance personnel, I'm going to need backup in case the situation gets out of hand. No need to worry, just a bit of confusion it seems like." Called an Alliance soldier over the communicator.

"Crap. Hold that thought Sha'ira, I've got to get there right now." Atkins said pulling his weapon out and beginning to turn away towards the Alliance soldier's position. "Of course, I hope to see you again soon." Sha'ira replied as Atkins ran across the bridge.

Atkins ran across the bridge towards the Embassy Tech Warehouse, which was where the Comm was sent. He had his weapon ready and ran into the Warehouse. He raised his weapon to his face and was prepared to fire.

"Who are you and what the hell is going on?" Atkins ordered as he came up to a group of people.