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Harry "Parry" Johnson

"I'm not sure what I am anymore. I'm not sure if they broke me or was it something I did, but the damage is done. But rest assured, this will be no problem. Even a broken weapon has use."

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a character in “Mass Effect: The Hydra Initiative”, as played by GreenPegg


Appearance: Parry is 6 foot even. He has brown scruffy hair and brown eyes, except his right is blood red from his chemical encounter. He has pale skin and small, superficial facial scars. He wears silver and blue full Kestrel armor complete with helmet. During assignment, he rarely takes off his armor. In his civilian outfit, which he rarely wears, he wears a black leather jacket and jeans with a white shirt and white sneakers.

Class: Adept


Personality: Parry is a soldier. It’s just that simple. His training in BAaT and the loss of his team on Tuntau have detached him with his humanity. It’s still there but it’s hard to reach. Parry isn’t self conscious about is scars, but of the shame and sorrow that they remind him of. He views himself as “less then human”, not because of his biotic powers but for his actions toward the pirates who killed his team and worries that the whole of civilization would “sell it’s soul to save itself.”. Parry does have anger issues. His L2 implant may be a contributing factor in his current personality, but the cause isn’t known for sure. He feels that the amount of power he has could easily overtake him, making him into a killing machine, which gives him a poor personal outlook. This attitude leads to his highly risky behavior when it’s just him. He relates greatly to the Krogan, since he feels he was shaped to be a weapon. With this, he also follows the belief in the Krogan afterlife called the Void.


Armaments: M-12 Locust Sub machine Gun and a small Mono-molecular Blade. His gun is scratched up and battered looking, but is fully functioning.


History: Parry was born Harry Long to parents Jenny and Phil on the planet Earth. He always an honest kid. He grew up as a normal kid, until his biotic potential was revealed. He was quickly sent to train in the BAaT program on Jump Zero. There, he met Kaidan Alenko and his love interest Rahna. The program quickly beat the optimist out of him, drastically changing his personality and making him more of a soldier. He was there when Kaidan accidentally killed their teacher protecting Rahna. After the program was closed, Parry became an Alliance marine and quickly became a 2nd Lieutenant and a Corsair serving with a small ship called the Halcyon. It was here where he was given his namesake for his skill with his mono molecular blade. He grew close to his team over the years which made it all the more tragic when while on assignment on Tuntau in the Argus Rho nebula, Parry’s team were ambushed by pirates who killed his team and threw acidic chemicals on Parry’s face, scarring him. In a rage, Parry killed all the pirates without remorse and returned to the Halcyon, where he locked himself in his quarters for days. He came out changed, stripped of most of his humanity and still in armor. Years went by and Parry went on several near suicidal missions, all successful. He served on the front lines during the war with the Reapers and was asked to join the N7 group because of his biotics. He gladly accepted.

So begins...

Harry "Parry" Johnson's Story


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"With Cerberus, it's always best to assume they have the wrath of God with them." Parry said entering the CIC. "2nd Lieutenant Parry Johnson reporting, m'am." He said, turning to Seyusa and giving her a salute. Seyusa had earned his respect by reputation but the others.....he didn't know about the others, and frankly he didn't care. He took a special disliking to the Turian prisoner, giving him a glare that couldn't be seen under his helmet. Parry didn't like having such a loose cannon on an op, but none of these things mattered. He was there to complete the mission and that was all. "I've tangled a bit with Cerberus before and it never ends well. Trust me." Parry said, thinking back on his experiences with the "pro-human group". Ever single assignment, no matter what it was, that involved Cerberus, always ended bloody.
"And as for a decoy, Monroe, I don't mind a little danger. I'll work where I'm needed. Your choice, Spectre. Assign me as you see fit."