Mass Effect: The Reaper War

Mass Effect: The Reaper War


A group of humans, aliens, and even synthetics unite in an uneasy alliance to stop the Reapers from annihilating all organic life whilst Commander Shepard acquires the means to destroy the threat once and for all.

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Saren and Sovereign have been stopped. The Collectors have been decimated. The Galaxy is safe once more and peace and prosperity can prevail... or so we thought. We should have listened to Commander Shepard; however, we were blind, we were foolish, and we were naive. Shepard warned us the Reapers would come. Now, Shepard is our only hope. The Reapers are here and Shepard must unite the forces of the Galaxy to make a stand against the seemingly unstoppable military might that threatens our very existence.

Will you join the resistance and stand for galactic life... or join the Illusive Man's quest to establish human dominance over all other alien life?
Or perhaps become a Reaper and cleanse the galaxy of organic life and restore the balance.

Any and all characters are welcomed!

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Re: [OOC] Mass Effect: The Reaper War

Metal4life-are you still there?

Re: [OOC] Mass Effect: The Reaper War

OK, here are some question/suggestions I have...

Weapons: Are we allowed a full layout if we want? Of course if we do that we play accordingly.
Ex. note: The weapons were allowed to use (at first any ways) should be determined by race and job. Example: Salarian STG could have the Scorpion pistol or a Turian soldier would most likely use a Phaeston Rifle.

Abilities: Are we allowed the full set or are we limited to like 4 slots we fill with whats in the class from the game. Is there a possibility of of a special your character gets later.

For the big one, were are we starting?

Re: [OOC] Mass Effect: The Reaper War

Finally.I've been waiting for one to show up.

Re: [OOC] Mass Effect: The Reaper War

Is there a character Skelly coming?

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