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Rory Salvador

"I lost my virginity. May I have yours?"

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a character in “Master Corsona's Game”, as played by The*Lucky*Teacup


Rory Salvador







The Flirty One


Bisexual (Well, he says bisexual, but anything breathing and living and that he can fuck, then he’ll try and get something going...)

  • flirting, and although they never work, cheesy chat up lines. They amuse him more than anything.
  • Sexy Time!
  • Being surrounded by people he likes and being in a friendly environment
  • Cute boys, and feisty girls.
  • Art
  • Dancing, but the playful silly dancing. Not anything serious.
  • Fencing.

  • People who complain when he charms and flirts with people. He’s just being nice for goodness sake!
  • Violence. Yeah, he doesn’t really roll that way. He’s more into romance. None of that kinky Masochistic stuff.
  • Muddy and dirty things, like walking through the countryside.
  • Circus’
  • insects and bugs. Spiders don’t really phase him however...
  • Change. He’s not a fan when people decide they want to make something different. Like changing the color of a wall, or moving a stool from in front of one chair, to a different one.

  • When the rubber breaks... you know what I mean...
  • Trypanophobia, fear of needles
  • Coulrophobia, fear of clowns

  • He’s not exactly ‘dumb’ but he’s not the smartest either. He’s better developed in the physical area rather than the mentality area.
  • It sounds strange, considering he seems like the arrogant type, but he feels very vulnerable and nervous alone. If he’s somewhere on his own, he’ll be very aware of himself and his surroundings, and if he were to be attacked, he would be so panicked that he wouldn’t think quick enough to fight back.


Well it may sound very typically ‘knight in shining armour’ but his best weapon would be a sword, blade, stick, something long and hard that he can hit with. He’s been trained in fencing in years and therefore would know how to attack and defend with a sword of some kind.


Well, if it’s not clear enough already, Rory loves people. And sex. “The two together would be great.” Rory more often than not has gone through a private school, and dated most of the people in his class. The classes are smaller in private schools, but it’s still a pretty impressive achievement. Rory is typically the kind to think about himself more than others, but he does however love being around people who he’s friends with and that he can trust. He especially loves that moment where it goes from friend to fuck-buddy. Rory is also one in a million. He’s so charming, and so helplessly hot, that he has some weird capability to turn straight people gay. That’s right, when I said date most people in his class, I mean, literally, most people.

Typically, Rory is seen as ‘fabulous’ by others. His posture, attitude, accent, it all spells stuck up and big-headed. However, inside Rory is just a sucker for love and loves to have sex. He’s taken the virginity of many, but never has he done it in a one night stand. He’s dated them, gotten to know them, and then taken it the next level. But things just never seem to work out for him after that step. You could say he’s afraid of a committed relationship, but it might also be that he just hasn’t found the right person yet.

Rory certainly wouldn’t be the type that would want to be in a horror movie. Rory can be brave and will stick up for others, but he’s terrified most of the time. He’s not a fan of horror movies, Halloween, or any of the scary stuff. He’d much rather go somewhere to meet people and meet opportunities... Rory has been raised by a rich family, therefore most of the time when he’s wanted something, he’s got it. Whether he asked for it or not. Though, that said, he isn’t spoilt. He’s a little fed up of being pampered and having a servant waiting outside his bedroom door all day every day.

Rory has had his fear of needles for as long as he could remember. However, the fear of clowns is something that was later developed and happened in his past which I will come to explaining eventually...


Rory has been raised by a father who owned a large fashion company. He was born in the life of luxuries, designer clothes, fabulous care and a great health. He was a bratty child. He got more or less everything he wanted, and when he didn’t get something (which was very rare) He threw a tantrum and humiliated his parents until they would allow him to do what he wanted to. Rory, however, didn’t see that much of his parents. He was more seen in the company of his nanny, and therefore had a lack of affection in his earlier years.

Soon, the bratty behaviour of young Rory Salvador faded, and he became somewhat of a shy boy. Through the years leading up to teen years, he was rather reserved and lonely. It wasn’t until he met his first cursh that his life turned. Rory soon found a love for... well, love. He dated his first crush and it didn’t last so long, but then Rory started being less reserved and more outgoing and lovable. He was a friendly boy who loved to be sweet to others. He was a sweet pre-teen. But then... the hormones kicked in, and he went through sex-ed.

Rory lost his virginity when he was barely sixteen, and that was that. He went through plenty of girls and boys from that point. Rory loved and lost, most of the time they went their separate ways due to not thinking there was much there for them. However, Rory is a bit of a hopeless romantic in the way that he keeps on dating people to find the person that there is something there for them. Rory However spent one occasion, a date, with a girl who wanted to see the circus which had come to town. He took her there but became absolutely petrified by the clowns. The lights had switched off, and the neon makeup and bright creepy smiles came right in his face, and that was that. Rory darted out of that tent, his date slipping his mind as he just made a quick escape back to safety.

Rory has gotten to the point by now where he wants to leave this family life. His parents tried to send him off to university, but by then he had already packed his bags and moved to a different country. Rory has been living in San Diego for about a year now, until he got invited. He hesitated at first, but then heard others were going too and was soon on his way. Rory is up for something new, which is very rare, and he very much wants to get to know the other people who this ‘Master Corsona’ has chosen to invite...

What do they have to say about their situation?:

“This estate is okay I suppose...” His praline chocolate brown eyes drift gently to the side where the other guests are staying. The corners of his cheeks raise gently and he turns back in your direction. “There’s something else I’m a bit more interested in though, if you get what I mean...” He laughs slightly, his rich Londoner accent bearing in deeply as he runs a hand through his hair and ruffles the locks gently. “But no, the scenery is beautiful around here. I highly doubt that I shall get bored. I wonder... did I bring my art supplies?” As he ponders this, he hears the voices of the other guests and breaks into another smile. “I’m certain I won’t be bored. I’m bloody well hoping that this host will grow on me though. As First impressions go, his is pretty rough.” He scratches the back of his neck slightly nervously. “Don’t tell him I said this, but I have a feeling he needs a haircut, and some make up wipes to remove that guy liner of his. In all honesty, that’s usually used by emo’s and gay guys. And I have a feeling most ‘master’s’ aren’t emo... Maybe gay...” He smiled a little insidiously and then scratched his chin. “Now that’s a very interesting thought indeed...”

Theme Song:

“Born This Way.” By Lady Gaga.


Bloody Llama

So begins...

Rory Salvador's Story


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Rory Salvador


The car door of a a flashy cherry red Ferrari sounded as Rory finally made it to the house. Fashionably late, as usual. He pulled his sunglasses down the bridge of his nose slightly, leaning against his car as he looked up towards the giant manor house. "It looks bloody well flashy if I say so myself..." He commented, thinking the authenticity of the house was probably exaggerated and brought out more, purely to make the guests feel more awestruck by it. However, that wasn't exactly the reason Rory was still here right now. His drive had been a slow one, due to always wanted to stopping and exploring the beautiful scenery. He wasn't much of a guy for buildings. However, Rory loved scenery.

His eyes trailed around the manor house, twitching his nose slightly as he sniffed the country air and something else... He couldn't really tell what it was and it wasn't that strong, so he just shook it off. He blinked a couple of times, before his attention focussed in on where the other guests were gathered, right at the front door. Then, his thought process was caught. Two beautiful blondes, a smoking hot red-head, and a cute nerdy boy... "Could I ask for anything better?" He asked himself, grinning widely and then pushing his sunglasses back up the bridge of his nose, locking his car and picking up his case. "Hellooo beauty's..." He said with a grin, strolling towards the house and giving the other guests a wave as he approached them.


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Arima Portman

Arima eyed the other blonde that had come up to the door. She looked familiar, but then again names and faces never were different were they? She made no effort to try and smile at the girl as she introduced herself. The girl might be trying to be nice, but the blonde knew that they already disliked each other and therefore had no intent on responding to the question she asked. Gabriela was then stepping in front of her and knocking on the door. How rude. "I already knocked," Arima lied before turning to see another girl coming up to the door. This girl was prettier than the other blonde albeit she seemed a bit ditzy.

She grinned at the red head a bit then looked back at Gabriela. That was when the next girl knocked on the door. What was this madness? Arima was beginning to wish she hadn't come after all. "I think we've got the door problem under control," she stated to the newcomer, shifting her weight to her right leg and crossing her arms over her chest. She looked around in dismay. Welcome to your own personal Hell, she thought to herself when a cab pulled up. If there are any children in that house I am going to hurt somebody.

The Australian frowned even more than she had been as a young boy (or maybe it was a man, she wasn't sure) stepped out of the cab and came to join them. His presence made her feel a bit better though, seeing as he refused to look at any of them. Maybe the friendless girl had found a buddy for the time being. It wasn't as if they had to stay here forever, right? Arima's opinion was soon changed however when he began humming, causing her to bite her lip to keep from saying anything mean.

The sound of the door unlatching caused her to look up, seeing the butler looking down at them. She was about to enter when a rather loud and rather attractive British man came striding up to them. "Hello yourself," she commented before stepping into the large foyer. Arima turned her head around every which way, examining the beautiful decor. Who couldn't appreciate a well though out house? As a child she had always found it interesting when she visited a new home, exploring every corner in an attempt to understand what the owners' and builder alike wanted from it.

Once she was done admiring the large space, she turned to see the others. Her opinions on them were already flowing around in her head, creating a whirlpool of negative thoughts and endless possibilities on who to pick a fight with. Heaven and Hell sure seemed the same right now.


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Gabriela Day

Gabriela made a small 'hmpf' sound as the other blonde didn't reply to her greeting and then rudely spoke up about already knocking. There was no way they were ever going to get along. This girl clearly needed to check her attitude cause right now she was acting like a total bitch. Gabriela looked over her shoulder to see a redhead making her way over to them, and after the cold treatment she had given Gabriela the other blonde actually had the audacity to grin at the newcomer. Bitch much? Of course, the redhead also ignored their presence and made no effort to introduce herself. This was actually going to be her personal hell, she began to wonder if is was too late to turn around and leave. Not for fear of what awaited them in the house but the fact that she'd had to enter the house with these two girls. It was clear she was not going to get along with either of them.

Of course the blonde spoke up about the door thing again. It's like every time someone knocked on the door a relative of hers died. Seriously someone need to just get over themselves. Next some guy rocked up looking self conscious and awkward about being here, keeping his eyes on the ground. Seriously, if he wanted anyone to take him seriously, he needed to take himself seriously. That and be like a thousand times more confident, if he continued with that attitude he would never get anywhere. That's what Gabriela always told her little siblings. She also made a small mental note to let the guy know what she thought about him later. She really wouldn't be able to stand staying in the same house as him if he kept that attitude up.

"Hellooo beauty's..." Seriously, 'beauty's,' this guys whole persona was like nails on a chalkboard to Gabriela. In fact looking over at the other guests she would be staying with, Gabriela decided the anything would be less painful than this stay would be. "Kill me now," Gabriela whispered to herself as the other blonde respond to the guy. Rolling her eyes Gabriela walked inside the grand house, deciding moving in the general direction of movement would be best.