Henry Norz Olsten

It may not sound strong but the wind can carve canyons.

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a character in “Master of Demons”, as played by GamerX


Full Name: Henry Norz Olsten
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Element: Air/Wind
Line of Work: Wood Crafting


+Being outside
+Fresh air
+Meeting nice people
-Musty air
-Being inside too long
Views on demi-demons: "We were simply born with no choice who our parents would be, why should we be punished for something that was not our choice?"
Views on demons: "The majority of demons give the few good ones out there a bad name."
Views on humans: "Creature that usually judge another before they even give them a chance."
Personality: Henry is never one to judge someone the moment he meets them, regardless if they are a human, demi-demon, or full demon. To him everyone deserves a chance to show what kind of being they are, be that good or not. As for how Henry acts, well anyone that gives him a chance can find someone truly worth knowing and someone that will never turn his back on an ally. He is a nice guy and likes to help those in need, never turning his head to something he sees as wrong.
Goal(s): To prove that demi-demons have the right to be among demons or humans without being judged for what they are rather than who they are.


Clothing style: Blue and white robes with a brown cloak with a hood attached. Armor plating covering the shins and brown gloves to hide his demonic hands. There are silver shoulder plate armor with gold trim. A brown cloth is used as a belt around his waist.
Most treasured item(s): A staff made out silver wood found only in the forest inside the barrier that was given to him by his father. Since the tree it was made from has had strong influence from earth demons it is very strong, even capable of withstanding a blow from a pole war hammer without getting even a scratch.
Weapon of choice: A staff that can have the wind element easily channeled through it. This was given to him by his father.


Family: Henry's mother was the daughter of a blacksmith; his father was an air demon.
Specialty attacks: The newer your character is the less you would have learned to do. Maximum of five. You can either add them as you learn them or add them all at once and tell which you do and do not know.
Power Thrust Using a powerful burst of wind Henry can propel himself or another object at a fairly high speed.
Wind Blast Henry creates an orb of wind that he can make explode into a powerful blast of wind that has enough power that if a human was sent to a wall they would suffer near fatal injuries from the impact.
Air Wave Using either his hand or bow Henry creates a wave of air that can cut into a mountain. On a lower scale it can be used to carve wood with precision using only one finger.
Whirling Wind This allows Henry to create funnels of wind that range anywhere in size from 1-80 feet.
Splitting Wind Henry can preform this by either punching the ground or hitting the ground with his staff. Once he has done so air is forced into the ground and forces it to split in any desired direction.
Important background events: Even though Henry's parent did everything they could to keep him a secret from the village they knew they couldn't hide him forever. When he was five years of age a guest to the village tried to rob Henry's home and found the young boy home alone. Frightened Henry sent a strong burst of wind from his hands and sent the burglar flying out of the window he came in from. As fortune had it a few of the local villagers saw this event and grab many types of weapons before entering Henry's home to try and either kill him or chase him off. Henry was confused and terrified by the villagers and ran out the back door grabbing the staff his father gave him. By the time his parents were home Henry had already gotten far away and all hope was lost for them reuniting again.
Six years later Henry was out hunting for food when he spotted a wild boar running away from him. Henry desperately ran after what would become his dinner for the next few days and when he jumped over a bush he went much further than he thought possible. For the moment he ignored the happening and got a lucky hit on the animal he was chasing. His staff had hit the boar's neck and disorientated the beast just long enough for Henry to kill it.

So begins...

Henry Norz Olsten's Story