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Erella Rayons.

"Our world is dying...We must find the Heir in time to save it.."

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a character in “Master of Shadows Ch.1: A New Begining”, as played by Neru


Image When she shifts from her human form, she perfers to shift into a large black and white wolf, or a hawk.

Solider 2.
Erella stands somewhat tall, at 5'5. Her long black hair, when free of its ties, cascades down her back in soft waves, reaching just to her waist. Dark brown, almost black looking eyes are framed by dark lashes. Erella has a lithe, thin build, slightly filling out at the bust. She has mutliple scars marring her pale skin, due to the many fights and battles she fought before, and during the time she's been a soilder for the King's Army. Her outfit is simple enough, a leather top, fastened together by three different straps wrapping around her torso, as wella s a few wrapping about her arms, the tip exposing most of her midsection and her back. She also wears a pair of leather shorts, easy for her to move in, while a pair of black boots cover her legs.

Hair Color:
Black.ose color
Eye Color:
Dark brown, almost black at times.
Erella carries three weapons; her bow a quiver of arrows, twin daggers, as well as a longer blade sheathed to her hip.
Erella is skilled in a assortmant of fighting styles ranging from, fist to fist combat, swordsmanship as well as archery. She is also a shifter, being able to shift into any form of animal she chooses. Though most of the time when she is shifting out of her human form, she perfers taking the form of a large black and white wolf, or a hawk. She is also very handy at giving medical attention.
Erella is a naturally calm and quiet person. Though she does have a bit of a temper when the moment for it calls. She's usually very easy going, and a pretty good judge of character. She dosen't let her guard down though. As an assasin for the King's army, she feels its her duty to stay alert, while appearing to be at complete ease. Which she does rather well.

Erella Rayons was born in a small village that resided within the forests that bordered the kingdom. She lived a pretty peaceful life, up untill she turned 12 years old. It was then her world got turned upside down. One day while Erella was exploring the forests, as she had done so many times before, she was picked by a group of bandits, and taken far from her home. Now, being only 12 years old, Erella was terrified. She didn't even think to use her 'gift', to help get herself away.

Finally, after a long while of traviling with the group of bandits, Erella was brought to another village. Here, she was sold to a man who called himself "The Wind". You see, The Wind, was a well known assassin, and once he laid eyes on Erella, he knew she would be perfect to take over for him, once he could no longer perform his job. Plus, it did help that she was a shifter. When The Wind, first explained this to Erella, she was more then confused. But once he began to train her in the ways of the Assassins, she slowly began to catch on.

By the time Erella was 15, The Wind deemed her ready to venture out on her own. He found her, her first job and sent Erella to work. She executed the task perfectly, without any complications what so ever. For that, The Wind was thankful for, for he had finally found someone he knew was worthy of the task he'd been looking for. After Erella was done with her first Mission, The Wind gave her, her next assignment. Though, this time he would no longer be with her. When Erella arrived at her home, she found the rolled up scroll from The Wind, and all it said was this. "My dearest Erella. I have completed my mission. And now it is time for you to begin your greatest one. You see, I was sent out to find someone, train them, and then send them forth to the Kingdom in the Capital city of Yetiru. You, my dear, are who I selected. You have a bright future ahead of you, Erella. Go now, and join the Kings army. You'll do great things my sweet girl. - The Wind."

For a while, Erella didn't beleive it. But after three days of The Wind not returning, she finally came to terms with what was being set into motion. Finally, Erella journeyed to the Capital. Once there, she asked to speak with the Captain of the army, producing The Wind's scroll. The Captain looked Erella over, before nodding as he sent her off to begin her training as a soilder.

Six years passed quickly, Erella excelling at her training, untill she was finally selected for the Royal army. Now, a young woman of 21 years old, Erella is one of the three soilders who have been selected to find the Heir to the throne.
Erella has a fear of darkness, though she would never show it. When surrounded in pure darkness, she tends to freeze, and begins to shake.
Sample Post:
Erella gazed around sadly at the now destroyed, dieing field that surrounded her. Nothing grew in the barren wastelands of the area now. Releasing a soft, heavy sigh, the young assasin continued on her way. She knew they needed to find the heir to the throne quickly, for she feared they were running out of time. If we don't find the heir soon..I fear our world, along with everyone and everything in it will die out.. The young assassin though, releasing yet another heavy sigh.

So begins...

Erella Rayons.'s Story