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Saren "The Guillotine" Kroh

"We're going for a ride."

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a character in “MATCHED”, as played by R.T.M.X.



Personal Details.

Saren Kroh

Code/Nick name:
002, The Guillotine

Saren's actual age is unknown, just like the others, but his natural body has always kept that youthful appearance as if he was still 19.

Saren is obviously male.

In addition to his enhanced physical attributes - Enhanced physical strength, speed, reflexes, endurance and durability- his specialties lie within the powers of shape-shifting and teleportation. To the government, he is the perfect weapon out of the survivors, and because of this, they will stop at nothing to "retrieve" him. Below is a breakdown of his powers:

At a molecular level, Saren is able to reorganize the carbon atoms within his body, as well as being able to change his cellular structure at will, which allows him to "evolve" his body into various modifications, giving him an edge in combat. Aside from the slight increase of regeneration associated with cellular manipulation (but still weaker than that of Six's), below are the current forms that Saren can take on while in combat:

·Talon Mode
When active, Saren's arms shift into three-fingered, one-thumbed talon-like appendages that can used to shred flesh and bone, allowing dismemberment of human-sized enemies with ease, however instantly giving away his position, as no normal being can change his arms into weapons.

·Glaive Mode
Saren's right arm generates a single, tri-edged throwing weapon made up of his "biomass". Just like his guillotine claws, this single "weapon" can be used for ranged rending of flesh and bone. The perfect tool in Saren's opinion, the glaive had helped him out more times than most, even getting him out of sticky situations.

·Tank mode
Other than his teleportation abilities, Saren's Tank form is his only defensive combat ability, where he reorganizes the carbon molecules within his body to form an armored skin that's as hard as diamond, able to deflect most small-arms fire with ease. However, going into this mode not only drains Saren of his sanity (and what's left of his imperfect humanity), it also robs him of his speed and reflexes, making him roughly as fast as the average person, but a hidden boon offsets this handicap with a heavy increase of strength and endurance. This boost of power is due to the fact that Saren is unable to utilize any of his other forms, since it requires the majority of his body's carbon molecules to be restructured into an armor-like form.

Saren is able to "blink", or the ability to near-instantaneously change his position from one place to another without physically occupying the space in between his current location and his destination. In simpler terms, he has a short-range teleport which he can utilize to quickly move from place to place. The limitations of such power is that he can only "blink" a particular amount of times before self-damage sets in, such as the very biomass of his body being torn apart from sudden and highly accelerated movement, and he can only teleport himself and one other human-sized object/organism within a set range. However, unlike his shape-shifting abilities, the use of this ability doesn't damage his psyche, and thus regarded as a relatively "safe" power.

Limitations and Weaknesses
There are quite a few limitations to Saren using his abilities. The foremost limitation is that because he has yet to master his shape-shifting abilities: overusing them will kill him. Each time he changes his biomass into one of his three modes doesn't actually shorten his life span, per se, but it will often destabilize his body and psyche, effectively killing his humanity little by little. The first few symptoms of this is already apparent, starting with his blood darkening to a near-black hue, then progressing to where his flesh is taking on a metallic silver hue.

Then there's the teleportation issues. If he "blinks" too many times, usually more than what his body can allow (fluctuating on a daily basis, depending on his stamina) or if he moves too far, his body will start to break down, beginning with nosebleeds and bloodloss. The maximum distance he can teleport is roughly 300 meters per day, and Saren is often required to mentalling keep track of how much of this distance he had travelled through this form of movement. Another drawback to teleportation is that there is often two small rifts in time-space that opens up, one at the destination, and the other at Saren's former location, and can be predictable if people know where to look. There's also the miscellaneous drawback that's placed on people that teleports with him, where if they have not personally teleported before, they will be exposed to a one-time "teleportation sickness", symptoms ranging from vomiting to limited expulsion of bodily fluids, such as blood.


General Description
Many have nearly dropped dead at first sight of Saren, and many more have shot their guns upon a closer look at him.

It is what happens when one is a superb weapon. Bodies are left in your wake, and many others want you dead on first sight. It should be noted though that not a few have found him ravishingly beautiful.

Standing at a solid 6' with spiked, black hair, gleaming lightning-blue eyes as sharp as knives, prominent cheekbones framing a sharp face, and an exotic, richly tanned skin tone, he fulfills the desire of countless women.

That said, consequently, the "Guillotine" dresses ordinarily casual. Demin jeans and a black leather jacket, gray hoodie underneath, open to reveal a white collared shirt, sans tie. Spiffy black shoes tap along the ground he walks upon. His right arm is perfect evidence of his "evolution", his flesh already turning silver, with black veins reaching outwards from his shoulder.

However, do not let his overall "harmless" appearance fool you. It is nothing more than a mask, hiding a shadowy, looming aura of pure terror if you want to call it that...


Lightning Blue



Solid 185 pounds.


There's only one fear that Saren has: Losing control of himself and injuring the others, especially Alice.

Pet Peeves:
He's pissed that he doesn't have the time to develop his powers, even though they might end up killing him in the end.

Generally outgoing, Saren's always on the move, whether it's to stay one step ahead of the government at all times, or because he simply finds the current place boring.

While he's not exactly narcissistic, thinking that he's better than everybody else, he does love to get attention, though this often backfires, due to using his powers often attracts attention from local authorities.

Using his shape-shifting powers, as each time he uses them, he loses his humanity little by little, and he knows this.

There's something about Saren that just makes people feel safe when he's around. Being reactive in nature, Saren has become able to adapt to almost any obstacle, almost always more focused onto his surroundings.

He is very unpredictable. He thinks, and plans, outside the box, often throwing his pursuers off his trail until he lets them back onto his "game" of Cat and Mouse. He is a counter specialist, meaning that he would always fight defensively, either deflecting or dodging punches and close range attacks, his reactive nature giving him options of how to screw around with his opponents.

General Behavior
Some call him insane, others call him unique. Mysterious, yet specifically calculating in his actions, he often acts more of a machine than an actual person, always thinking outside the box, always devising ways to disrupt his opponents' tactics and whatnot. He's been buying time for everybody but Alice and himself, as the more he makes the government waste time on him, the less they are devoting to the other four. He knows the government is after him. He knows that they consider him their "perfect weapon", and he's ready to play a deadly game.

Theme Song
I Ca't Decide - Scissor Sisters

So begins...

Saren "The Guillotine" Kroh's Story


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Bob Seger - Turn the Page

Saren stared back at himself through the bathroom mirror, the fogged glass clearing up from the shower earlier in the morning. Two circular marks were burned into the center of his chest, wounds that have been steadily closing up, his body self-repairing itself. Two bullet wounds.

The duo's last encounter with their trackers was roughly a week ago, with Saren taking two shots in the chest whilst on his way getting food for Alice and him. It was a rough scuffle, three of them against him, though in the end, he got away. He didn't kill them, not just that murdering one would surely send dozens more after him, but also because of a promise he had made. He had merely incapacitated the three, as well as disarming them in the process.

Even though they have been on the move, always moving to a new location every three days or so, wherever their destination will be, Saren had kept the fact of being slightly injured secret from her, to keep her from worrying about him. They both knew that their time was being cut short, this chapter of hiding and running soon coming to a close.

Snapping back to the present, he had also noticed that his symptoms had extended further than the last time he checked, this time almost reaching his elbow, the blackened veins crawling farther across both his chest and back. He had felt no pain from it, and decided to finish dressing, covering up the unsightly appearance with a black undershirt before putting on the clothing he was usually seen - namely the white shirt and gray hoodie.

Good thing there was a washing machine and dryer here, the "Guillotine" thought to himself, before covering his eyes with a cheap pair of aviator sunglasses. Gathering the few things of his, mainly the leather jacket and the two 9mm handguns he had with him from last week, he left the room, with his mind beginning to wonder about how the others were doing, especially Alice and Liv...


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Coming out into the hallway of the hotel, Alice stood in front of Saren's door. She hesitated to knock, not sure if waking him up would be a good idea or not. But time was ticking and they would be near very soon. Taking a deep breath and exhaling, she balled her hand into a fist and tapped the door with her knuckled. Knock, Knock. It was a little chilly out in the hallway. Seems like the heat didn't circulate outside the rooms at all.
An old couple walks by, Alice gave them a friendly smile, but they kept with their business and paid no attention to her. This made her smile instantly disappear. It was as if she was something they didn't want to interact with. She felt enough of an outsider and unwanted, but this just brought her down even more. Her golden eyes showed her sadness that she felt, but lifting her chin up, she held it upright and stood tall. "It's okay Alice, it's okay..." she thought to herself, hoping to liven her mood up a bit.
With no response, Alice began to knock on the door once more. Tapping her foot as she grew impatient and worried. It wouldn't have taken Saren this long to answer, especially when he knew it was Alice.

"Saren, open up. It's Alice." she shouted at the door as she knocks on it once more, wishing for a response of any type. But nothing. Could he have possibly left?


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Staring back at the various rows behind the plexiglass shield, each row having a different assortment of snacks, with the vending machine's prices averaging around a dollar per item. His eyes scanned each row for something that could substitute as breakfast, until they rested onto the row of glazed hunny-buns.

Seventy cents.

Reaching into his pockets, his fingers shuffling around for that five dollar bill that he knew he had slipped into his pocket before he left. Buying three of them, it was time to go fetch Alice and continue onward, their destination unknown, so far.

Sure, the temperature was a bit on the nippy side, but it didn't bother him much. Climbing up the stairs, the trip down had probably taken a couple minutes, five at the most. As he reached the last few steps, the morning view of the parking lot met Saren's eyes, nearly devoid of any vehicles. Being on the "outskirts" of the city sure had its perks, like fewer crowds to deal with and less cars moving about, but it also came with one major disadvantage: open space.

"Saren, open up. It's Alice."

He could have heard that voice from anywhere, and he would instantly know exactly who it belonged to. Turning the corner from the stairs, roughly twenty feet down the hallway, was Alice, impatiently tapping her foot. She looked kind of cute when she acted that way. Chuckling to himself, he took a single step, and had blinked himself next to her in what had seemed to be instantaneous. Leaning on the hallway, he declared his sudden appearance to her, before holding out one of the hunny-buns.

"No need to yell like that when I'm right here, ya' know. Got some breakfast."


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Alice squealed to the familiar voice near her and jumped to his sudden appearance. It startled her and she didn't like it one bit. But her response was a quick leap towards him and her arms came around her shoulders as he hands touched behind him.

"I thought they got to you. I thought I was too late...." her voice trailed off as she held back the tears. Before releasing, she pulled herself together and looked at him as if nothing was wrong. An apathetic feel, almost as if the girl that held him with compassion was different. Alice wasn't about to show weakness now, not when the battle has only begun. Standing around wasn't doing them any good. It makes her wonder how the other are doing, whether or not they're okay. So far, no vision has yielded any danger for the others, but she can't say the same about her and Saren.

Alice ignored his offer for breakfast. Her mind was too locked into leaving that she doesn't realize her hunger. This was often the case with her. Priorities are set straight and safety comes before her selfish needs.
"We must leave. Now." her voice was harsh and very pushy. She wasn't going to take no for an answer. It often isn't a democracy around her. Departure was to be done right now. Alice tightened her hold on the back across her shoulder as she left the front entrance of the motel. Staying there any moment longer would end with both of them in custody. To her, having one of them captured was the same having all of them capture; for once one was taken, the rest will surely follow to save them.

Being in the city of New York had it's advantages. For one, there were far too many motels in the city alone, and then the numerous amount of people makes it difficult to keep track. Their best bet was to travel to the subway. But suddenly Alice paused, her eyes widen and reality became a blur. Her golden eyes created a ripple effect as she begin to see her vision.

The edges of the vision was a black blurry vignette. Flashes of visions came before her. It showed numerous images of men in uniforms barricading through the city of New York. Men in suits held pictures of Number Two.

Alice blinked and reality sets in, she lost balance for a moment as she slowly fell sitting on the floor.
"Saren, you're not safe. This is not good." she said looking at him with her warm Golden eyes. It was at these times that Alice felt so powerless. What good is it to see these visions when there is little you can do about it.


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Saren was startled by the squeal of Alice's voice and her quick leap towards him, coupled with the act of her arms wrapping around him. This wasn't how Alice normally acted, as she was usually seen with a "tough girl" attitude when in public. It was almost as if Alice was hiding something, but then again, everybody had their own secrets...

"I thought they got to you. I thought I was too late..."

The words held a different aura to them, as if they had been said through fear. As suddenly as Alice had wrapped herself around him, she had broken the embrace between them, acting as if it never happened. Ignoring his offer, she turned and started in the direction of the front desk.

"...We must leave. Now."

Like a dictator of sorts, her words were harsh and pushy. Saren knew that she refused to take no for an answer, and that the duo were departing very soon. Watching her going off towards the exit, he followed suit, slightly confused about what had just transpired, and called out to deaf ears.

"I hope you have a place in mind..."

They didn't say much as they walked passed the front desk, as both of them knew that their time was being cut short. Saren didn't know where they were heading, but he didn't really mattered. Anywhere is better than here. But Alice suddenly paused when they passed through the doors, and Saren assumed that it was one of her episodes, that one of her visions came to her, but he didn't know what. He's not a psychic.

She had taken a seat on the ground, and her golden eyes had met his, Saren heard her words. "Saren, you're not safe. This is not good." He felt bad about he had to do.

"No joke..."


As he muttered the words, the sight of roughly ten black vehicles - nine cars and one van- came rolling into the parking lot. Blocking off the area, police and three men in black suits departed the vehicles, unaware of the fact that Alice was there as well. Kneeling down to her, Saren gave her one last hug, slipping both of the two handguns along with the ammunition into her bag, and with a soft tone of regret in his voice, whispered into her ear.

"Don't worry. Just go back inside, and I'm sorry for not telling you this sooner. I hope you'll understand and forgive me..."

His words trailed off, as he lifted himself up and backed away towards the men in suits. He looked up at one, his voice turning to a demanding tone. "Alright, I'm here. You know the deal. You take me and you leave the others alone. That girl right there, she's normal."

One of the black suits turned to him, replying to Saren, "Well, Number Two, this is a pleasant surprise of having you coming to us. And yes, we shall honor the little deal we had arranged."

Saren nodded, and headed off to the direction of the van. He was getting odd looks from the police, not being handcuffed, something that wasn't well known on their job. Reaching the van, he climbed into the back of it, the reinforced steel doors closing behind him...

Saren had this all planned out, his capture, and he was simply waiting for the next part of his plan to be set into action...


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"Don't worry. Just go back inside, and I'm sorry for not telling you this sooner. I hope you'll understand and forgive me..."
His voice echoed through her like an empty tunnel. Her eyes watched as he just gave himself up. She shook her head in disappointment and anger. Ripping out the handguns he left in her bag, she stood from her position and fired at one tired of every vehicle. Shoved the guns behind her pants, she bolted to the men in suit. Kicking at the side of the wall, she raised herself up and swung her leg across the face of one of them, smashing his face to the ground. In reaction, the men pulled out their guns and awaited for Alice's next move.

"GET DOWN ON THE GROUND! NOW!!!" one of the men assertively yelled at her. A playful smirk tugged on her thin lips. Nobody ever tells her what to do. In an instant, she to where the man shouting at her was, elbowed his arm which cause him to release his weapon, then she threw a fiery fist across his face. Slinging him down the pavement with a burnt mark on his right cheek. Then the suited men began to shoot at her. At first, she managed to dodge the bullets with the ability of an enhancement, but one slipped past her view and caught her right on the shoulder. She staggered and fell to the ground from the aftershock of the impact. Her plan now was to get Saren out of the van. A swift movement, she traveled before the van and ripped the doors open.

"You asshole...." she said to Saren while her hand applies pressure to her bullet wound. "You of all people should know me." she hopped off the van, pulled out the guns behind her and began to shoot at the men on hindsight.


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The plan was simple: he was to turn himself in, then when they were in the process of transporting him, he would simply blink into the passenger's seat of the van, take out the driver, and drive back to Alice with a means of transportation as well as a way to get out of the state that much quicker. And if that had failed, the backup was to create as much havok as possible wihin the city so any trackers after them would go to his location before escaping.

But something was terribly wrong...


Saren could hear the sounds of fighting outside, followed by what had sounded like orders, though he wasn't quite sure what was said exactly. The first thought in mind was Alice going Miss Rambo on them to bail him out. He could hear the yells of pain from outside, and then seconds later, the sounds of metal ripping apart had met his ears.

Alice had torn the doors open, hand pressed against her shoulder. Saren had picked up the rage that was built up inside her, from him keeping this a secret from her, that she was injured as well...

"You asshole... You of all people should know me."

She hopped from the back of the van as she barked at him, and pulled out the two 9mm handguns he had given to her earlier. From where he was, it seemed as if she was aiming directly at a police officer. He had a small window to save his life, and that window was closing fast.



Saren felt the burning sensation as two rounds dug into his back, as if he was being jabbed by a red-hot poker. At the last possible second, right before Alice had pulled the trigger, he had blinked between the officer and Alice, making himself into a makeshift barrier to keep Alice from killing the officer.

"You should feel lucky..." Saren whispered into the officer's ear, who might have went into shock by watching Saren teleport in front of him out of nowhere, then followed up with slamming his fist into the side of the officer's face, effectively knocking him out. The others were either injured by gunfire, or were inadvertantly killed, there was no time for Saren to check.

Turning around to Alice, his lightning blue eyes briefly gazing into hers, he barked under a muffled chuckle...

"You know, going Miss Rambo was probably not the best form of action..." His eyes wandered the small battlefield, darting to and from each unconscious officer laying about. "I'm going to say that we have roughly 5 minutes until more show up..."