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Aria Jay

WIP. A silent, doe-eyed girl who is not even remotely as innocent as she looks.

0 · 962 views · located in Earth

a character in “Maximum Ride: Another Flock”, as played by Uprising


I'm not going to be able to make this profile pretty... some kind of profile editor error where it will only show a sliver of the profile on the left side instead of on the whole page. :(

Aria Jay



India Eisley


|| Sweet || Fiesty || Ferocious || Childish ||

The perfect description of Aria is sweet but fiesty, and not at all shy, despite what her big eyes and quiet demeanor suggest. On one hand, she's very empathic, and does what she can to make others feel better. She is less selfish than expected; she will look out for the flock, but she'll also help normal humans if she can.

On the other hand, she hates the school, the whitecoats, and the erasers with a passion. She will happily beat the crap out of them. She is an unrestrained and ferocious fighter, and after all they have done to her, she may very well jump at the chance to kill them... maybe even enjoy it.

Despite her empathic nature, she can be very childish, even throwing a tantrum, sulking, or going off on her own when someone angers her or she doesn't get her way. She may even punch one of her fellow flock, if sufficiently provoked.

She is very curious about normal people and enjoys interacting with them, though she fears to use her telepathy, so she has to use good old-fashioned expressions and hand gestures.

Likes: There are very few things she doesn't enjoy, with music, food, and cute animals being at the top of the list, in that order. The name 'Aria' refers to the type of opera song she enjoys. She swiped an mp3 player off of one of the whitecoats, but uses it sparingly, because she doesn't have a charger. She guards it jealously.

Dislikes: She hates cages, tight spaces, being restrained, or being trapped. She also hates being examined, asked questions, and studied by the scientists, though she doesn't mind when normal people do it.


At 5'6" and just over 100 lbs, Aria is tall and thin for her age, and light as a feather. She has a small, heart-shaped face with soft features and large blue-green doe eyes. Her dark brown hair is long, thick, and wavy; she refuses to cut it, but keeps it braided during long flights. Her skin is pale... not unhealthy, just pale, often sporting cuts and bruises. She wears whatever clothes she can get her hands on, but prefers comfortable, fitted clothing that won't hinder her while flying. Thin jeans, khaki pants, and long-sleeved shirts or a hoodie. She enjoys cut off jeans and a loose shirt while on the ground.

She has an eleven foot wingspan, with wings like a Blue Jay's. They're a brilliant shade of blue, with black bars and stark white tips. Her wings are perfect for swift, agile aerial maneuvers, but she doesn't soar very well, and is one of the first, if not the first, to feel tired on a long flight. They are strong, despite being paper thin, and fold accordian-style on either side of her spine.


So begins...

Aria Jay's Story