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The Doctor

"Well, it may be a potentially catastrophic day, but it's still just a day. Allons-y!!"

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a character in “Mayan Endings: A Doctor Who Story”, as played by The(Doctor)Horrible


Name: The Doctor

Species: Time Lord

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tall, 6' 1", and thin. Wears a brown suit with blue pinstripes (not just any blue, a nice blue, sort of like a deep... twilight-y... blue.) and a white dress shirt, blue and silver tie. His feet are ornamented with dingy white trainers (He does an awful lot of running) and he almost always is seen with a cinnamon brown trenchcoat stretching to his ankles. Occasionally adopts a pair of black rimmed spectacles. He has a long face and features, scruffy, big brown hair with sideburns which sticks up over his face and barely overlaps the edges of his ears. No facial hair, but a luminous smile and sparkling brown eyes. Behind them there are always secrets and an unfathomable lonliness which he keeps hidden the best he can.

Personality: Very erratic, insanely clever and lively. He's not very predictable until he's been known for a long time. Insane love for life. He's fairly patient until people start acting stupid. The Doctor has a sort of aura about him which depends on his mood, one that makes him trustworthy. People have been known to tell him things they've never told another soul and wonder why they did it afterwards. He never tells the secrets he hears unless absolutely necessary. When angered, the man that people know and trust dissappears in place of someone who makes the beings about him simply want to run just from the feel about him. He's vanquished gods and idols, demons, whole species for what he believed in... that sort of ancient authority is something to be feared. The one thing he can never resist is the curiosity which burns within him, the urge to explore, to know.

Habits/Traits/Tendencies: Using all his senses to learn (taste included), running, getting himself into trouble unintentionally, solving said trouble with his wits, saving as many lives as he can, taking responsibilities (even for things that weren't his fault), putting on glasses when he wants to look clever (though he'll never tell)

Likes: Bananas, riddles, travelling, adventure, learning, reading, libraries, talking, fish and chips, the TARDIS, human beings, Earth, life in general, most things

Dislikes: Pears, cruelty, death, lonliness

History: A mystery.

Prior Knowledge (if any): He knew the Mayans made a calendar and that it signalled the end of the world. In a hidden code passed on to him he learned the cause would be "something from the stars" on the date it ended. He was skeptical, seeing as how the Earth was still around after that, but upon further research he found certain indicators that it was true.

Motives: To keep people alive.

Supplies/Materials (tools, cell phone, wallet, car, etc.): An assortment of random supplies which he hardly uses, psychic paper (used to gain access to more high security areas and improve credibility), sonic screwdriver (works on almost anything except wood), black rimmed spectacles, TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space, his ship and time machine, appearance of an old blue police box from the sixties.)

So begins...

The Doctor's Story