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Maybe You'll be chosen

Maybe You'll be chosen


Ilea, A country divided by castes, rules and unknown beautifuls. {despertely needs characters!!~}}

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Ilea is a country forced into the future, seperated by castes....

Breakdown of the Castes

This is a general idea of where professions fall within the castes described in Ilea:

Ones: Royalty, clergy

Twos: All celebrities such as MTV-type musicians, professional athletes, actors, models; politicians as well as all officers in any policing, military, firefighting, or guarding position which are assigned by draft.

Threes: Educators of any kind, philosophers, inventors, writers, scientists of any kind, doctors, veterinarians, dentists, architects, librarians, all engineers, therapists or psychologist, film directors, music producers, lawyers.

Fours: Farm owners, jewelers, real estate agents, insurance brokers, head chefs, project managers for construction, property/business owners for things like restaurants, shops, and hotels.

Fives: Classically trained musicians and singers, all artists, live theatre actors, dancers, circus performers of any kind.

Sixes: Secretaries, wait staff, housekeepers, seamstresses, store clerks, cooks, drivers.

Sevens: Gardeners, construction workers, farm hands, gutter or pool cleaners, almost all outdoor workers.

Eights: Mentally or physically unwell (particularly if there is no one to care for them), addicts, runaways, homeless.

As long as anyone who is accepted into this roleplay knows and understands the castes then this should go really easily.

Toggle Rules

No godmodding.
Be mature, this is something very special to me, and if you disrespect it you will be kicked.
PROPER ENGLISH. This includes punctuation and grammar.
Feel free to make families, but please ask the person first.
If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. Thanks

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#, as written by renka~~
America, stood in the door way of the kitchen she knew now she wouldn't be able to stay clear of het mother it ju wasn't plausible, so with a sigh, she walked into the kitchen, plated up and made the dining room table up, just like she and her mama used to do together all the time before the stupid argument, she didn't want to fill the application form in, she didn't wantthe chance, and she knew it was a very small chance, to be picked to be the next daughter of ilea, yet her mother still insisted she had time and that even if it was a small chance it will still the chance to become something different, somebody different...and still she knew it wasn't right for her, even if it could put money in the pocket of her parents and more food on the tAble, she was still skeptical. America Had a plan, and she was sticking to it, well until otherwise of course.

Sighing again, America finished setting the table and took her usual seat between her giddy sister and slightly sour mother, her brother sat opposite her sister, and her father with his newspaper opposite her mother, and here she was staring at her food blocking out her mother's usual nagging and perstering, her sisters fits of giggles and her brothers whining about football and uunable to find his talent.


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Character Portrait: Meslianica "Gordan" Olr'ain
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Character Portrait: Meslianica "Gordan" Olr'ain
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Ilea by renka~~


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Character Portrait: America Lorna
Character Portrait: Meslianica "Gordan" Olr'ain
Character Portrait: Lena N. Elliot


Character Portrait: Meslianica "Gordan" Olr'ain
Meslianica "Gordan" Olr'ain

A very brave 18 year old woman that doesn't let fear stand in her way!

Character Portrait: Lena N. Elliot
Lena N. Elliot

Music Is my passion!

Character Portrait: America Lorna
America Lorna

America is kind hearted and soft, though when she definetly needs to be she can be tough.


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