Lena N. Elliot

Music Is my passion!

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Full Name: Ellena Nicole Elliot

Nicknames: Lena


Birthdate:March 31, 1990

Appearance:Lena is 5 foot 6 inches and weighs about 126 pounds, she's very petite. She likes vintage clothes, like the crocheid over shirts
and dresses.

Likes: Music it has always spoke to her that why she started piano and dancing..
Sweets, she has a maaajor sweet tooth
Yoga, gotta keep your chi balanced
Books, she was one of the smartest girls in her highschool.
Rain, nothing better than either dancing in the rain or curling up with a book and hot cocoa during a storm.

Dislikes: Small spaces (clausterphobia), overly abrasive men, beer, sushi, and rap music (only type she doesnt like)

Personality: Lena was a country girl, a southern belle give ya, so she has that southern hospitality feel to her. She's used to sayin "Yes Ma'am and No Sir" she does not mean any disrespect in fact thats a sign of respect. She can get a bit moody from time to time and not that just grumpy moody but the weepy moody. Thats one of her down falls, she cries easily...not to get attention or anything just simply because she cant help it. She has over active tearducts. Shes usually a happy go lucky girl but New York seems a bit harsh to her she really just needs to get used to the fact that not everyone is your friend.

Occupation: photographer, pianist and contemorary dance all together entertainer.

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