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Alex McKinney

"Is this the part where I'm supposed to say something deep and philosophical?"

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a character in “Mayhem and Misery”, as played by Kuukakulily


Too Close | Alex ClareㅣㅣEasy Way OutGotyeㅣㅣWho are you really?Mikky Ekko

{ “The difference between genius and stupidity is; genius has its limits” }

{ Misnomer }
Alexander Liam McKinney

{ Nickname(s) }
Alex, Al, Mac

{ Birthday }
November 23ㅣTwenty

{ Ethnicity }

{ Sexuality and Romantic Orientation }

{ Species }

{ Major }
Software Engineering

{ Mentality }
He is skeptical and yet fascinated by the monster and magic users. He is often anxious and distrusting of humans.

{“Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much”}

{ Abilities }
Being a human, Alex doesn't have any supernatural abilities however, he is gifted as a human. He's very intelligent, at least in the realm of technology and math. He is skilled at nearly any computer interface and has an advanced understanding of mechanics.

{ Likes }
Video Games Technology Internet Animals Silence Smoking

{ Dislikes }
Loud Noises Social Interaction Nature Panic Attacks Crowds

{ Strengths }
SmartㅣAlex is an extremely intelligent individual and uses it to his advantage. InnovativeㅣHe's something of a MacGuyver. He can make due with a little bit of thinking and a few raw materials. MathㅣAlex excels in his math related courses. Mechanical EngineeringㅣAlex understands mechanics and how technology works better than his peers.

{ Weaknesses }
Socially AnxietyㅣHe doesn't know how to interact with other people well, be they monsters or humans and it causes him a great deal of anxiety. Panic AttacksㅣWhen in a stressful situation he experiences panic attacks PridefulㅣAlex knows he's smart, and though he doesn't flaunt it, he takes too much pride in it.

{ Personality }
Alex can best be described as socially inept. He spent almost his entire life tied to technology and has no concept of how to interact with other people face to face, making him an easy target for manipulation. This lack of interaction in his past has lead to him being diagnosed with social anxiety disorder. His disorder has come to define him both inside and outside of the school. His antidepressant helps with panic attacks and overall uncomfortable feeling he gets from being social, but no medicine is foolproof and he will often disengage from society for a week or so at a time.
Alex has periods of time in which he becomes lonely as all humans do and will seek out a person to talk to, though these times are few and far between. When these do come about however, he overcompensates in his social interaction by acting awkward and goofy. He finds this particularly humiliating but is unable to control the way he acts, which only serves to intensify his disorder. He has taken up smoking to try and curb his anxiety.
He can seem standoffish and snooty to many of his peers, simply because he doesn't speak much. His physical reactions and expressions give the impression that he thinks he is better than you however, this is his attempt at being 'cool' and not meant to be offensive.He is a very funny, quick-witted person to those who understand him and he can call a 'friend'.

{ “It is never too late to be what you might have been” }


{ History }
Alex came into this world a healthy, if not quiet, child. He was the first of three children and the only child to have taken such an interest in technology. He grew up preferring to take things apart in a constructive way and learning how they all worked to together rather than simply destroying it as his siblings would do. He never grasped the idea of being social throughout his childhood and when confronted with social situations would often have panic attacks. One would think that even with his siblings he would be more socially inclined, but even at home he was a solitary person. Despite his lack of social skills, he is the pride of his parents, having graduated high school earlier than his peers and receiving a full scholarship to Dorthea Dix University.
When he heard of the monsters, he was naturally skeptical. His beliefs have always been based in facts. Mike, a decent acquaintance of his, asked him to help him find the monsters in human skin. Alex was very resistant to this proposal, but his curiosity won over reason. He hasn't ever seen a monster, and until he does, he won't believe they're real.
Now he finds himself stuck in an inner circle of people, forced to interact with them. While he is more comfortable with a few, he still prefers his own company and does his best to avoid them.

{"Courage is found in unlikely places"}

{ Username }
{ Nickname }
{ Other }
Character/Dialogue = E6C909

So begins...

Alex McKinney's Story