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Grant Turner

"Sometimes people aren't who you thought they were."

0 · 757 views · located in Maine, USA

a character in “Mayhem and Misery”, as played by Kuukakulily


Iron | Woodkid ㅣㅣMonsterBigBangㅣㅣLost CauseImagine Dragons

{ “My life amounts to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?” }

{ Misnomer }
Grant Ian Turner

{ Nickname(s) }
He's never really had a nickname. Grant is already fairly short.

{ Birthday }
May the 2nd ㅣ Twenty-one

{ Ethnicity }
Caucasian though he is of Norse descent.

{ Sexuality and Romantic Orientation }

{ Species }
Sea Serpent

{ Major }

{ Mentality }
He feels a sort of companionship with his fellow monsters and is wary of the magic users. He is fascinated by humans.

{"Unlimited power in the hands of limited people always leads to cruelty."}

{ Abilities }
Descended from the great serpent, Jörmungandr, Grant takes on many of his abilities. He posses a superhuman strength and is nearly invincible. His near invincibility applies only when he is in his true form, however in human form his body is more resilient to damage than a humans. Were it not for his diluted blood, he would be virtually indestructible. In addition, he possesses a venom in his saliva that at it's deadliest is lethal to humans, but only causes nausea to other monsters. He can control the strength of this venom at will, making it weaker or stronger if needed. Being a monster that dwells mostly in water, he has the ability to breathe water as if it was air and is a strong swimmer. He is a true terror to behold in his true form.

{ Likes }
Swimming Humans The Sea Learning new languages Fantasy novels

{ Dislikes }
Thunderstorms Prejudice Pollution of the Ocean Bugs Bright Lights

{ Strengths }
SwimmingㅣGrant has always felt at home in the water. Superhuman StrengthㅣIn his human form, he tries to play his strength down, but in his true form it renders him capable of crushing even the largest ships. StaminaㅣHe possesses a great deal of stamina even in his human form. PoisonㅣIt has become more of a defense mechanism, but it's useful all the same. Nearly IndestructibleㅣWhile he is it his most invincible in his true form, his human form can take more damage than that of a normal human.

{ Weaknesses }
ClumsyㅣHe is only graceful in water. On dry land, he literally feels like a fish out of water. GullibleㅣHe is quick to trust anyone. UnintelligentㅣIf it's not about languages, he doesn't understand it. He's not known for being very bright. AstraphobicㅣHe has a deep-seated fear of Thunder & Lightning.

{ Personality }
Grant is a easy-going person. He rolls with the punches, never really taking too much seriously. He's not the type of person to get angry easily or hold grudges. That being said, he bottles up a lot of negative emotions and will unleash his fury after he's had enough. These explosions are few and far between however.
Despite his easy-going nature, he gives off a very intimidating and powerful vibe, and many people find him unapproachable. This has made him solitary, though it's clearly not by his choice. Those who have seen past the intimidating figure find Grant very likable and have nothing but nice things to say about him. He is by no means popular, but he takes solace in the fact that not everybody is scared of him.
Grant likes to think of himself as rather funny and uses humor as shield to hide his own emotions. He doesn't like talking about himself or his feelings and has gotten good at avoiding such conversations. He is quick to steer any conversations about himself to other topics. It's not that he does it on purpose, it's just that he's done it for so long that it's become second nature to him. If you happen to get a peep into his inner feelings you'll find a sensitive soul who is truly selfless, but ultimately alone and little bit sad.

{ “Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.” }

{ History }
Grant never assumed he was anything more than human. From the time he was born until the time he was a teenager, he lived his life like any other human. He was complacent in his extraordinarily boring life, and had no imagination to believe that there was more. He was very surprised when he learned that he was 'special' at the tender age of fifteen.
Puberty hit him like a ton of bricks. He matured well, to be sure, what with his handsome features and deep, masculine voice, but along with that alluring physical change, a change occurred inside him as well. When competing in swim meets, he found that he no longer needed to hold his breath for air and could breath just fine in water. That was but the first change that alarmed him.
When he turned sixteen, he was hit head on while crossing a street by an SUV. He walked away with nothing but a few bruises and scrapes. He had his first kiss with a pretty girl at seventeen and the girl nearly died from it. Clearly, he was not a normal human anymore.
He questioned his parents relentlessly about these changes and they were just as clueless as he was. Doctors had no clue and some even recommended he see a psychiatrist. Frantic for answers, Grant turned to the only person who would believe him, his great-grandmother. His family often excluded her, disbelieving of her "made-up" stories about sea serpents and vikings.
She gave him the answers he sought. She told him of how their family was said to be descended from the great serpent, Jörmungandr and that the end of days would be brought about by him and his kin. She wove a rich tapestry of legend, telling him all about the Gods and how Thor is their arch-enemy. She explained to him about the powers Jörmungandr possessed and it fit so perfectly with his own, how could it not be true? Though he still does not believe that the end of days will be his fault.
His great-grandmother advised him to hide away from the world and never let anyone know what he could do. She warned of people, both human and magic users, that would seek to do him harm or use him. Her warning was useless, as not long after he found out the truth, the magic-users found him. It was a stroke of bad luck that his biggest ability, his inhuman strength, would result in a grievous injury to a friend and even worse luck that it drew the witches and wizards to him. He had no choice but to go with them, but remains wary of them, taking his gran's advise.
He has come to feel more at home at the University, bonding with creatures like him. He feels companionship and is more at ease when in their presence. He feels as if he can be himself, monster and all, around them. He is oblivious to the fact that the humans he has become more enamored with seek to destroy or use him.

{"Anticipating the end of the world is humanity's oldest pastime."}

{ Username }
{ Nickname }
{ Other }
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So begins...

Grant Turner's Story