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Mike Addison

"They don't know you, and neither do I."

0 · 299 views · located in Maine, USA

a character in “Mayhem and Misery”, as played by Burn One Down



{ β€œyou'll see purpose start to surface” }

{ Misnomer }
Michael Indy Addison
{ Nickname }
Mike, Mikey
{ Birthday }
May First, Twenty-four
{ Ethnicity }
{ Sexuality }
Bisexual, Demiromantic

{ Species }
( Witch Hunter )

{ Major }

{ Mentality }
Despises monsters, dislikes magic users.

{ β€œmeaning maybe defeating them could be the beginning of your meaning, friend.” }

{ Abilities }
While Mike has no magic in his blood, he has no shortage of a pedigree; he comes from a line of witch hunters and monster hunters as old as history.

{ Likes }
● Beaches ● Sunlight ● Music ● Being high ● California ● Surfing ● Skateboarding ● Hunting Witches/Wizards ● Swimming ● Taking pictures ● People ● Parties ● The dorms ● Acting innocent ● Lying ● Reckless people ● Emotionalism ●

{ Dislikes }
● Business ● Most serious matters ● Advanced music theory ● Being cut off ● Not being around his friends ● Demanding quick lays (ones that stick around the morning after) ● Mountains ● Planes ● Staying still ● Rock music ● Basements ● Magic users ● Monsters ● Being stuck inside too long ● People not believing him old enough to drink ● Being winded ●

{ Strengths }
● Hunting ● Physical prowess ● Knowledge & Research ● Guitar & Singing ● Good (but reluctant) leader ●

{ Weaknesses }
● Temperamental ● Easily upset ● Lack of sympathy for magic users ● Holds a grudge ● Maths (and other more technical business and leadership pursuits) ● Overthinks ● Jumps to conclusions ●

{ Personality }
More than anything, Mike loves the sea, he loves expanses of nothingness and everything at once. All too often prone to pondering paradoxes and complex theories while stretched out on sandy beaches, a girl or boy curled around him while he mumbles about them, he thinks in fractals but couldn't calculate the math behind them if he tried. Everything must fit into everything else in his head, which makes him making connections almost the cornerstone of his every philosophy. This makes him incredibly prone to jumping to conclusions and overthinking, and more often gets him in trouble than helps his cause when it comes to major things.
Easily bored, he loses interest in most things quickly but holds a passion for music above all else and when he sees this in other people it absolutely makes him fall in love with them. His guitar comes everywhere with him, and his music major is definitely what will keep him going and keep him rolling out of bed in the morning most mornings. He's hotheaded and defensive about both music and most of his ideals and passions, and with such raw emotions they're easily toyed with.

{ β€œthey know what you're going through and i tried to come up with an artistic way to say they don't know you.” }

{ History }

Born to a family of witch and monster hunters as old as magic and monsters themselves, Mike was raised from birth with a hatred and fear of magic and anything that didn't fit into soul, spirituality, or science. The unexplained was to be demonized. He was encouraged to keep himself physically fit from a young age; keep himself in shape to hunt witches and by his eighth birthday he'd killed three magic users with the help of his family on hunts. He was raised ruthless, and discovered a love for the ocean early on that let him escape his consciousness in vastness and the ability to forget all he'd done. His family lived in California until he was ten, when his father was given a job at a magic user and human school as a way of offering the whole family a way out of the magic hunting business, instead attempting to create a diplomacy between magic users and magic hunters; Dorothea Dix University. While Mike's father stopped hunting from that point, his mother and brothers did not, and continued to take him on covert hunts. They killed more witches. Mike did his best to bury the feelings in Maine's ocean.

Guilt still ate at him, though, pulled Mike into the arms of music and songwriting by high school, drugs and sex too, but mostly music. Music was his one true love, mixing, writing, playing, whatever it was. He'd take his skateboard or surfboard out with friends, and skate or surf for a while before just settling down to watch everyone else and playing them music while they did so. He didn't ever have a steady partner, but he slept around, and partied on the college campus enough to be known as one of the cool kids, albeit a bit more of a dorky one than most. By the time he graduated high school, he'd been accepted to Dorothea Dix and immediately enrolled, kept an eye on the magic users, and learned more than he ever had about killing them.

{ Username }
Burn One Down

{ Nickname }
Cat or Catalyst

{ Other }
Character Dialogue #C75000

So begins...

Mike Addison's Story