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Storm Tanis

"Everything I do is flipped and awkwardly reversed."

0 · 706 views · located in Maine, USA

a character in “Mayhem and Misery”, as played by Burn One Down


we've got a big mess on our hands | THE ACADEMY IS... | classifieds

{ β€œso i can throw it in the public pool and watch it float” }

{ Misnomer }
Stormy Jacob Tanis
{ Nickname }
{ Birthday }
September Eighth, Twenty
{ Ethnicity }
Mixed (predominantly white)
{ Sexuality }
Bisexual, Panromantic

{ Species }
Monster; Dragon (Cockatrice)
( As Depicted Above )

{ Major }
Education (Hopes to be a Creative Writing Teacher)

{ Mentality }
He's honestly very confused about all of it and entirely unsure about whether or not he really even wants to have an opinion.

{ β€œhe's got a decent voice; he's got that crooked smile” }

{ Abilities }
Born of a centuries-dead bloodline of great winged and feathered dragons, the cockatrice bloodline from which Storm hails is an ancient one, as many bloodlines are, and one originating, strangely enough, from the Atacama Desert, where their light plumage and huge white wings helped cool them in the desert sun, and where they mostly fished off of the coast for food. This means that not only is the bloodline very used to fishing and surviving near oceans, but also very used to spending large quantities of time in hot climates and harsh conditions. Their ruggedness is one of their best features, although they do have an extensive repertoire of magic and monster-associated skills. Used to spending time with flocks of Andean flamingos, they can take flight at a moment's notice, whether humanshaped or not, with light plumed wings that will spill quickly from their backs if human shaped, they're never left flightless and most are more interested in fleeing than fighting. However, they do have a large amount of control over water (although this does not extend to the temperature of the water and they cannot physically summon water which is not there), to the extent where stronger Atacama cockatrices could influence tides and bend the surf to their will. They also have a minute ability which all cockatrices share; freezing those they look at long enough if they have the power to overpower whatever resistance is given to the action. While this does not physically turn people to stone, it's more than an affective strategy to buy them enough time to flee. The crow of a rooster is incredibly terrifying to cockatrices for whatever reason, and they often make themselves freeze temporarily if they look at their own eyes in a mirror, resulting in some incredibly hilarious scenes involving cockatrices being mistaken for very very narcissistic.

{ Likes }
● Heavy rainclouds ● Listening to people ● Taking chances ● Forget-me-nots ● The smell of the ocean ● Swimming ● Fishing ● Water ● Car trips ● Heights ● Huge views ● Fat raindrops ● Black and white photography ● The party lifestyle ● Hanging at the edges ● Being forgettable ● Being peripheral ●

{ Dislikes }
● Being looked at for too long ● Tight spaces ● Total darkness ● Speaking too much ● Talking in front of people ● Rock music ● Loud noises ● Planes ● Staying still ● Hard drugs ● Sun ● Heat ● Summer ● Reading ● Laughing too soon ● Action movies ● Fire ●

{ Strengths }
● Listening ● Tireless energy ● Optimistic ● Cautious ● Slow to trust ●

{ Weaknesses }
● Naive ● Flighty ● Awkward ● Rarely loyal ● Easily confused ● Slow on the draw ● Somewhat easily fooled ●

{ Personality }
More restless than the desert wind, and always without exhaustion, Storm has a hard time standing still, both physically and influentially. He has a hard time sticking to his decisions and is rather nervous when confronting most difficulties between people. Hopelessly quiet, he's still very extroverted and Storm absolutely loves people, and listening to people. He's a person always seeking company, but also always seeking company who will hold most of the conversation. Friendly, he tends to act as everyone's brother, and he's both kind and optimistic even if he comes off a bit disinterested and cold at first.
While friendly, it's difficult to fully win Storm's friendship, although earning his trust is easy. He simply isn't interested in people over one another unless they're very special to him. He's very touchy, and likes physical contact with anyone, but doesn't particularly enjoy the social aspects thereof. Easily startled and easier distracted, Storm has wild thoughts which rarely settle on one subject for long. Too- often jittery, he very much tends toward worsening this with caffeine and energy drinks. He absolutely loves distractions, though, and very much enjoys television and board games, as well as tabletop roleplay like D&D although he's not so fond of the reading or math aspects.

{ β€œand where i've been when it all comes crashing down” }

{ History }
The Tanis line goes back as far as anyone cares to remember a small, nondescript line of cockatrice watermages with the gift of flight and the ability to live without water for days, they were tough and could live almost anywhere, but they were never spectacular. They were never treated well and nor did they have any great amount of power, prowess, fame, or fortune. They were a mostly honest family, who liked to horde shiny things and kept to themselves in whatever desert held their fancy long enough for them to stay there. They rarely met other dragons, but were indifferent; kin made no difference to them if it was not accompanied by the Tanis name. Loyal only in blood and magic, the children of the family were raised from childhood to master elements of control over the wind to lift them a few feet above the ground (the most any wind mage could really do anymore, alas), and to pull the tides in, and pull the nets in with their magic. Some time ago the family began hiring into Dorothea Dix in various different positions, ever since it's almost been custom for children to attend the University and for some of them to go on and work there.
Stormy was born to Azalea Tanis and Maximus Tanis and into this family he was brought. In his early years he was less interested in magic and moreso in being around nice people and taking in nice things. He had simple interests and was a shy child, not hugely interested in learning more magic than what made his daily life easier. He spent long periods of time simply sitting out on the shores of the university. He graduated at seventeen and immediately went to Dorothea Dix the following semester with an Education major and a head full of fulfilling family ideals. He lived a sheltered life, although through college he tapped into some of the more rough aspects of the world, it was nice, but for a large part he simply remained ambivalent.
Upon awakening he was extremely confused; this is not a condition which has ceased in the two weeks in which the magic users have spoken to him and decided to keep him safe, no one close to him knows about this, only the magic users protecting the monsters are aware of it.

{ Username }
Burn One Down
{ Nickname }
Cat or Catalyst
{ Other }
Character Dialogue #0C3640

So begins...

Storm Tanis's Story