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A private eye looking to do right in a world he doesn't believe in.

0 · 346 views · located in The Fisted-Verse

a character in “McKnight's Academy for the Fisted”, as played by Nulix


"Character quote"

Name: QunithImage
Sex: Male
Age: 26

Physical Description:
There is something serpentine in Qunith's features. Narrow slanted green eyes rest with heavy bags beneath a downward brow. A soft lipped wide mouth with laugh lines imprinted on either side. A curved oval face, tanned from the sun, covered in small scars and freckles. Qunith's face can both look soft and carnivorous, though there's something in the eyes that seems untrustworthy. Something in the eyes that seems as though they are staring you down like prey. Curly grey hairs run down Qunith's head, the colour a result of many alchemical baths given by the Waste Witch. An incredibly lean figure with a wide shouldered frame, making him look deceptively larger than he is.
Height: 180cm / 5'ft 11"in
Weight: 74kg / 163lbs
Skin Colour: Olive
Hair Colour: Grey
Eye Colour: Green
Sex Appeal: 8.5 - Great Butt

Self-Perception: How does your character see themselves? Not necessarily how others see them, but their own self views. 

Home Town: Athaja
Occupation: Thrall of the Waste Witch
Culture: Sudean
History/Bio: Born in the former Sudean capital of Athaja during the reign of Ajab Abaj, Qunith was sorted into the Divine Caste at a young age. The Divine Priests were raised genderless and trained to help Sudeans of other castes communicate with the gods both spiritually and physically, and learned to act as human vessels for their wills. Throughout Qunith's childhood they were considered an above average but not particularly ambitious priest, excelling at their studies and staying out of trouble. When the Sorillians invaded Qunith was ten. Along with forty other priests they were selected to visit the Sorillian governor and bless the invading force. The Sorillian's at first claimed that Abaj was stilling ruling, but aboard the Devil's Trident, as they were figuring out the balance of power on their new colony. During this time the capital began to grow more and more violent, Sorillian legionnaires coming in to set up martial laws, and the caste system becoming more and more disregarded as tensions grew. It was at the end of the Sorillian occupation that Qunith's life was set to change. With word that the Sorillian capital planet had fallen the legionnaires had grown restless and in an act of rebellion the warrior caste revolted. The city burnt as the warrior Phoenix reclaimed their home and drove the Sorillians out of Athaja. The holy quarter burnt, fighting engulfing every inch of the district, and an explosive bronze grenade lodged shrapnel itself into Qunith's body as they fled with the other priests. Worryingly to the Divine Caste, Qunith hadn't noticed even noticed the shrapnel embedded until it had already bled for several minutes. They could not feel the pain, and the next day the a doctor from the Healer Caste diagnosed Qunith as a leper, and as a result was banished from the Divine Caste- only the healthy and without ailment worthy of being vessels for the gods.

Casteless and on the street Qunith and on his own for the first time Qunith struggled to survive. After a year, starving and with nowhere to go, he eventually fell under the protection of a local gang-leader named Zaid. Sudean society was collapsing, factions rising left and right as Abaj was declared a false Emperor, the castes becoming less and less material as the people broke apart. As a member of Zaid's gang Qunith took advantage of the chaos, learning to fight with a staff, pick locks, and steal from the richer castes. As they continued to loot the lawless city a feeling came over all Sudeans that the gods had truly abandoned them. The other members of Zaid's gang cared not for the gods, but the ideas that the gods had abandoned them shook Qunith to his core. Without the gods what was he. The teenage Qunith continued to loot and steal, their skills growing, until at last the city was weak enough to strike the largest target of all- Abaj's Royal Treasury. It was an elaborate plan, every member of Zaid's gang playing a role. And, halfway through, it went deadly wrong. Zaid was killed by royal guards protecting no emperor, the gang was scattered and slaughtered, and Qunith found himself hiding at the bottom of a well in the drainage of the treasury. It was in that damp darkness that a figure approached, a one-eyed galactic woman. The woman introduced herself as the Great Smith, a Witch from the Wastes. Qunith begged for his life but instead the witch raised a hand. The shrapnel that had been borrowed into his skin ripped out and his wounds healed. And with that the witch left. And Qunith knew the gods were real. Even for a leper.

With Zaid dead and Qunith's belief in the gods restored he fled Athaja with others refugees into the jungle country of the Kajo Narrows, ruled by rogue bandits and warlords. Qunith, hiding his leprosy and claiming to be one of the last remaining of the Divine Caste, quickly gained favour with a local jungle warlord, the terrible Fufunix. Fufunix's band of warriors ruled ruthless, terrorizing villages and massacring enemies. Qunith turned a blind eye to much of these crimes for the first time since he was a child he was a priest again, and could channel the gods. However, things were not perfect. Qunith's leprosy had grown worse, skin beginning to rot, and him having to keep himself bandaged and under cloak least his secret be found out by Fufunix. But that reveal never came, as after two years of terror there was a revolt. Fufunix's camp became a battlefield, fire engulfing the village they'd occupied. Injured and beaten Qunith barely escaped and was left for dead by a stream deep in the jungle. He bled there for nearly a day before a figure appeared. The Witch of the Wastes. She'd been watching Qunith all her life. And despite his mistakes and his sins, the witch claimed, Qunith was exactly what she needed. The witch made him an offer and a promise. His soul in exchange for new health, and a promise that he would be closer to the gods than any other Sudean had ever been before. Qunith agreed and submitted.

Nursed back to health in the witch's cave in the mountains Qunith began to heal, his leprosy fading and feeling returning. The witch had a great forge, and made him a staff of rare metals. It was during this time that Qunith met the witch's other thrall, another former Sudean priest from the city of Gorjaan named Talidath. Talidath & Qunith were both often assistants and subjects to the witch's experiments, and she eventually bound the two with a magical steel collar so that they could not separate. After several years Qunith remains one of the witch's devout servants as she continues her magics in the wastes of the Rock...

Equipment and Weapons: Qunith wears a chain-weaved tabard and has a staff encrusted with stones from alien worlds, all crafted by the Witch of the Wastes.
Styles, Powers, and Abilities: Qunith has a breadth of knowledge in Sudean religious studies. In addition Qunith has skills from his time as a thief such as lockpicking, pickpocketing, and fighting with staffs and other blunt weapons.

So begins...

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