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Mecca Mana

Thrull Common Room


a part of Mecca Mana, by EKRonnie.

Thrull Team Dorm

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Blue decorates the walls with paint, cushions on couches and falcon emblems are scattered here and there. Two doors lead to Boys and Girls rooms.
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Thrull Common Room

Thrull Team Dorm


Thrull Common Room is a part of Mecca Mana Academy.

2 Places in Thrull Common Room:

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Character Portrait: Tony Viaggio
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Thrull? An odd name. He liked birds though. And the top floor seemed nice. Hopefully he'd have a nice view.

He decided to skip the cafeteria. His parents had stuffed him with so much food before he left, and with the addition of the not-too terrible airplane food and the McDonald's he had bought himself at the last airport, he was good. Plus he didn't want to run into that girl again. He had pretty much spent his word allowance, and wasn't in the mood to converse with more people.

He climbed the stairs, duffel bag and flute case in tow. He moved slowly, taking in the steps, the paintings on the walls, the walls themselves, and peering out the windows when he passed by them. Finally, he reached the top. There was a lot of blue, and there was definitely a falcon, so he figured this must be it. He walked into the large, empty common room, where he was greeted with even more blue, and even more falcons.

He made a bee-line towards the boys dorm. Apparently everyone else was starving, or lost, because this room was also empty. He picked the bed at the far end of the room, by a window, and settled his stuff there. The contents inside his duffel bag were still slightly damp, so he unpacked everything and laid it out on the bed-spread to air out.

Now he had a dilemma. To stay in here, or to go back to the common room? Tony's fingers were itching to sketch something, especially in a wonderfully aesthetic place like this. He decided to return to the larger room, pencil and pad in hand. Hopefully he'd have some time to himself, and if the room got crowded, he'd just return to his bed. Settling himself on the blue couch, he eyed the falcon emblem and began sketching.

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Courtney Knolls

He meant well, she could tell. Gently, she approached him, the other end of the call still ringing. Placing a hand on Atomsk's shoulder, she smiled a little. "There's nothing you can do, okay?" Her eyes slid over to where Gina was using her air abilities to hover Nilrem above the ground. "It's elemental wounds, not your garden variety first aid gig."

The call went to voicemail. She hung up.

"He means a lot to us too," she assured him. "We'll take care of him and..." She checked to see if Rodrick or Gina were looking. They wouldn't approve of her next words. "I'll let you know how he's doin' in a few hours. Kay?"

Whether this consoled him or not, she started guiding him away while Merry joined the others to get Nilrem to a private room.


Erin Vines

She shook Franki's hand, muttering a quick, "Erin," before following the brunette down the hall.

They didn't have to walk far though before a commotion broke out behind one of the doors. Erin's brown orange eyes met Franki's surprised stare, before they burst in to find some guy beating up on another curled on the floor, a group of other students crowding around. No one helping.

Erin heard slight whimpers from the kid on the floor, recognizing him from the auditorium earlier.

"Oh my god," she gasped, seeing blood. Whether or not she felt any sort of loyalty to the boy, she knew what was wrong and what was right. And this? This was wrong.

Dropping her bag with a loud thud on the wooden floor, Erin stomped forward, shorter than everyone there, and shoved the blonde boy's arm to gain his attention.

"What?" he snapped, his knuckles spotted with a bit of blood and raised. Erin noted it was now directed at her.

"Leave him alone," she told him, voice firm.

He only laughed, ready to continue.

Erin shoved his arm again, clearly weaker, but not going to be ignored. "I said, leave him alone!"

"What are you gonna do?" he mocked, eyes moving up and down. "You're like a little barbie doll."

Oh...she did not like that.

Before she knew what was happening, she felt the curling warmth engulf her arm, a strange surge pulsing down her veins until her fingertips ignited. Five tiny fire pellets shot forward at the blonde boy, his eyes widened in shock as the flames caught his hair. He fell backwards into a chair, tumbling to the floor while laughs and gasps filled the room. Only one other water user attempted to help the kid, ending up dosing him until he was soaked to the bone. But Erin paid no attention to that. She faced the victim of the crime, a boy curled on the ground and not seeming to want to move.

She nudged him softly with her shoe. "C'mon," she suggested. "Probably not safe in here yet. Let's find the teachers. They'll stop this."

Always loyal to authority and rules, she rolled her eyes when the boy didn't move fast enough and dragged him to his feet and out of the dorm, not worrying if Franki was following.

In the hall, she looked him up and down, noting a bloody nose and a purpling starting around his eye. "Why'd you let him do that?" she accused, as if he had done something wrong.

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Character Portrait: Francis "Franki" West Character Portrait: Atomsk Walker
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Franki smiled and laughed outwardly. "I'm not looking for that," She stated. "I've never wanted to be 'the best'. I just want to learn. The only time I've ever forced myself to be better at something was when I discovered my powers. I had to control it, I almost drowned my brothers."

"If I'm good, I'm good. I'm not looking to be fantastic, or to have this title above everyone else." She stated. "I prefer to be in the shadows. Let others have a chance to shine. I'm okay back here."

She laughed. They were nearing the door to the dorm and she smiled up at him. "Thank you for walking me back," She said. "I really enjoyed myself tonight." She leaned over and pressed her lips to his cheek, too nervous to try anything else.

She pulled away with a smile, a blush running across her nose, and turned towards the door. She waved goodbye and stepped inside. The room was crowded, lots of people chatting and laughing. She noticed the bullies from earlier, the ones that had attacked Tony. She noticed the flutist retreating to the boys' dorm, as they jeered at him calling him "faggot" and "queer".

They turned their attention away from the small teen when they noticed a bag sitting idly on the ground. Wasn't that Erin's bag? Speaking of which, where is my bag? She just now noticed that she hadn't brought it with her when she chased Tony of the common room the first time. She glanced around her, hoping to find it still sitting on the floor by the door.

No such luck.

She could at least get Erin's away from those creeps. She'd come back and look for her bag later. The group of bullies had started digging through the bag, trying to see what secrets they held. Franki simply stepped up to them, and snatched it and it's contents away from them.

She glared at them, her eyes holding pure disdain. She was known to have an evil glare, often times holding the stare for several minutes without blinking. Her brothers hated it, but she used it against them all the time.

These ones cowered away, and Franki made her way to the girls' dorm. There was no one inside, at least that she could see. She found her luggage already sitting at the end of a bed, so she assumed that was hers.

She didn't know what Erin's stuff looked like, so she placed the bag on the end of her bed hoping the redhead would come back soon.