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Laurence Vincent Howe

Son of Lord General Trimas Earl of Meglos, Lord Keeper of the Cassian Order of Knights , Count of Naros, Aklom, Novrek, , Asilav , Vincent and Howe, Commanding General of the Third Army. (note: all those titles belong to his father!)

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a character in “Mech Unit Warfare”, as played by Colonel_Masters


Name: The Honorable Laurence Vincent Howe of Meglos. Son of Lord General Trimas Earl of Meglos, Lord Keeper of the Cassian Order of Knights [numerous war decorations] Count of Naros, Aklom, Novrek, , Asilav , Vincent and Howe, Commanding General of the Third Army.

Gender: Male


Height: 5'11



Laurence is a fairly handsome looking lad. At first glance appears to be what you would expect from the nobility. However, at close examination by anyone who is experienced with leadership Laurence lacks the "Aura" of confidence which is so imperative for the nobility. Laurence stands and moves correctly and speaks well however he is merely repeating what he has been taught; he does not have the confidence to make it seem part his own character.

This is barley surprising considering his age and the "tiny" detail that his military service is his first truly independent experience outsides the gaze and influence of his father.

Laurence chooses to avoid excessive flamboyance of dress which is rather common with the nobility, the first of his own initiatives… hopefully not the last.

Role: Fighter-Mech Pilot, Metargo Royal Navy.

Rank: Corporal (unofficially the automatic rank of members of the high nobility, it is a habit that is discouraged by the King however centuries' old tradition die hard)

Fighting Style: Laurence is barely out of training and therefor generally sticks to the guide book's common and predictable tactics. He shows little initiative at the present time preferring to obey orders without questioning them and generally follow the list of objectives as if he where shopping. Potentially Laurence has a good mind however Laurence was never encouraged to think for himself and therefor the thought of trusting his own judgment is suppressed.

Laurence follows the classical attack pattern of the type 34; beginning in fighter mode Laurence may begin ether by

1) Gaining altitude and then going for a steep dive for an accurate close range bombing and strafing run.

2) Id Laurence needs to avoid radar he will pilot his fighter very closely to sea level and then ether rapidly gain altitude if he is passed the observation stations and commence a limited dive run similar to number 1, or he would remain in low altitude and make his attack so... which is highly dangerous.

In Mech mod Laurence utilizes the type 34's speed to attack and then retreat, Laurence was trained to be a scout and therefor he has also tried his hand at long range sniping but close ranged fighting is not alien to him.

(radar waves and other detecting systems have a hard time detecting fighters which fly this way because of hills, buildings and other objects which lay in the way, the type 34 L for Lightning also posses advanced electronic counter systems for use against satellites, probes, homing missiles and other fighters.

Strengths: Avoids using his privileges, respects the chain of command and is obedient, genuinely tries to do his best and works hard, has been through some of the best education the world has to offer.

Weaknesses: unconfident and lacks initiative, subservient, struggles with his own personal image and desires and the public image his family demands he preserve at all costs, despite moderation is still rather arrogant towards people not of the nobility, has very little practical experience, is naïve and far too innocent for his own good.

Personality: Laurence is a dreamer; he dreams romantic visions of glory in battle and carving out a place of importance in the realm. He is a loyal even zealous adherent to the faith… largely part of that same romanticism and his divine duty, right and privilege to be a "leader of men". Although this aspect is arrogant, naïve and impractical Laurence is dedicated to it but fortunately keeps it to himself under the facade of chivalrous modesty (which is also part of his romantic depiction of nobility)

In truth Laurence is a pleasant enough man with whom conversation and interaction are normally enjoyable no matter your station however there is always a measure of distance both because people are generally intimidated to talk with a man of such station and because Laurence still looks down at the "common people".

Laurence wants to prove himself and bring pride to his family but maintaining the public image expected of him is increasingly a burden and a conflict with the realities of his military duty and with his own wishes which are slowly beginning to move away from dreamland and down to Earth.
Laurence does not know what he wants out of his life; for so long his goals have been decided by his father and now for the first time

that all knowing power is no longer near him. Laurence is beginning to have ideas… always a dangerous thing at the hands of youth.
History: Laurence was born to the Vincent Howe family as the second son to his father's recognized relationships. His elder sister had already been decided as his father's heir when he was born but they both shared a childhood together even if his sister always received much more attention.

Laurence studied under numerous private teachers as well as with his uncle's. Military training was very much a part of his childhood however practical training (not the centuries old drill of his ancestors) only began about a year ago. Straight after gaining his Mech pilot's badge Laurence was designated for naval service and shipped of for some initial branch training and assignment with Lion team.
Nationality: Metargo


Name: Meglos Royal Academy for Engineering (MRAE, commonly referred to as Meglos) Type 34L "Lightning"

The type 34 is already a fairly common Mech in the Metargo armed forces. It is an aged design not quite equal to newer models however it is simple, cheap and flexible making it an ideal training platform. Originally the Metargo was an air force contraption however both army and navy found uses for it mainly as a trainer but also as a reconnaissance and fast attack Mech. This hardly seems like the ideal Mech for a member of the nobility however the most recognizable of the creations of the Meglos region it is the duty of Laurence to "show the flag" by operating this particular Mech.

The lightning, newest of the 34's models is actually not a bad machine for a beginner such as Laurence to operate; it is a fairly simple machine to used, it is the machine Laurence trained on and upgrades are never too difficult to acquire when Laurence's father is even if only figuratively (which he isn't… he is invariably much more) the overall boss.



when in fighter mod the lightning possess heavy laser cannons at the nose of the craft, two smaller rapid fire laser cannons mounted in the wings, two ground attack missiles mounted at the sides of the wings and a number of air to air/ space to space missiles also mounded inside the wings. There is room for an additional bunker busting bomb or Torpedo however this area is normally used to house the inactive hand held weapon of the 34's Mech Mode therefor making a change inadvisable unless it's vital. (the Fighter mod is used for Air, Sea and space)


In Mech mod the type's 34 active armaments are surprisingly modest, all heavy armament such as the larger missiles has to be ejected for full mobility and the Mech's heavy lasers have to be rendered inactive in order to commit the majority of the Mech's power for shielding and speed.

To conclude the Mech employs the two light rapid fire cannons and the light missiles while in Mech form however it also has the addition of its hand held weapon. This weapon can be of numerous types so long as it fits the machine however it is normally Plasma based Blaster Canon. Its final weapon is a dagger like chainsaw blade for close quarter's combat (which can also be customized). (the type 34 is also 23 feet tall, relatively small for a Meca, used only on land)

The type 34 carries very little armor to reduce weight however it does have a substantial shielding system for its size. Even so, the 34 is vulnerable and therefor compensates for its weakness with speed.

Strengths: Speed, shielding, maneuverability, reliability, ease of use, multipurpose usage, especially superior in its capability as a fighter.

Weakness: weak structure and little armor, comparatively inferior armament, small size, predictability (it is a common Mech therefor known no opposing pilots), relatively smaller energy reserves due to its size.

So begins...

Laurence Vincent Howe's Story


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The entire shoreline of the Gatwashiim Peninsula, including the evacuated urban areas, has been preoccupied with naval combat and amphibious assault for a solid three hours since 0630 hours in that area's time. (0630 hours is equivalent to 6:30 AM.) the attacking Metargo forces have not let up at all, putting deep pressure on the defensive forces present. mechs and infantry alike storm the beach in an attempt to soften up land resistance to allow an opening further inland. So far, the Benjlakki garrisons present have been able to hold up, though the ultimate decider would lay with the ongoing fight between the 101st Naval Fleet on the Benjlakki side and the 96th Royal Fleet on the Metargo side. Should the defensive along this coastline succeed, Metargo would have to find a way around the garrisons there.

The intensively trained, newly formed Brown Wing Team was en route to the BRNS Seraphim as part of an assignment to the 101st fleet under the command of Rear Admiral Lionel and Captain Leopold. Once they were on board, they were introduced to the mechs they would be using, including the new prototypes: the A3B-7 Eagles, rumored to be the fastest mechs in the Benjlakki arsenal, yet.

Zechariah got inside his Eagle, in jet fighter mode, and waited for orders from his team's commanding officer to move out. Benjamin noticed his little brother not behaving as he usually would, which was more child-like and mischievous. Ben knew why, however: it was because that had no place in the Navy. Zechariah himself knew he would not walk out of this war while still his old self. The first time someone steps into the battlefield, it changes them forever.

At last, the order was given: they were to set out to fly above the battle in case the radars jammed and surveilence was needed. This also worked as a way to get in on the action knowing what is going on. Brown Wing Team launched and went up an altitude to where much of the scene could be witnessed from above, waiting to intercept whomever posed a serious threat to the fleet. So far, it was a stalemate, with neither one downing a ship from the other. It was a testament to how balanced out the two fleets were. The navies on both sides considered them the fleets that would determine which direction the war would go.


Meanwhile, on board the MRNS Titan, Lion Team just received prototypes of their own, called the RL-5 Falcons. Their mission was to make a hole in the opposing fleet's lines in order to enable a bombardment. Aaron and the rest of Lion Team available got in their mechs, most of them in Falcons, personally outfitted by the Titan's personnel with the armaments ahead of time, waiting for the correct moment.

Aaron spoke first. "With Corporal Barnett recovering from surgery in med bay on this ship, we're going to have to rely on our own heads even more, boys."

One of the Lions asked the sergeant, "Why did she need surgery, exactly?"

Kyle, as much as he knew what was going on, did not want others to know as it was private, so he answered in Aaron's place. "All you need to know is that she is, George. Now, focus on the task at hand. You heard Lextu's orders: do not launch until the smoke is released. If we waste time on chatter, we will miss our chance to go."

Aaron nodded. " Fore, don't forget that you follow my orders! Going off doing your own thing is a sure way of dying in battle! And, Howe, once the signal comes, we'll see what you can do besides walk around in fancy attire! Your taskforce in the Lion Team is relying on you to give orders when necessary, so no indecisiveness! The enemy won't be hesitating, at all! Got it?" While waiting for the smoke, he thought to himself, I swear, why do they let brats get the rank of corporal without knowing what the hell to expect by working their way up?


Saul Metargo entered the bridge of the ship Zane was in to observe what was going on. He already knew there was no side of the battle had a clear upper hand, meaning he could only hope something would happen. As much as he felt he must fight in order to avoid chaos in his country, there was this silent hope that Prime Minister Lopez would change his mind and call for Parliament to approve a cease-fire attempt. Such hopes were shadowed by the reality before him, however. Even if his country were to attempt negotiations, there was no guarantee Benjlakk would do the same, given its history of relentlessness towards their previous attackers from before the invasion.

"Admiral Preston, I certainly hope this war will end soon. I see no point in fighting, to begin with. There is also another reason: Though we have strength, I fear we may have bitten off more than we can chew." His head lowered some before he added, "Regardless, we will press on." Looking up again, he said to Zane, "With any success, the Leo Vermilions we sent out, in addition to the Lion Team standing by on the Titan for the right moment, will bring forth a breakthrough along this shore."


At the beach, wave after wave of Metargo troops made their amphibious assault, each time weakening the local garrison's resistance. It was still considerably strong, yet it was unclear how much longer the army troops there could withstand the attack. The entire shore was filled with troops, defenses, explosions, rubble, fire, and the bodies of men in gray, black, or dark brown uniforms littering it. (Metargo uniforms often had gray, black, or dark brown as the main colors, with their nation's flag's colors as an accent.) Bullets and laser beams sprayed onto the oncoming troops as the advanced towards the Benjlakki positions. The Benjlakki soldiers in green or khaki camouflage uniforms (both standard for the Benjlakki Republic Army) were giving it their all on the defensive, taking casualties as they did so.

In one of the bunkers, a stressed-out Lieutenant kept asking questions about the situation. Of note was the following exchange between the Lieutenant and a Corporal:

"Damn it! Those incoming transports are only used to carry Leo Vermillion mechs! Where the hell are those Navy pilots meant to operate our Praetorians downstairs!?"

"No response, sir! I'm getting nothing but gunfights on the radio!"

"Whatever happened to the cameras!?"

"Inoperable! We can't get a visual on the pilots' staus!"

"Is there anyone up here who can pilot one of those things!?"

"Private 1st Class Vance has had training on one during military school, Lieutenant!"

"You mean to tell me he's the only one!?"

"Yes, sir!"

"Great... Field Marshal Constantini's going to be pissed... All right, take over his gunner post!" The Lietenant then spoke to Larry once the switch was made. "Okay, Vance! Looks like we're going down to where the fireworks are in the bunker's mech bay! Take out the intruders and enter the cockpit of a Praetorian, then eliminate the incoming Leo Vermilions! Strike them at the backs and bellies when you get the opportunity; those are their weak spots! I'm going with you so you don't screw this up!" With those orders given, the Lieutenant sprinted with Vance towards where the action was at the mech bay and provided covering fire for him.


While all the fighting was taking place, one of the palace garrison in Metargo City, Metargo's capital, walked up to Princess Viki and relayed the news with a salute. "Your Highness, your parents and brother have not yet returned from the front lines. We received word from your father that the 96th Royal Fleet is confronting a Benjlakki fleet proving to pose quite the challenge at one of the shores of the Gatwashiim Peninsula."

The setting changes from Myrstrarkia to Benjlakk


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Aaron nodded and told everyone on his team right on time. "Steady... steady..." As he waited, mechs called Cherubim surrounded the Titan from the air, firing aimlessly due to the smoke. Without shielding, this was dangerous for the ship, as even with all the blind shots, at least one of them could hit something vital. Hopefully, for Metargo's military, it would not happen. At last, Aaron and the Lion Team were clear. "Lion Team, launching!" Aaron's RL-5 Falcon, in jet fighter mode, flew out of the launch bay, the rest of Lion Team's mechs following suit. "Falcons, focus your weapons on the enemy mechs! The rest of you, aim at their ships' weapons!"

Soon enough, the pulse came. The Cherubim surrounding the Titan were disabled. The ones above the Titan inevitably collided with the ship. There was no telling what damage could have been done. Would the armor on the Titan hold up? Whatever the case, Lion Team had a mission to perform, so they had to get to it. The Falcons fired their missiles at oncoming mechs from the opposing fleet, grabbing the attention of some of the others away from protecting their respective ships. Once the missiles were all released and met their targets, the Falcons on Lion Team switched to humanoid mode and began their rampage on the Benjlakki mechs fighting them, Lion Team's other mechs tasked with the enemy ships' weapons.

Whereas Kyle used his mech's knives in a balance of speed and maneuverability, Aaron applied brutality with his double-bladed beam sward, at one point slicing three Sabre Bleus in half at once. Compared to the more battle-hardened Mysticaran Federation's golem riders, these Benjlakki mech pilots were mediocre.


Zechariah heard Captain Leopold and told him, "We are already in the air, captain, as per the sergeant's orders."

Brown Wing Team witnessed from above the devastating blow the enemy's new ship dealt with just one blast. Zechariah was both shocked and amazed by how the Ion Weaponry on that smoke-concealed ship could disable mechs so easily. If he could manage to create an energy chamber an a smaller scale for such beam ammunition for his mech firearms, he would not have to worry about killing nearly as much. Being a Solar Technician, he already got a head start on his personal project. This was getting ahead of himself, though.

Surely, enough, Zech witnessed a mech squadron come out and confront a bunch of the Benjlakki mechs (plus a few destroyers' weapons) below. A closer examination via camera indicated some of those were new mechs. However, the techniques matched the ones from the briefing. There was no doubt about it: that was Lion Team, and the mech inflicting heavy casualties with a double-bladed beam sword was piloted by Aaron Lextu.

Zechariah reported it to the current sergeant at the time. "Sergeant! Lion Team is down there! They came out of that ship!"

The sergeant nodded and ordered all Brown Wings to intercept Falcons on the Lion Team. Everyone in the squadron immediately dove into the scene to confront the threat to the local defensive efforts. They leveled off just above the water, but before they came within firing range, the Sergeant's mech was hit by a stray blast and immediately blew up. Zechariah could not believe it: the first mission, and already they lost a pilot, the very leader of Brown Wing Team, even.

The Brown Wings were about to scatter when Zechariah spoke up. "Fire a sonic missile each, if you have one! Draw the Lion Team away from the fleet!" One of the corporals spoke up to try to pull rank, yet Zech interrupted by saying, "Just do it!" It was then that any Eagles fired one of their sonic missiles, including from the Eagles. manned by Zechariah and Benjamin.

At the same time, Aaron was busy slicing through his opponents when Kyle just got finished stabbing an enemy Sabre Bleu, getting out of the way of a resulting explosion when he noticed objects flying their way. A closer examination using the computers and camera indicated those were missiles (he did not realize those were sonic ones).

Private Scipio immediately shouted his observations to Aaron, "Sergeant! Missiles incoming!"

Aaron responded by saying, "Intercept 'em!"

Kyle, Aaron, and the other Falcons in the Falcon Team barely had enough time to shoot the missiles before they came too close to be lethal, but once they were hit with lasers or bullets, those same missiles' true feat was unleashed: sonic pulse waves impacted with the Falcons on Lion Team, pushing them away from the Benjlakki mechs that had already retreated after detecting those missiles incoming via their computers. The Falcons nearly lost their energy shields to the sonic waves.

Aaron was outraged. "Long-Ranged Sonic missiles!? The Benjlakki beat us to developing that sort of technology first!?" In the distance, He could see mechs heading his team's way, at a low altitude. The Falcon of Fury realized right away those were the mechs who fired the missiles. "I got their leader! Everyone else, engage the rest of the enemy squadron! Stay sharp, Howe, and don't lose sight of your target!"

Zechariah noticed the Lion Team approaching, meaning his plan to draw them away worked. Now, for the hard part: the actual dogfight. The Eagles in Brown Wing Team switched to humandoid mode right on time: they were face to face with the fiercest of Metargo mech squadrons. Aaron charged at Zechariah, whom moved his Eagle to the side and open-fired to attempt to disarm Aaron. Their first one-on-one dogfight against each other began.

Kyle decided to pull out his mech's handgun for ranged while still holding on to the knife he had, aiming at one of the mechs (Cecilia's) and shooting. Whether or not it would hit was a mystery. He was close enough that it was possible, though.


Now that the mech bay was back in Benjlakki possession, the Lieutenant shouted to Vance, "Now's your chance! Go! Go!"


Saul saw the Titan's move and sighed. "Let us hope the Titan can hold out, Preston. This is their first mission, and if I know anything about first battles, they are nearly always the hardest. Have Oikawa stand by; we may need to use his ship's abilities to at least make it possible to make a getaway, should all else fail. If we lose here, our entire fleet can at least try to find a way around the enemy. Be sure to have four squadrons of mechs protect him the whole battle, then escort him in the case of retreat being necessary." Contacting Scoar, he told him, "Son, so far, the fleet I am with is holding up, though it is unclear who has the advantage, right now. How are matters in the battle you are in?"


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#, as written by Zarhara
Sandra watched the map as the attack was made, she was slowly realizing that this was no feint and clearly this attack was going to be a major threat to the entire fleet if nothing was done. She was going to have to start pulling units to launch a counter attack against the Titan.

"Captain Leopold I want you to move to engage that ship." Sandra said as she began to look where else she could pull ships from.

"I want the Battleships Resmark and Unao to pull back and form up with us to engage that Vessel and someone find me a few destroyers we can spare!"

Sandra knew she was acting quickly but that ship was a major threat and she was going to need to pull more reserves to stop or at least draw the things fire.

"I want every non committed aircraft to be moved to engage that ship it cannot be allowed to fire that weapon at our ground forces again!" Sandra looked over the map as she surveyed what she was moving the lines would be thinner in the air in someplaces but she couldn't ignore a threat of that size and firepower.

A few moments after Sandras order for available fighters to be scrambled Kal was in his ship. He cleared with launch command and now he was racing towards the enemy threat. He kept his ship low and was traveling at Mach 3 for any on the beach all they would hear was a deafening crack as he flew overhead.

Kal turned the safety off on his plasma cannons and let a flurry of rounds hit a section of approaching Mango's on the ground before he began to climb to a higher altitude. "Serin, How far is that ship from here?" Kal asked as he reduced his speed to just over Mach 1

"3km and Closing" Serinm, Kals onboard AI stated.

The setting changes from Benjlakk to Myrstrarkia


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Laurence Vincent Howe

Warning, stall imminent, stall imminent.

Warning, engine one has ceased function, time stamp at one minute twenty seconds.

Laurence was slow at first to regain consciousness and understand exactly what was going on. The last thing Laurence could remember was preparing for launch on the Titan and the usual rough monolog he received from Aaron to which Laurence could think of no other answer but a "Yes Sir!".

It wasn't fair; when he arrived Laurence didn't think starting off with a higher rank would be such a big deal. He was a son to one of the most senior noble families of the realm and therefor recognition of his status seemed to be only natural.

He was soon proven wrong when he arrived a month ago his "peers" did not appreciate the need for such a "recognition". Laurence wasn't deaf, he heard the whispers about him wherever he went on the Titan; "How dare the brass do this?", "Rank needs to be earned", "who will follow a pipsqueak like him?"

Once he had come to understand the responsibility which had been forced on his shoulders Laurence had begun to ask those same questions too, thanks be to the gods that he was still under partial training supervision he thought.

Warning, terrain terrain.

Laurence had finally returned to his senses, his Mech still in fighter mod was falling seawards.

Computer, reignite engine one!

Engine unresponsive, 15 seconds to impact.

Computer, reignite engine one!

Engine unresponsive 11 seconds to impact.

Laurence could not afford to freeze in terror, recalling stunt flying in his father's court Laurence switched off the computer guidance system and took manual control over his Mech. The engine was still in disarray… from a sonic explosion.. Laurence vaguely recalled but that was a known problem with the type 34, even in the lightning the air engine was vulnerable to sonic pulses.

Laurence didn’t know what was the best solution but even the worst solution was better than nothing at all, he lowered his shields committing full power to the engine and then initiated multiple re ignition commands to it slowly bringing the engine choking back into life.This was not happening fast enough so Laurence pushed his engine further by forcing the flow of energy into its system thus overloading it and triggering an energy surge pulse.

The Mech turned violently away from the ocean as Laurence pulled it away and at long last the engine began to generate thrust.
Relieved Laurence searched for the rest of Lion but he could not find them; his communication systems had been rendered a burning heap of wires…

Memory returned to Laurence; he had launched his two missiles per Aaro's orders and made ready to shift into humanoid form when the sonic missiles came. Laurence had avoided them like the rest of the wing and began to chase one of the mech's responsible for them. Just as Laurence closed in a second missile under the shadow of the first struck his mech head on causing massive disruption to it and putting him into a steep dive… the G forces must have knocked him out in the process.

Laurence could not possibly locate the wing now… but, a battle on the beach might have use for his mech and unlike Lion Laurence could locate that battlefield.

He had no other choice, he could not possibly return to the Titan without at least destroying one opposing Mech.

Laurence flew low to avoid radar and was above the beach within seconds. His transponder IFF system resumed function thanks to the automatic repair system and with it Laurence was able to identify a lone opposing enemy mech near his current sector of the battlefield.
Laurence began his assault by strafing the foe with his heavy cannons while still in fighter form, using a small sand dune for cover Laurence then shifted to humanoid form and activated his Mech rifle.

Laurence hadn’t had the time to assess the damage his heavy cannons had caused but he was not about to take any chances. He opened fire with the rifle and began to advance towards the enemy Mech.

The setting changes from Myrstrarkia to Benjlakk


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Aaron nodded, then said to the Captain, "We'll try." No promises, though Taking a look at his radar, he wondered where Howe could have gone off to. Finally, he spotted his mech's heat signal, but it was coming from the shoreline. Maybe the sonic pulse from the missiles had something to do with it. Regardless, solo operations were suicide. Sooner or later, reinforcements from the enemy will show up. It seems he was facing a Praetorian, but given how three Benjlakki Navy Squadrons made their way to the garrison, it was unlikely the lone Praetorian would deal with Howe alone. And to think he only told Fore not to go off and do his own thing; Howe was doing the same thing Fore was told not to do. Even if communications were cut, there were methods to signal with the mech itself certain things.

There was no time to think on it, now: a beam from his target's beam rifle hit Aaron's Falcon on the arm with the double-bladed beam sword. Thankfully, shields were in place and the armor could resist it nonetheless. With each attempted slash came another evasion from his target. Zechariah shot at Aaron carefully, making sure to use the opportunity to see a pattern in the movements. Many of the shots were blocked by the beam blades on the double-bladed sword. Zech then realized that fighting from in front would prove difficult against Aaron, so he attempted to get behind him.

Aaron knew that maneuver, however, and side-flew to cut off Zechariah's flight path. What would have been a fatal slice in two ended up a beam sword lock because of Zechariah's swift thinking on his feet. The lock did not last long, as Zech felt his mech unable to hold it for long, so he kicked free of it before he could be entirely overwhelmed. The kick did not force Aaron's mech backwards by much, though. That moment told Zechariah that he would lose in a battle of strength to Aaron. Speed would be the asset that would work in his favor.

Aaron moved forward for another slash, which instantly turned into a dance of lethal proportions between him and Zechariah. Aaron used strength and durability, while Zechariah applied speed and maneuverability. Eventually, though, after losing a beam rifle that he intended to use during the scuffle, he finally got behind with enough distance for a shot with another rifle he attatched to the side of his mech. Aaron managed to turn around in time to avoid a hit to the arm with the double-bladed beam sword, but while turning around, the other arm received a hole from a second shot and exploded, leaving his mech with just the one arm. As much as he hated getting rid of a part of something he worked so hard to customize, he pressed a button which jettisoned half of the double-bladed beam sword, turning the other half effectively into one with a single blade to adjust to using just one arm on the mech.

"This bastard did more damage to my Falcon in the sword fight than I thought... the shields must be down..." Lextu said to himself before making another charge.

Zechariah's mech sustained some damage, too, first from his Eagle's right leg denting slightly from making that kick (Metargo mech armor is stronger), then from the series of several hits received during the sword fight. At this point, Zech could not afford to take any more than two more hits to any part of his Eagle's body. With the shields down, it will be that much more difficult to hold out. Zech side-flew and brought out his beam sword yet again, but only to block incoming attacks in an attempt to get some more distance.

During this second scuffle, Aaron remembered that Alan flew off the moment he gave the first orders after the fight. That idiot! He should have attacked an enemy ship's weapons before this dogfight! His mech is not a Falcon! Why does he always disobey my orders!? I swear, if he disobeys again, I'll personally burn him and his contract! This is what happens when we allow mercenary filth to join our ranks! They are no better than mafia rats!


Benjamin had already blasted away a Falcon with his Beam SMG at close range when a series of long-distance beams came towards him, one barely missing, yet it was enough to make him aware of where it came from. flying towards the source, he knew right away it came from a mech on one of the wings of the Titan. They looked like they were folding, meaning if the enemy mech remained standing there for too long, he would be toast. Then again, it would be one less enemy to deal with, and if the foe stayed there long enough, maybe he could make the kill before the Titan did it for him.

Ben swiftly shifted to fighter jet mode prior to charging towards the enemy, evading shots from the ongoing crossfire while doing so. He switched to humanoid mode in time to use his beam SMG to shoot down a couple enemy mechs that charged at him to protect the wings of the Titan, right before continuing his charge at the mech on that wing. "That Metargo's a sitting duck if he stays there!" He used the beam SMG to strafe his opponent while bringing out his Beam Knife and throwing it at the mech, sending the beam blade into a spinning motion towards the enemy. If it did not hit, it would at least tear a hole in the wing of the enemy ship.


Kyle could not believe the speed at which the Eagle (Cecilia's) went to evade his shot, even more so to realize the enemy reappeared to the side. Quickly reacting, he slashed his mech's knife to block while thrusting the engines for a forward motion to enable a lock since the armor of his mech was not that strong. He attempted to bang the handle of his Beam Handgun onto the opponent's head to try to disable the cameras. Whether or not it would work, he would attempt a kick to the torso (where the cockpit was) to force the enemy backwards while he attempted to get behind 'em and stab with a swift motion. With any success, it would give him the advantage. The attack from behind had to hit, however. If not, things could be difficult.


Saul nodded, then said, "Not anyone we know, Scoar, though the medical bay on Admiral Preston's flagship is full of men receiving medical attention. The numbers for the casualties are still racking up, but I believe it is roughly 5500 ground troops, nine ships, and 180 mechs. Amphibious assaults have always resulted in heavy casualties."

Hanging up, Saul took a step back in surprise when his daughter enthusiastically appeared in front and gave him a hug. It was a pleasant surprise, though. Hugging back until she let go, he heard her mention an official statement which needed to be given. Pondering for a moment, and checking the screen, he told her, "You could mention that we are still battling at the Gatwashiim Peninsula, and that it is a stalemate, so far.

Franklin Constantini Watched the land battle from an electronic map and gritted his teeth at the difficulty of gaining the upper hand. Of course, he had backup from the Navy in the form of air reinforcements, but this was ridiculous. It has been a stalemate for so long, it was unclear who would win in the Gatwashiim Peninsula. We have lost many men, though are holding out and giving the enemy a rough time. Other than at the Gatwashiim Peninsula, we are making progress in weakening the defense forces along the shorelines."


Field Marshal Franklin Constantini became irritated by how the battle was going. More than three hours in, and still no indication who has the upper hand. As if that were not enough, the one Praetorian out there to confront the incoming Leo Vermillions was intercepted by a Type 34. If Laurence Vance did not make it in time, there was no telling what kind of damage those LVs could do to the garrison. Thankfully, with three Navy squadrons sent to him by Rear Admiral Lionel, he could do something about this.

He decided to send out a squadron of five mechs, which were three REMs and two Sabre Bleus, which quickly went to intercept the Type 34. This ought to buy Vance enough time to deal with the Leos, which were already along the shore and charging forward.

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It was rather odd, combat. The moment Vance goes to step out, he was attacked. The attack mech flew too low for radars to pick up. Just his lucky day, wind up being pelted by cannon fire before the LVs even get here. The plan of the Lieutenant is about go to hell. He can't engage an enemy target at this moment, not with those LVs coming! Man, this sucks. Vance thought. The Praetorian had decent armor, though the cannon fire was heavy. He wasn't inoperable, but the warning flairs some damage to armor. Though the attack didn't seem to be to awfully precise, so no critical damage. Though what would follow next was bad.

The AI came alive and manage to pick up movement from a nearby sand dune. "Enemy target on the left." It spoke. With a raise of his plasma shield, the blast was blocked. "Thanks, Mech?" Vance spoke a bit unsure how to address it. Though the enemy was advancing he was soon stopped by a group of mechs. "Well at least someones out here." "I was beginning to think I had to take one the whole of the Metargo Army myself." Vance spoke aloud. Though the Mech didn't really respond to his comments. Instead it notified him of the incoming LVs. Turning forward Vance raised the shield and Beam Gladius.

From his schooling this is a mainly melee mech, time for some hand-to-hand actions. To keep them from advancing further, Vance decided to charge himself. The mech was going through some list of strategies. Vance however wasn't really attentive instead he made his own game plan. Coming ahead with the first one, he raised his shield and bashed the Leo. This knocked it back some, as the others stopped in their place. Obviously the pilot inside took it personally as the same mech lunged for Vance. He held his shield up high keeping him in place. The Leo clawed for the Praetorian's head. Trying to finish this. Vance remembered to attack the belly which was exposed due to the shield lifting the Leo off the ground.

Edging the sword in between the shield and the Leo, Vance stabbed the belly causing great damage. The mech dropped and backed away from the fight. During this time however the Soldiers took advantaged and a Leo slashed his left side. This caused Vance to back away. The slash was more than cosmetic. It was a good gash. Vance had to be more careful. That was when another made the lunge. Vance flicked the shield to knock it away. The one who slashed him earlier went for more claw strikes. Vance placed the shield between them as the LV hacked away at the shield. Using the twin armguard laser, Vance fired at the face of the mech. This caused it to back away. Then came the third Leo looking to tear into his right side. Vance stopped the assault with the shield, but the Leo kept hacking away. The second Leo lunged forward, with swift movement Vance managed to impale the Leo at the exposed belly. The Gladius went in deep. This caused the mech to become inoperable.

With both arms busy the first Leo reengaged and managed to cut Vance's torso. Desperately, Vance kicked the first Leo square in the face. Causing it to fly backwards. Turning his attention to the second one, Vance used the shield to forcefully push it away. He then tilted the Gladius downward as gravity forced the Leo to slide off. Luckily this Mech had extra armoring in the front, but that cut caused more damage than he would have liked. The AI sounded unhappy, if it could even feel unhappiness. The Second Leo charged, within range Vance decided to shoot the armguard laser as it squarely on the mech's head. While Vance wasn't sure the Leo stopped in mid-flight. It looked like the LV was stumbling, it didn't even attempt to attack Vance who was standing right in front of it. He must have damaged the optics or something. Taking advantage of this opportunity Vance moved to the side and then stabbed the back of the Leo, making another decisive hit.

After the second Leo was incapacitated the first lunged right on his back. It's claw dug into the mech's backside. Vance was having a hard time losing it. He made the Mech move around and around trying to shake it. But the claws bore deeply in the mech. It was then Vance had only one other idea. He jumped up and then fell backwards. The crash was heavy and it probably did damage to his mech as well. Though hopefully the LV absorbed much of impact. Which was true, being sandwiched between the ground the Praetorion, the Leo suffered more damage. Vance rolled awkwardly to side of the mech. Soon he was on his face. "Alright come on get up." Vance spoke to the Praetorian. Using the Gladius and the shield it levied itself off the ground. As for the Leo it struggled to move. With one last stab, the Gladius went through the LVs belly. It was clear, he needed to be more careful out here.


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Laurence hadn't even had the chance to properly observe his intended foe when a radar signature alarm alerted him to approaching hostility.

Since the begging of the battle Laurence had felt honestly confident and sure of his chances. However with an enemy up front, two to the East and three others coming in from the west Laurence was beginning to have second thoughts. Laurence had but a few minutes until the enemy arrived in force however at least Laurence had the privilege to choose his ground. Knowledge of centuries old battles convinced Laurence of the need to mislead the enemy if he was to survive, Laurence chose the sand dune for this purpose.

Laurence disengaged from his previous enemy who also appeared to be himself expecting something which sure enough appeared on Laurence's screen, at least he would not be on his own.

From the west came a hail of gunfire from which Laurence was shielded for now by the large sand dune, the two other Mech's raced from behind apparently seeking to trap Laurence in between and then destroy him. Laurence waited for several moments, the gunfire intensified clearly aiming towards pinning him down for the close quarters mech's to finish him off and sure enough within moments the two sword baring mech's where on top of him.

At that moment Laurence fired his great laser melting the rocky base upon which the sand dune was hinging and then ran to the right side of the dune where the sand now fell. The dune collapsed near Laurence leaving him momentarily exposed however the firing Mech's had not changed their firing direction and therefor hit their incoming comrades in arms head on.

One Saber had been destroyed outright, the other had taken cover however Laurence wasted no time in taking out his chainsaw blade and ripping the shield exhausted Mech's energy core thereby leaving it immobile and virtually eliminated.

Laurence could not help but gaze at his work with gleaming pride however that moment's hesitation was all the enemy needed to target him and fire a barrage of heavy cannon fire.

Laurence took a direct hit and realized he had not returned his shields to full power however the attack pierced his armor damaging several of his energy circulation filters; specifically eliminating much of the shielding system and his heavy cannons in the process. Laurence tried to take cover once again however the dune now half dismantled did not offer as much protection as Laurence hoped.

The three mech's chose at first to avoid closing on Laurence and seemed intent on defeating him through their unrelenting concentrated firepower. After several seconds of the renewed bombardment two of the mech's began to move; one on ground in an attempt to outflank Laurence while the other seemed to be readying itself to take to the skies.

Now seemed like the opportune time to make a hasty departure thought Laurence as the enemy closed in on him. No matter what he did it seemed to Laurence that the enemy would simply overpower him, yet again there was no time to think of a complete plan leaving Laurence little option but to improvise.

Laurence decided to risk a head on attack as his only means of escape. With little shielding power left Laurence would have to concentrate what was left up front while firing and near constant variations in position would reduce exposure to damage.

Laurence ran straight through the dune and began to fire all his remaining light missiles regardless if they where less practical on land targets and fired his mech laser rifle as rapidly as possible. Laurence sudden assault seemed to have worked as enemy fire died down however just as Laurence fired up the engine a chain of Laser blasts hit it just as the engine had produced take off thrust.

Left with no power Laurence guided his Mech into the ocean and dived. Laurence hoped to appear dead to his enemies and proceeded to switch off all remaining power to reduce his energy signature to nill.

Getting back to the Titan would not be easy...


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#, as written by Siryn

"We'll try." Aaron's voice came over the communication link Raiyn had established and she nodded briefly.

"That's good enough for me," she responded and left it at that as she turned her concentration to the Titan's change over to submersing.

"Captain, some of Lion Team has been separated... I can't find Laurence," one of the tactician's called out as she was also monitoring the fight between Lion Team and Brown Wing.

Captain Raiyn's heart skipped a beat as her hand clenched into a fist that was resting on the armrest with her head propped against it. She hadn't been expecting that and her thoughts whirled rather quickly. Had he been shot down? Possibly. Was his mech just damaged enough to where it couldn't hail anyone? Most likely. Raiyn ground her teeth as she sat there for a moment. Her thoughts finally centered on what she was going to do, pulling everything together in the span of only a moment.

"Captain, the rear wing is having trouble retracting due to damage sustained," the pilot called, his voice on the edge of panic. He'd probably done just about everything he could and it still wasn't working.

Damnit, one thing after another, she thought, "Override it, force the damn thing. It's damaged already," she ordered sharply. The man simply nodded his head, preferring not to say anything in the growing tension on the bridge. A loud sound rang out through the room then, taking Raiyn's attention. Glancing down a button was flashing on her armrest and she narrowed her eyes. Pressing it, a woman's voice echoed across the bridge.

"Attention Metargo Flagship, This is Rear-Admiral Sandra Lionel, Surrender your vessel and call your forces off, fail to do so and you shall force me to fire upon your vessel with our heavy solar cannons. You have one Minute to decide."

Silence fell, all but the pilot glanced over to the Captain who rested in her chair with one slender finger tapping the armrest. Slowly a grin pulled on her lips as she raised her gaze to look out the window before her. The flagship that had hailed them was pointed directly at them, but hadn't made a move to engage, not since the Titan had charged it earlier.

"The wing is being fully retracted!"

"Drop the bridge for submersing. Dive," Raiyn said coldly, her gaze never leaving the vessel that sat on the other side of the battlefield facing hers as the bridge began to descend. There's my answer, Rear Admiral, the Captain thought cruelly. The Titan's nose dropped forward, coming down to fall into the water in a streamline fashion. As the Titan fell towards the water, the wings on either side finally pulling into the hull of the ship, the vessel shook and alarms rang throughout the bridge.

"What happened!?" Raiyn yelled, partially standing from her seat.

"Severe damage to the port side rear wing!"

"Has it fully retracted?"

"Not yet," the pilot called back as he frantically tried to get it to fold in completely.

"Close the bulk head doors to that section immediately!" Raiyn stood completely, her voice barking out the order. There was a call back in acknowledgement, and then the vessel hit the seawater.

"Captain! Sergeant Lextu's mech has taken heavy damage!" the brown haired woman called out sharply.

Turning her attention there for a moment she looked at the screen as the tactician took the battle that had played out just a second ago and let Raiyn view it. A soft growl filled the back of her throat as she watched the fight up to where Aaron's mech lost it's arm in the fight. Flipping around she sat back into the seat as the Titan descended down further. She closed her eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath. A good fighter, very good with a sword if I do say so myself, thinking of how he'd fought brought a bit of a grin to her lips. Watching that fight almost made her leave the bridge in command of her Second to take her own mech out and fight with her own swords.

"Level out, don't go too deep," she called and peeled open her eyes to concentrate on the next portion of her fight. Aaron was doing just fine on his own, though he'd lost the arm to the mech, he was still very capable. That much she was sure of judging by his fighting just a moment ago. Just make it back to the Titan...

"Power the engines, head straight for that damned fla-" her voice was cut off as another round of alarms filled the room and the vessel shuddered violently. There was a cry from some place on the bridge and Raiyn glanced around quickly to see what had happened. Explosions were hitting the Titan from all sides causing more damage to the vessel. Her heart pounded hard as she processed all the information that was coming at her from all across the bridge.

Flooding was beginning to happen in some sections near the aft of the ship, the wings were taking minor damage but any more would be detrimental. Some of the power was beginning to fail because of damage to certain area's of the ship. One of the engines was in danger of being destroyed to add to it. For a single moment, the onrush was overwhelming. Then, Raiyn sat back on the chair and laughed lightly. Of course this wouldn't be easy. If it were, she wouldn't have enjoyed it.

"Wouldn't have it any other way," she muttered to herself, then raised her voice once again, gaining control over the panicked voices of her subordinates, "Fire torpedoes and missiles. Begin strafing with continuous fire. Direct as much power to the engines as possible."

Her orders were met with a resounding cry of 'roger' or 'yes' and the team began working on their tasks. Once the power to the engines was enough, Raiyn would shout out her next round of orders. In the mean time, she leaned against the back of her chair heavily as her eyebrows came down, nearly meeting at the middle. If Barnett were here things would be much easier with her mech, she mused as she tapped the arm of the chair. The protection offered by that mech would have been valuable for the Titan during this run. Voices filled the room as the missiles were released from their chambers. One submersed vessel, then two were destroyed, a couple of underwater mechs followed right after. However, the barrage didn't stop and the Titan still shook and shuddered as the damage built up slowly.

"Captain... there's... music playing above us."

Once again, Raiyn smiled and she laughed out loud this time, "Wonderful timing Admiral," she said, chuckling slightly, "Release power in the engines, full throttle. Bring us up to the surface. Once you're in range, fire whatever weapons we have left at that flag ship and head straight for the coastline."

"The rear wings won't be able to sustain flight for very long, Captain," the pilot announced as he began to push the engines to their limits.

"All we need is to get on shore, from there we can have Lion Team meet up with us and if we're lucky we'll find Laurence while we're at it. They can protect us while the wings are repaired enough for flight," she called back. Raiyn knew it was dangerous, dropping behind enemy lines. However, what other choice did she have? Titan began her upward ascent, rising up above the water and the bridge soon followed to be replaced to where it was before the drop.

The pilot maneuvered her very well as she plunged skywards, spraying seawater all over. The damaged rear wings deployed the the Titan lurched a bit as it leveled out. They streaked straight for the Flag Ship that had issued the warning and unloaded whatever weaponry that was left, which at that point wasn't very much. The Titan flew straight over the vessel a bit rickety before cruising towards the desert shoreline. A loud beeping filled the bridge again. Raiyn didn't need to be told anything as she watched from her seat with her teeth grinding together. They were barely going to make the coast line, the wings were failing and the vessel was slowly loosing altitude.

"Get as far as you can from the coast!" She shouted before slamming her finger on an emergency com link next to her, "Titan cannot sustain flight any longer. We're taking refuge on land, Lion Team, fall back to the Titan to assist in recovery! I repeat, the Titan cannot sustain flight-!"

She opened her mouth to say more, however she was jostled from the seat and thrown forward as the vessel nose dived straight into the dunes of the sandy desert.

The setting changes from Myrstrarkia to Benjlakk


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Benjamin did not expect shield bits to be involved, but nonetheless, the beam knife sliced right through the wing since the Metargo foe evaded. It would seem the Titan would be out of the fight, soon. Not that it mattered: his target was the mech. Benjamin was able to sidestep to evade most of the shots, yet one managed to strike at the torso, forcing him backwards as he shot his Beam SMG in the direction it came from. "These Metargo know how to fight! Zech! A little help, here!?"

The response on he radio was, "I'm a little busy with Aaron Lextu, Big Brother!"

"Well, hurry up!"

During the brief conversation, Benjamin kept evading the shots and tried to find a pattern. Since His Eagle likely did not have as durable armor as that of the mech he was facing, he had to be carful not to be hit often. Somehow, there was something odd about the foe's movements. It seemed as if this Metargo had no specific strategy. That could work to Ben's advantage. If he could get the enemy to run out of ammunition, he would force him into melee or to retreat. This is where he would shine, since close-up combat was his specialty, whether with blades for close-range firearms.

He had to be careful, however, since his cockpit cannot take as many hits. While evading, he aimed for the rifle bits, since those would provide quite a nuisance if dealt with. even if none of the bits were destroyed, if he held out long enough, he would be able to turn the fight into an up-close one. He and Zechariah heard from their Biotech Specialist, Viola, that the incognito team failed to infiltrate Metargo airspace. Ben, howeve, was too busy to even respond

Zechairah, however, eventually responded to Viola with, "We're losing communications from somewhere, and many of the mechs are surrounding one ship that may be the larger entity you are talking about. If you can hack into to that one, it would be great. It may be a sonic cannon they are using, a prototype, at that. I can hear music while communications are severing, so that is the only conclusion I can make."


Kyle, however, was not faring so well. because he could not afford to take as many hits as fellow Metargo pilots, he moved upwards, and, despite the shielding available, took a direct hit from a cannon which forces him a ways backwards. "Graaarrrgh!!" The shields were down, the armor at the cockpit taking heavy damage. Another direct hit in that area, and he will be toast.

George, one of the Lion Team members from earlier, heard the shout and got in front of Kyle while shooting rapidly towards the enemy Eagle. "I'll hold this one off! You get to the mech launching bay on the Titan! My Falcon's armor is thicker! I can take enough hits!"

Kyle nodded. "Don't get yourself killed!"

While returning to the Titan, which he just saw collide with the desert portion of the coast (most of the area was tropical) Private Scipio spotted a beat-up Type 34 in the water nearby. He attempted to connect to it, yet no response. "If that is Corporal Howe... shit... his fiancée won't be happy to hear about this..." He picked up the type 34 before landing inside the Titan, which was bustling with activity with all the repairs that needed to be done. There heading those repairs was Bibiana Durrans, Laurence Howe's fiancée. She was barking out commands on who goes where.

Once Kyle used the Falcon's hands to manually open the Type 34's cockpit, Kyle opened his own and stood to see who it was. Laughing once he knew, he shouted, "Well, Corporal, that's one way to show you got guts! Was that you who took out two Sabre Bleus, over there!? I barely noticed, but didn't know that was you!" Pointing diagonally downwards towards Bibi, he added, "Either way, sir, you got some explaining to do with your fiancée, down there! You could have been fried before your own wedding scheduled to take place after this war!"

Bibi saw the two Lions up there and shouted, "Hey! Didn't you hear your Sergeant say you got orders from the Captain to protect this ship!? Get down here for the cardkeys to the AIs for the mechs that are ready for you in case you trashed your main mechs like you seemingly did!"

Kyle smirked towards Howe. "You heard the lady!"

Once both were in front of Bibi, she handed the cards. "Scipio, you got the Lama Rossa behind me! It's faster than your typical Lama Rossa at the expense of armor, so be careful, this time! Your mech's AI's name is Quintus! Laurence, I've prepped another Type 34 for you, to your right! It works the same as the one you were in, meaning you don't need to worry about adjusting! That one's Ai's is named Claudia!" Glaring at her fiancé, she added, "And do make it back in one piece! We've already lost more pilots than we expected, today! When you come back from the fighting, I'd like to talk to you in my office in room HR-35!" She motioned for the two of them to go while screaming, "Now, move it!"

Bibi then walked up to Cain and grabbed his ear. "Specialist Numi, you'll have time to talk to the Crown Prince, later! Sergeant Lextu is ordering all available Lion Team pilots to protect the titan as per Captain Ire's commands!" Glacning at Scoar, she said, "Sorry, your highness, but Numi's supposed to get out there, now." She let go of Cain's ear before shouting to the former Ghost, "Get a move on, will you!?"


(red is the color for the Metargo language, blue for the Benjlakki language. this is so to differentiate between the two languages in a conversation between people from different nationalities. The languages are similar, though there are some differences.)

Aaron commanded Lion Team to move the fight closer to the Titan, albeit without meaning to. Zechariah had most of Brown Wing Team left pursue so that the enemy squadron would not be able to do much of anything. Zechariah's armor was wearing down from the few hits he took from Aaron's beam sword. The next hit to the cockpit, for sure, would be the end of him. Finally, after what seemed like a long while, he managed to blast away the other arm to Aaron's Falcon, forcing him out of the fight.

Were Zechariah any other Benjlakki soldier, he would have finished him with one more shot, but he was true to his belief in the Deity and refrained from doing so, only pointing his spare Bema rifle in Aaron's direction. On the open channel (which miraculously was unscathed), he spoke in Metargo with, "Aaron Lextu, the Falcon of Fury, this is Zechariah Malachi! You have no reason to continue fighting me! I certainly have no wish to continue this confrontation!"

Aaron could not believe his ears: a member of the famous and legendary Malachi family was telling him to stop fighting? A Malachi bested him? No wonder he had such a rough time! "If I refuse!?"

"You have no way of resuming the fight, at this point!"

The setting changes from Benjlakk to Myrstrarkia


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#, as written by Siryn

The blaring alarms were what brought Captain Raiyn back to the conscious world. With a slight groan she shifted her body a bit that had been thrown forward. A warm hand on her shoulder shook her violently, causing her head to pound even more. With another groan and a frown, she peeled her eyes opened to look up and see her second in command kneeling next to her. His voice was calling to her frantically and she released a heavy sigh.

"I'm awake," she grumbled and slowly sat up with the help of the young man.

"There's severe damage to the hull and the Benjlakki mechs are heading our way."

"What about Lion Team?"

"Most have returned to the ship," her tactician called out as she was still hard at work at her station, "Lextu's machine is still engaged with the Brown Wing's leader it seems. Laurence Howe's machine has returned to the ship along with Cain and Kyle."

Standing up, the Captain swayed a bit on her feet and pressed her hand to her head. Pulling her fingers away she grimaced at the sight of crimson thick on her fingers. Damn... she took a quick look around the bridge, making note of who was injured -which was most of them- and who was still able to work. Grinding her teeth again she moved to take her seat as she started formulating plans to get them all safely out of the danger zone.

"Captain! Mr. Numi is engaging the enemy, he's firing the nuclear canon!"

"Brace!" She shouted just as the ship shook violently. Her eyes narrowed, Damn it all to hell, so close to the ship. What the hell are you trying to do Cain? Releasing her grip on the seat that she'd steadied herself with she straightened. All of her thoughts were starting to boil down to the fact that she was going to have to head out on her own mech to help protect the ship.

"Captain! Lextu's machine's taken heavy damage, he's lost the other limb!" the tactician whirled around, her brown hair flipping wildly as she moved, her dark eyes wide in fear and shock.

Raiyn's own gaze widened as well as she regarded the young woman, "Call him back," she ordered coldly.

As the woman nodded and turned to do as she was asked, the system screens all went red. A sharp intake of breath filled Raiyn's chest as she quickly strode over to the screen where the girl was sitting. Someone had managed to hack into their systems.

"Everything's being turned off!" A shout from the front of the bridge, "There's a virus!"

A soft growl filled the back of her throat as she shoved off the terminal and whirled on her heel to head for the double doors that led to the rest of her ship, "Get rid of that fucking virus!" She screamed in rage, "You two, come with me," she pointed at two of the tacticians on the bridge and motioned for them to follow her, "You have the bridge, Lieutenant," she commanded her second.

As she left, she began speaking as she wiped her hand across the side of her face where blood still trickled from the head wound, laying out her next plans to the two that followed her. All they had to do was out last the Benjlakki navy and wait for the Admiral's vessel to reach them... that was if he was coming at all, "The turret guns are able to be manually operated, I want you both to head to them and start helping to protect the ship. Destroy anything that comes our way that isn't a friendly. At the present we don't have any com's working so you'll have to rely on recognizing what mech is who's, understood?"

They both nodded to her and headed off down separate halls, leaving Raiyn to continue her quick stride down towards the hanger bay where the mechs were and where her head mechanic was. As she entered the bay she spotted Scoar speaking to the head mechanic, "Bibiana. I'm taking one of the mechs out. By the time I'm ready I need you to find me 3-4 people to go out with me. Thanks."

Reaching her hand out, she caught hold of one of the workers, "Where's Laurence Howe?"

"Near that '34, Captain," the man answered swiftly and she released him to allow him to continue working on the repairs to the wings. Making her way over to the Type 34, Raiyn moved swiftly towards where the man had pointed and finally caught sight of the Lion Team member. She came up next to him and caught his attention, "Laurence, prepare to launch. The Titan's communications are out at the moment, so we'll have to rely on the coms between each mech. Wait for my orders."

Leaving, Raiyn could feel her headache growing a bit as she made her way across the hanger bay where she caught Bibiana. Pulling the woman aside she spoke quickly, knowing that they had limited time, "I know this may sound impossible, but I need you to do what you can with what I'm about to tell you. Detach one of the missile bays enough for one of the mechs to hold it. Then see if you can reroute the commands to hook up with the mechs. They'll be using that to help fend off the Benjlakki navy forces. Next, detach one of the continuous strafing beams, another of the mechs will be handling that one as well. I have two of the tacticians working the turrets to help with the situation as well. If you need me, use one of the remaining mechs' coms systems to get to me. The ships systems have a virus, so it may be difficult to do any work at all with the firing systems when you detach the weapons, but do what you can. They're working on getting rid of the virus on the bridge."

With that, Captain Raiyn left the woman to holler out her own orders to the rest of the mechanic teams. Raiyn went to where Scoar had gone and worked her way to her own personal mech. Her boots tapped along the cat walk and then the hatch as she flung herself inside. Getting settled, she called out to the system called Avana to start up. The mech hummed to life, the sleek black machine moving slightly as she closed the hatch and took hold of the controls. Her head pounded hard, but Raiyn ignored it. This was no time to be giving in to a small concussion.

On her right, she tapped a few buttons and two screens came up next to her, showing Scoar and Laurence, "For the moment, this is the best that you'll get Scoar," she said, her tone holding as much respect as possible in the tense situation, "I've asked Bibiana to detach the strafing beam and a section of missile launchers. Either of you can take one and use it to help fend off the attacking Benjlakki until we get more people in other mechs to take over for you," she ordered as she worked her mech towards the bays opened doors. The machine shifted into that of a sleek plane, the engine powering up, "I'm going after Sergeant Lextu. His mech is far too damaged to keep fighting. Once you've both found another pilot to operate those weapons manually, join up with me to protect the Titan."

Raiyn pushed the controls forward and her mecha shot straight out of the hanger bay and lifted up into the sky. The powerful force of her machine crushed her against the seat and she grimaced, one eye closing slightly from the increased pain. Her screen showed several different aspects of the desert area before her. She could see the advancing enemy mech's starting to surround the area where the Titan had crashed. Che she narrowed her eyes as she swung her machine around and shot straight towards Aaron and the one he was fighting with. In one smooth motion, she transformed the mech from it's flying form to the humanoid form. Drawing both enormous black swords, she put herself right between the two, holding out one arm to keep Aaron from advancing any further.

"Sergeant, return to the ship and grab a new mech. I'll need you to help protect the Titan from this barrage," she called out. The move had jarred her in the cockpit and she saw the screen before her swim in a giant circle. Taking a deep breath she steadied herself. Can't stay out here long myself, she thought, but didn't relay that information at all. Her eyes were trained on the other mech, noting all of the damage it had gone through. She might have had the upper hand if not for the light head wound. Raiyn frowned.

"Benjlakki mech," she called, her voice travelling across the coms in a heavy, cold tone, "I suggest you withdraw or risk dying here," Raiyn could only hope her bluff wouldn't be caught. Even so, she would fight him if she had to.


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When Kyle opened the cockpit, Laurence was surprised to see that was laughing. Kyle had been one of the friendlier people Laurence had met in Lion however he was not used to being treated so positively even by him.

Laurence would have had plenty to say, had he been given the chance. Laurence had only a short moment to confirm Kyle's question about his "kills" for the day when a particularly important lady started shouting at them.

Laurence would have preferred to refrain from answering and obey the technical export the lady was however since she happened to be his fiancé Laurence was unsure what would make the best possible impression.'

He could not pretend to know who this woman was; apart from her name, the history of her family (Nobility knows nobility) and a few other scraps of general information he could gather Laurence was aware that she was just over two years older than he was of course which was already conservatively speaking a bit of a novelty.

They had talked a bit, even in person since their joined assignment on the Titan however Laurence had the distinct feeling they were not yet all that too comfortable with each other.

All these dazed thoughts of course had made their own answer, instead of saying anything Laurence nodded, added a rather muddled "Of course" and appeared to have been rather insecure during the brief time allocated to that particular converse.

Laurence had the impression he should have gone with a more impulsive assertive response however if damage had been made by his apparent shyness it had been made.

"And do make it back in one piece! We'vealready lost more pilots than we expected, today!"

Laurence saw this as his window at bravado! Laurence gleefully announced "I think I have the situation well under control…"

Laurence broke off as he remembered the extent of the damage to his Mech and how he had essentially allowed himself to be put in a helpless position for quite a while… maybe a bombastic promise such as the one he had just made was ill advised.

Her final demand for further discussion once the business of fighting had been done for the day was answered with a nod and a muttered "Yes of course", Laurence now had a strong yearning to go back to fighting rather than deal with… domestic issues.

After a short while Laurence finally got to lay his eyes on his newly assigned type 34. What was at first the cheerful prospect of another chance at glory was replaced with a harrowing realization of how barley he had escaped his last shave with destiny.

The sudden arrival of Captain Raiyn hurriedly dismissed such concerns and replaced them with new ones. Laurence, green rookie he still was moved to attention and saluted beautify; under the probing gaze of his father Laurence had at the very least become first class in drill drill drill, no matter how inherently pointless some of it could be.

"Laurence, prepare to launch. The Titan's communications are out at the moment, so we'll have to rely on the coms between each mech. Wait for my orders."

Right away Ma'm! Answered Laurence and then turned to ready his machine. Once inside the captain contacted him again with tidings of the need for greater weaponry on this mission.

Laurence raised the weapons department and ordered that they remove his Mech Gun and replace it with the Strafing beam which was in any case the only addition Laurence could reasonably expect to add to the small structure of the type 34, if he wanted to use the beam he would have to confine himself to fighter mode anyway.

A gunner from the crew reserve was assigned to him within a few moments so Laurence had only to await his Mech's refit and then Launch.


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#, as written by Damioa
Cain started descending from the air into a desolated part of the area to give his mech time to recharge another shot. His goal was to give Metargo back the winning place in the field but it failed thanks to his brothers counter. Seriously. Out of all sides to be fighting on, why would he betray Metargo and fight with Benjlakk? It really made no sense to Cain. Still, it didn't matter anymore. If his brother posed a threat to Metargo, Cain would have to handle him. He soon realized his systems were being hacked and power was slowly deteriorating from the Near Shadow.

''Apologizes sir but I am going to hack you. If you experience malfunctions it might be down to the fact that I am currently at this moment clearing your nano byte viruses and using the connection to power up Axl's mech up further. I am also learning about your large entity ship, called Titan.'' A person called over his speakers.

Oh no you don't.

Cain realized that if he activated the anti-hacking system it would take a majority of his power if not all of it. Still, he was ready to deal with that chance. He pressed a button that projected a keyboard with more than a hundred keys. Typing at a highly fast pace he directed the nano-bytes into a server that blocked the intel and instead pushed their powers to the Titan. It wasn't long until the Titan became invisible.

Going over to his intercom he messeged both King Saul and Queen Lunaria. "I've spent all my mechs power to insure the Titan become invisible. I hate to overstep my bounds but I think it is safe to say that we have to do a tactical retreat for the time being to regroup and change out mechs. Casualty possibility is high otherwise. Also, I am stranded for the time being. I don't mind staying behind as decoy but if you were to send me recovery, my coordinates are 5 Alpha"
Axl looked steadily as the Titan seemed to disappear from sight. His frown appeared once again on his face. "Damn Metargo. I didn't even know the Near Shadow system was capable of shielding other devices. Vika, send word to Brown wing, telling them to be careful. It looks like Metargo might retreat but if they fired now, we wouldn't be able to hit a blind target."
In all the commotion, Scoar found himself following Captain Raiyn Ire. She along with him and a man named Laurance Howe went to the only available mechs area. Before they launched Scoar asked Bibi to have all the heavy artillery taken from the mech. He wanted to be as fast as possible. "I know what the Captain said, but I need only a rifle and a beam saber. Come on. Let's do this quickly."
From the treble that happened earlier he knew that Cain was probably close or out of power. For the next 10 to 20 minutes he wouldn't be able to fly.
He waited for the Captain to leave first and then followed, giving her cover fire with his mechs standard rifle. He wasn't amused with the mechs speed at all. After being in the Near Shadow, flying in lower grade mechs felt like he was sitting still. However, the loss of some of the heavy art. was a good boost. He was able to maneuver at an acceptable rate. Once the ground he gave cover fire until they reached the Lion team. Once there he said, "Okay, this is where we separate. I'm going to catch up to Cain and make sure he's safe. Contact my father for further orders."

He then zoomed backwards to where Cain had landed, keeping close to the ground so that he wouldn't be an easy target.
Cain sat inside of his mech waiting for the recover time to finish. '1 hour' is what was displayed on his screen. He didn't know if that was exactly accurate because the time hadn't changed in the last 15 minutes. Giving a sigh his eyes traveled to the scouter. It was picking up 2 duplicate Benjlakki mechs. He groaned a little and opened the cockpit. He jumped down and hid behind the the Near Shadows under. If there really were two Benjlakki's coming, he was going to be ready.


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#, as written by Siryn

The setting changes from Myrstrarkia to Benjlakk


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((This post was coordinated between Colonel_Masters and myself))

Bibi sprinted towards the new Type 34 Laurence Howe was piloting and went straight to work on the preparations. Not only was she skilled at working machines, she was swift at it, as well. With years of mechanical finesse, it was to be expected. Once it was completed, she gave a thumbs up to him then said via radio, "Now, let's see you prove that you got it all under control!" She glare was serious as ever.


"Systems now recognize externally added weapon bank… scanning… Weapon system accepted, gunner private Ashly reporting" said the calm voice of the 34's AI Claudia.

Laurence had heard that AI's with time tended to develop a personality but he wasn't experienced with such systems. On his previous T34 possessed an older AI system Laurence was accustomed to but he didn't expect any problem with Claudia.

Laurence saw Bibi give him the thumbs up but he was not all too sure of what she had shouted at him.

Once final checks where complete, Laurence departed the Titan once again along with his majesty and the captain. Other pilots gradually joined in their defense of the Titan however with such a distance between the beached Titan and the main bulk of the fleet the Benjlakki possessed an uneven advantage in available mech's from both navy and army garrison.

The first few seconds of their sortie where almost uneventful until Laurence detected on his radar scanners a number of opposing scattered mechs reorganizing and coming in for an attack. Laurence was puzzled, from where had such a volume of enemy reinforcement arrived?

Either way, his majesty departed to offer Cain's assistance the captain was counting on him to be her wingman.

"Captain, there is an entire group of enemy Mech's incoming. I have one on my tale so I shall proceed with evasive maneuvers" said Laurence as he pulled the T34 into a downward role enticing his enemy to follow but also giving his gunner a full arch of fire.

The enemy Mech approached and seemed to take the bait however his attack on the T34 was of such a minute volume Laurence thought the enemy pilot was also playing a dirty game. Laurence was proven wrong however when the gunner was able to deliver a stunningly accurate blow at the Mech sending it burning onto the ground below.


Captain Raiyn Ire gritted her teeth at the response she received from Zechariah. She knew she couldn't stay out there too long, but she had no idea what this opponent would do. if she moved, he may shoot. So, with quick thinking, she charged to try to disable the beam rifle, th3en spun in a manoeuvre before trying to make it back to the Titan.

Zechariah, out of reflex, moved the rifle out of the way before firing at the woman's mech, hitting the engine and causing her to fall towards the water. She made a crash landing on the beach then got up, using the mech's communications, to try to contact the new arrival. "This is Caprtain Ire, of the Titan. Forward your coordinates to Admiral Preston so he can give the orders to retreat from there. He will want to regroup at that point before taking an alternate route into Benjlakki territory." Little did she realize, it would be the last message Raiyn would give.


It was not long before Laurence caught site of another enemy Mech and was able to gain a complete read out on the foe. Laurence launched two of his smaller air to air missiles and then returned to formation with the captain.

"Ma’am, this does not make any sense. Scans reveal that the enemy Mech's are amphibious types with little prowess at Mech combat, why would the Benjlakki send these to engage us?" asked Laurence over the come.

Laurence did not hear his captain's answer for at that moment she had turned to face an incoming enemy Mech. Laurence rushed to fill the gap and cover for his captain but it was too late…


Leopold was aghast; the disaster's scale was growing by the second. The amphibious mech's
where being massacred by the superior Metargo units.

Leopold bellowed numerous orders in an attempt to regroup the unit and make some attempt at escape but powerful interference prevented many of his orders from reaching pilots critically in need of them.

A channel with the admiral opened presumably to receive new orders from her however only static arrived on his side. Leopold intended to request a repeat of her message however two incoming enemy mech's received his entire attention.

What occurred next was a massacre, Mech by mech of his command where destroyed as the vastly superior combat Mech tore into his formation. Leopold rushed to protect his mech's but despite his mech's prowess he was not equipped to deal with this kind of engagement at the moment.

"Sir! He is right on me!" came a message from a pilot moments before he exploded, "I am on fire, I can't bail out!" came another as he burned into a crisp. From a group of 10 remained 5 and there was not a damn thing Leopold could do for them.

What was the use of being in command if you can't protect your charge? Thought Leopold, the thought struck him; if he did not do something his life was not worth living.

Leopold powered hi Mech ahead, he had little long ranged weapons but that did not matter, he had neither sword nor rifle but he did not care. Another Benjlakki Mech joined in the attack and tore into the leading foe sending down onto the beach but Leopold would not stop now.

He had to destroy the enemy; he had to prevent them from ever being a threat to his crews.
The Mech which still flew never saw it coming, transfixed on trying to protect his captain from missile attack and suffering from Leopold's sensor gamming signal he did not respond in time to Leopold's approach.

Leopold smashed into the Mech using his cannons putting it to flame and sending it side ward in disarray it tried to turn and evade him .

The commanding Mech below struggled to regain some footing but never made it far' Leopold would have little memory of his actions during those fateful seconds.

The enemy pilot fought desperately inflicting great damage on Leopold's Dominator but by the time Leopold snapped out of his berserk fury the helpless enemy ley utterly destroyed; its own sword piercing what used to be the pilot's cockpit.

Leopold took off once again and regrouped with his remaining pilots under the cover of the friendly mech's, it was not time to head for home.

For the second time today Laurence struggled to regain control of his Mech. The rounds had hit his fuselage and the cockpit and the automated onboard fire control system struggled to put out the flames.

The mech was still operable but by the time Laurence turned around back to the beach all that remained where the shredded remains of his Captains Mech.

"Mayday, Mayday the captain is down, I repeat the captain is down! Requesting immediate assistance!"

The setting changes from Benjlakk to Myrstrarkia


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"This is Caprtain Ire, of the Titan. Forward your coordinates to Admiral Preston so he can give the orders to retreat from there. He will want to regroup at that point before taking an alternate route into Benjlakki territory."

"Captain Ire I have direct orders to lead you and your soldiers back to friendly soil and thats what I plan to do, the orders I have to carry supersede yours, so if you would be so kind as to follow them." The tone in Jin voice was stern and that of commanding officer even though she outranked him. Now down to one shot before mandatory cool down Jin hesitantly scanned for a group of enemy targets to fire upon making sure to stay on the outskirts of the battlefield. The last thing He wanted was to have to engage in real combat.

Watching all that was occurring on the beach from his location and listening to the Metargo frequency channel Jin overheard the chatter between what seemed a young boy and the captain who were fighting within the vicinity of the beach.

"Captain, there is an entire group of enemy Mech's incoming. I have one on my tale so I shall proceed with evasive maneuvers"

"Ma’am, this does not make any sense. Scans reveal that the enemy Mech's are amphibious types with little prowess at Mech combat, why would the Benjlakki send these to engage us?

"Why isn't she responding?" Jin thought to himself as he watched the two. What occurred next brought only two emotion Anger & Courage

With his eyes locked on the captain Jin could only watch as an enemy mech destroyed hers in a fiery explosion presumably killing her instantly. Jin rushed immediately in to provide his assistance to the now captain-less soldiers.

"Mayday, Mayday the captain is down, I repeat the captain is down! Requesting immediate assistance!" blasted over the Metargo frequency.

"Great, cause a mass panic why don't you" He said to himself while attempting to open a private line to Admiral Preston to fulfill the captains last request.

"Admiral Preston this is the pilot of the GAT-01A2R Slaughter Dagger Jin-Giro on special assignment to help coordinate and facilitate an immediate retreat, Im sure you've heard of Captain Ire's unfortunate death but it is my duty to inform you that you are now the commanding officer who must lead the soldiers back to friendly soil, I am currently on route to the titan for a weapons swap and I will forward you my coordinate when I touch down on board." Again His voice was stern and that of commanding officer even though the Admiral also out ranked him.

Shortly after sending his transmission to Admiral Preston Jin reached the hanger of the titan firing his last EMP blast at a group of the amphibious attackers to cover his entrance and further weaken the enemies forces. Immediately he called for a weapons swap for Champ, purging his Lightning Striker armaments.

"Sword Striker modifications stat!" Time was of the essence or at least thats how he perceived it as he barked out orders to the Titan's hanger mechanics. A 15.78 meter Anti-ship Sword was attached to Champs back along with a left shoulder pauldron/beam boomerang combo and a Panzer Eisen" Rocket Anchor which was also attached to the left arm.

Now that the modification were complete Jin swiftly exited the Titan hanger making sure to grab a beam rifle with his left hand and drawing his anti ship sword with his right, as he exited he cut down two enemy units who were attempting to rush the hanger doors upon his exit.


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Jin was still in some what of a rage mode for being dragged into combat due to the death of Captain Ire, hacking down every enemy in range even managing to land a few shots with his beam rifle. He just knew he was going to get an ear full from command when he got back to base so for the time being every enemy mech he cut down or shot relieved him a little on the inside.

Piercing his sword into the cabin of an enemy mech and using its metallic carcass to shield himself from enemy fire, Jin activated his quick boost thrusters to close in on this next target and after getting within a few meters he raised his rifle and fired decapitating and destroying another Benjlakk mech, but this time he noticed something. Some Benjlakk forces stopped firing at him and had begun falling back and organizing a retreat of their own.

"Oh no you don..." Jin caught himself trying not to let his fighting past take him over again. "Wait this is just what we needed" he exclaimed with a brief moment of joy

"Where is Admiral Zane? someone needs to lead these men and women, and command is going to wonder whats taking me so long." After taking a second to contemplate Jin made a major decision and punched in his PA authorization codes

"All Metargo forces in the immediate area this is junior command tactician Jin-giro, pilot of the GAT-01A2R Slaughter Dagger I have orders for you all to convene on the Titan for immediate evac. I repeat do not pursue the enemy forces." His voice rang over the Metargo private channel


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Saul was relieved the battle was over. Of course, he knew that thousands of troops perished in the amphibious assault that ultimately ended in failure, something which placed him in a deeper internal depression. He hid such depression so well, only his wife, son, and daughter knew about it. To the rest of the Metargo Kingdom, he had a charismatic aura about him. Seeing Karen return back to the ship safely brought a soft smile to him as he walked up to her and hugged her. "Karen..."


Bibi saw the Champ model and realized right away it was the same pilot. She heard what she was going to be asked to do, so she simply walked up to the pilot during the conversation he was having after she told one of the mechanics to prepare a spot for the admiral. The mechanic in front of her next noticed that and then introduce her to him.

"Pilot of the Slaughter Dagger, here is the Head Mechanic, Ensign Durrans." Whispering, the man added, "Her full name is Bibiana Armine Durrans. She's the eldest daughter of and eventual successor to Duke Adelias Durrans of Lexcorvi. As you know, Dukes and Duchesses often act as advisors to the royal court. Anyway, whatever you do, don't refer to her by any titles referring to a noblewoman. She gets a bit touchy about her status. If not refer to her by her military rank, just call her 'Bibi', and you'll be fine." That same man next went over to Laurence Vincent Howe and whispered the same warning to him about Bibi.

Meanwhile, Bibi glared at Jin while saying, "So, you're the guy who's been doing my job when it comes to my mechanics division on this ship! I am familiar with that model, by the way! I kind of have to be! I'm the one who laid the schematics for the prototype and helped build it, too! Next time, just request the switch to the mode of your choice, and I'll take it from there, all right?"

After she got her answer and told him she already prepared a place for Zane Preston's mech, she next walked up to her fiancé and suddenly, her expression was a bit softer. She realized it was an arranged thing, so she could not exactly blame the boy. That is not to say she would suddenly warm up to him. That would take time. "Laurence, my office is this way." Her office was one typical for a military mechanic on a ship, which also acted as part of a living quarters for multiple people (of course, there were separate bunks in the adjacent room). "This is the two of us will be staying in between battles. I personally requested that from Captain Ire, before the now-over battle, that is. We're engaged, anyway, right? So, we might as well get used to that fact." She washed her hands before going up to the fridge, then brought out two vanilla protein shakes and shook them well before setting one on the table next to the desk. "You'll need the supplements, trust me. Being in the military really takes a lot out of you." Sitting down in one chair and waiting for him to sit in the other, she asked with an arched eyebrow, "Not so glamorous once you're actually in a fight for your life, is it?" Shrugging, she added, "Well, that's reality for ya."


While Aaron used colorful language to describe how he and Lion Team lost several good pilots to a bunch of rookies, Kyle walked beside Minmei with a clam, yet stressed-out demeanor. Placing a hand on his forehead with a disgruntled sigh, he said, "I could sure use a drink, about now. Still want to do that?"


Zechariah and Benjamin made it back to the Seraphim with the rest of the remaining Brown Wings that were accounted for. Still, there was no sign of Chemda nor Adira. What happened to them? When Zechariah spotted Captain McKenzie, a burning anger seethed in him. Walking up to him, Zech said in a clam, but stern voice, "Captain, that mech pilot was already out of the fight. If she did not intend what she said to me to be a bluff, I would have already been dead." Benjamin pulled Zechariah aside and shouted at him with, "Zech, this is a war! This is what we do, we destroy the enemy! Forget that, and you're a dead man!" Pushing Ben away, Zechariah asked him, "What makes you think I wanted to be a part of any war, to begin with? When was the last time you heard me express any interest in that?"

With that, he walked away to leave his older brother to his thoughts. Meanwhile, Ben noticed Catrina nearby and told her, "Don't worry about my brother. He's just stressed out, is all."


Back on the Titan, after letting go of Karen, Saul spotted Jin in the aftermath of Bibi talking to that pilot. The King went up to him and said, "Bibi is often like that. You get used to it, after a time." He then said to Karen with a soft smile, "Oh! I almost forgot that you had something to say to this young man. I better check on Scoar and tell Viki of the results of the battle."

First, he gave his message on the results to Viki, which went like this:

My daughter, while the whole family is safe, for the moment, the amphibious assault on the beaches of the Gatwashiim peninsula nearest our country ultimately failed. The amphibious troops were all but decimated by the enemy garrison, roughly totaling a number of 6555 foot soldiers, 210 pilots, and 15 ships. Elsewhere, such as the southern-most shorelines of Benjlakki territory, the weaker resistance resulted in advancement further inland, though not without reinforcements from different places within Benjlakk arriving to try to counter them. Progress in this war has been made, but for how long from now, I cannot say. These matters are never so simple. The fleet I am with still has 21 ships, despite the heavy losses. I suspect neither this fleet nor the enemy one we face will be capable of any fierce combat for a while, considering the damage most ships on both sides sustained. Repairs may take at least a week, if not more. After that, we shall plan an alternate route inland to continue the military campaign. I pray to Marlextov that this war end soon, lest internal problems within the kingdom become our downfall.


Adira took a risk and activated the electronic map for a brief moment. Once she saw that the battle was over, she realized that this was an opportune time to test her stealth while piloting a mech. She took a guess as to where the enemy would go and took an alternate route to get there. Metargo territory was not that far, and with the mountains in the nearest enemy territory on the other side of the sea, radars would have difficulty locating her if she flew in low. Next stop, Fort Ordimarga. I'm not going back to the Seraphim without my sister.


Speaking of whom, Chemda was slowly regaining consciousness, yet it was barely noticeable. She had yet to be able to move, though she could hear a couple people speaking in the Metargo language. Although the words were similar to those in the Benjlakki language, some she could not comprehend everything. What she could gather was the male voice apologized for possibly waking the female one's up, while the female said something about being down while everyone else was fighting. Were they talking about the aftermath of the battle?


Field Marhsal Constantini received word that the defensive was successful and also heard about Vance's success in taking out three Leo Vermilions by himself. Knowing that at least one squadron needed more pilots, he personally went on speakers to make an announcement:

Listen up, boys! We may have taken some significant losses during this defensive, but thanks to everyone involved, we managed to repel the enemy amphibious assault. I would personally like to congratulate Private 1st Class Vance in defeating three Leo Vermilions all by himself with a Praetorian. He is now two kills away from being a mech ace, and his skills as a pilot, I believe, the Benjlakki Republic Navy could use. Therefore, I am requesting a transport and escort be made ready for his trip to the Seraphim, where Rear Admiral Lionel of the 101st Fleet shall be informed of his achievement and requested transfer.


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In the annuls of the historical proceedings of this war the battle for the Gatwashiim Peninsula could only be practically considered as a defeat for Metargo thought Laurence.

The events of the day from the achievement of his first successively confirmed "kills" to his subsequent failure to protect the Titan's beloved captain weight heavily on the young man. Instead, Laurence distanced his thoughts from his view of the battlefield as an individual and instead attempted… admittedly futilely the impartiality of an observing scholar.

Both sides had come with the full expectations of a decisive battle which would decide the war and bring the opposition unto the negotiation table. However both had found themselves in an all too vague battle of attrition which yielded no conclusive results beyond inflicted and taken losses.

Arguably it had been a draw but Laurence's father often said that there was rarely such a thing as a draw; Benjlak had been on the defensive seeking to preserve a strategic zone while Metargo had been an attacker attempting to attain it. Metargo had failed to gain the foothold while Benjlak had preserved its territorial integrity. But there was a redeeming factor involved; The Benjlakki parry to the attack had been severely blunted ,therefor Metargo could still retain the initiative and thereby the offensive in this conflict despite this serious setback.

Laurence's thoughts finally where forced to turn on the question of the captains death, he could not deny that he had failed in his responsibility. The prospect of bagging a few more kills had moved Laurence out of formation… sure at the time the incoming mech's seemed to pose a threat but in hindsight there was no need for him to engage them.

After landing Laurence didn't talk much, it was not long before Bibiana turned up and carted him off to an as of yet unfamiliar area of the Titan. Bibiana seemed to be better composed now, maybe she was feeling sorry for him but Laurence could not really say.
"Laurence, my office is this way." Said Bibiana as they arrived at the door.

When he entered Laurence was surprised as the size of the dorm and its relative privacy; although he was a noble even his overbearing father would not dream of depriving his son of the experience of "field quarters".

"This is the two of us will be staying in between battles. I personally requested that from Captain Ire, before the now-over battle, that is. We're engaged, anyway, right? So, we might as well get used to that fact." Said Bibiana much to Laurence's surprise; he had only recently started getting to know her so it seemed to be a premature arrangement, but then again they were engaged after all; a fact Laurence was clearly not used too.

Laurence didn't quite know how he felt about sharing quarters with Bibiana but as usual she didn't leave him much time to make his opinion heard. Bibiana handed over a supplement which Laurence reluctantly accepted, as he sat down however both hunger and giddiness came over him; he really could use one or two of the shakes after all.

"Not so glamorous once you're actually in a fight for your life, is it?" said Bibina as Laurence drained the supplement ferociously. Energized Laurence found that he was now more able to indulge in conversation.

"Ohh, it Is still glamorous! The problem is that the glamorous sortie of battle is like a vintage brandy clearly labeled and said to be able to knock anyone out after a single sip. None the less people will still take the challenge and taste the brandy only to face the next sunrise with a flame ridden head.

You would think that people would be deterred from tasting that brandy again but, once you have been so high other sensations become unsatisfactory and dull in comparison…"
said Laurence, firstly with wit and pun intended but then as he finished sentence quite soberly.

Laurence didn't want to die and was not a savage blood driven berserker and yet whenever the Titan was withdrawn from operations and he was given time out of the front Laurence most of all wanted that dangerous sensation running down his spine.


"Captain, that mech pilot was already out of the fight…"

The words drowned upon the agonized Leopold, just like Benjamin Leopold wanted to yap at the naive faithful and remind him of the totality of war but he did not.

Memories of the past hour crept into Leopold's mind; he had been brutal… even when he had battered the enemy mech's power plant into scrap and gained its sword leaving it utterly defenseless he did not cease the fight and ran it through purposely via the cockpit area with an explicit intention of slaughtering the pilot.

Leopold nodded solemnly at Zech but did not say a word.

When Leopold finally encountered Sandra he was surprised with what she had to say of his work. Leopold did not share her optimistic appraisal of the situation but declined inviting ether criticism or investigation into his conduct. Outside critics have never been able to solve anything, only the responsible party so long as it had a measure of decency could learn the lessons of its own mistakes otherwise an outside party could only impose punishment and nothing more in his view.

Faith preserve... thought Leopold, if this war was to be one killing match after another it could take some time.

With your permission Ma"am" I would like to resume my duties.


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Bibi raised an eyebrow towards Laurence's response, to which she responded with, "I guess so." Taking a sip of her own shake, she continued with, "Well, at any rate, don't let it go to your head, especially given Benjlakk's darker nature. Once the Benjlakki Republic is provoked, its people are relentless. We may not expect another battle for a week, but I'd rather not drop my guard, regardless. If our enemy manages to go on the offensive and force us on the defensive, Benjlakk's history may repeat itself, meaning Metargo's sovereignty could end up lost, just like that of every other nation that attacked them." Looking sideways in a bit of sadness, she decided to change the subject by saying, "On a different note, the reason I took up working on machinery was to have some sense of freedom, but my dad butted in on even that and made me learn about military technology to go with the sorts I wanted to focus on. All this nobility stuff is kind of a drag. I mean, your whole future decided for you? Where's the fun in that? The "common" folk have it easy in that regard: they have more room to move about." Turning her head so she faced Laurence, again, she added, "Look, I'm still going along with this engagement. It'll still take some getting used to on my part. That, and I know you probably feel awkward about all this, too."


On the Seraphim, crewmen who saw Viola in her revealing clothing (which was completely against protocol) felt awkward and irritated at the same time. Nobody knew what the people who designed her thought, but in the Navy's eyes, she was not exempt from following the same military codes as any other sentient being in the Benjlakki Armed Forces. Why her misconduct in matters of clothing has been ignored for so long was anybody's guess.

There were even whispers spreading around about Axl, whom few Benjlakki sailors trusted. For all they knew, he could be a spy. No matter the circumstances, all that could be done was wait.


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Watching the battle footage over and over revealed minor errors each time Jin hit replay. They began to stack up until finally he walked away from the battlefield projector in disgust, he couldn't believe how sloppy the attack on the peninsula was. Multiple Metargo units broke formation just moments into the battle and others left the battle field altogether. "We have some work to do. were his words as he shook his head in disappointment He knew that if he were going to make the necessary changes to win the next battle he have to start by reorganizing the best.

Jin looked his assistant in the eyes and gave her a simple order "Bring me Lion team to the conference room for a debriefing"

Once all of lion team was gathered in the conference room Jin ran the recording of the battle in the middle of the table for everyone to see, while sitting at the end of the table where he could monitoring everyones reactions or lack there of. The recording immediately stopped and paused at the moment of captain Ire's death and this is when Jin removed his hands from in front of his face and and extended one hand towards the image in front of them all "This is the result of arrogance and disorganization, what do you'll have to say for the disgraceful performance today?" His eyes scanned the room as he listened to what each of them had to say for themselves.

This was his first chance to really look at the soldiers he would be tactically in command of and for the most part he saw fire in their eyes, for some this was a burning hatred for the Benjlakki and others the burning desire for retribution, but he would allow their explanations to finalize his decision.