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Mech Unit Warfare



a part of Mech Unit Warfare, by ZacharyTC.

Home to a presidential democracy that has an environmentally friendly economy.

ZacharyTC holds sovereignty over Benjlakk, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

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(A map to the islands off the mainland will be here, later.)

It is pretty much set up a lot like the United States: three branches of government balancing each other out, a constitution dictating the roles of each branch, a bill of rights, and all that jazz. A major difference is that it is not just two parties with a large hold of the power. It is also environmentally friendly; renewable energy sources are the dominant method of electricity in Benjlakk.

The eastern regions, collectively called Fertaninn, are a paradise for farmers, agricultural workers, and biological researchers. This is also where many of the great solar technicians can be found. People often move to this region to escape the fuss of politics and the like due to the relatively untouched wildlife and plant life. This part of the country includes Benjlakk's capital, the District of Justicra, where Congress, the President, the Supreme Court, and several headquarters to other important parts of the federal government reside.

Within the District of Justicra is a vibrant mix of cultures, along with a hub for philosophy and debate. Bakeries, restaurants, prestigious colleges, and the famous Justicra Library (comparable to the Library of Congress in our world), make this city home. The District of Justicra is where the cultures within the country and around the world mix the most, which is obvious in the food, architecture, and other aspects of life there.

Among other important cites in the District of Justicra is Diplomacy Square, where guests from foreign countries are entertained and citizens from all over Benjlakk, no matter their standing, come to both entertain and be entertained. An additionally significant part of local culture here is the Justicra Forum, historically known for its being central to the city's economy and government due to many markets and government buildings residing here. Some big-name news channels have headquarters here, too. This is even the place for the famous Justicra Library, a scholarly hub Benjlakk is proud of.


After much of human-kind started migrating from what is now Omegara (people still live there) to a lot of the rest of Myrstrakira due to the change of climate from tropical to arid, thousands of years ago, Benjlakk's ancestors moved to the continent where today's Benjlakki Republic, Aphulan Union, Gammafran Republic, and Betaku Kingdom reside.

Benjlakk itself started off as a small piece of land where its capital, the District of Justicra, is located, along the northern coast of Southeastern Fertaninn. During those ancient times, Fertaninn was warlike, with the countries within vying for territory and resources to develop their nations. Justicra was agricultural and could thus support a larger army than its neighbors. These Justicrans that formed Benjlakk's foundations were even capable of building large ships for transport, a massive edge whenever dragged into a war with neighbors that attacked them. Each victory resulted in more territory, as well as the initial tensions from within the new territory that resulted from that. In war, the early Benjlakki were ruthless, yet they refrained from massacres and city razing, showing their brutality in the aftermath through the executing of an enemy nation's leaders, as well as the taking down of riots and such.

A couple to a few thousand years later (even the Benjlakki themselves are unsure of when their nation began, exactly), most of present-day Benjlakk was under Benjlakki jurisdiction. By then, tensions from conquered peoples have clamed to where they were a thing of the past, for the most part. This was also when Benjlakk's first immigrants came into their borders due to a thriving eco-friendly economy and the millennia-long policy of neutrality unless provoked.

The last major war on Benjlakk's part in regards to conquest happened 70 years ago, when a nation to the west called Franlishirko (present-day Franklisha, one of the more than 50 States) wished to force Benjlakk into helping them with a war against Betaku (one of the magic-dominated nations) by taking civilians hostage. That angered Benjlakk and caused a five-year long war. This was where Benjlakk's first mechs, not quite as advanced as now, were applied in combat. It resulted in the whole area being conquered, the leaders of that nation (along with all military personnel) executed, and all weapons from there taken.

Riots after that were met with the sound of rifles upon the rioters. some time after things cooled down, about a half-century ago, extremists wanted revenge and rebelled in a join operation by other people who held a centuries-long grudge against the Benjlakki government (despite how much matters calmed down since each conquest), where the most intense civil war in Benjlakki history took place. This war was where much of the inspiration for the current military technology came from, since mechs had to be delveoped swiftly to counter one another's swift advancements during this seven-year long war. Once the rebellion was crushed, Benjlakk's military training increased.

It has been 43 years since that civil war's end, and now the Republic of Benjlakk fully recovered from it. The recovery was made obvious by a military academy formed in Franklisha ten years after the civil war. It is here that naval and army personnel to the west jointly operating their training sessions for officers and other student who show promise as sailors, pilots, and soldiers.
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Home to a presidential democracy that has an environmentally friendly economy.



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Aaron nodded and told everyone on his team right on time. "Steady... steady..." As he waited, mechs called Cherubim surrounded the Titan from the air, firing aimlessly due to the smoke. Without shielding, this was dangerous for the ship, as even with all the blind shots, at least one of them could hit something vital. Hopefully, for Metargo's military, it would not happen. At last, Aaron and the Lion Team were clear. "Lion Team, launching!" Aaron's RL-5 Falcon, in jet fighter mode, flew out of the launch bay, the rest of Lion Team's mechs following suit. "Falcons, focus your weapons on the enemy mechs! The rest of you, aim at their ships' weapons!"

Soon enough, the pulse came. The Cherubim surrounding the Titan were disabled. The ones above the Titan inevitably collided with the ship. There was no telling what damage could have been done. Would the armor on the Titan hold up? Whatever the case, Lion Team had a mission to perform, so they had to get to it. The Falcons fired their missiles at oncoming mechs from the opposing fleet, grabbing the attention of some of the others away from protecting their respective ships. Once the missiles were all released and met their targets, the Falcons on Lion Team switched to humanoid mode and began their rampage on the Benjlakki mechs fighting them, Lion Team's other mechs tasked with the enemy ships' weapons.

Whereas Kyle used his mech's knives in a balance of speed and maneuverability, Aaron applied brutality with his double-bladed beam sward, at one point slicing three Sabre Bleus in half at once. Compared to the more battle-hardened Mysticaran Federation's golem riders, these Benjlakki mech pilots were mediocre.


Zechariah heard Captain Leopold and told him, "We are already in the air, captain, as per the sergeant's orders."

Brown Wing Team witnessed from above the devastating blow the enemy's new ship dealt with just one blast. Zechariah was both shocked and amazed by how the Ion Weaponry on that smoke-concealed ship could disable mechs so easily. If he could manage to create an energy chamber an a smaller scale for such beam ammunition for his mech firearms, he would not have to worry about killing nearly as much. Being a Solar Technician, he already got a head start on his personal project. This was getting ahead of himself, though.

Surely, enough, Zech witnessed a mech squadron come out and confront a bunch of the Benjlakki mechs (plus a few destroyers' weapons) below. A closer examination via camera indicated some of those were new mechs. However, the techniques matched the ones from the briefing. There was no doubt about it: that was Lion Team, and the mech inflicting heavy casualties with a double-bladed beam sword was piloted by Aaron Lextu.

Zechariah reported it to the current sergeant at the time. "Sergeant! Lion Team is down there! They came out of that ship!"

The sergeant nodded and ordered all Brown Wings to intercept Falcons on the Lion Team. Everyone in the squadron immediately dove into the scene to confront the threat to the local defensive efforts. They leveled off just above the water, but before they came within firing range, the Sergeant's mech was hit by a stray blast and immediately blew up. Zechariah could not believe it: the first mission, and already they lost a pilot, the very leader of Brown Wing Team, even.

The Brown Wings were about to scatter when Zechariah spoke up. "Fire a sonic missile each, if you have one! Draw the Lion Team away from the fleet!" One of the corporals spoke up to try to pull rank, yet Zech interrupted by saying, "Just do it!" It was then that any Eagles fired one of their sonic missiles, including from the Eagles. manned by Zechariah and Benjamin.

At the same time, Aaron was busy slicing through his opponents when Kyle just got finished stabbing an enemy Sabre Bleu, getting out of the way of a resulting explosion when he noticed objects flying their way. A closer examination using the computers and camera indicated those were missiles (he did not realize those were sonic ones).

Private Scipio immediately shouted his observations to Aaron, "Sergeant! Missiles incoming!"

Aaron responded by saying, "Intercept 'em!"

Kyle, Aaron, and the other Falcons in the Falcon Team barely had enough time to shoot the missiles before they came too close to be lethal, but once they were hit with lasers or bullets, those same missiles' true feat was unleashed: sonic pulse waves impacted with the Falcons on Lion Team, pushing them away from the Benjlakki mechs that had already retreated after detecting those missiles incoming via their computers. The Falcons nearly lost their energy shields to the sonic waves.

Aaron was outraged. "Long-Ranged Sonic missiles!? The Benjlakki beat us to developing that sort of technology first!?" In the distance, He could see mechs heading his team's way, at a low altitude. The Falcon of Fury realized right away those were the mechs who fired the missiles. "I got their leader! Everyone else, engage the rest of the enemy squadron! Stay sharp, Howe, and don't lose sight of your target!"

Zechariah noticed the Lion Team approaching, meaning his plan to draw them away worked. Now, for the hard part: the actual dogfight. The Eagles in Brown Wing Team switched to humandoid mode right on time: they were face to face with the fiercest of Metargo mech squadrons. Aaron charged at Zechariah, whom moved his Eagle to the side and open-fired to attempt to disarm Aaron. Their first one-on-one dogfight against each other began.

Kyle decided to pull out his mech's handgun for ranged while still holding on to the knife he had, aiming at one of the mechs (Cecilia's) and shooting. Whether or not it would hit was a mystery. He was close enough that it was possible, though.


Now that the mech bay was back in Benjlakki possession, the Lieutenant shouted to Vance, "Now's your chance! Go! Go!"


Saul saw the Titan's move and sighed. "Let us hope the Titan can hold out, Preston. This is their first mission, and if I know anything about first battles, they are nearly always the hardest. Have Oikawa stand by; we may need to use his ship's abilities to at least make it possible to make a getaway, should all else fail. If we lose here, our entire fleet can at least try to find a way around the enemy. Be sure to have four squadrons of mechs protect him the whole battle, then escort him in the case of retreat being necessary." Contacting Scoar, he told him, "Son, so far, the fleet I am with is holding up, though it is unclear who has the advantage, right now. How are matters in the battle you are in?"


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#, as written by Zarhara
Sandra watched the map as the attack was made, she was slowly realizing that this was no feint and clearly this attack was going to be a major threat to the entire fleet if nothing was done. She was going to have to start pulling units to launch a counter attack against the Titan.

"Captain Leopold I want you to move to engage that ship." Sandra said as she began to look where else she could pull ships from.

"I want the Battleships Resmark and Unao to pull back and form up with us to engage that Vessel and someone find me a few destroyers we can spare!"

Sandra knew she was acting quickly but that ship was a major threat and she was going to need to pull more reserves to stop or at least draw the things fire.

"I want every non committed aircraft to be moved to engage that ship it cannot be allowed to fire that weapon at our ground forces again!" Sandra looked over the map as she surveyed what she was moving the lines would be thinner in the air in someplaces but she couldn't ignore a threat of that size and firepower.

A few moments after Sandras order for available fighters to be scrambled Kal was in his ship. He cleared with launch command and now he was racing towards the enemy threat. He kept his ship low and was traveling at Mach 3 for any on the beach all they would hear was a deafening crack as he flew overhead.

Kal turned the safety off on his plasma cannons and let a flurry of rounds hit a section of approaching Mango's on the ground before he began to climb to a higher altitude. "Serin, How far is that ship from here?" Kal asked as he reduced his speed to just over Mach 1

"3km and Closing" Serinm, Kals onboard AI stated.


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Aaron nodded, then said to the Captain, "We'll try." No promises, though Taking a look at his radar, he wondered where Howe could have gone off to. Finally, he spotted his mech's heat signal, but it was coming from the shoreline. Maybe the sonic pulse from the missiles had something to do with it. Regardless, solo operations were suicide. Sooner or later, reinforcements from the enemy will show up. It seems he was facing a Praetorian, but given how three Benjlakki Navy Squadrons made their way to the garrison, it was unlikely the lone Praetorian would deal with Howe alone. And to think he only told Fore not to go off and do his own thing; Howe was doing the same thing Fore was told not to do. Even if communications were cut, there were methods to signal with the mech itself certain things.

There was no time to think on it, now: a beam from his target's beam rifle hit Aaron's Falcon on the arm with the double-bladed beam sword. Thankfully, shields were in place and the armor could resist it nonetheless. With each attempted slash came another evasion from his target. Zechariah shot at Aaron carefully, making sure to use the opportunity to see a pattern in the movements. Many of the shots were blocked by the beam blades on the double-bladed sword. Zech then realized that fighting from in front would prove difficult against Aaron, so he attempted to get behind him.

Aaron knew that maneuver, however, and side-flew to cut off Zechariah's flight path. What would have been a fatal slice in two ended up a beam sword lock because of Zechariah's swift thinking on his feet. The lock did not last long, as Zech felt his mech unable to hold it for long, so he kicked free of it before he could be entirely overwhelmed. The kick did not force Aaron's mech backwards by much, though. That moment told Zechariah that he would lose in a battle of strength to Aaron. Speed would be the asset that would work in his favor.

Aaron moved forward for another slash, which instantly turned into a dance of lethal proportions between him and Zechariah. Aaron used strength and durability, while Zechariah applied speed and maneuverability. Eventually, though, after losing a beam rifle that he intended to use during the scuffle, he finally got behind with enough distance for a shot with another rifle he attatched to the side of his mech. Aaron managed to turn around in time to avoid a hit to the arm with the double-bladed beam sword, but while turning around, the other arm received a hole from a second shot and exploded, leaving his mech with just the one arm. As much as he hated getting rid of a part of something he worked so hard to customize, he pressed a button which jettisoned half of the double-bladed beam sword, turning the other half effectively into one with a single blade to adjust to using just one arm on the mech.

"This bastard did more damage to my Falcon in the sword fight than I thought... the shields must be down..." Lextu said to himself before making another charge.

Zechariah's mech sustained some damage, too, first from his Eagle's right leg denting slightly from making that kick (Metargo mech armor is stronger), then from the series of several hits received during the sword fight. At this point, Zech could not afford to take any more than two more hits to any part of his Eagle's body. With the shields down, it will be that much more difficult to hold out. Zech side-flew and brought out his beam sword yet again, but only to block incoming attacks in an attempt to get some more distance.

During this second scuffle, Aaron remembered that Alan flew off the moment he gave the first orders after the fight. That idiot! He should have attacked an enemy ship's weapons before this dogfight! His mech is not a Falcon! Why does he always disobey my orders!? I swear, if he disobeys again, I'll personally burn him and his contract! This is what happens when we allow mercenary filth to join our ranks! They are no better than mafia rats!


Benjamin had already blasted away a Falcon with his Beam SMG at close range when a series of long-distance beams came towards him, one barely missing, yet it was enough to make him aware of where it came from. flying towards the source, he knew right away it came from a mech on one of the wings of the Titan. They looked like they were folding, meaning if the enemy mech remained standing there for too long, he would be toast. Then again, it would be one less enemy to deal with, and if the foe stayed there long enough, maybe he could make the kill before the Titan did it for him.

Ben swiftly shifted to fighter jet mode prior to charging towards the enemy, evading shots from the ongoing crossfire while doing so. He switched to humanoid mode in time to use his beam SMG to shoot down a couple enemy mechs that charged at him to protect the wings of the Titan, right before continuing his charge at the mech on that wing. "That Metargo's a sitting duck if he stays there!" He used the beam SMG to strafe his opponent while bringing out his Beam Knife and throwing it at the mech, sending the beam blade into a spinning motion towards the enemy. If it did not hit, it would at least tear a hole in the wing of the enemy ship.


Kyle could not believe the speed at which the Eagle (Cecilia's) went to evade his shot, even more so to realize the enemy reappeared to the side. Quickly reacting, he slashed his mech's knife to block while thrusting the engines for a forward motion to enable a lock since the armor of his mech was not that strong. He attempted to bang the handle of his Beam Handgun onto the opponent's head to try to disable the cameras. Whether or not it would work, he would attempt a kick to the torso (where the cockpit was) to force the enemy backwards while he attempted to get behind 'em and stab with a swift motion. With any success, it would give him the advantage. The attack from behind had to hit, however. If not, things could be difficult.


Saul nodded, then said, "Not anyone we know, Scoar, though the medical bay on Admiral Preston's flagship is full of men receiving medical attention. The numbers for the casualties are still racking up, but I believe it is roughly 5500 ground troops, nine ships, and 180 mechs. Amphibious assaults have always resulted in heavy casualties."

Hanging up, Saul took a step back in surprise when his daughter enthusiastically appeared in front and gave him a hug. It was a pleasant surprise, though. Hugging back until she let go, he heard her mention an official statement which needed to be given. Pondering for a moment, and checking the screen, he told her, "You could mention that we are still battling at the Gatwashiim Peninsula, and that it is a stalemate, so far.

Franklin Constantini Watched the land battle from an electronic map and gritted his teeth at the difficulty of gaining the upper hand. Of course, he had backup from the Navy in the form of air reinforcements, but this was ridiculous. It has been a stalemate for so long, it was unclear who would win in the Gatwashiim Peninsula. We have lost many men, though are holding out and giving the enemy a rough time. Other than at the Gatwashiim Peninsula, we are making progress in weakening the defense forces along the shorelines."


Field Marshal Franklin Constantini became irritated by how the battle was going. More than three hours in, and still no indication who has the upper hand. As if that were not enough, the one Praetorian out there to confront the incoming Leo Vermillions was intercepted by a Type 34. If Laurence Vance did not make it in time, there was no telling what kind of damage those LVs could do to the garrison. Thankfully, with three Navy squadrons sent to him by Rear Admiral Lionel, he could do something about this.

He decided to send out a squadron of five mechs, which were three REMs and two Sabre Bleus, which quickly went to intercept the Type 34. This ought to buy Vance enough time to deal with the Leos, which were already along the shore and charging forward.


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Benjamin did not expect shield bits to be involved, but nonetheless, the beam knife sliced right through the wing since the Metargo foe evaded. It would seem the Titan would be out of the fight, soon. Not that it mattered: his target was the mech. Benjamin was able to sidestep to evade most of the shots, yet one managed to strike at the torso, forcing him backwards as he shot his Beam SMG in the direction it came from. "These Metargo know how to fight! Zech! A little help, here!?"

The response on he radio was, "I'm a little busy with Aaron Lextu, Big Brother!"

"Well, hurry up!"

During the brief conversation, Benjamin kept evading the shots and tried to find a pattern. Since His Eagle likely did not have as durable armor as that of the mech he was facing, he had to be carful not to be hit often. Somehow, there was something odd about the foe's movements. It seemed as if this Metargo had no specific strategy. That could work to Ben's advantage. If he could get the enemy to run out of ammunition, he would force him into melee or to retreat. This is where he would shine, since close-up combat was his specialty, whether with blades for close-range firearms.

He had to be careful, however, since his cockpit cannot take as many hits. While evading, he aimed for the rifle bits, since those would provide quite a nuisance if dealt with. even if none of the bits were destroyed, if he held out long enough, he would be able to turn the fight into an up-close one. He and Zechariah heard from their Biotech Specialist, Viola, that the incognito team failed to infiltrate Metargo airspace. Ben, howeve, was too busy to even respond

Zechairah, however, eventually responded to Viola with, "We're losing communications from somewhere, and many of the mechs are surrounding one ship that may be the larger entity you are talking about. If you can hack into to that one, it would be great. It may be a sonic cannon they are using, a prototype, at that. I can hear music while communications are severing, so that is the only conclusion I can make."


Kyle, however, was not faring so well. because he could not afford to take as many hits as fellow Metargo pilots, he moved upwards, and, despite the shielding available, took a direct hit from a cannon which forces him a ways backwards. "Graaarrrgh!!" The shields were down, the armor at the cockpit taking heavy damage. Another direct hit in that area, and he will be toast.

George, one of the Lion Team members from earlier, heard the shout and got in front of Kyle while shooting rapidly towards the enemy Eagle. "I'll hold this one off! You get to the mech launching bay on the Titan! My Falcon's armor is thicker! I can take enough hits!"

Kyle nodded. "Don't get yourself killed!"

While returning to the Titan, which he just saw collide with the desert portion of the coast (most of the area was tropical) Private Scipio spotted a beat-up Type 34 in the water nearby. He attempted to connect to it, yet no response. "If that is Corporal Howe... shit... his fiancée won't be happy to hear about this..." He picked up the type 34 before landing inside the Titan, which was bustling with activity with all the repairs that needed to be done. There heading those repairs was Bibiana Durrans, Laurence Howe's fiancée. She was barking out commands on who goes where.

Once Kyle used the Falcon's hands to manually open the Type 34's cockpit, Kyle opened his own and stood to see who it was. Laughing once he knew, he shouted, "Well, Corporal, that's one way to show you got guts! Was that you who took out two Sabre Bleus, over there!? I barely noticed, but didn't know that was you!" Pointing diagonally downwards towards Bibi, he added, "Either way, sir, you got some explaining to do with your fiancée, down there! You could have been fried before your own wedding scheduled to take place after this war!"

Bibi saw the two Lions up there and shouted, "Hey! Didn't you hear your Sergeant say you got orders from the Captain to protect this ship!? Get down here for the cardkeys to the AIs for the mechs that are ready for you in case you trashed your main mechs like you seemingly did!"

Kyle smirked towards Howe. "You heard the lady!"

Once both were in front of Bibi, she handed the cards. "Scipio, you got the Lama Rossa behind me! It's faster than your typical Lama Rossa at the expense of armor, so be careful, this time! Your mech's AI's name is Quintus! Laurence, I've prepped another Type 34 for you, to your right! It works the same as the one you were in, meaning you don't need to worry about adjusting! That one's Ai's is named Claudia!" Glaring at her fiancé, she added, "And do make it back in one piece! We've already lost more pilots than we expected, today! When you come back from the fighting, I'd like to talk to you in my office in room HR-35!" She motioned for the two of them to go while screaming, "Now, move it!"

Bibi then walked up to Cain and grabbed his ear. "Specialist Numi, you'll have time to talk to the Crown Prince, later! Sergeant Lextu is ordering all available Lion Team pilots to protect the titan as per Captain Ire's commands!" Glacning at Scoar, she said, "Sorry, your highness, but Numi's supposed to get out there, now." She let go of Cain's ear before shouting to the former Ghost, "Get a move on, will you!?"


(red is the color for the Metargo language, blue for the Benjlakki language. this is so to differentiate between the two languages in a conversation between people from different nationalities. The languages are similar, though there are some differences.)

Aaron commanded Lion Team to move the fight closer to the Titan, albeit without meaning to. Zechariah had most of Brown Wing Team left pursue so that the enemy squadron would not be able to do much of anything. Zechariah's armor was wearing down from the few hits he took from Aaron's beam sword. The next hit to the cockpit, for sure, would be the end of him. Finally, after what seemed like a long while, he managed to blast away the other arm to Aaron's Falcon, forcing him out of the fight.

Were Zechariah any other Benjlakki soldier, he would have finished him with one more shot, but he was true to his belief in the Deity and refrained from doing so, only pointing his spare Bema rifle in Aaron's direction. On the open channel (which miraculously was unscathed), he spoke in Metargo with, "Aaron Lextu, the Falcon of Fury, this is Zechariah Malachi! You have no reason to continue fighting me! I certainly have no wish to continue this confrontation!"

Aaron could not believe his ears: a member of the famous and legendary Malachi family was telling him to stop fighting? A Malachi bested him? No wonder he had such a rough time! "If I refuse!?"

"You have no way of resuming the fight, at this point!"


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Chemda and Adira finally managed to defeat a formidable Falcon together. When they the other Eagles heading towards the Titan, they figured they ought to help out until they saw the fighting on the other side of the battle. Turning their mech's heads towards each other and having them nodding in agreement, the twins flew towards the scene of heavy fire. Without even communicating through words, they worked as a team and gracefully fought their way to the scene. Actually being in the midst of the intense fighting caused some worry. One hit from the sonic canon would surely be in the end of one of them. Of course, with the mech dogfighting so intense in the area, their primary focus was to wade it out until the moment they can strike at the canon.


Field Marshal Constantini observed from the holographic map the battle between the fleets, which was getting more intense by the moment. Once he heard communications with the 101st Fleet were completely cut, he finally had enough. thankfully, the long-range artillery was relatively intact. "Aim the guided missiles at the enemy ships, and don't hit any of our own forces!" From miles away, the artillery fired, guided missiles making their way towards the Metargo ships. The actual damaged would be known, later.


One of the other squadrons escorted Laurence Vance back to the mech bay, where he was ordered to stand by in another Praetorian until the situation calls for his assistance, again. Fro now, all anyone in the bunker could do was wait.


Saul saw the scenario and told Admiral Preston, "This may be a the time to launch. Be careful: enemy artillery has fired upon our fleet. from the ground, several miles away from the coast. Your priority is to protect the ships and stay close to the fleet." Contacting Scoar, he told him, "Son, we need you in one of the available mechs. Take command of whatever pilots you can and fend off the enemy mechs. At this rate, we may have to retreat and find a way around the garrison. Let us hope it does not come to that."


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#, as written by Damioa
Cain and Scoar sat talking to each other about an old dessert that they use to enjoy when they were kids. It was meaningless conversation but cooled down the nerves. Suddenly Cain felt a sharp pain on his ear as Bibi grabbed it. "Specialist Numi, you'll have time to talk to the Crown Prince, later! Sergeant Lextu is ordering all available Lion Team pilots to protect the titan as per Captain Ire's commands!" Cain in returned put on his signature smile and said, "Sorry Bibi. I'll get right on that." Surprisingly, she was still hanging on to his ear while apologizing to Scoar.

"Don't worry about it. We weren't talking about anything important anyways." The prince said also smiling.
Finally she let go of the boys ear before saying, "Get a move on, will you!?"
Cain bowed and silently turned around, his smile disappearing once his face was out of sight. A disgusted look appeared on his face for a quick second and suddenly turned into an emotionless one. Scoar chased and grabbed his arm.
"Hey Cain, let me come with you." He requested. "It should prove to be fun."
Cain turned around slightly. "I don't see the fun in taking other people's lives. It's just part of the job and nothing else." His face eased up a bit. "You stay here and help somewhere else yeah?"
Scoar nodded his head a little as Cain got inside the Near Shadow.

As Cain put his buckle on he couldn't think of much else but for how, even though it was only for a split second, he wanted to kill that girl. It wasn't a surprising feeling, but the reasoning behind it was so miniscule. How long until he would actually start killing people for no reason?
Axl took his Beta mech and sneaked up on some of the Metargo's for front slashing mercilessly through their cores, making sure he would kill them. The feeling he received from each strike wasn't enjoyment or excitement, but something else entirely. It made him laugh a rather crazy laugh to think of the irony behind the situation.
Finally catching up to the Brown Wing team, he kept his mouth closed and decided to just follow leads. Either that or kill any Metargo his eyes came across. Upon hearing they were going to attack the titan, Axl's stomach tossed in excitement. If he used the Beta types move on the Titan, there would be no chance of survivors. He was sure that one of the royal family would be on it as well, meaning he could take down at least a 4th of Metargo's bloodline. Not really meaning much from a political viewpoint, but from morality level, it would at least bring sadness and anger. That anger would turn into either pride or willpower. This would cause the Metargo scum to fight believing that they have to win. And, finally, when they lose, when they all die, they will know true despair. Yes. Just like him. He chuckled at the thought and moved forward with the rest of the team.
"Vika, this is going to be an excellent opportunity for you to get to know me. Only in my element, can you see the real me." He mused.

Flying in the Near Shadow Alpha, always seemed like he was standing still. He loved the freedom of movement. It was so calm that if he closed his eyes he wouldn't even realize that he was moving towards any destination. Still, he had to focus on the mission at hand. He started by counting the amount of enemy units being picked up on his scanner. There were about a few dozen of them. Although that just accounted for this area of the battle field. He used the Near Shadow's advance computer to pick up on areas where he would be most needed.

He picked up on the sergeants unit along with an enemy unit discussing surrender. It seamed as if the enemy unit leader was confident that they had the upper hand, and it was Cains job to take away that upper hand. He slowly reached to the locked box on the console and unlocked it, proceeding to then punch the button inside. His mechs hand glowed in the center charging the mass nuclear cannon.

Fifty percent should be good enough for thirty people.

"This is Cain Jai Numi. My mission is to protect the Titan as well as to protect those who fight for Metargo. If you do not clear away, the majority of you will die. Mission, destroy enemy units. Mission. Accepted."
As with the change of his words, so came the change in his demeanor. His face was straight and unblinking and his ears were deafened to all exept his heartbeat. His eyes grew a shad of silver and were focused at the point of the blast. "Ready. Aim. Firing."
The Alpha swirled around in the sky looking to gain higher ground and stuck his hand out towards a designated spot in the battle zone. With a thrust of its arm it blasted a bluish rotating ball with a ring around it towards the battle field.
Not much of a surprise to Axl his brothers voice came up on his intercom threatening to destroy all surrounding units. Axl frowned at the straight tone in his voice. Luckily, no one was aware Axl was working with Benjlakk. He used this to his advantage. Of course he wanted to wait to use his mechs move on the titan and take a few people, but he needed to keep these people alive. Otherwise he wouldn't have a team to fight Metargo with. Or in the way he saw it, to use against Metargo.

Reluctantly he shifted his controls downward. "Vika, I don't mind if you try to gain more information on the enemy unit, but let me explain to you that my mech is more of a match for it and can even out do the destructive power of that mech. I can assure you it is nothing to worry about. However I do advise that you cut your connection at this moment. Nano byte viruses aren't things to joke about. At the full power both our machines will kick the bytes into overdrive. Take caution."

With that the Beta type Near Shadow took out one of the blades on its shoulders and ran its finger through it, coursing it with nano tech to give it firing power. The nano machines linked to each other on the blade and charged up with a shield that surrounded the weapon. Axl looked at the blast fire type bomb that Cain fired. He studied it for a brief moment trying to aim a proper coirdinante for his own attack. Finally seizing the opportune way point, he pushed up on his thruster causing the Beta type to swing its sword, forcing a line of energy straight at the ball of destruction. On contact, the scenery seemed to become blinded by light in a flash of energy. Random shots of energy dispersed through the sky's, reaching the heavens, and the coast reaching as far as the eye can see. It seemed like a meteor shower. Beautiful but dangerous, the men still felt need to halt and try to evade the shatter. Axl couldn't save every unit with that maneuver but he could at least stop the contact ground explosion.

Was Cain trying to kill everybody?
Sitting back down, Scoar nearly flipped out of his seat on impact of the shock wave. The whole ship was rocky. "Damn it Cain. Could've told me he was going to use that." In the middle of his curses he received a call from his father. "Son, we need you in one of the available mechs. Take command of whatever pilots you can and fend off the enemy mechs. At this rate, we may have to retreat and find a way around the garrison. Let us hope it does not come to that."

Scoar sat thinking about who could pilot anything around him. Most of the pilots were out already or busy with something else. He decided to walk to where Bibi was and ask her. "Bibiana. I'm taking one of the mechs out. By the time I'm ready I need you to find me 3-4 people to go out with me. Thanks." With that he turned around and went to the loading bay area with all of the mechs. It seemed that there were still enough left to do what he needed to do. After getting in one of them he waited for the rest of his made up squad.
After firing the nuke, Cain realized that the Near Shadows systems were functioning at a half of the power. Even though he only uses fifty percent of the cannon power he had the same occurrence that happened when he practiced with it before. A flaw in the programing no doubt but still it wasn't all bad. He started his decent to ground so that the could start the recharging process. It would be an hour before he could fire another blast but that should keep Benjlakk on their toes for awhile.

Axl too, felt that his systems were down. Though, unlike Cain he didn't know how to deal with the situation, it of course being the first time he used his mechs nano move. Least to say he was happy with the result and wondered what would happen if he charged it up a little longer. Looking at his screen he turned on the original comm system and called in to the branch command plate, only consisting of Near Shadow types. He began speaking in a rather foreign language, neither Benjlakk nor Metargo. "Eve Nigh wei. Jai Numi Cain."

Cain glanced at his comm and immediately found out the source of the call. It made even more sense due to the collision from earlier. "Eve Nigh wei. Brother."

"I gave you a chance to change your life. What happened?" Axl asked.
"Old habits die hardly." Cain retorted.
"Heh. No matter. Since you decide to stay on the side I'm against, I won't hesitate to kill you. I'll lump you body on the top of a mountain of bodies, just like I could have done months ago."
Cain's brow twitched and his response came after a brief pause. "I too, won't hesitate to kill you."

Both machines needing time to recharge, this would be all the confrontation either had for now.


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Bibiana nodded to the Captain and began giving instructions on how to go about something like what was requested. Normally, she would insist upon being called Bibi, or Ensign Durrans, but this was no time for arguments. She even helped with the heavy work, herself. She never was one to stand and watch. Soon enough, everything was in place. The needed mechs carried the equipment requested, as well as the communications rerouted. "Captain, this is Ensign Durrans. Everything's in place."

At first, Zechariah thought everything would end once a nuclear cannon was launched from another sort of mech he had never seen, before. All he could do was stay where he was. Another mech of the same model appeared, yet that one stopped the other's attack. He turned his attention back towards Aaron, whom did not budge.

Aaron eventually spotted the Captain's mech and listened. He complied to orders and made his way back to the titan, teeth gritting at the thought of his defeat. Zechariah, meanwhile, heard the woman's voice threatening to kill him if he did not withdraw. Benjamin wanted so badly to help his brother, yet was stuck fighting another Metargo.

Zechariah, however, remained calm and said to her, "I can't do that." He kept the beam rifle aimed at her, yet did not shoot, merely waited for her move.

Oddly enough, the Titan was slowly becoming invisible. The systems on there were gradually returning to normal, as well. As the rest of Lion Team and Brown Wing Team fought, Missiles kept coming. some were headed in direction of the Titan. Aaron wasted no time in transferring his beam cannon to a Lama Rossa still docked in the Titan. The Lama Rossa was a melee mech, but he was a mainly melee person, anyway. Once back in the air, he charged up the Beam Cannon to the needed output and blasted away at the missiles incoming towards the ship. Kyle, meanwhile, assisted in holding off any Benjlakki mechs still fighting.


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((This post was coordinated between Damioa and I. I'll get to other characters once someone else posts.))

Chemda and Adira made progress on a breakthrough for a full-out attack on the Sonic Cannon when they saw a huge flash of light coming from the beach. The two of them fought their way towards the beach, only to notice the cockpit was empty.

Cain kept himself hidden under the Near Shadow waiting to see what these intruders next motives would be. He used his enhance hearing to pick up on thier conversation.

Chemda spoke up. "Well, sis, looks like he won't be coming back to that mech."

"Don't be so sure," Adira retorted. "It could be a trap."

"I say we spring it."

Adira sighed. "Let's go on foot. First, we should take these Eagles of ours underwater. They can handle it until we come back for them."

'Damn.' Cain cursed to himself. He didn't want them to set foot in the Near Shadow, but had to wait for the opportuned time to strike.

Their ocean blue Eagle were submersed into the water to avoid their notice, right before turning off all systems and taking built-in underwater exits (which were requested by them) to come out of their mechs before resurfacing themselves and set foot on the beach.

Adira motioned for Chemda to follow her. Soon enough, they got to the Near Shadow and began searching the cockpit for anything. Chemda gave a thumbs up while saying, "Nothing to indicate a trap."

With them out of their mechs, Cain thought it would be easy for him to move in and silence them. He took out his combat knife and jumped on the cockpit.

Adira nodded. "We can probably bring it back to the Seraphim for examination." Just then, they heard something. "Get behind me, Chemda, and pull out your pistol."

Whereas Adira brought out her handmade katanna, Chemda brought out and readied her handguns. Once whoever it was came out, Adira held him off with her melee, while Chemda got behind the opponent to try to shoot him in the back. They were both so agile and fast, making their moves look like a lethal dance.

Quickly analyzing their moves Cain held his knife in a reverse grip going for the one with the sword in zig zag movements to evade the bullets. Having a shot barely miss him, he jumped over the girl with the sword and landed on the ground. Open terrain would help him win this fight.

The woman with the sword was fast. Too fast for a human. She quickly found her way to Cain who barely blocked her slash with his knife. Hearing the click of the gun he quickly spun himself to use the sword-girl as a sheild. The girl with the sword backfliped leaving Cain open to be shot. He quickly adjusted his grip on the knife to throw it and threw it at the girl with the gun. With a shot fired the knife pushed right through the bullet, splitting it in two and sending each peace pass Cains face, and continued to the gun the girld had in hand braking it and causing her to loose her grip. Wincing at the pain he gave a smurk. The girl was a good shot. She would've got his head if he didn't throw his knive.

Quickly however the other girl recovered herself from her jump and lunged once again towards Cain, who, without a weapon, had to go on the hard defensive. He dodged left and right continuously and looked for the opportuned moment to strike. However, it seemed like the girls swordsmanship left very little openings that Cain couldn't counter on. He backed up until he reached a tree. Being pinned against it was not in his favor. As the girl thrust her sword towards his mid section it seemed she might have connected. Thinking quickly Cain backflipped and held onto the tree, arms and legs stretched and now upsidedown. The blade barely missed the top of his head and peirced the tree. Now was his chance. The girl stood their trying to pull out her sword and Cain jumped forward off the tree and kicked her away from it. Now that everyone was free handed, Cain thought he had the upper hand and spread out his arms in different directions, with one had edging them to come on.

Looking closely at them he saw that the two girls resembled one another. Maybe they were even twins. It didn't matter to him but he still thought it would be good to note the possibility for later events.

Both girls were standing next to each other and lunged at him side by side. No. They were quickly switching sides with each other, leaving Cain to wonder wich side each was going to come from. When they finally approached him one seemed to be slightly bentm, punching his abdomen, while the other kicked him in his face. He tried to move back but he hit the swords handle. It wasn't body peircing but he could feel the bruise on his back.

The girl that was knelled down spun and rose to punch him in his face, while the other one went low to kick him in his leg. This time he was able to react quickly, raising his leg to block the kick and gaurding his face with his arms. It seemed that these two females were use to fighting along side each other and even had a little routine. However, Cain had the sense that they weren't blood thirsty enough to take him on. He had it noted that they were both stronger, accurate, and faster than most humans, but without bloodlust he knew that they didn't stand a chance.

Pushing both of them in seperate direction he charged at the closer girl. It was the girl that had the gun. It seemed she was ready to counter him and he expected the other one was going to try to get him from behind. He quickly spun around and let his right leg fly. It was always a gamble trying to guess an attacker thats behind you motives, but it was obne Cain was well adjusted to if his kick missed he would just round it to the other girl. Like he expected the girl that had the sword was trying to come from behind him and his kick landed on his ribs. He held nothing back in that kick which would crack a few ribs on any normal person. He also decided not to stop their.

Using the force from the kick he turned in the oppisite direction and let his leg fly once again. this time almost attaching itself to the other girls face. She was lucky enough to have blocked it. Retracing his movements he once again got in his battle stance. This fight was actually exciting for him. He hadn't had a person or a group of people last long with him when he was fighting seriously. Reaching into his poket, he took out a tranquilizer needle and kept it hidden in hsi palm. With the other girl slowly getting up holding her side, he had enough time to attack the one that was still standing. Hunching over, he quickly dashed toward the girl stepping back right before tackling her, avoiding an incomming kick. The girl known as Chemda. From this little scuffle Cain could tell that her kicks were pretty good, but it seemed that her shooting was better than her melee. The other one, who's name he didn't get, seemed to have good melee but just got unlucky attacking him from behind. He counted himself lucky he left the better one alone for now. He put forth his own kick that hit the girls leg which she blocked. He recharged to hit her mid section which seemed to catch her off gaurd and his last kick went straight for her face. Connection with a full follow through Cain proceeded to tackle her to the ground, forcing the needle into her neck. She would be okay, just out for a couple hours due to the needles poison. The three way kick he used was goo for getting people open, but he still didn't expect it to work on her. As he rose up to his feet he sucked his teeth in disapproval.


"Chemda!" Adira shouted her sister's name in shock and fear. Did this man intend to use Chemda as part of some sort of experiment or laboratory specimen? The thought of it enraged her as just much as seeing her sister defeated.


Cain then turned his head to the other girl who didn't seem to happy about him knocking out her sister. Cain lundged toward her and tried to use the same move on her, but it seemed she was a little betting at blocking fast moves on time. No matter, Cain still had more moves up his sleeve. He threw a couple punches to the girl trying to keep him on the defensive, not expecting her to parry his arm away, leaving his chest open for a hit. She punched him in the stomach hard, pushing him back a few feet, then jumped on top of his head. She spun around to twirl him towards the ground. This was a big mistake for her to do this to Cain who had the upper body stregnth to counter. He held out his hands to catch himself from the ground and continued in a front flip like motion until he was back on his feet.

Adira could not believe it! Any other man she came across would have been out cold by that move! Could he be one of those genetically-altered people from the lab on an island not far from the current battlefield? She did not even have time to process what she just witnessed during the fight.

Still attached to him, Cain grabbed the girl by the arms and slammed her on the ground. Holding still for a second, Cain realized that the girl was out cold and her grip soon loosened.

Falling backwards he gave an out of breath sigh. "Heh. Heh. Maybe in a couple years and with better training, you girls might stand a better chance. I wasn't holding back but I still didn't want to break you girls." Laughing softly to himself he overheard an oncoming mech and stood up again at the ready to run. He was releived to see that it was Scoar who was coming to pick him up and take him back to the titan.

"Hold on." Cain said, grabbing the girl he stuck with the needle. "Let's take this girl in and question her."
"Alright." Scoar nodded.
With them at the ready, Scoar had his mech carry the Near Shadow and the two headed back to the titan.


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((This post was coordinated between Colonel_Masters and myself))

Bibi sprinted towards the new Type 34 Laurence Howe was piloting and went straight to work on the preparations. Not only was she skilled at working machines, she was swift at it, as well. With years of mechanical finesse, it was to be expected. Once it was completed, she gave a thumbs up to him then said via radio, "Now, let's see you prove that you got it all under control!" She glare was serious as ever.


"Systems now recognize externally added weapon bank… scanning… Weapon system accepted, gunner private Ashly reporting" said the calm voice of the 34's AI Claudia.

Laurence had heard that AI's with time tended to develop a personality but he wasn't experienced with such systems. On his previous T34 possessed an older AI system Laurence was accustomed to but he didn't expect any problem with Claudia.

Laurence saw Bibi give him the thumbs up but he was not all too sure of what she had shouted at him.

Once final checks where complete, Laurence departed the Titan once again along with his majesty and the captain. Other pilots gradually joined in their defense of the Titan however with such a distance between the beached Titan and the main bulk of the fleet the Benjlakki possessed an uneven advantage in available mech's from both navy and army garrison.

The first few seconds of their sortie where almost uneventful until Laurence detected on his radar scanners a number of opposing scattered mechs reorganizing and coming in for an attack. Laurence was puzzled, from where had such a volume of enemy reinforcement arrived?

Either way, his majesty departed to offer Cain's assistance the captain was counting on him to be her wingman.

"Captain, there is an entire group of enemy Mech's incoming. I have one on my tale so I shall proceed with evasive maneuvers" said Laurence as he pulled the T34 into a downward role enticing his enemy to follow but also giving his gunner a full arch of fire.

The enemy Mech approached and seemed to take the bait however his attack on the T34 was of such a minute volume Laurence thought the enemy pilot was also playing a dirty game. Laurence was proven wrong however when the gunner was able to deliver a stunningly accurate blow at the Mech sending it burning onto the ground below.


Captain Raiyn Ire gritted her teeth at the response she received from Zechariah. She knew she couldn't stay out there too long, but she had no idea what this opponent would do. if she moved, he may shoot. So, with quick thinking, she charged to try to disable the beam rifle, th3en spun in a manoeuvre before trying to make it back to the Titan.

Zechariah, out of reflex, moved the rifle out of the way before firing at the woman's mech, hitting the engine and causing her to fall towards the water. She made a crash landing on the beach then got up, using the mech's communications, to try to contact the new arrival. "This is Caprtain Ire, of the Titan. Forward your coordinates to Admiral Preston so he can give the orders to retreat from there. He will want to regroup at that point before taking an alternate route into Benjlakki territory." Little did she realize, it would be the last message Raiyn would give.


It was not long before Laurence caught site of another enemy Mech and was able to gain a complete read out on the foe. Laurence launched two of his smaller air to air missiles and then returned to formation with the captain.

"Ma’am, this does not make any sense. Scans reveal that the enemy Mech's are amphibious types with little prowess at Mech combat, why would the Benjlakki send these to engage us?" asked Laurence over the come.

Laurence did not hear his captain's answer for at that moment she had turned to face an incoming enemy Mech. Laurence rushed to fill the gap and cover for his captain but it was too late…


Leopold was aghast; the disaster's scale was growing by the second. The amphibious mech's
where being massacred by the superior Metargo units.

Leopold bellowed numerous orders in an attempt to regroup the unit and make some attempt at escape but powerful interference prevented many of his orders from reaching pilots critically in need of them.

A channel with the admiral opened presumably to receive new orders from her however only static arrived on his side. Leopold intended to request a repeat of her message however two incoming enemy mech's received his entire attention.

What occurred next was a massacre, Mech by mech of his command where destroyed as the vastly superior combat Mech tore into his formation. Leopold rushed to protect his mech's but despite his mech's prowess he was not equipped to deal with this kind of engagement at the moment.

"Sir! He is right on me!" came a message from a pilot moments before he exploded, "I am on fire, I can't bail out!" came another as he burned into a crisp. From a group of 10 remained 5 and there was not a damn thing Leopold could do for them.

What was the use of being in command if you can't protect your charge? Thought Leopold, the thought struck him; if he did not do something his life was not worth living.

Leopold powered hi Mech ahead, he had little long ranged weapons but that did not matter, he had neither sword nor rifle but he did not care. Another Benjlakki Mech joined in the attack and tore into the leading foe sending down onto the beach but Leopold would not stop now.

He had to destroy the enemy; he had to prevent them from ever being a threat to his crews.
The Mech which still flew never saw it coming, transfixed on trying to protect his captain from missile attack and suffering from Leopold's sensor gamming signal he did not respond in time to Leopold's approach.

Leopold smashed into the Mech using his cannons putting it to flame and sending it side ward in disarray it tried to turn and evade him .

The commanding Mech below struggled to regain some footing but never made it far' Leopold would have little memory of his actions during those fateful seconds.

The enemy pilot fought desperately inflicting great damage on Leopold's Dominator but by the time Leopold snapped out of his berserk fury the helpless enemy ley utterly destroyed; its own sword piercing what used to be the pilot's cockpit.

Leopold took off once again and regrouped with his remaining pilots under the cover of the friendly mech's, it was not time to head for home.

For the second time today Laurence struggled to regain control of his Mech. The rounds had hit his fuselage and the cockpit and the automated onboard fire control system struggled to put out the flames.

The mech was still operable but by the time Laurence turned around back to the beach all that remained where the shredded remains of his Captains Mech.

"Mayday, Mayday the captain is down, I repeat the captain is down! Requesting immediate assistance!"


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Aaron heard Howe mention Captain Raiyn Ire having been killed in action, which infuriated him after a wave of shock hit him. He then proceeded to go slice some enemy mechs trying to breach the Titan in a rage. That same magnitude of rage released was part of the reason he was known all over Metargo as the Falcon of Fury; there were very few people who did not know of him and his reputation for applying deep ferocity when slaying opponents in melee combat. The artillery bombardment on the 96th Royal Fleet was over, by then, meaning all that was left to do was ensure the retreat be carried out.


Bibi was about to give out the orders for the switch on the newer mech, but the pilot beat her to it. Whoever was in there obviously did not know who was in charge of the mechanics on the Titan. "Who does that guy think he is? [I]I'm in charge of this ship's mechanics!" Despite her anger at someone doing her job, she figured she would just roll with it until the battle was over. Working quickly, she contributed to the switch and watched as the new pilot launched and took down two Benjlakki mechs while he was at it.


Saul became even more stressed out the more the battle went on. He knew fighting Benjlakk would not be easy, but this went beyond his expectations for a country with few men with much experience. He heard his son mention the loss of Captain Ire, as well as the capture of a woman whom allegedly had her genetic makeup altered. "I heard from Howe about losing the Captain. He was all over the fleet's channel. As for the woman, I would like a medic to go and check her genetic structure, to be sure. If it is true, and her genes were altered, one question rises in my mind, it would confirm my fears concerning what Benjlakki news said on an unorthodox laboratory on an island close to this battlefield during an attack there by mercenaries with an unknown employer. That would also raise the Why was a group of Benjlakki doing such experiments, knowing it was illegal in their country? Could whoever it was that conducted the alteration of the woman's genetic structure know something that we do not?"


Zechariah Was unable to respond to Sandra's query, at first, because he was preoccupied with an enemy mech's next move. Now that he was able, he said to the Admiral, "Sorry for the delay in responding, ma'am. The only casualties so far were Sergeant Harrison, Privates Jones and Robinson, and Corporals Johnson and Mercutio. Harrison's Eagle was shot down by a stray blast before we even engaged Lion Team. The other confirmed deaths I mentioned died during the dogfight with the enemy squadron. The Shapiro Twins' status is unclear. I can't pick up their Eagles' heat signatures. They may landed them underwater and went to investigate something, possibly that downed mech that used a nuclear weapon. I can't pinpoint where they are, right now."

He next heard a person, whom he assumed was Axl, mention the retreat and ask what to do. In his Eagle's current state, Zechariah could not withstand more damage. Other pilots in Brown Wing were in similar situations. It certainly proved how tough the Lion Team was. "All Brown Wings, regroup and head back to the Seraphim. We're in no state to continue the fight as we are, right now."

Benjamin heard that and groaned. On the open channel, he said to the opposing mech, "All right! I'm letting you off easy, this time! Don't be so sure about next time!"


Adira was still unconscious as Zechariah said for the others in the squadron to regroup. When she finally woke up, she noticed both the man and her sister were missing from the scene. Tears came down her eyes, her grief turning into renewed anger. She was not going back to the Seraphim without Chemda. Bringing out a spy probe, she activated it and had programmed to follow the Titan and record its movements. Then, she went underwater and swam back into her Eagle, waiting for the right moment to pursue. The mech's electronic systems were still off, meaning her heat signature would minimum, with neither Benjlakk nor Metargo able to see where she was.


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Zechariah faceploam, "Admiral, did you not get my message regarding her, at all? I specifically told you before getting back on board the Seraphim that I was taking her to this ship for humanitarian purposes. She teleported into the cockpit of my Eagle by accident while Ben and I were searching for the Shapiro Twins and their mechs."

Benjamin remained at attention, but added, "He is right, Rear Admiral, he did not plan on a prisoner situation."


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((Tagging at least on of each person's characters to let people know we are still up and running. So, If I do not mention some of the characters tagged, that is why.))

Now that the Shapiro twins were away from Metargo territory, Adira changed course for the islands nearest the Gatwashiim Peninsula. Chemda noticed that change of course on the digital map and asked, "Um... Adira? Why are we not headed for the Seraphim?"

"There is something I need to show you."

They landed next to an abandoned buildings, the surrounding area showing signs of combat, yet nothing from the current war. There were vines, moss, and all sorts of other things from nature covering the weapons and mech parts. The craters had been filled with water from rain over the years, resulting in ponds filled with sediments. The building itself was largely intact.

The twins entered the building to notice from familiar things about it. Files scattered about, laboratory materials on the shelves of rooms, even the screens on the walls. Their memories were returning, however slowly. Adira already knew, but Chemda only now realized this was the laboratory they came out of with their parents when merely little girls.

Once they made it to the safe, Adira began using her handprints and eyes for the scanning to unlock it. As she did so, she explained. "Chemda, this safe contains information on the project we were a part of, the reason for our heavily advanced capabilities. From what I could gather, we were genetically modified so to defeat a group of other genetically enhanced people from Metargo. Our encounter with that one opponent before you were captured confirms this. What I am wondering is, who first sponsored and came up with this 'Project Ghost' that we were to face off against when we were old enough, and why was such a thing happening, to begin with? Both the Benjlakki and Metargo governments deemed it illegal to experiment on humans. I was not about to let you be used as a guinea pig on the off chance someone on board that ship had plans for that. Once we obtain the documents, we are destroying this facility so the enemy does not get its hands on the scientific gear inside the building."

Chemda tilted her head. "How will we do that?"

"There is an armory nearby. We will use the explosives inside to blow the facility up. what is left will be destroyed by your Eagle, which I connected to via my customized comm device so to set it to autopilot to make it here."
The safe finally opened, allowing Adira to grab the files in there. "The reason the safe was untouched is because the systems rigged it so any forced opening would result in an explosion. We will need these papers so to conduct our own investigation into this 'Project Ghost'. We can trust neither the Benjlakki Armed Forces, nor the Metargo Royal Military." Now that the files were obtained, Adira motioned for Chemda to come. Okay! Let's go!"

The twins sprinted towards the armory, where Adira used the card key she swiped from the desk of her and her sister's father, whom was drunk at the time, the day the twins were drafted. Once in the armory, both Adira and Chemda searched it for explosives and set them wherever the biggest bang could occur in the facility. Adira was the one who set the timer on each, activating them at each location. The Shapiro twins barely had enough time to get out of there and away from the blast radius before the entire facility went up in flames and ashes.

Just then, Chemda spotted something weird: one of Adira's pockets had something in there. Nothing was there, before, so it struck her as odd. "Adira, what's in your right pocket?"

"What do you mean? Nothing should be in there."
After reaching in it, she pulled out the locating watch Jin had placed in the pocket without her notice. "Damn! We've been tracked! She threw it in the air and sliced it to bits with her swords out of frustration. "Get in your Eagle, now!"

Chemda did as she was told and enter the cockpit of the Eagle that had just landed. Both twins, in he cockpits of their eagles, launched into the air and switched their mechs to humanoid mode, Adira's holding twin blades while Chemda's was equipped with two beam rifles, one in each hand. Chemda got behind Adira and both waited in the air for their attackers to arrive.

Adira contacted her sister via radio with, "Chemda, I'll draw the enemy away from you so you can pick them off from a distance."



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Adira grinned slyly at the part of the deal to spare the pilots' lives as Jin communicated with her . Doesn't he realize Chemda was not trying to kill them? She examined the scene with the Champ landing on the beach. She decided to land a mile away from the Champ in case it was a trap. She then, after sending the Eagle she piloted into a hibernation state, sprinted the whole mile to Jin, swords pulled out, then slid to stop right in front of him. The pilots were shocked at the speed and control over it Adira had, yet Adira kept her calm and said to Jin, "You seem to have been drinking on the job, I see. Pity, I'd expect someone of your rank to have more discipline."

Carrying Jin on her back, she added, "I don't think Chemda was trying to kill the pilots, by the way. If she were, she would have hit their cockpits instead of the engines." After the sprint back to her Eagle, she set Jin on the ground and brought out a sleeping bag. "Here. You'll need to sleep off the alcohol before we talk."

The girl then walked behind into the woods and found a clear blue lake before long. Man, I'm sweaty. All this action can really heat a girl up. She quickly undressed and got into the lake to bathe.

About half an hour later ...

Adira was dry and completely dressed, walking on back to where she left Jin. "You sober, now?"

By then, Chemda landed and found Adira and Jin. "Everything okay, Adira?"

"We'll see, Chemda."


Zechariah listened to Viki mention what she liked, and nodded every so often. He blushed, however, at the part about being exciting to be around. "Well, you could say that... anyway... yeah, I like robotics. Working on machines and stuff gives me a sense of calm due to the fact I am actually building or repairing something instead of destroying it. Long story..."

Torii made some sounds while speaking to Viki, which would translate to her as, What he means is, it keeps his mind off the Malachi family legacy. The Malachi family is renown all over Benjlakk and beyond for its long and distinguished military lineage, something he wanted to avoid taking part in; he desired not have to shoot at anybody. But, being drafted, that plan went down the drain. The Malachis are kind of the Benjlakki counterpart to the Lextus in Metargo.

Zechariah let Torii finish giving the explanation (he assumed) before he spoke again. "Thanks, Torii... I think. Anyway, I, too, like cats, as well as dogs. I honestly don't know which kind of pet between those two I would want. And then, there are quite a few sports I participated in that I enjoyed, including track & field, swimming, and cross country. I even like music, nature, and volunteering my time to charities and whatnot. I've done my own share of travelling, mostly within Fertaninn. Been to Metargo City, once, on a trip with a friend of mine that was actually an exchange student from Metargo. He taught me quite a bit about building stuff, more than I could have learned on my own, which I honestly learned much about robotics through reading and experimenting. Solar Technology is a Benjlakki thing, but some of the inspiration for today's technology came from Metargo immigrants and exchange students, before the war, that is."

Zechariah lowered his head in sadness. He knew Sandra wanted him to convince Viki to push for a ceasefire and treaty, which added to that glumness. "If only more people realized how much nations worldwide benefitted from each other. Benjlakki agriculture, Metargo technological savvy, Mysticaran efficiency with resources, Omegaran drive for scholarly endeavors... it all gradually blended together. History has shown that." He smiled softly when he raised his head to look at Viki, yet his eyes betrayed how upset he was. "But, we should probably change the subject to something not involving politics. I know, I brought it up, but... it's... depressing."


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Kal had nodded silently before posing the query with a smile, "Our expectations and reality always seem to be different, Eh?" Followed by, "I was pretty sure we went into the battle pretty boned. But you guys really brought us to glory out there. I wasn't just your brother's leadership it was all of your teams actions and sacrifices."

Ben nodded, then placed a hand behind his neck. "I guess you have as point." Just then, right behind him, he heard a frustrated grunt, female, at that, which prompted him to look behind. There, he saw none other than Cecilia Vonduer, whom punched a wall. Benjamin had an idea what was going on. "Hey! Cecilia! Mind if you wait for me over at the mess hall?" Cecilia raised an eyebrow and wondered what Ben would say, but went over to the mess hall, anyway. After that, Benjamin turned back to Kal with, "Say, if you are not in any squadron with anyone, why don't you sit with us whenever we are at the mess hall? Brown Wing Team won't bite."


"I like the medical gown on you. It's fetching," was what the twins heard right behind them.

Chemda raised an eyebrow, not even knowing what the heck Jin said, since it was in Metargo. Sure, she figured he was giving her a compliment, but she could not figure out all the words. Adira, on the other hand, glared with a look of annoyance. "Hitting on Chemda, are we!?"

Next came the question, "Why didn't you kill me, earlier today?"

Adira went wide-eyed for a moment, prior to turning her head and giving an irritated, flustered, and slightly embarrassed, "I don't know, all right!?"

Chemda smirked a little. "I may not know the Metargo language all that well, Adira, but I can tell when you are developing feelings for someone!"

Adira jerked her head to shout, "Hey! That was uncalled for!"

"Hug time!"

"No, no hug..."
It was too late, Chemda already wrapped her arms around Adira in a hug therapy session, which left Adira, herself, twitching her left eye some in a mixture of both annoyance and embarrassment. "...time..." Looking towards Jin, she told him, "This happens a lot when we're about to argue."

Chemda chimed in with, "Yep! It's true! And, as far as Adira being uptight, she's always like that, so serious and whatnot, but also calm and such."

Adira frowned. "What's it matter to him?"


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Jin struggled to remember the words Adira had spoke during their prior engagement probably to to his inebriation. He felt like an ass for asking the question now, and when she offered to give him a copy of the papers only to end up finding what he had stolen he felt like an even bigger ass. "...uh... your just gonna give me these?" Jin struggled to comprehend the idea but didn't want to question his way out of information. He gave the papers a quick scan before coming to the conclusion that they were the same as he had read before.

"Thank you.." he said as he stood up to give the girl a proper bow. "Im pleased to have met you Ms. Adria Shapiro and Chemda as well but I'm afraid I must be returning now, and I ask that you don't follow me and escape this cruel war you don't belong in it, Neither of us and me we're a lot alike." Jin's words faded to the humming of Champs thrusters as the mech rapidly approached, and could now be seen flying over the tree line.

"I hope to see you again darling” were his last words as he grabbed hold of the hook that repelled from Champs cabin, and hastily ascended into it without the Mech stopping. Once inside Jin swiftly brought the thruster to full speed and set coarse for the titan. Punching a few codes Jin opened a private line to his assistant.

Aurelia's communications bracelet began to flash bright blue as she walked down the halls on her way to the king.
"Hello!! where the hell have you been! Ive been.... we've been... answer my first question now!" she yelled frantically but still in a hushed tone.

"Don't worry about that Im on my way and I have news for the king go get a drink or something, your nerves seem shot." Jin replied clutching the copied files in his hand.


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Zechariah held his fire for a moment when Viki said she was set. Seeing her work her spell to drop objects onto the rogues left him in astonishment until he recovered and continued shooting. One of the enemy headed in Viki's direction. He would have shot a stun beam had the clips on both pistols not run out of ammunition. Zechariah was about to get in front of Viki to take on the criminal in hand to hand combat when he noticed a swift-moving old man get behind the foe and stab him unconscious.

"What the...!? Who...!?" His latter question was answered before it was completed, since Viki exclaimed the swordsman's name. It left him briefly baffled. For one, she sounded as if she had a crush on the man. The other was, how could the Royal Knight get by with just a sword, if he were protecting the royal family? He would have to have uncanny stealth. It did not take long before Sir Hansel was deflecting beams with his sword at a rapid pace. That is a first.

Zechariah then heard Sir Hansel speak to him. " Young man, can you take down a few more of them? We should be able to fight our way out of this mess.”

That was when Zechariah refocused on the task at hand, reloading his plasma pistols. "On it!"

Once the reloading was complete, Zechariah leaped into the air as he shot a barrage of stun beams in the front enemy's direction, the majority reaching their mark. The barrage was just as much to distract the foes as to bring them down. landing in the middle of a smaller group, he wasted no time in evading each and every shot while blasting stun beams with incredible accuracy. He own speed nearly matched that of Sir Hansel while sprinting forward and bringing down several more rogues that were in the way. Whatever number of them were left over would be easy pickings for Viki and Sir Hansel.

"This way! To the docks!"

Meanwhile, Benjamin quit his ranting when Oriana tried to calm him down. At the mention of the first attacks on the Benjlakki bases, he nodded. Those first attacks on the bases occurred more as skirmishes than anything else, with most of the fighting along the shorelines. At the mention of her being near his "base", he thought to himself, we were only at the base in Gatourshai for extensive training, then we transferred to the Seraphim, a capital ship our navy has. She really needs to catch up on some things. "Sure, Ori! And, Brown Wing Team no longer trains at the Gatourshai base, we transferred to the BRNS Seraphim after our training was complete, and right on time, too. I will meet you at the docks."

Hanging up, Ben got on a transport that took him to town, where he met up with her. He hugged her immediately, relieved she was okay and alive. Letting go, he blushed while looking at Oriana. [color]"There... there is something I have been meaning to tell you, Ori."[/color] Before he could say anything else, however, Benjamin received an urgent call from Zechariah's comm bot, T7-B, involving Zechariah and Viki fighting their way through some hostile war criminals in the more run down area of town. "Damn! Zechariah's in trouble! I will have to make this confession short!"

Benjamin then placed his hands on her shoulders, blushing even more and expressing a little bit of shyness. He realzed he had to hurry because of the urgency, so once he finally gathered the courage, he kissed Oriana on the lips in a passionate manner prior to sprinting towards his destination.

Knowing his brother, he would want him to set his weapons to stun, and that he did. Once he caught sight of the fighting and noticed Zechariah making his way through the war criminals, Benjamin fired his Plasma SMG with a loud battle cry. seven foes fell unconscious as more came to the immediate area.

Zechariah recognized the shout in an instant, even before the knocked out men fell so he could see him. "Ben! Perfect timing!"

Benjamin shouted back, "T7-B gave the message about your predicament!" Only the Malachi brothers could understand the code T7 used to communicate, since it was customized by Zechariah while making that communications disk bot. Ben aimed at another rogue while saying, "But, enough talk, for now!"

Zechariah went back to back with Benjamin due more incoming foes that were in the way. Benjamin roared his battle cry again as he blasted stun beam from his SMG at any hostile he spotted, Zechariah using his plasma pistols to accurately blast stun shots at enemies within his range of sight. Whatever number of foes left would be dealt with by Viki and Sir Hansel.

Once all was clear, it would only be a matter of getting to the docks. The part of town Zechariah, Benjamin, Viki, and Sir Hansel entered possessed more surveillance, thus with Naval Security around, it would be suicide for the rogues to pursue further. The docks were not far. Once there, Zechariah relayed the incident and the struggle to get to the docks, Naval Security sending some of their own squads to go retrieve the unconscious and other suspects. The Naval Security, of course, questioned the other witnesses, as well.

Once all questions were answered and Naval Security let the group go, Zechariah walked up to Viki and gave her a big, long hug. "I'll keep in touch, okay, Viki?" With that, he held T7-B as a communications disk and began to connect to the devices of all Brown Wing Team after he left a message for Admiral Lionel, reading: Admiral, some war criminals are headed towards a town in Metargo to destroy it. I am taking Brown Wing Team with me to stop and capture them.

The message he gave to Brown Wing Team was as follows:

Brown Wing Team, this is Zechariah Malachi! War criminals are attempting to destroy an entire town across enemy borders! All available Brown Wings, prepare your mechs to sortie!