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Mechas, Golems, and Nations



a part of Mechas, Golems, and Nations, by ZacharyTC.

Home to a presidential democracy with a balance between technology and magic. This nation applies renewable resources more often than others.

ZacharyTC holds sovereignty over Benjlakk, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

i based it on gundam seed, gundam seed destiny, gundam 00, star wars, medal of honor, and a few disney movies.


It is pretty much set up a lot like the United States: three branches of government balancing each other out, a constitution dictating the roles of each branch, a bill of rights, and all that jazz. A major difference is that it is not just two parties with a large hold of the power. It is also environmentally friendly; renewable energy sources are the dominant method of electricity in Benjlakk.

The eastern region, Fertaninn, is a paradise for farmers, agricultural workers, and biological researchers. This is also where many of the great solar technicians can be found. People often move to this region to escape the fuss of politics and the like due to the relatively untouched wildlife and plant life. This region includes Benjlakk's capital, the District of Justicra, where Congress, the President, the Supreme Court, and several headquarters to other important parts of the federal government reside.

Within the District of Justicra is a vibrant mix of cultures, along with a hub for philosophy and debate. Bakeries, restaurants, prestigious colleges, and the famous Justicra Library (comparable to the Library of Congress in our world), make this city home. Among other important cites is Diplomacy Square, where guests from foreign countries are entertained and citizens from all over Benjlakk, no matter their standing, come to both entertain and be entertained. The District of Justicra is where the cultures within the country and around the world mix the most, which is obvious in the food, architecture, and other aspects of life there.
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Home to a presidential democracy with a balance between technology and magic. This nation applies renewable resources more often than others.


Benjlakk is a part of Myrstrarkia.

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Elisabeth Quell [4] "It would be nice if you were a friend, then I might not kill you!"

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#, as written by Damioa
"No. That's alright." Cain tried to reassure the girl. "It's nothing to be sorry about. I'm,..." He was paused by the disturbance in the air. He couldn't put his finger on what it was. That was, until he saw the shadow.

What the hell?

He turned to Agathe. "You should leave this city. I have to go now." After those words, he darted out of the coffee shop and ran towards Aaron. Luckily he wasn't that far away. "I'm going to their Holiness's, I'll leave the princess up to you Sergeant." He said before he darted for the capitol building. He didn't usually use honorifics but when he did, it was mostly because he was in full sync with the mission. Protect the Royalty. All of them. No matter what the cost. This was the mission he was assigned for on this trip. It was a good thing the girl found him in the building, otherwise he'd be too far away.

I'm coming my king. I won't let the house fall.

He looked up in the air and saw the giant hovercraft shielding Benjlakk from the sun. He ran as fast as he could darting through people even jumping over some of the smaller buildings. Still, all the genetic mutations in the couldn't make him go faster than an airship. His only hope was that he made it there in time to save the king, queen, and the prince. From here on it was kill or fail and he prepared himself to kill anyone in order to protect them.


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#, as written by Zarhara
Sandra was about to speak when the aide walked up to president Anderson, as this happened her commlink bleeped and she listened to a similar message as the officer reported to the president. " It sounds very suspicious Mr. President would you like to send in the local police or the military sir?" She asked as she began to process other possible options that could be taken. She knew that she would most likely need to advise the president if he chose to take a military response though he also figured something could already be taking place.

Cam had been walking down the street when he saw a few police officers seem to spring into action saying something about hostages. He grabbed he gear and jogged across the square over to the Chieftain and Gracchus. "Sir, Mam'" He said saluting and bowing to them both. "I just observed a few local police speaking of a hostage situation." He said knowing that as part of the security team for the chieftain he should report it to Gracchus knowing he would probably make a decision.

Calida followed close to Saul and the others as the left the meeting. She kept to herself as she reviewed the events, she hoped what she had said would hold with the others and influence the final decision. Speaking out like that had really brought her esteem up, normally the queen felt her duties were restricted to simple small talk and christening ships.