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Donavan Cainma

"...Don't touch me..."

0 · 708 views · located in England

a character in “Medieval Ages: Rebels of Revenge”, as played by Dak'nahlan J'novi




Your Category:


Which country did you come from:

Born in Katanga, living in Phobia




Quiet, Speaks with his actions most of the time, Not very emotional.


Death by Insanity


Whisper: The ability to walk into a room and introduce an idea, and everyone with that knowledge will began speaking about said subject.
Dissipate: The ability to touch a specific element like metals and dissappear for a short amount of time.
Jinx: The ability to give someone bad luck or rather take some of their good luck.
Owl Eyes: In the dark, especially exposed to moonlight, vision improves tremendously.
Telepathy: The ability to talk to another's mind, but only in short words.


Swordsmanship, Archery, Free Running, Open-Handed Combat, Bartering, Pickpocketing and Poison Making.


Institutions for the Insane


Gold, Weapons, Valuable things, The Dark.

Are you royalty?:


Any family members:

No... Not anymore.

Background story:

I'm alone. I've been alone my entire life. The shining of hope of family that I ever got were my parents exile at Raymond's Throne. The king was scared and using his power the wrong way. Of course, me being a child, I wasn't able to do anything else but watch as they were put to the chopping block. I ran. I ran from that place and didn't think about going back until it got to the point when my legs got wobbly. A woman decided to pick me up from the ground. She was nice. She was. She was the only person to get me back on my feet. I stole and I still steal. I kill and I still kill. If people give me my next night's sleep and my next meal to eat, might as well do it right? I've been changed by the people I've killed. I've stolen things that have changed me. Rumors go around saying I'm a ghost. Let them. I haven't been around a lot of people, never needed to. Because I look at my scars... and I look at my blade. And I laugh... I laugh so hard.

People like me can't make friends.

So begins...

Donavan Cainma's Story


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Wondering along the lines of the roads of England, I waltz into the Land of Kantanga. I was back in this place. Again. Its been a couple months since I given a job here. It was a shill job I believe. Either way, it had been quite a while since the visitation of this kingdom. My mother, my father. My only family dead because of the king... but I didn't know why. I wanted to, but 10 years of searching has lead me to nothing.

I entered the nearest town, my black cloak, tattered and all flowing behind me and my boots clinked slightly against the firm dirt beneath them. The day's sun reflected off my blade and went away soon after I entered an inn. The bartender yelped a little at seeing my appearance and squinted my eyes at him wondering why and I noticed the dagger in the arm of a weak looking princess and a woman shouting for a sword. I was up here for a job on an old woman's cottage but I knew that could wait. I wasn't going to be some hero and save this girl just because. I held onto a marble that I had in my pocket and used Dissipate, phasing out of visibility for a few moments and then went over outside of the bar waiting to see what was to become of this.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Donavan Cainma Character Portrait: Anzuna Smith Character Portrait: Christiana Lomeinea Character Portrait: Vladamir Rostovii
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Watching the fight progress on, Donavon almost felt like applauding the girl for her impressive movement and skills. But she immediately reared at him, shouting as she held her dagger with shaky hands. His eyes stayed in their cynical slit position and he wondered how long she had been like this. He eventually shook my head and staring over at the interior of the inn. I didn't need to get put in whatever the hell was going on in there but he knew that if he stayed any longer, he would get involved. But a person of royalty. Getting close to her would get closer to Raymond. And he was my true target.

I walked back into the bar and drew my sword, telling the man through telepathy, "She's mine. Back off." The man behind the counter ducked his head as I took my blade out of its holster.