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Two weeks 'till we meet.

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Most Cliche Long Distance Song
Every thought that no one else could possibly understand, was shared between the eight of them. Laughs, tears, and arguments have been shared within this small group of friends and through the good and rough times, they always stayed connected.
Flirting was always a fun tease, but some became aware of that those teases were real, and fell in love with their best friend. Words were strong enough to keep the emotions from boiling up, but time has passed and it's time to meet.
Though words of love have been transferred none of them have met face to face.
It all started with a mmo game that they all fell in love with. They were all just running around sometimes pairing up to beat a major boss, when Thornton decided to make a kin out of the eight of them, since then, they have played together.
Now after a year, they have all agreed to go to Richmond Comic Con, which takes place in two weeks.
What lies have they been telling to their kin members, and can these eight people really be friends out of their element?

Aurinia is online
Plat1um is online.
Diam0nd is offline.
L0rdz is online.
Star.Gazing is online.
Whisper is online.
Dazuu is online.
Thornton is offline

Couple One
Aurinia and Whisper
These two have quite a few problems with their online relationship, because Aurinia doesn't post pictures of herself. There are only three that Whisper has ever seen with her face in the picture, the rest are ~naughty~ without faces. But even though these two don't seem to be on the same page when it comes to face to face, they chat. Some lies will come to light on the day of Comic Con.

Whisper | Hugh Dancy| Taken|

Couple Two
L0rdz and Dazuu
L0rdz is just a normal guy, who loaths games and gamers, well that is what everyone thinks. In truth he is quite fond of them, but keeping his life in two, makes it hard for him to be able to explain his online girlfriend to his OOC friends. In two weeks decisions are going to have to be made.
These two, love to skype and that is all it seems. No real phone numbers have been given to one another.

L0rdz | Justin Timberlake | Taken
Dazuu | Emma Watson | Taken

Couple Three
Thornton and Diam0nd
Diam0nd loves to party and live life on the edge, but with Thornton, it seems to be all business. These two, are quite the one and off switch. For a kin leader, Thornton has a hard time keeping track of his life and the game. But when comic con comes around, Thornton is going to be quite full when he sees how "wild" Diam0nd really is.
Through they have their fights, they always seem to have time to pick up the phone and text each other, though phone calls do not seem to make the list.

Thornton | Jim Parson | Reserved
Diam0nd | Zoe Saldana | Open

Couple Four
Plat1um and Star.Gazing
Plat1um is the struggling artist with some bad boy in the mix, and of course Star.Gazing couldn't help but fall head over feet. This couple was the first, and have been dating throughout the whole year. Plane tickets have been "bought" before to see each other, but "problems" always seemed to get in the way. These two, do it all though, skype, phone calls, text, and even social media.

Plat1um | Ryan Gosling | Taken
Star.Gazing | Jennifer Lawrence | Taken

Toggle Rules

ღ The secrets are not known, your character has no idea, they will only find out if someone tells them, or when they meet.
ღ Drama is always welcomed.
ღ Changing your characters stories, will be consider, if you and your partner both agree.
(But not you Whisper. You have to follow my idea.)
ღ I understand, that my what my character is doing is illegal, and if anyone feels awkward, then just don't join.
ღ This is sort of a rip off of lots of stories, I understand that, lets move on.
ღThe game they play is a MMO is basically like the movie Outlander mixed with Skyrim. So when talking about the game, just keep that in mind.
ღ Everyone must have secrets to make drama.
ღ Of course most of their interactions are online so you may write like an IM chat.
[EX.] Aurinia is online.
Aurinia say :{color=character-hex-color}blah blah blah.{/color}
I sat waiting for everyone to read my insightful message, I noticed my cat chewing on the Ethernet cord.
[End of EX]

ღ I will think of changing Face Claims, if you give me a gif of them that is 240 W and 200 H. Also they have to make a cute couple.
ღ Thank you so much for looking into this roleplay, I am really excited.

Here is an idea of a character chart, you do not have to follow this one.
Code: Select all
[left][size=200]  [symbol] [color=Choose color]REAL FULL NAME HERE[/color] [symbol] [/size]
    [img]DIRECT LINK TO PICTURE HERE[/img][/left]
   [u]Theme Song[/u]
[size=90][url=linkName of Theme Song | Artist Name[/url]
   [symbol] [color=character-hex-color][b]GENERAL INFORMATION[/b][/color] [symbol]


    [color=character-hex-color][u]Love Interest:[/u][/color]

   [symbol] [color=character-hex-color][b]APPEARANCE[/b][/color] [symbol]
    [color=character-hex-color][u]Hair Color:[/u][/color]
    [color=character-hex-color][u]Eye Color:[/u][/color]
    [color=character-hex-color][u]Description:[/u][/color] (Just anything that might not be covered in the provided picture.)

    [color=character-hex-color][u]Preferred Clothing:[/u][/color]

   [symbol] [color=character-hex-color][b]MENTALITY[/b][/color] [symbol]
               Lie 1 ||
               Lie 2 ||
               Lie 3 ||


   One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six
Explain each trait in paragraph form.

   [symbol] [color=character-hex-color][b]BACKGROUND[/b][/color] [symbol]
    [color=character-hex-color][u]Relationship Status:[/u][/color]
    [color=character-hex-color][u]Personal History:[/u][/color] (Tell a story, this is example writing.)

   [symbol] [color=character-hex-color][b]OTHER:[/b][/color] [symbol]

The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 3 authors


1 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Aurinia
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0.00 INK

Sweat dripped down past the sides of her neck, slipping under the black and gold uniforms. The strong odor of Degree deodorant, DEGREE GIRL swallowed the room leaving a musty feel of sweat lingering in the air. Florescent lights beamed down on the harsh orange colored floors, peering around the blinding white, and brown horses painted on the bricks. Pony tails bounced up and down, swinging back and forth while grunts echoed into the school gymnasium; bouncing off of the walls making it hard to completely constraint on her distant mind.
"Orlena!" Her voice was loud, and her brown eyes burned deep.
Green eyes rolled, as they locked eyes to the taller peer.
"What?" As the word flopped out of her mouth.
"It's too bad, your daddy can't buy you rhythm."
"Shut up. I have a lot on my plate." Orlena shrugged off and went back to thinking.
"If I get out of here at six, then I should be able to make it home around six'thirty, take a shower, be online around seven. I can do my Science homework while the game loads up. I can have enough time to be in bed around two, at the latest. That only gives me 8-9-10-11-12-1-2, seven hours of game time. And It seems-"
"Orlena! Quit day dreaming, we have things to do!" Once again her eyes were on fire.
"It's almost six anyways, lets just take off." Orlena smiled at the rest of the girls.
Her hair dripped, as she ran into her bedroom. The yellow towel slipped off of her body and fell to the floor. A wooden desk sat in a corner of the very pink, fluffy, girly room. Under the legs of the black leather chair was a pink grass carpet. Her arms stretched in the air before her fingers hungrily typed on the keyboard to log in.
Aurinia is online

Orlena let out a sigh, as she browsed through her feeds of her blogs.


6 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Aurinia Character Portrait: Elias Mulligan Character Portrait: Max Chabrousse Character Portrait: Jayson Cleryan Character Portrait: Katherine Jamie Louis Character Portrait: Alys Ley
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0.00 INK

Katherine sighed, laying on her bed, staring at the ceiling, then glancing at the clock occasionally. She then sat up, and went to her desk, after seeing her clock read "6:00 P.M.". She twirled around in her computer chair until she saw her old computer had started up, quickly typing in the password, and bringing up her blogs.

A small notification popped up.

Dazuu is online

"I've waited all day..." She sighed, and saw that another was online as well. Aurinia? She shrugged, and scrolled through her feeds, occasionally laughing at funny ones.


2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Aurinia Character Portrait: Elias Mulligan
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0.00 INK

The clock could not move any quicker, could it? The anticipation bubbled within Elias until the young man felt like he would bolt out of his seat, bag and books in hand. He'd promised to stay later today, seeing as some of his students had not fully grasped the concept of the essay they had been assigned. How long was it now until Comic Con? El pressed the home button on his phone so that the time and date flashed on the screen. Two weeks. That was two weeks too long. A voice to his side brought him back to the present.

"Mr. M?" asked the student beside him, her words carefully delivered as if he might snap. He never snapped though. Since the beginning of his teaching career, he had insisted upon being called by the first letter of his last name. "Mulligan" sounded like a character out of a fairy tale. El jumped slightly and turned, pushing his glasses up his nose.

"Right. Well. You need to start by thinking of your purpose..."

When 6:30 finally flashed on the iHome in his bedroom, Eli had already changed into a pair of lounge pants and a t-shirt which bore the name of a favorite movie in bold print. He was logging on to the computer when George's voice called from the kitchen.

"I'm making macaroni, E. Do you want some?" The nickname had been given initially to make fun of Elias for continually shortening his name. Now, it just sort of stuck. He stopped typing in the middle of his password.

"And cheese?"

"And cheese." El nodded to himself, but even though George couldn't see the gesture, he knew Elias would be fine with it. Somehow, they just knew each other.

Whisper is online.

He looked up at his screen for a moment and noticed that he was not the first one to arrive. Eli could've help but smile to himself as he noticed Aurinia was also online. He opened up an instant messaging app and set her as the recipient.

Whisper: Hey there :) How are you?

He felt something brush beside his leg while the message sent, and El looked down to see Frankie sitting between his legs, tail wagging expectantly as if she thought she deserved a treat. Eli offered her a pat on the head, which she accepted all the same, as he opened up his most recent book. It was a tale of intergalactic lovers, separated cheesily by custom and distance. He would probably scrap it within the week. Meanwhile, SKO finally loaded on the desktop, and he readied himself by laying one hand on the keyboard and the other on his mouse. The right one, the one on his mouse, moved quickly to push his glasses up his nose once more before returning to its previous position.

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Character Portrait: Elias Mulligan
2 sightings Elias Mulligan played by Scarlet Loup
"Silence is a text easy to misread."

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Re: #Meetup

What a wonderful idea!

Re: #Meetup

Maybe we could just start with the six of us who finished characters and the others can join in when they make their characters? Also, I'm going to be gone for the next week (going to a lake house with a friend), but I'll still probably be able to post a bit on my iPod :)

Re: #Meetup

I'm just waiting for people to turn in their characters. ;-; Come on guuys.

Re: #Meetup

Is this actually happening or.... ?

Re: #Meetup

Done my character :)

Re: #Meetup

He is all yours!

Re: #Meetup

Hi there, can I reserve Pl1tinum ? :)

Re: #Meetup

Alright, that's fine! I look forward to seeing her then to draw some ideas from her.

Re: #Meetup

I don't have any idea how he would be, so feel free to make him how you think he would be.
I know my character isn't up yet, I'm making her down. So when it is up, you can see how she is, if that helps.

Re: #Meetup

Hi, this looks fun! Can I please reserve FC: Hugh Dancy / Whisper?

Do you have any ideas/thoughts for his personality, by the way? I'm assuming you're playing Aurinia, so I didn't know if you had anything in mind :)

Re: #Meetup

Of course not, he is all yours.

Re: #Meetup

Mind me taking L0rdz? Thank you ^-^

Re: #Meetup

Sure thing!

Re: #Meetup

May I reserve the FC Jim Parsons, please?

Re: #Meetup

Of course.

Re: #Meetup

Star.Gazing, can I steal? ^_^

Re: #Meetup

Okie Dokie! Thanks! This rp sounds really FUN and full Of LOVE.

Re: #Meetup

Of course you can. I'm super excited.

Re: #Meetup

Can I reserve FC: Emma Watson ; Dazuu?

I'm about to log off now, but, I'll have at least a WIP up in the next two days. :D


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