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a character in “#Meetup”, as played by euphoric


{。◕//‿//◕。} OLRENA HELEN WATSON {。◕//‿//◕。}

Theme Song
Honey Bee | Steam Powered Giraffe

{。◕//‿//◕。} GENERAL INFORMATION {。◕//‿//◕。}

COUPLE ONE || Aurinia



AURINIA || is Twenty-four.
ORLENA || Is Sixteen.

Love Interest:

{。◕//‿//◕。} APPEARANCE {。◕//‿//◕。}

AURINIA || 5'6
ORLENA || 5'2

AURINIA || 122
ORLENA || 115

AURINIA || Her measurements are 33-23-33. Being taller than Orlena she looks slimmer.
ORLENA || Her measurements are 33-24-32 in. Meaning she is a full figure young girl.

Hair Color:
AURINIA || Dark Brunette
ORLENA || Dirty Blond.

Eye Color:
AURINIA || Chocolate Brown
ORLENA || Green


Preferred Clothing:
AURINIA || Wears more edgy clothes, leather jackets, and jeans. Forest colors such as, greens and browns.
ORLENA || Wears mostly soft tones, and things that are cutesy. Pinks, light blues, and whites.

{。◕//‿//◕。} MENTALITY {。◕//‿//◕。}

AGE || Everyone in the kin believes that Aurinia is twenty-four, making this one of the biggest lies she has told them.
LOOKS || Aurinia is not five'six, brunette and olive skin, but instead five'two, blonde with pale skin. The whole kin has seen only one photo of her, and that is not how she even looks, making it the next biggest lie.
NAME || It has been said countless times, that her real name is Aurinia.
JOB || As well as lying to the kin of looks and age, Aurinia decided to lie about what she does for a living, pretending to be in new accountants at Bank of Lancaster.

SKO || Star Knights Online, is more than an addiction, it is where she met all her close friends. She constantly is changing her clothes colors, to the many different color of pink and gold.
WHISPER || He was at first just fun to talk to, he was the only guy in the kin that seemed fitting. It was never suppose to get past playful flirting, but it seems like too late to back out now.
GIFTS || Who doesn't enjoy getting things? It gets Aurinia all excited see a gift, or even a little surprise. It is always the thought that counts.
COMICS || Her room is laced not only with lacy pink and white but also with comic books, ranging from 12 Bis all the way to Zuda.
KIN || The kin is her favorite people, even if they are all older than her by five or more years. She feels comfortable with them.
CLASSIC LITTERATEUR || Rudyard Kipling, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Friedrich Nietzsche, and J.R Tolkien.
SHOPPING || A limitless credit card and an appetite for clothes. Aurinia loves shopping and trying on different clothes, as well as buying comic action figures and books.
QUOTES || Nothing is sexier when men use famous quotes in conversation.

LAG || As a gamer, lag is the one thing everyone seems to hate. The very idea can turn Aurinia distract.
WEAK || Aurinia hates weak minded/willed people. She thinks everyone should be strong within themselves and can handle them-self, keeping her from getting into people affairs. It comes across harsh for some people who are not use to the manner.
LYING || Lying is just something that had happened online. It is not something she enjoys or thrives for. Though it has been a year, it almost seems like it is too late to confess, and this bothers her often.
GIRAFFES || Giraffes are pointless creatures, the only thing that makes them worth world is food for lions, but over all, they are completely useless.
PISSING-CONTEST || There is no need to be in constant competition, it comes off as sad and pathetic.

READING || Reading is the only thing she really does when the Star Knights Online is down.
GAMING || When the interweb is working, she is glued to the computer screen, battling orcs, natives, imps and other players.
CHEER-LEADING || Aurinia just started cheer-leading and she is noticing how much of a time spender it really is.
BLOGGING || Aurinia has three blogs that she spends much time on, two of which the kin follows, they are for gaming and gardening, other is her Olrena blog.
PARTIES || Most of the kin seem to be more active on Friday nights and Saturdays, and Aurinia always makes time for a raid, but Friday nights she enjoys being OOC.
GARDENING || Aurinia is Orlena's favorite plant. Aurinia, has a small green house, where she practices and enjoys being around the plant life.

Algophobia || She is terrified of being in pain. Though comes off as a Viking, she will do anything to avoid pain.
Claustrophobia || It isn't the small spaces, but it is being caged and trapped with no one to go. Relationships are seen as tight places. This causes problems with her and Whisper's relationship, well one of the problems.
Peniaphobia || It's not really a fear of being poor, but losing the freedom money has given her.
CAUGHT || If her parents find out about Whisper and the things they have said, or the things he has ~seen~, she would be sure to be sent to a military or catholic boarding school.

Selfish | Harsh | Flirtatious | Tease | Strong |
Aurinia has a habit, and always had, to be the center of attention. She never meant for it to happen, but doesn't mind when it does, she just smiles and enjoys the eye gazing. With the freedom to go anywhere, and do anyting, whenever she could possible conceive, her manners toward people come across rude, of course being an only child doesn't help. Her partners enjoy the satisfaction of an only child and bless her with gifts and love, so she has always knew what it was to be happy.
Her flirtatious ways are because she learn that she was not only good at it, but had fun doing it. It felt good winking, and twirling her hair, leaving emocons on peoples boards or chat logs. It had never caused her problems, and even now, playing SKO, the only thing that really cause problems with flirting was Whisper. He was a good man, who got wrapped up in a childish lie, but it was now becoming more than a lie.
For most part, Orlena, doesn't have a conscious, and her moral compass tends to go off the fritz. With living a life of all passion and good intentions, causing only bad decisions.

{。◕//‿//◕。} BACKGROUND {。◕//‿//◕。}

Relationship Status:
IT COMPLICATED || Dating online is already complicated, but adding some major lies such as, age, looks and even name can put things in a question box.

MOTHER || Clare Watson, is Thirty-Two, and works as Dance Instructor.
FATHER || Job Watson, is Thirty-five, and owns several major companies.
UNCLE || Davis Watson, is Thirty-Eight, and is the president of Bank of Lancaster.
AUNT || Julie Watson, married to Davis, is Thirty-five, and stay at home mother.
COUSIN || Jacob Watson, ten years old.
COUSIN || Daniel Watson, seven years old.
COUSIN || David Watson, five years old.
UNCLE || Hogarth Watson, Thirty, and is an Engineer
AUNT || Natalie Watson, married to Hogarth, Twenty-Four, Elementary school Teacher. Also the woman in Aurinia photos.

NATALIE || She is Orlena's best friend and aunt, she sometimes feels jealous when Whisper and her talk in sexual matters.
KATE FISHER || Kate has been Orlena's friend since seventh grade, and even though Kate hates gaming, reading and gardening they hang out often. Kate often listens about Whisper.

Personal History:
ORLENA had everything she could possibly need, and because of that, she grew tired of most things fairly quickly. But it was last summer she picked up on the MMO, Star Knights Online, which had beautiful customs and an amazing character creator. It was just going to be something that killed most of the summer, and while it did that she picked up on the fun of gaming. Constantly playing as a Viking and destroying orcs with lazer guns had to be one of the most genius ideas.
It didn't take long before she was completely hooked on the system.
And when the kin finally formed, it was like a group of people who just wanted the same thing. Making friends was always easy so joining the group was a breeze until personal questions started to pop up. At first she figured she'd tell the truth, why lie? Until she realized how old everyone really was. So without thinking she just blurted out "Twenty-four". And from there, she had decided not to lie anymore.
Until of course, when everyone was sending their photos on the kin forums, and Olrena knew there was no way of pulling off Twenty-four, she choose a file out of her computer which was her aunt.

{。◕//‿//◕。} OTHER {。◕//‿//◕。}

So begins...

Aurinia's Story


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0.00 INK

Sweat dripped down past the sides of her neck, slipping under the black and gold uniforms. The strong odor of Degree deodorant, DEGREE GIRL swallowed the room leaving a musty feel of sweat lingering in the air. Florescent lights beamed down on the harsh orange colored floors, peering around the blinding white, and brown horses painted on the bricks. Pony tails bounced up and down, swinging back and forth while grunts echoed into the school gymnasium; bouncing off of the walls making it hard to completely constraint on her distant mind.
"Orlena!" Her voice was loud, and her brown eyes burned deep.
Green eyes rolled, as they locked eyes to the taller peer.
"What?" As the word flopped out of her mouth.
"It's too bad, your daddy can't buy you rhythm."
"Shut up. I have a lot on my plate." Orlena shrugged off and went back to thinking.
"If I get out of here at six, then I should be able to make it home around six'thirty, take a shower, be online around seven. I can do my Science homework while the game loads up. I can have enough time to be in bed around two, at the latest. That only gives me 8-9-10-11-12-1-2, seven hours of game time. And It seems-"
"Orlena! Quit day dreaming, we have things to do!" Once again her eyes were on fire.
"It's almost six anyways, lets just take off." Orlena smiled at the rest of the girls.
Her hair dripped, as she ran into her bedroom. The yellow towel slipped off of her body and fell to the floor. A wooden desk sat in a corner of the very pink, fluffy, girly room. Under the legs of the black leather chair was a pink grass carpet. Her arms stretched in the air before her fingers hungrily typed on the keyboard to log in.
Aurinia is online

Orlena let out a sigh, as she browsed through her feeds of her blogs.


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0.00 INK

Katherine sighed, laying on her bed, staring at the ceiling, then glancing at the clock occasionally. She then sat up, and went to her desk, after seeing her clock read "6:00 P.M.". She twirled around in her computer chair until she saw her old computer had started up, quickly typing in the password, and bringing up her blogs.

A small notification popped up.

Dazuu is online

"I've waited all day..." She sighed, and saw that another was online as well. Aurinia? She shrugged, and scrolled through her feeds, occasionally laughing at funny ones.


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0.00 INK

The clock could not move any quicker, could it? The anticipation bubbled within Elias until the young man felt like he would bolt out of his seat, bag and books in hand. He'd promised to stay later today, seeing as some of his students had not fully grasped the concept of the essay they had been assigned. How long was it now until Comic Con? El pressed the home button on his phone so that the time and date flashed on the screen. Two weeks. That was two weeks too long. A voice to his side brought him back to the present.

"Mr. M?" asked the student beside him, her words carefully delivered as if he might snap. He never snapped though. Since the beginning of his teaching career, he had insisted upon being called by the first letter of his last name. "Mulligan" sounded like a character out of a fairy tale. El jumped slightly and turned, pushing his glasses up his nose.

"Right. Well. You need to start by thinking of your purpose..."

When 6:30 finally flashed on the iHome in his bedroom, Eli had already changed into a pair of lounge pants and a t-shirt which bore the name of a favorite movie in bold print. He was logging on to the computer when George's voice called from the kitchen.

"I'm making macaroni, E. Do you want some?" The nickname had been given initially to make fun of Elias for continually shortening his name. Now, it just sort of stuck. He stopped typing in the middle of his password.

"And cheese?"

"And cheese." El nodded to himself, but even though George couldn't see the gesture, he knew Elias would be fine with it. Somehow, they just knew each other.

Whisper is online.

He looked up at his screen for a moment and noticed that he was not the first one to arrive. Eli could've help but smile to himself as he noticed Aurinia was also online. He opened up an instant messaging app and set her as the recipient.

Whisper: Hey there :) How are you?

He felt something brush beside his leg while the message sent, and El looked down to see Frankie sitting between his legs, tail wagging expectantly as if she thought she deserved a treat. Eli offered her a pat on the head, which she accepted all the same, as he opened up his most recent book. It was a tale of intergalactic lovers, separated cheesily by custom and distance. He would probably scrap it within the week. Meanwhile, SKO finally loaded on the desktop, and he readied himself by laying one hand on the keyboard and the other on his mouse. The right one, the one on his mouse, moved quickly to push his glasses up his nose once more before returning to its previous position.