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Megaman and Sonic

Megaman and Sonic


Megaman and Sonic in a shared universe. With cyberpunk elements added, too!

888 readers have visited Megaman and Sonic since Protagonist created it.

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It is the year 20XX, and the future is being forged. Many great inventions have been created, such as energy weapons, teleportation, genetic engineering, nanotech, and sapient AI all exist.
They were forged from the creation of the 3 greatest geniuses of our time: Dr. Robotnik, Dr. Light, and Dr. Wily. The three became the most powerful men alive, next to the President.
And then...Robotnik changed. He built an army to try and conquer the world's greatest city.

Two heroes arose; one a machine by the name of Blues (also called Protoman), and another a Blue Mobian Hedgehog by the name of Sonic. Together, they fought back Robotnik's armies, and they were almost able to arrest him. However, they failed. Robotnik escaped. Blues has been MIA ever since, but sightings occur every once in a while. It's generally believed that he's still alive, just out hiding for some unknown reason.

That was five years ago.

And now, the two remaining great minds have begun to rebuild the city, particularly Wily.
Though it is a time of great innovation, it's also a time of danger and conspiracy. Light Industries and SCOL Inc. now have almost as much, if not more, power than the government. Their security drones are everywhere. Corporate warfare under the table is not that uncommon.

And now...Robotnik has returned, under the nickname of "Eggman". He has an even bigger army, and is out for blood. He's preparing to search for a weapon called Project SHADOW, which his grandfather built.

And so it was that Light's newest creation, Rock, has stepped forth to become a war machine known as MegaMan. His father didn't like it, but he accepted it anyways.

And so the war's begun.

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The Eggman Empire

The Eggman Empire is, legally speaking, a terrorist faction. It has extremely vague goals, and is lead by a highly unstable leader. We're talking the kind of guy who builds a robot with a button on the outside that makes it punch itself in the face kind of unstable.
What is understood about them is this: They are lead by Eggman, an evil scientist who's invented roboticization. They use armies of factory-made robots and robotized soldiers, along with the occasional human or mobian soldier. The standard foot soldier of the Eggman Empire is an Eggpawn, which are used mostly as guards and labor. Their real firepower lies in the E-100 series robots, which are used for paramilitary operations, and far outgun anything short of SWAT teams.


Dr. Light's old business partner was Dr. Wily. However, disagreements in how technology should be used, and how it will affect society, along with simply disliking being Light's sidekick, have caused Wily to leave Light Industries and form his own corporation: SCOL. (Pronounced 'Skull')
Wily believes that new technology has caused old values to become out-dated, and is trying to begin 'social-reforms'. Some parts of the city have elected to replace GUN forces with SCOL security robots and agents. This gives Wily de facto control over them, allowing him implement his idea of law.
He has a machine army, like Dr. Light, but his machines are generally more....militarized. Metools and Bladers are usually used as scouts, while Sniper Joes are used as body guards for important personal. Sniper Joes are also used as Wily's personal secret police force, dragging people out in the night, never to be seen again.
Wily's true firepower lies in his robot masters: sapient machines that are built ford tough. It's believed that a robot master would likely be able to hold off a small army on its own.

Light Labs Industries
Of all the scientists who've revolutionized the Earth, Dr. Light is probably one of the biggest names you'll find. It turned Monsteropolis from a small mining town to the largest city in the world. Likely, anybody who lives in Monsteropolis owes something to this company.
The Company was founded in 20XX as an attempt by Dr. Light to make mining conditions less hazardous. As it began to grow, it caught the eye of the government. The company began to sell "Sniper Joe" robots to the military.
Since, Dr. Light has become a pacifist, and no longer builds weapons with any particular regularity.
Despite this, Light does have a mercenary army. It's a very small one compared to Dr. Wily, but it's adequate to protect his inventions and discoveries, some of which would be extremely dangerous if they fell into the wrong hands.


GUN is a broad organization of various government agents, ranging from military to police to intelligence services.
In a nutshell, GUN is the long arm of the law. If one breaks the law, GUN will try to deliver them to justice, either through an arrest or a bullet.
GUN's most visible force is the standard police. However, if a threat proves too dangerous, GUN can send in SWAT units...or the military, if the situation is too dire.
After Light canceled their contracts, GUN has managed to reverse-engineer its current stock of war machines. This includes things like Hunter androids, beetle drones, and two-legged walkers. This allows them to keep up with the other factions.
While GUN is extremely dedicated to its cause, it's also very stubborn. Too often they'll shoot first and ask questions later.


Humans are the most common sapient organisms in Monsteropolis, and the world proper. They're physically very weak and slow, but they generally have better dexterity and eyesight than mobians.
Socially speaking, Humans are a majority, and tend to run things.

Mobians are humanoid animals. They are notoriously faster and stronger than humans.
Socially, they do just fine. There's internal racism amongst them, as well as a few oddball jerks who dislike them here and there, but there is no institutionalized racism against them.

Recently invented by the great Dr. Light, androids (and gynoids, the female variant) are sapient machines. One of the perks to being an android is that they can have internal weaponry, such as lasers built into them.
Currently, androids have no rights whatsoever. Not very many people actively hate them, but most people see them as property and nothing more.

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