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Simon Gadfeather

Come on, were all freaks here.

0 · 241 views · located in Megara's Campus. (Entire School)

a character in “Megara's Academy for the Mythical”, as played by RacoonMoon()


The full name of my male character is Simon Wulf Gadfeather. Simon is about 16 when he gets to the school already with a ton of life experience. I'm applying for the second spot in the shape shifter roles. He's a freshman when he gets to the school but he really only has street smarts as he's never been to school before. Simon is a shape shifter with the ability to change into a jet black crow. he is also, thanks to his mother's training, an expert at reading a situation. if he focuses on something for a few seconds he can learn practically everything about them. He's majoring in drama aspiring to become an actor in one form or another. He figures if he can't make it as a human he'll become an animal actor as a crow. Simon is anti sexual because he doesn't want a marriage that turns out like his parents and dating is just too much trouble.
Now for Simon's appearance. The only thing Simon gets from his father is that instead of hair atop his head he has his father's white fur that follows to whatever form he's in; human or crow. To express his pride of his crow heritage he wears a crow feather sticking straight out of his head fur. Simon can always be seen wearing a black overcoat reaching down to his ankles. And lastly he wears brown cargo pants riddled with pockets and custom made five-toed boots.


In the right conditions Simon might have become a child star. Between his outfit and his personality, simon is by no extension normal and not just because he's a shape shifter. He is very expressive to say in the least. It may be the result of being in the growing up in with only one other companion but he always makes sure people enjoy his presence. Simon is theatrical in everything he does from answering a question to cliff diving. Not to notice simon in a room is like not knowing a bear standing next to you. Simon is a strong believer in living life to it's fullest and aspires to make every day as interesting as possible for himself and others. He once rigged the classroom doorway to shoot a confetti canon when he walked in. Great first impression. Simon would much rather play mind games and tell riddles than have an honest converstation. the only you can find him silent in a conversation is if he trying to sense the motive of someone or just curious as to how a situation will play out. Simon's curiosity is his only trait that rivals his theatricality for dominance. When he is truly focusing on something he becomes almost oblivious to his surroundings and his curiosity won't let him pull away. He likes abnormal, attention, and at most a challenge. He is almost always testing boundaries seeing just how far things will go. This is much to the annoyment of the anyone who tries to boss him around as he's always testing just how far he'll have to go for someone to get violent. His Achilles heel is he is too curious for his own good. His curiosity makes him almost oblivious to danger when he is trying to find out something. His greatest fear would have to be wolves because of course they mauled his mother and tried to kill him.


Simon carries everything he would need to survive in the many pockets of his pants. this includes a lighter, a camera, 2 rolls of duct tape, a pocket knife, and other pieces of things that wouldn't catch the eyes of others.


Wolfs and crows in the wild have always very close. Well Simon's parents took it to the next level and had a child, aka simon. Now they had no idea what the baby would look like but they were too in love to care. To his father's surprise the baby came out looking like a human and his mom finally had to tell him she was a shape shifter. His father left her heartbroken as he left claiming he couldn't stand the betrayal. She raised him alone teaching him everything a shape shifter needs to know to survive such as how to fly, correctly assess anything, and finally on his 5th birthday how to shift to a human. Once he could successfully pass as human- which took another 4 years-he and his mother left the forest because she heard from some other crows that his father had rallied his pack to attack them. They fled to live in his mother's safe house in the mountains a place they were sure the wolves couldn't get them. They were able to survive here for six years before his father's pack found them. Using herself as a distraction his mother sent him away to find the school Megara's school for the Mythical. He escaped but his mother's last words weren't very specific so it took him 2 years to find the school.

So begins...

Simon Gadfeather's Story