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Magnus Liam Scarlette Villiers

"I'm not gay. Really... I'm not."

0 · 531 views · located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

a character in “Melodia”, as played by MagicalNeko



:m a g n u s . l i a m . s c a r l e t t e . v i l l i e r s:

[Usually he just goes by Magnus, but occassionally he lets people call him Maggie.]
[Straight... or so he thinks....]

Jourdain Marcel Villiers (Father)
~ Marie-Claude Anaïs Garon-Villiers (Mother)
Natanael Vivien Alastair Villiers (Younger brother - 17)
Chloé Sonia Elsie Villiers (Younger sister - 16)
~ Neve Maria Glenn Villiers (Younger brother - 6)

Wrapped up in his own world while he tries so hard to balance everything so perfectly, Magnus has a difficult time looking outside himself and his family, or seeing beyond what he knows is true. Because of this, he's seen to be very narrow-minded, and really it's true. He won't believe in anything he can't see for himself, or that isn't proven by science to exist or work a certain way. He has a difficult time watching TV or movies, and don't ever ask him to play a video game with basis in a fantasy world. Chances are, he'll do it, but he'll complain about how it's so far-fetched, or it's staged or scripted, and nothing that's supposed to be real is actually real. In a film class in high school, he made a documentary about documentaries and reality television that his teacher was immensely impressed with, and then he nearly failed later for refusing to do an animated movie for children. Why? Because children's shows are bullshit, too. They're not really educational, the children never respond, and the colours are so bright that he gets a migraine by merely thinking about it.

Despite all this, he's afraid of ghosts, something he won't admit easily to, because that means that he has to admit that he believes they exist, even though he really doesn't. Yes he does; but admitting that would be going against most of his beliefs.

Generally, Magnus' attitude toward life is quite bored and unresponsive. His catch phrase, if he had one, would most likely be, "Seriously?" said in such a way that you know he doesn't believe that whatever is so outrageous that's happening is actually happening. Why? Because Magnus attracts strange happenings. If there were even one of those pervert flashers standing in a dark corner waiting to jump out at someone, the victim would be him. If a hundred cars were parked on the street, his would be the only one that someone would steal the tires off of, or the only one that would be ticketed for parking illegally when he still has twenty minutes left on the meter. At school, he's always the one stuck in the very back of the seminar room when the Professor is giving a very important lecture that he has to write a paper on, and he has to pay someone who was sitting closer to borrow their notes. This tends to make him a little impatient, and he tries not to snap at people, because he really hates looking like an ass.... Sometimes it just slips, and he feels like an ass afterward; even still, he's a little awkward with sentiments like apologizing and giving compliments to friends and such, so he avoids it when he can. In that way... maybe he's almost cute....

~ Reality
~ Hiking
~ Camping
~ Nature photography
~ Sunsets

~ Apologizing
~ Giving compliments
~ Supersticious people
~ Religious people
~ Admitting when he's wrong
~ Baking

~ Ghosts
~ Bats

~ Photography
~ Astronomy

[Romantic Interest to be editted]

Yes. My Papa is from France, and my Maman was born in Quebec.

No. I don't speak any French outside Papa and Maman. Just because my parents are French doesn't mean that I automatically retained everything I learned in school, and it doesn't necessarily mean that they taught me at home either. Sure they're hard to understand sometimes, but my parents both speak English around their children, and encourage English speech. Why? Because English is the most widely-spoken language on the planet. Therefore, it's more useful than any other language, especially since I plan on staying in the country, and if not I don't plan on moving any farther than perhaps New York City, and that's still a little too far for comfort.

Yes. Laugh it up. I like to live close to my family. Currently I'm renting an apartment down the street from the home I grew up in — one of those houses that are renovated into apartments for people who have no other way to make money — and I'm not embarrassed by it. Except that I won't be inviting people over until the carpet company comes back and replaces the huge freakin' mistake of neon pink that they stapled to my living room, instead of the oak hardwood I ordered. And it's not like I really have time for these screw-ups... these strange things that always happen to fall on me for no apparent reason. I work nights at a bar, tending already blitzed assholes that hit on me because apparently they think I'm a chick, or maybe they're homosexual.... Either way it's creepy; I always get the older ones. And then I'm expected to class at noon, because I'm studying to become an astronomer so that I don't have to work in Maman's dumb bakery. She makes the best bread though. Anyway, I'm sure that Cloé or Natanael are probably more cut out for the job.... I can't bake worth shit. And I don't care either. Anyway, my love, first and foremost, is for photographing nature — more landscapes than wildlife, but sometimes there's something outside those that just seem too good to pass up. I've plastered my bedroom with my own photos, all framed and hung for those lucky enough to be allowed to entered to see.

What else...? Nothing really. I'm not overly exciting or anything. Nothing special happened in my childhood that I should mention, and I've never been in love. So no. This is it.

The end. Or whatever. How do you make this thing stop? There's no off button. You know what? No. Whatever. Good bye.

~ Even though his Mom is from Quebec and his Dad is from Paris, he speaks very little French
~ Because the picture used is black and white: his hair is ash blonde with highlights of gold and light brown, and his eyes are dark brown.

So begins...

Magnus Liam Scarlette Villiers's Story