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Monika Burvis Dadzis Grava

:|:Seeing Angels Where There Are Clouds Not Clouds Where There Are Angels:|:

0 · 351 views · located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

a character in “Melodia”, as played by LozerFanAnah



[Full Name - First, Middle, and Last]
Monika Burvis Dadzis Grava

Monocle, Mama, Nika, Vis-Zis





[Rhythm or Melody?]

[FOR MELODY — Song Link (Instrumentals only.)]
Turning Tables by Adele

Daina Eduards Chepelskii [Mother]
Sulo Onnela Chepelskii [Step-Father]
Viena Juvonen Onnela Chepelskii [Older Step-Brother – 19]
Kalle Onnela Paavo Chepelskii [Younger Step-Brother – 11]
Aija Teodors Grava [Younger Sister – 10]
Raimonds Vilhelms Grava [Younger Brother – 9]
Niko Eduards Juvonen Chepelskii [Younger Brother – 6]

He’s the sweetest person ever really. If you slapped him on the cheek he’d offer you the other just to see if it would make you feel better. Such a push-over honestly because he’d do anything for anyone if he knew it would make them happier.

Monika is very family oriented opting to stay home with his younger siblings rather than go out and have fun with friends. He likes to make the excuse to Viena that it’s because he likes the song that the four children in the house make together but the real reason sinks a lot deeper than that. The actual truth is that he cares more for other humans than himself and doesn’t want to put hatred in their hearts. It’s almost inhumane the way he views people but that’s just who he is and who he’s always been. A person who puts everyone else before himself in every single way because he’d probably take a bullet for an innocent person just as quickly as he’d take one for a guilty person. Why is simple; he feels that every human though born with selfish needs is pure hearted in their own way but become tainted by others. He doesn’t want his abnormality to created hatred and fear in others.

This blonde is also the person who will bear the weight of the world for someone if they need it. Be it someone he knows or a stranger he really doesn’t care. He’s a secret keeper for many people he’s never met and his phone gets calls nearly all day from people who just want someone to talk to. Apart from working part time at a daycare and part time as a pre-school student teacher he’s a volunteer at a center where youth’s can call in so they have someone to talk to. Due to his work he can’t actually be at the facility so sometimes they route calls to his cell phone. It doesn’t bother him – anything he can do to help anyone is no stretch for him. No matter how stressed he should be the effort to him is worth it.

Deep down though – probably deeper down than he’d bother to search – all of his actions could be from some selfish intention so that he feels useful and better in himself. He’s had the thoughts before and felt guilty about it so he much rather likes to think he’s being selfless. Besides, if he really felt like he was doing things in a selfish way wouldn’t he become stressed by it eventually?

Helping People; His Siblings; Volunteer Work; Calming Music; The Sounds of Nature; Dolphins; The Scent of Apple Cinnamon; VJ his Hamster; Seeing People Smile; Playing his Harp; Yoga; Getting/Giving Massages; Photos of Nature; Paintings; Museums; Bistros; Poetry Slams; Documentaries; Home Cooking; Cooking Shows; Being Close To People; Records Players; Organic Leaf Tea; Badminton; Swimming; Soft Hair; Accents; Dry Humour, Because it's Funnier Than Forced Humour; Fish Tanks in Doctor Offices; Scuba Diving; Sitting Around Camp Fires; Bonsai Trees; Gardening When The Weather Is Nice; Boating; Hiking; Jogging at Five AM

Hatred; Violence; Families That Fight; Nightmares; Cold Blankets on Cold Nights; Cable, Cable Boxes, Satellites or Anything Like Them; Fairy Tails; Those Lies Parents Tell To Their Kids; Absolute Loneliness; Crashes; Fire

Spontaneously Combusting; Being The Last Person On Earth; Losing His Family

Taking Care of His Siblings; Playing his Harp; Visiting Museums; Watching Documentaries with Niko

[Romantic Interest]
He'd Rather Deny It Than Admit It

"I can't remember who told me to do this. Maybe Dr. Dufret? Oh no, maybe it was Dr. Bambi.... I like Dr. Bambi. Oh, well whatever and whoever it was I'm sure I'll remember later. So uhm, yes.

Hi tape recorder! I'm Monika Burvis Dadzis Grava. My younger siblings like to call me Mama and my older brother calls me Vis-Zis but mostly Nika because Vis-Zis is too hard to say. Uhm, I'm eighteen years old and I play the harp in my spare time. I have four younger siblings three of whom I'm related to and one who isn't my blood at all. Māte re-married to this really nice guy but they aren't around much anymore. On an....
extended vacation I believe is what they said...? Either way it's my older brother Viena and me taking care of Kalle, Aija, Raimonds and Niko. They call Viena 'Papa' because he's so fatherly. I think he is. He'll make a great dad when he finds the right person to start a family with. Uhm.... Oh!

The reason Māte re-married is because Tēvs died in a car crash. Well, it wasn't the crash that killed him but the resulting fire so now I'm afraid of spontaneously combusting. It's an odd fear I know because the chances of that happening are zero to none right? Maybe, but that's what a phobia is. An uncontrollable, extreme fear of something that shouldn't be feared. I also fear sexual contact with another person but.... I don't really consider it much so just forget I said that.

I'm supposed to talk about my personal feelings.... I have this ability to hear rhythms in people. Like... the natural sound of their soul beating through their skin. It can get kind of annoying but in the end when they get along the sound isn't unbearable to listen to. My younger siblings, their rhythms make the prettiest song and it's hard to not stay around and listen. I myself don't have a rhythm it's more of a... melody if you will. Viena told me not to tell anyone because it makes me abnormal and people can't stand abnormalities. I don't want to make people hate me not for my own sake but because I love people. I have since I was nine years old and go to hold my baby brother Raimonds in my arms. They're just so pure and innocent even if they have selfish intents. I think, it's the people around us who taint us and turn us into something we aren't. I don't want to cause people hatred so I just stay inside with my four little monsters and keep them company unless I have work.

My brother, Viena, he likes to play pranks on me and though I don't much prefer it, it seems to make him happy. Or at least that's what it looks like. Either way I'm happy when I see him smile and I know it's in good fun. He has his own secrets and I know about those but I can't tell you because we made a blood oath that we wouldn't tell anyone our secrets unless we said it's okay. A blood oath is.... When you cut your thumb and press it to each others and make a promise to each other. So, in some way I have his blood in me. I wonder if my blood attacked it.... I'm AB-. Dr. Dufret said it's really rare so I donate because one pint can save a life. Good enough for me really.

Shoot what else is there? I'm afraid of being alone - completely alone. Even in myself. One of my friends told me once "I am my own Solitude" so once I'm alone in me I'm alone forever. I don't like being alone and I don't like thinking about being alone because it's such a lonely feeling. Such a lonely, lonely feeling. I don't want to feel like that and I don't want anyone to feel like that ever in their lives.

Mostly though I'm afraid that they'll all hate me. That my friends and my family.... That
he'll hate me.

~ He plays the harp at small bistros during poetry slams when they need background music, it’s really the only time he goes out for non-working purposes.
~ His younger siblings have taken to calling him ‘Mama’ because of how he acts and it doesn’t bother him much because he knows it means they love him.
~ There’s no cable in his home because he prefers to raise his siblings with the truth rather than lies; although he does let them watch those educational children shows after telling them that what they see isn’t true but what they hear is.
~ Monika has a bad habit of ranting when one of his few friends try and drag him out of his house because he tries to stall for as long as possible – often dragging out phoning a baby-sitter because he has to list out what each sibling is allergic to, what they’ll eat, how they fall asleep and such.

So begins...

Monika Burvis Dadzis Grava's Story