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Viena Juvonen Onnela Chepelskii

/:\Hoping For A Broken Glass On The Highway/:\

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a character in “Melodia”, as played by LozerFanAnah



[Full Name - First, Middle, and Last]
Viena Juvonen Onnela Chepelskii

VJ, Papa (anything not stupid that people come up with)





[Rhythm or Melody?]

Daina Eduards Chepelskii [Step-Mother]
Sulo Onnela Chepelskii [Father]
Monika Burvis Dadzis Grava [Step-Brother – 18]
Kalle Onnela Paavo Chepelskii [Younger Brother – 11]
Aija Teodors Grava [Younger Step-Sister – 10]
Raimonds Vilhelms Grava [Younger Step-Brother – 9]
Niko Eduards Juvonen Chepelskii [Younger Brother – 6]

Viena; the Finnish word meaning ‘gentle’. As a young child he’d always been looking out for the welfare of himself and other keeping the two in perfect balance. Always the kid in school to befriend the new guy or the one to give his lunch away if someone else was hungry. He had been able to smile and laugh in that childish carefree way that made everyone around him smile. Viena had been absolutely magnetic with his bouncing blond hair and his bright blue eyes and the thick blonde lashes any woman would be jealous of. A ball of positive energy that spread that joy because his young body couldn’t contain it all and he had to share it with whoever was near enough to feel it.

His personality shifted for the worst when he met his younger step-brother Monika. He became a thing of habit and took to playing those sibling practical jokes on his younger step brother. Viena became sarcastic, quick-witted and silver tongued in a span of only months. There was something still magnetic about him though – something that shouted danger. It attracted people and made them want to learn his secrets and figure out why he’d become such a stone cold person to the world. There really is no reason it’s just who he is due to a bad case of genes or a conscious shift not even he really knows. He’s just accepted that he’s become the joker in the house refusing to let anyone step above him. Viena’s a real jackass. The ones that make you want to punch them but they do it in such a sincere way that you can’t help but find it endearing. If you can brush off the silly little stabs and get close enough to him there’s this still sarcastic feel but it’s more muted and gentle in a way.

However underneath the pessimistic attitude is something no one would expect him to still have. That kid. The little boy with the bright smile that he refuses to let go of because if he does he’ll lose himself. It’s that kid that makes him the kind person he is towards animals and children. He loves children; adores them. Though it irks him a little that his younger siblings like to call him ‘Papa’ because of how involved he is in their lives. Viena is the perfect example of a man with too much patience when it comes to kids and not because he’s lazy but because he knows what it’s like. What it’s like to be that energetic ball of fire that can’t be stopped until the energy is used up and the only thing left to do is collapse. He’s kind – he really is. It’s just most people don’t stay around long enough to find out.

Secretly though while he seems to hate the whole human population except for the one person he considers his best friend – Ksenia – and his brother – in that ‘yes they fight but they love each other’ kind of way – he really does like people. He just doesn’t know how to show it.

Gel Pens; Hot Tubs; The Cool Side Of The Pillow; His Siblings; Collecting Pocket Sized Notebooks; The Latvian Language; Attending Competitions His Family/Friends Are In; Hiking; Hearing Harp Playing; Staying Up To The Point Of Over-Exhaustion; Cool White Tea; Tennis

Highways; People Who Call Him Skii, Stereotyping; Loud Anything; Blenders; The Scent Of Citrus; When People Tug On His Clothes; Chocolate Ice Cream; Processed Cheese Slices; Fast Food; Large Cars; Side By Side Baby Strollers Because The Women Who Push Them Take Up Too Much Damn Space; War Movies; Hunting; Those Who Hunt; Heating About Hunting; Chain Mail That Threatens Him With Death; Those People Who Stop To Hug and Chat In The Middle Of Hallways; Dogs In Strollers For The Dogs Can Very Much Fucking Walk; His Siblings Being Upset; Being Made Fun Of For Being Called ‘Papa’; Seeing Monika Upset

Crashing In a Plane; Skiing; Blenders; Highways

Playing Pranks on Monika; Babysitting; Playing Tennis

[Romantic Interest]
Ksenia Valenzuela

“I want you to be nice to Monika. He doesn’t have any friends so just.... Be nice to him for me.”

I was born nineteen years ago on a summer day; July 18th 1991. Eight years later my younger brother Kalle Onnela Paavo Chepelskii was born. Back then I was a bouncing kid with enough energy to set off a nuclear explosion but I was a kind person. A lot nicer than I am now anyways if you compare it and when I was ten I found out my Father was getting married. I was a naive and stupid kid so I thought he’d be getting married to the woman who had given birth to me and my brother with the dark hair and the dark eyes who always smiled. Maybe I was crushed when I found it wasn’t her and instead a woman with bright brown eyes and long brown hair who wasn’t my mother. That may have been why I turned into the person I am now; maybe. I met Monika on the wedding day for the first time and his innocence bothered me. Me, eleven years old without a care in the world and I wanted to get rid of this kid who was sweeter than I deserved. I was rude to him the whole day and the whole time he just gave me this caring smile and when I hid in a closet during the reception he came in and sat by my side and stroked my hair. I hated it but I was thankful that he was there – I told him everything that day.

“I have a secret too. Can you keep it Lielais Brālis? I can hear songs in people. Yours is pretty and it makes a nice sound with mine.”

I trusted him so much so that I hated that I trusted him. I turned for the worst and decided that if the sound was so nice for him to hear I wanted to hear it too. I was jealous of him and I took that out by making fun of him in that stupid way that brothers do. Whenever he cried though; whenever I saw those sky blue eyes of his fill with tears I felt something in me. Something stab at me. I love my brother – I do. It might be that he’s different that I long to dislike him so much or because my siblings like him more. Even now with our parents gone on an ‘extended tenth honeymoon’ they like to huddle around him. He has no friends and he barely leaves the house except for errands and he still seems so happy.

“Why won’t you go outside and meet people Monika? Why do you insist on sitting in this house by yourself with four kids?”
“Because Viena; they need Mama. And the rhythms of their souls make such a beautiful tune it makes it impossible to leave. I don’t need people to make me happy Viena. You guys make me the happiest.”
“How can you even think like that?! It’s so sad.”
“Es negribu iet ārā, jo cilvēki ienīst anomālijām. Es mīlu viņus pārāk daudz likt, ka ienīst viņu sirdīs.”

So I still don’t know what he said and yes it sucks but that’s fine. I poured myself into my own life and left him to live his. I have Ksenia and I have a social life so if he wants to stay home all day and play with children that’s fine as long as he knows that I care about him. Because I do – I did. I remember I broke some boy’s nose once because he started picking on him in High School about ‘how faggish he looked with all that long hair’.

I shouldn’t be talking about my brother like this in my history re-count. But, since I have I’ve come to realize something. These past ten years I’ve lived worrying about him so much that I don’t even remember what I’ve done. Damnit. I don’t care. I’m going into the National Championships with my Tennis.

I hope he’s there.

~ His Tennis career is heading in the right direction as soon he’s to play in the National Tennis Championship.
~ He almost killed Monika’s pet hamster VJ and felt horrible about it after because he knows it was named after him when he bought it for Monika’s eighteenth birthday – how? Don’t ask.
~ Viena secretly adores children and wants to volunteer at the day care center but he can’t because Monika works there and he doesn’t want him to know.

So begins...

Viena Juvonen Onnela Chepelskii's Story