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A world of man and monster, magic and science, where the scale tips and a new order arises amidst the chaos. A castle beyond compare seats the throne of new law. Will mankind survive this new shift, or be consumed in its wake?

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Character Portrait: Damien Agrippa An occult-crazed ex student, who enjoys & sells dark arts...
Character Portrait: Ziribia Ghast "I shall grant your wish future but ask wisely"
Character Portrait: Editus Rayn The Midnight Wings, previous "king" of darkness, usurped by the Red Tide's awakening.
Character Portrait: Anselm Ermenegilde "Eh... first rule of survival: kill em first, and don't ever die."
Character Portrait: Yam Suph Destroyer, creator, an unknown once introduced as the greatest threat to all creation, now something else entirely
Character Portrait: Nurse Lumina One of the doctor's little experiments, doesn't really talk, but actions speak louder.
Character Portrait: Hayden Addler A mad scientist willingly working on the arcane, surrounding himself in his experiments with a kind of familial affection
Character Portrait: No Eyes - "Jack" A blank mask that covers his entire face. The No Eyes. Beware of his power.
Character Portrait: Karma Kura Half Demon. Rogue Solo. Be careful not to piss him off, he has a temper.
Character Portrait: Judith Frost "I serve no evil and obey no demon."