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Anselm Ermenegilde

"Eh... first rule of survival: kill em first, and don't ever die."

0 · 297 views · located in Sanctuary of Chains

a character in “Melody of Ruin”, as played by MartinVole


Name: Anselm Ermenegilde
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Infected Human
Height & Weight: 6ft, 190lbs
Profession: Slayer
Additional Details: Scars glow when agitated.

Brash and to the point, he's not one to censor himself when he feels he's right, and puts value on results over simple efforts. He can be aggressive, excessively so depending, but yet also a controlled flame. He is near beast at times, near literally, showing no hesitation to display the foes he kills, and no hesitation to chew pieces off them when in a savage rage. Above all else, however, he displays a level of experience, not only through his scars, but in his ruthless dominion in battle.


As an outdoors man he is skilled at survival, including the ability to tell what is poison and not. He has a good degree of athletic mobility from a well conditioned body, enhanced with his severe bodily mutations, in spite of the ravages it has endured. He is well focused on a task, and while excessive, is still effective. Prides himself greatly on results, but does not let this cloud his ability to perform, knowing both defeat and victory. While rough around the edges, he is also an effective leader as a slayer, or a monster, depending on your view. He also has a very high pain threshold.


Suffers chronic pains in his mutations, lasting a few moments at a time. Has a temper that once flared is difficult to calm, not helped that part of him enjoys the conflict, and the side of him that is no longer human. He can be seen as violent, nearly animalistic at his worst, something that only seems to worsen as he eats more beasts. Has a problem dealing with deep water, a lasting fear from nearly drowning as a child.


Possesses mutagenic properties, especially through the right side of his body, traits eerily akin to a fleshweaver that only worsens with any prey he consumes when hunger overtakes his senses. He seems freely able to mutate his arm to suit its purpose, a display of visceral horror when it shifts into weapons and claws. He has become resilient to toxins, and able to produce some of his own, deterring most would-be predators from wanting to consume him instead.


Within his coat he's armed with two handgun, several silver knives, an assortment of salt and holy water, as well as a few herbs and powders to keep the beasties at bay.

Brief History:

Born into a dysfunctional family with an abusive father and a submissive mother. His father, a lowly farmer, anguished over their low social status brought on by low yields, and grew to greatly resent his son who showed little promise. Anselm, exposed to violence at an early age, took the brunt of his father's wrath, and it would be he who would be the first monster to place a scar upon him, across the right cheek. Turning violent himself, Anselm found himself a social pariah among others his age, despite wishes to belong, deepening his loathing for humanity.

Eventually the boy would flee into the wilds, in hopes to escape everything. As soon as he stopped to take a breath at the edge of a river,, there was a presence suddenly before him, hot breath at his back. A monster, the best way to describe it, had targeted him, a beast of venom and boundless rage. His breath grew shallow, fear sinking in... it was no beast of the forest, but his own father who had caught up to him, drunken again. Without hesitation, the man shoved the boy down into the river below to be carried away by the currents, to try to cowardly erase his own shame. Little would he know that the boy would survive, but barely, half dead, upon the shore. In his delirium he remembers biting something that held onto him, dragging him... humming a lullaby.

Years later, the boy, now a young man, had grown near feral, no longer just a troubled. He no longer wanted to fit in, he didn't care anymore about it, only desired to be stronger, more adept at killing, eating, growing stronger. In fact, he had become obsessed with becoming an object of fear, and satisfying his desire of vengeance against the world itself. No matter the cost he wanted to become greater, either respected or feared he'd be recognized by all, showering himself in the carnage that was his enemies.

He was indoctrinated as a slayer, a monster for monsters, and he has sought only to increase into a higher prize.

So begins...

Anselm Ermenegilde's Story

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Night, what a horrible night for a curse to befall the land. The castle, had erupted from the ruins of cities, jutting up from the earth itself, fissures like a purple-to-red storm aurora in the sky lit it along with the stars and moon. Monsters had gathered, naturally, transfixed somehow by an unknown pull that likely came from Yam Suph himself, a feat to make even the Pied Piper jealous. Gathered at the great doors of the fortress, they made their way in, little by little, pulled in and seemingly disappearing, some even fighting amongst themselves.

At the gates, a lone man watched, riddled in bandages, mostly around his right arm, itching at it in agitation. The man was Anselm, a young man, mutated into a partial monster, his left eye, surrounded by scars has turned more bestial, yellow, while the other is blue and more human.

"Damn... damn... damn... so many, damn it aw to hell! Can't sort 'em out!" he muttered, gritting his teeth displaying their sharpened appearance as he itched with more fury. "Don't tell me its already inside, aw screw it, I'm tearin' through!" With his bandaged arm he squeezed the bars causing them to bend.

"If you alert the horde this whole thing's a bust," a voice crackled through a headset he was wearing. He grumbled something about ruining his fun under his breath before loosing his grip.

"Fine, sneaky peeky like, then, but how you s'pose one sneaks into Castle Transdimensionvania 'ere?" he responded with no hiding of sarcasm in his voice.

"Why are you asking me? You're the great slayer, you figure it out, we certainly hope to see results, would hate to have spent all that money for nothing," the voice said, before the com went silent. Anselm growled, taking off the earpiece, throwing it on the ground, and stomping it into a fine powder.

"Fine, never needed nobody anyways."

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Jack watched the mighty castle from afar, despite his lack of eye holes in his mask. But he didn't need eyes, for his sixth sense was far greater than any human sense. Perched up on a tree branch, he watched in complete silence. After a moment he hunched over to look down below him, which was a good a good forty foot drop to the bottom. Slowy, in his eerie grace, he jumped down from the tree branched and landed on his feet. The strange, tall man took a few steps, towards the castle. Jack yearned for a master to serve his evil. It had been so long since his last master had been eradicated by the Kura. Jack cracked his knuckles and disappeared into the shadows.

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#, as written by sifsand
She stood at the precipice of the castle that had risen in the wake of Yam Suph. Her name was Judith Frost, a foremost expert on the occult and supernatural. As she came she had noticed she was not the only one gathered here, not surprising given the spontaneous nature of the event. "So, this is the sanctuary I've heard tell of? Sounds to me like a pleasant romp." She spoke in a surprisingly calm and snarky tone despite her gentle demeanor.

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#, as written by sifsand
She watched as a man who looked closed to deaths door fired a beam of what looked to be raw mana from his mouth, obliterating the gate before them. "Well, that's certainly one way to get in that's for sure." she said in that bright tone of hers. In no time at all she was following Anselm through the hole that was formed. As a precaution, she swept her arms above her head while closing her eyes, then forming between her hands was a bright flame to light their way.