Commander Theodore Flick


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Commander Theodore Flick

Height & Weight:
6'4 , 250lbs
Commander of the Arcane Alliance and leader of the task force in charge of the destruction of the Red Tide. He is stationed at the labs regularly.
Additional Details:
Commander Flick is a proud man, usually very stoic. His love for Daphne has softened him.
Trained in combat and weaponry of various kinds.
Daphne is his weakness. When once he devoted his life and energy to the cause, now he has found a new path in life with her.
No magic ability
Combat Gear, an arsenal of weapons and tech from the lab.
Brief History:
Theodore was raised in a broken home, his mother turning to alcohol after the untimely death of his father. After graduating from school he joined the Arcane Alliance to serve his country. After rising in the ranks he was stationed at the labs where he met Daphne. The two have been together for only two years, but his entire world is focused on making a life for the two of them.

So begins...

Commander Theodore Flick's Story

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Today is the day... Daphne muttered as she peered out of her fifth story apartment window, petting a white cat in her lap gently. Before the view used to bring her peace and tranquility. She loved watching the canopy of trees blow in the wind in the park below, and she could hear the faint lapping of waves on the shore in the distance. She would sit on her porch and sip her tea as the sun rose. Now the sky is dark. The trees below droop with bare branches as black clouds linger endlessly above. They flow toward the water to swirl around the source of pure evil that calls to them, the Red Tide. The vicious serpent that exudes chaos and death by its very existence.
From the moment the serpent rose from the waters Daphne and her team have been working endlessly to write the perfect enchantment, racing against the clock to finish their work before the arcane blacksmiths could finish transforming the seal into a perfect weapon. The enchantment ended up being 789 lines long; Daphne wrote 452 herself.

Taking a sip from her mug, she glanced over at the photo on the wall and smiled, You would have been proud of my work. They said it was the spitting image of watching you at the desk. Her phone vibrates on the table. A message flashed across the screen, and she sets her mug down, gently placing the cat on the counter, and slinging her bag over her shoulder. As she slips her shoes on, she turns to the cat who stretches deeply and gives her a long drawn out *meow*. It's time Chia. Momma is going to go help save the world.

The lab is bristling with anxiety as she swipes her entry card through the door and pushes through a crowd of scattered scientists. They move with intention throughout the building all checking and double checking everything they can in the last moments. She drops her bag onto her desk and slips on a crisp white lab coat.
"Alright, give me an update. Where are we?"
A man approaches her with a clipboard running his finger nervously across the page and sputtering, "Richard and the team are approaching the serpent now, the commander is waiting for you." he reaches into his pocket and hands her an earpiece. Commander Flick's voice fills her ears as he finishes relaying an update to the PR representative.
"The team is preparing to engage with Red Tide; evacuations are not optional within the surrounding area. Ensure that everyone is outside of the red zone."
Daphne presses the button on the side of the comlink to turn on her microphone, "Commander Flick, I am here." She reaches over to take the clipboard as the Commander responds, "Dr.Elysia, tell me everything went smoothly on your end, please."
She chuckles, "Calm down, Teddy, the enchantment is going to work. The weapon is going to work. We couldn't have picked a better hero to give it to."
The commander hushed her, "Dr.Elysia, please don't call me Teddy on this channel. This is serious. Give me an update."
Daphne rolled her eyes and glanced at the clipboard, scanning the readings, "Everything looks good here. The enchantment was applied last night using a poultice of amethyst and a selection of herbs to enhance both the duration and strength of the enchantment, and it was charged under the full moon. That enchantment should remain at its peak strength for the next twenty-eight days."
"Good, very good," he replied, his voice trailing off, "I'll check back in later to give you an update."
Daphne pulled the earbud from her ear and dropped it into the assistant's hand with the clipboard, "There isn't much we can do now but wait, someone put the body cam stream on the projector."
Flopping down at her desk, she pulls her phone from her pocket, selecting her favorite contact. A picture of Commander Flick appears with the label Teddy Bear and a smiling stuffed bear emoji next to it. She types a message and sends it off.
Don't take that tone with me Theodore Flick, or I will steal the good blankets tonight and leave you with a cold sheet.
He responds within seconds.
I'm sorry, Daph, but this is important. I am THE COMMANDER assigned to the destruction of the Red Tide.
This could skyrocket my career. We can finally get out of that apartment and get a house.

She chuckles to herself, Oh, yeah. Because I long for a nice big, dead yard.
You know what I mean Daph, I have to go, the battle is in full swing. Turn on the stream.

She looks up as the projector slides down, and she motions for the volume to be raised. The body cam belongs to one of the associates of Richard Piedmont who was standing behind, providing cover fire for the hero. There were so much water and debris flying around that Daphne could barely tell what was going on. She heard Commander Flick's voice talking to the team over the radio, "The lab says it needs to be a perfect shot, Richard, straight through the heart. Do you think you can do it?"
"For Glory," Richard replied as he lunged himself toward the beast. Those were the last words heard from him as a loud explosion erupted from the site, shaking the building and Daphne's desks. The bodycams went out. The com system went down. The Commander's voice sputtered over the system, "Richard, Alpha, Echo, Somebody check-in. What's going on? What was that explosion?"
A response barely broke through the static, "Wha- is that thi- holy- man down-"then the com went silent. Daphne ran to the window to see what was going on but was met with a blinding flash of light that erupted from the site. It felt as if a million hands were tugging at her skin. She screamed in agony and collapsed into nothing.

She woke abruptly as she landed on hard ground, her glasses thrown from her face as her nose contact a rock. Ouch, she muttered as she rose, reaching out blindly in front of her. The ground was hot, much warmer than usual. It felt like she was sitting on hot gravel, her hands grazing rocks where a tile floor was only moments ago. She touches her glasses, then lifts them in enough time to see a mass of small, sharp tooth beasts swarm her. They crawled over her skin and ripped at her clothes, leaving large holes in her lab coat and skirt. She screamed as one bit into her shoulder; it's razor fangs tearing deep into the muscle.
The crack of a whip cut through the air and the beasts scattered. She peered up to thank her savor to see a gruesome creature with twisted horns and a whip reaching down to grab her arm. She pulled away, but its grip was like a vice. He cracked the whip once more and grumbled, "Not this one...this is one of the brains... she goes to the magic room..."
With clumsy heavy steps, he begins to drag her behind him toward a massive castle with dark spires as high as she could see. The beasts parted, as the slave master approached cracking his whip with authority. The most foolish monsters would reach out and tear at her clothes or prick her for a taste of her blood; it was worth the chance of a lashing in their eyes. Daphne shook in terror, recoiling from the beasts and shrieking at the top of her lungs, "TEDDY? COMMANDER FLICK? RICHARD? HELP ME! SOMEONE, PLEASE HELP ME!" No one came to her aid. The beast dragged her into the castle and up countless flights of stairs before tossing her into a room. She slid across the cold floor, her body rolling to a stop. She lay there for a moment, grateful that the pain was over, before lifting her head to see a table full of beakers, a wall of herbs and samples, computers, and machines even she didn't recognize. Her blouse is stained with blood from her bite wound, and her skirt is in ribbons. Her shoes and lab coat are long gone. She pulls her knees to her chest and begins to sob, "What is going on?

As she wipes her nose on her sleeve the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. The soft sound of breath reaches her ears and she jumps up, scrambling to hide under the closest table leaving a trail of tears and blood behind her. With her body pulled close she mumbles to herself, "It's just a dream... I'll wake up any minute now...

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"Wha- is that thi- holy- man down-" then the com went silent.
"Echo, Echo. Come in! Echo, what is it? Commander Flick shouted through his headset, but no response came through. He slammed his fists down on the table, "What's going on out there?

Through the windows an intense white light filled the room, so bright that everyone in the control room raised their arms and shielded their faces until it had passed, "What the fuck was that? The commander asked, glancing around the room at his team. They frantically scanned their equipment searching for an answer.
"Sir," one man replied, standing at his computer and waving the commander over, "You need to see this." Flick crossed the room and stared at the screen. It was footage from one of the bodycams before they went out. He watched as the sky ripped open and a fortress emerged, the intense light erupting from the opening and filling the screen before the footage cut. He raced over to the window to see the massive structure standing where the Red Tide once stood. Swarms of monster surrounded the building and flowed from its doors.
"I need a surveillance unit on site immediately. Orders: Keep your distance and Report back with images and details of the fortress. Do Not Engage. Repeat Do Not Engage." One of the soldiers repeated the message through the com. The commander turned to the rest of the room, "Status update, does anyone see Richard or the team? Do we have any contact?"
A woman spun in her chair, her face wrought with worry, "No, sir. All the coms are down, and the body cams all fried when that light hit their lenses. All vitals are flat. Either those were fried to or..."
" Or they are all dead." he continued for her. She dropped her gaze back to the keyboard, unsure of what to do next.
"Get me the Lieutenant, he needs to know what's going on." Flick watched as his soldier dialed the phone, requesting the Lieutenant. His face dropped as he glanced up, "Actually, Commander, General Fawkes wants to speak to you." At that moment, the largest com screen in the room flicked to life, the General peering over the team. Commander Flick saluted stiffly.
"At ease, what's going on?" he asked sternly.
"We're not sure yet General, the Red Tide is gone, but a fortress has appeared on site that seems to be teeming with monsters. The footage looked like the sky tore open, and there was a flash of light."
"What about the A-team?"
"No signs of life from any of the team. All of the coms are down; we have no contact.I've rallied a surveillance team to gather more information."

A man in a lab coat bursts into the room, gasping for breath, "Commander, commander," he heaves.
"What is it, update the General and I. Have you spotted Richard?"
"No, commander, a bunch of the scientist have disappeared!"
"What do you mean disappeared?"
"One second they were there and the next there was a flash of light, and they're gone. Vanished!"
Flick's eyes widened with horror, "Which Scientists?" he asked, but before the man could answer, he was opening his comlink to the lab, "Daphne, Daphne, are you there? No response. He pulled his phone from his pocket and pressed the speed dial to her cell. No answer.
"Dr.Elysia is one of the missing, sirs," the man muttered.
"What's going on, Commander?" General Fawkes demanded.
"General, I'm sorry... I have to go!" the commander replied as he bolted from the room.