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Yam Suph

Destroyer, creator, an unknown once introduced as the greatest threat to all creation, now something else entirely

0 · 378 views · located in Sanctuary of Chains

a character in “Melody of Ruin”, as played by MartinVole


Name: Yam Suph, The Red Tide
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Shavur (The Broken)
Height & Weight: 12ft tall, 1200lbs
Profession: Current highest ranking monster
Additional Details:

Not much is known, but prior to his metamorphosis he exhibited little to no personality but a frenzied level of destruction akin to an unrelenting storm. Current personality is unprecedented, somewhat religious, introspective, and obsessive.

Strengths: Currently unrivaled strength both physically and magically
Flaws: Unknown
Magic/Abilities: Possessing both the powers of destruction and creation, unfathomable magical power, and the ability to control the elements of water and space.
Gear: Adrichal Spike

Brief History:

Little is known, at some point in time long ago he was sealed and left in a slumber, records do not exist on how they had the means to overcome him, but arcane magic is both potent, and as implied, lost and mysterious for the most part. His form prior to his metamorphosis was something akin to an impossibly large serpent of crimson fluid and a crowned bone-like covering on his face.

What is known now, is that he lords the entirety of the world, and monsters gather to this new alpha, even more now that he's changed.

So begins...

Yam Suph's Story

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Character Portrait: Judith Frost Character Portrait: Yam Suph Character Portrait: Karma Kura Character Portrait: Hayden Addler Character Portrait: No Eyes - "Jack" Character Portrait: Nurse Lumina
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Night, what a horrible night for a curse to befall the land. The castle, had erupted from the ruins of cities, jutting up from the earth itself, fissures like a purple-to-red storm aurora in the sky lit it along with the stars and moon. Monsters had gathered, naturally, transfixed somehow by an unknown pull that likely came from Yam Suph himself, a feat to make even the Pied Piper jealous. Gathered at the great doors of the fortress, they made their way in, little by little, pulled in and seemingly disappearing, some even fighting amongst themselves.

At the gates, a lone man watched, riddled in bandages, mostly around his right arm, itching at it in agitation. The man was Anselm, a young man, mutated into a partial monster, his left eye, surrounded by scars has turned more bestial, yellow, while the other is blue and more human.

"Damn... damn... damn... so many, damn it aw to hell! Can't sort 'em out!" he muttered, gritting his teeth displaying their sharpened appearance as he itched with more fury. "Don't tell me its already inside, aw screw it, I'm tearin' through!" With his bandaged arm he squeezed the bars causing them to bend.

"If you alert the horde this whole thing's a bust," a voice crackled through a headset he was wearing. He grumbled something about ruining his fun under his breath before loosing his grip.

"Fine, sneaky peeky like, then, but how you s'pose one sneaks into Castle Transdimensionvania 'ere?" he responded with no hiding of sarcasm in his voice.

"Why are you asking me? You're the great slayer, you figure it out, we certainly hope to see results, would hate to have spent all that money for nothing," the voice said, before the com went silent. Anselm growled, taking off the earpiece, throwing it on the ground, and stomping it into a fine powder.

"Fine, never needed nobody anyways."

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Character Portrait: Judith Frost Character Portrait: Yam Suph Character Portrait: Karma Kura Character Portrait: Hayden Addler Character Portrait: No Eyes - "Jack" Character Portrait: Nurse Lumina
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Jack watched the mighty castle from afar, despite his lack of eye holes in his mask. But he didn't need eyes, for his sixth sense was far greater than any human sense. Perched up on a tree branch, he watched in complete silence. After a moment he hunched over to look down below him, which was a good a good forty foot drop to the bottom. Slowy, in his eerie grace, he jumped down from the tree branched and landed on his feet. The strange, tall man took a few steps, towards the castle. Jack yearned for a master to serve his evil. It had been so long since his last master had been eradicated by the Kura. Jack cracked his knuckles and disappeared into the shadows.

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Character Portrait: Judith Frost Character Portrait: Yam Suph Character Portrait: Karma Kura Character Portrait: Hayden Addler Character Portrait: No Eyes - "Jack" Character Portrait: Nurse Lumina
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#, as written by sifsand
She stood at the precipice of the castle that had risen in the wake of Yam Suph. Her name was Judith Frost, a foremost expert on the occult and supernatural. As she came she had noticed she was not the only one gathered here, not surprising given the spontaneous nature of the event. "So, this is the sanctuary I've heard tell of? Sounds to me like a pleasant romp." She spoke in a surprisingly calm and snarky tone despite her gentle demeanor.

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Hayden shrunk back a little as Daphne broke down. He was trying to keep it together despite the situation he was placed in. It probably helped too that this wasn't the only time he's dealt with the unknown, that much is true of his accusations. Lumina nudged the doctor, giving him a look, then pointed at Daphne, insisting he say something. He sighed, and, trying to hide his own trembling, he leaned over, placing his hands on his knees.

"I, uh, I d-don't believe they intend to kill us, at least not for a good while," he said, his tone at least sounding more confident. "This behavior is aberrant to typical monsters, and from my... research, that isn't often a bad thing. The fact we were placed in some kind of research facility within the castle means they want something from us, so our talents to them is valuable."

"Sound theory for a madman, I admit, but why are you here?" Hulson asked, Hayden lowering his head in response. "You weren't part of the project, and you seem to know quite a bit behind their motives... I wou-"

"He is here, just as you, as for all of you, for your brilliance and commendable contributions," a voice broke out among them, bringing everything back to silence. Hulson turned to the direction of the voice and fell from his chair, the various researchers in the room moved away. The source of their fear, the form of Yam-Suph could be seen, hanging upside-down, dripping down from the ceiling above, his masked face twisting around as his body flops down, reforming itself into a massive yet almost man-like form, the slime of his body forming what appeared as robes. He looked around at all of them, his glowing eyes sizing them all, before his eyes rested on Daphne. "Why do you- ah... some of my herd have been unkind. Unacceptable. Would you like to have them executed?" the great creature asked, leaning inwards casting a shadow over her, Hayden, and Lumina. The question he posed was cold, yet earnest. "I owe you so much, to lose any of you would be beyond tragic. I knew of your intent, to slay the Red Tide, and with noble sacrifice, it is no more. By the labor of your work, the storm was quelled, the dark waters were parted, and I was reborn."

"B-ut I- why... why... all this?" Hayden timidly questioned. Yam Suph turned to look at him, Lumina immediately moving in front of him to defend him. Yam Suph was somewhat taken aback by this behavior.

"Why? Would you not want to do the same for others? You have seen them out there, haven't you? Chaos driven, minds clouded, souls lost. You are on the verge of ending this tired cycle, to stop now would be... wrong."