Second-in-command of the Harlequins, a very dangerous criminal claiming to be some great chosen hero.

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a character in “Memoria Irae”, originally authored by MartinVole, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Malachi
AgeGroup: Second Age
Gender: Male
Height & Weight: 6'8", 170lbs
Native Memorian?: Yes
Morpholgy Class: Humanoid
A tall slender figure, lanky and terrifying in some ways, regal and handsome in others. Adorning his body is a flowing, tattered hooded faded blue tunic, adorned in the golden crest of the Memoria Tree on the chest. Leathery gloves and boots cover his hands and feet, and wearing baggy gray pants. Belt and pouches containing various items adorn his waist and a sheath strapped to his back.

His face, fearsome marked as it is, is actually human-like, the jagged mouth being the result of markings. His eyes, however, hold a ferocity in them, being pupiless and aglow with a haunting teal. His hair is medium-length and almond brown.
Profession/Hobby: Field leader of the Harlequins, "hero", murderer

A master magician, he can create manifestations of energy, creating complex forms, such as arms and eels, as well as displacing space to use the field to his advantage. He can phase through the world itself, levitate, and even pull his victims towards him, or push them away by manipulating space itself.

He seems to have a strange power to see into someone's heart, perhaps how he's managed to recruit and convert those to his cause, and detect his victims.


Several knickknacks and tools he keeps in his various pouches, ranging from the simplistic needs like food and water, to bombs and unusual artifacts. His most feared item however, is the Dream Shard, a white blade carved from the great tree itself, like the guardians of the Great Tree once held, but this one was modified further, etched with symbols and hardened by the tree's sap. The blade can not only cut you, but project a cut through the air itself!

Brief Bio:

Once upon a time a young boy without a spark of hope. He was known as a loner then, always quiet, distant from others his age, always with a glum look about him. He was different, for he did not dream, and no vision would come to him. He became a low-ranking guard of the Great Tree in hopes that in its presence he would find the dreams he had not dreamt, and in its presence instead he found nightmares to drive him mad. It was in this time the blasphemer came, Zilthai, a witch from the depths, likely twisting the young boy's heart into her Knight, and the first slaughter was done by the hands of the once glum boy, armed with a customized Dream Shard.

Full of zeal, the first Harlequin is nothing short of absolutely sure of himself, and absolutely dedicated to his Mistress, Zilthai. Without hesitation he cuts down the things she tells him to, with absolute surety that they are an evil to be purged. He does however, as a so-called hero, have a code about him, to value the lives of his subordinates, as well as their well-being. He's picky of his targets, and separated from his Mistress for too long, he can become anxious. He can also overexert himself, and become irritated when being called a villain.

So begins...

Malachi's Story