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Season of Giving 2020

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Aiko Kutikara

A loner with a deadly secret and she will keep that secret at all costs.

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a character in “Memory Cafe”, as played by Kaire23


"please, Stay away.... I'd rather not get have "friends"......"
Name: Aiko Kutikara
Age: 18.
Gender: Female
Pref: Straight
Height: 5'6"
Eyes: Royal blue
Background: American/ Japanese
Likes: Her music, Being around people she knows well or no one, Playing her guitar, People who don't stress her, SWEETS, Night time at the ocean, Being out at night, Baking
Dislikes: being around people she doesn't know, Stressful situations, and anything that has spinach in it.
Aiko has jet black hair and royal blue eyes. She always has her head phones to silence the commotion around her. Her favorite shirt is a deep red and has only one sleeve. She always wears black dress pants no matter the occasion (except when working out) and has black boots under them. She has palish skin from not going out that much.


Aiko is a girl who always tries to keep to herself. Whenever shes at a cafe, she'll just pick a booth in the corner, put on her headphones, and block everyone else out when she's eating. Aiko has never been that good around people and has a huge fear of being around people she doesn't know. She also gets stressed really easily so she just decides it'll be easier without anyone. Aiko will never go anywhere without her music because it calms her in those horrible moments. She is also an amazing guitarist but she never lets anyone know.
Habits: Being alone, Listening to her music, Playing her guitar only when she's alone, When remembering her past, she looks depressed. (will add more as time goes on)
Fears: Bullies, Going home, The police finding her for what she did, That she might do it again, Stress.
Aspirations: To be able to forgive her parents and actually say sorry for what she did to them, To learn to be normal, To stop blacking out like when she did when she killed her parents, To get rid of her split personality (when she blacks out, her split personality takes over), To not be afraid of people, To be a famous pastry chef. For someone to be a true parent to her (she always wanted this but never said it aloud)


Aiko Brings her iPod and headphones with her everywhere she goes. She also has a pocket knife always on her just in case of emergencies, Her guitar that she sometimes has strapped on her back, a switch blade that she has kept with her ever since the incident, apron, rolling pin, and all baking stuff.


Job: She was a waitress but has always wanted to be a baker. she baked for her close friends and they all encouraged her to be a baker because she is "Freaking amazing" at baking but she never did before because she was shy.
Aiko has never really been a "people person" She always went to school and got straight a's and has picked on because of that. Her parents had always pressured her into everything. One day, after getting bullied so much, she came home to find her parents fighting like usual. After going through kindergarten all the way through high school of her life being a constant hell, she cracked. She tried to find her music to save her but her mom took it away the evening before. She whipped out her pocket knife and blacked out. When she woke up, she was bloody and on the ground. In front of her was her parents dead bodies. She quickly put away her knife and grabbed her music. She couldn't handle life anymore. It was all way too much for her. She ran to the tallest building she could find and went to the roof. She quickly put on her head phones and blasted the music as she got closer to the edge. She was a step away when she froze. She couldn't move any closer. No matter what she did, she only got farther away from the edge. She needed to get away...... She needed Nazo.

So begins...

Aiko Kutikara's Story

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#, as written by Kaire23
"Okay." She said happily. It was absolutely fine with her as long as it was fine with Millie.
"Keep a hold of the recipe until tonight. Once work is over, I'll show you to my apartment." She said, happy she could help him in any way possible. He was nice to her so it would be nice to pay back his kindness.

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#, as written by Billard
Sandy was in full swing, the others were having some sort of pow-wow and she had the cafe pretty much to herself. She flew from table to table taking orders and bringing food to hungry customers. Whenever she had time to pause she would spend it cleaning. It felt so freeing just to be able to do some mindless tasks and Sandy felt more relaxed than she had in years.
Why was I so stressed out before? Sandy wondered. Try as she might she could not remember, in fact there was a lot of stuff she couldn't remember. Oddly enough it did not bother her one bit for she was happy and happiness was not an emotion Sandy was used to and so she planned to savour it.
"Hey Aiko! This food smells amazing," she beamed.

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#, as written by Kaire23
"Thanks Sandy..." Aiko said somewhat quietly. She loved cooking but even her love of baking wouldn't cancel out her fear of people she didn't know that well. She quickly put a pie into the oven and checked the display case for what was running out. After deciding on what to make next, she quickly went right back in the kitchen to start again. After this, she'd have to try and help Sandy.

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Maxine sat there waiting for Benny to arrive, she was one to never wait too long 'work must be done' was her motto despite how she dressed."Mills...i think i should go check up on Aiko. let me know how Benny takes the news..." she looked at her hoping that she would be alright without her,"please don't do anything i would Mills.." seriousness of her voice shocked Millie but she smiled weakly and waved her off. once in the lower kitchen she saw everyone going and coming. in the fridge maxi came out with her puffs, placing them on the counter behind the window she took the plate and put half the puffs."hey someone place these and put the glass lid on it will ya?" she shouted leaving to put the rest away.

in the employee room, Millie sat there at the table waiting for Benny, the dream still fresh in her mind.