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Kale Evan Wood

Letter R

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a character in “Memory Loss and Strangers”, as played by Mackamp


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Theme Song
◈ Without You|| David Guetta/Usher



Full Name

Kale Evan Ward



Date of Birth
Sept. 17



Personality Traits
Fitness Guru
Outdoor Enthusiast
Is good at compromising
No Filter
Egoistic about body

Personality Description
Kale's strong quiet personality could be mistaken for being arrogant or egotistical or in many cases both. Either way, in his mind, what people think of him is more or less their issue and not his. He has gotten to this state of mind by trial and error, but mostly by error. If anyone got closer to him, other than just a casual conversation at the gym, they would realize that his only arrogance comes from their lack of knowledge about him. That although he is egotistical about his body, his personality is warm and friendly once you get past your own precepts about him.

He knows that his confidence is overwhelming to those that are still finding their place in the world. They think the world of him as a mentor and one that has lived a life time in his 25 short years. As a mentor Kale reiterates self love and discipline, so his story will not repeat. His calmness and self assurance are testimony to the way he lives his life without drama or chaos.

With the help of his father, Kale has learned to challenge himself everyday. Like peeling an onion the layer of challenges creates the person. He has learned that the tranquility of nature can center your soul when the world becomes too noisy. He also learned to temper his once quick anger.

Kale realizes that his no filter nature has caused him some potential friendships. Try as he may, he has trouble not speaking what's on his mind. Unfortunately, being brutally honest is not usually what people want to hear. That paired with his judgmental attitude about laziness and fairness is a vicious cycle that is never ending. So Kale tries not to speak up as not to put himself in that position.


Kale earliest memories never included a mother, it was always just Kale and his father. His mother died one rainy night on slick roads of black ice. The car slid and and she severed only to be stopped by an enormous oak tree. Kale had just turned two. His memories of her were only ones created through someone else's words and pictures of her. He never missed his mother, he never yearned for her even on those days when Mother's are celebrated. Johnston was at the same time mother and father to Kale and that was enough.

Kale was a small boy for his age. This never bothered him much, he continued to be the fastest and most agile of all his peers. Nevertheless, the bullies loved to pick on him, that is when they could catch him. Kale endured relentless torture from 2nd grade onward to 8th grade. Because of the endless bullying by middle school Kale was an angry teenager. His grades dropped, he avoided going to school and began lying. His father knew he had to act and with good conscious pulled him out of school midway through 8th grade and home schooled him. He not would lose his only child to such acts of incivility.

Johnston not only instructed Kale your basic reading, writing and math, he also taught him to love nature, love himself and to discipline himself in all matters including his anger. During this time Johnston made certain that Kale did not live a life of solitude. He knew that he had to mix with his peers in order to develop socially. He joined him in Boys Scouts, where received his Eagle badge. He made sure he worked a job in the village, at the local cafe, so he would be forced to socialize with others. Kale, understood how to be generous and give back to all those around him. His many years of piano lessons gave him the ability to played for others peoples recitals, free of charge. Both his father and him served at the community shelters and food banks stocking shelves, cooking and cleaning. Yes, Kale even played offense for the High School football team, with the same team members that once teased him. Johnston's endless sleepless nights passed as did the years and by end of Kale 18th year Kale had grown into a strong, clear headed man, the man we know now.
The summer before Kale left for college, he fell in love with a girl from the cafe. Lilly's dark short hair framed her lovely heart shape face. Her laughter was contagious, and made all those around her smile. Lilly was gentle and kind. She matched Kale's wit and demeanor in every way. They were perfect together. Although, their futures had not started they knew they wanted to start together. One mild autumn day. Kale and Lilly were rock climbing at a familiar place to both of them. They were competing to see who could get to the bottom the fastest. They were rappelling fast, teasing each other and egging the other on, when Lilly's knot came undone and she fell to her death. Kale never dated after her.
Kale dove into his college life, focusing on his degree and grades. Despite the fact that, many sports team approached Kale to play for them he declined and eventually got his Masters in Sports Medicine and as a Fitness Trainer. Currently he has a string a of gym franchises up and down the West Coast, emphasise not just the physical but feeding the mind and soul.
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Shemar Moore

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This character sheet was created by eirakitten.

So begins...

Kale Evan Wood's Story

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Adriel sat there just taking in everything around them. He was happy to see that the water did in fact help Letter K enough for her to finally regather herself. Though he definitely wasn't expecting her to strip down to her underwear and step into the water, followed by Letter B. The male let out a smirk and just shook his head before returning his attention towards the other brunette, Letter X. She seemed to be looking over her body at all the tattoos upon her. Some of them he liked, others he just wasn't too sure about.

Just when the silence was beginning to become uncomfortable, Dylan finally awoke and stumbled over to the two of them. Apparently the memory loss worked for him too, this was something Adriel hoped wouldn't work. But turns out, he was as lost as the others. "Do any of you know where I am?" was all that came out of Dylan's mouth before Adriel just shook his head. He hated lying to his partner, but he needed to until he was able to regain his memories. "We're all just as clueless as you are man," he answered before glancing over towards Letter X as she began to speak up.

"I thought you guys kidnapped me or something, but you all seem just as confused as I do, so I guess we're shit outta luck." Adriel couldn't help but to stifle a laugh after hearing her words but shook his head as he did. She was correct, but he wasn't going to let her know that. "I understand your reasoning behind that, but it turns out we're all just as confused as you are...." he took a glance at her arm before finishing, "X." That was what he was going to call her until everyone begins remembering their names. Adriel just hoped he wouldn't accidentally call someone by their name before that happens. He knew the names of every person on this island. Still, there was one last person left one this island who needed to wake up and it was oddly taking longer than it should have. Adriel hoped that Kale was alright.


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Nova watched with confusion as Letter K stripped down to her undergarments and began to walk over into the water. At first she wasn't sure what the brunette was doing, but seeing as how she was making a valid point without every spouting so much as a single word to what she was doing, the blonde followed along behind her. She stripped down to her underwear and followed the female into the water. The moment her bare skin touched the cool water, she felt as if she melted into it. The overbearing heat suddenly dissipated and soon became bearable. Nova dived down into the water and shot back up, beside Letter K and she glanced over at her. "So do you think someone on this island put us here for some reason?" she questioned, hoping that she wasn't the only one thinking someone was behind this psychotic mess.

As she stood there in the water, she began to take a look out towards the horizon. Nothing but miles of water, they were in the middle of nowhere and she had a feeling nobody knew where they were. There weren't any evidence of a broken down ship, a crashed aircraft, nothing. A bit of fear for herself and everyone else on this island slowly began to creep up inside her. Though just when she thought everything was going to be alright for the duration of the day she felt something wrap around her legs and pull her under. Nova immediately screamed out and began fighting off whatever it was that was pulling her under the water. She knew it had to be some sort of creature that lived in the water because she didn't feel fingers wrapped around her ankle. "Help me!" she called out as tears of fear began to stream down from her eyes.