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Kakusa Itazura

"A beautiful answer isn't necessarily the correct one."

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a character in “Mending Swords”, as played by Ever



Main Theme
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Fighting Theme
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OST || The Prophecy

Emotional Themes
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Even the optimist or the idealist has to admit that not every story has a happy ending.



Full Name
Itazura Kakusa

Ita, Zura, Rara, Rata, Zuta, ZuZu || Simple rearrangements of her first name, most people tend to call her one of these instead of using her full first name.
Kakusa-sama, Commander, Taichou, Itazura-san || More formal ways to gather Itazura's attention, normally she will ban their usage unless it is a serious situation.
Fairy, Yosei, Imp, Devil, Pixie, Sprite, Brat, Hellion, Lightning || Generally insults someone yells out when they become a victim of Zura's pranks, she takes such names as if they were complements. The last one is in reference to her power.
"….Seriously guys, 'devil', 'brat', 'hellion'?! I'm not even that bad!! at times"

293 {17 in human years}
"Heh…how does it feel knowing I'm your elder? Not good, huh? Well, I don't care, you still have to respect me!! Muahaha!!"

"What can I say? I'm not picky~"

"So..are you a dumbass..? Or just slow..?"


Demon Tribe
"And damn proud of it!"

Yōsei || A Japanese form of a fairy, they are usually quite mischievous and enjoy pulling tricks on unsuspecting humans. Instead of consuming regular food, they consume the "luck" of the begins around them.
"We make the best of friends and worst of enemies~"


The wonderful thing that I've learned about life, so far, is this; you can always keep moving forward long after you believe you can't anymore.



ImageHair color
A brilliant scarlet that, depending on the light available, can glow crimson or deep auburn.
"Which, you know, is actually pretty weird for being a Yosei. Oooh, guess that makes me rare, huh!?"

Eye color
Dancing peridot with streaks of gold and emerald fanning from the pupils. When her powers are activated, however, they drastically switch to a cat-eyed yellow.
"..Can you stop staring already!? Please?!"

6 lbs *The majority of it is from her horns. Without them, she would weigh, around, 2.5 lbs*
"Yeah yeah… I know… 'that isn't possible!' Well, you try floating when you weigh as much as a human! Though… I do admit.. I have a hard time on windy days…."

"WHA-?! No! I am 6'0''!! My horns are included in that measurement, you witch! Ever-! Change it!"

Physical Appearance
Scars || With a body that self heals at an extraordinary rate, there hasn't been a moment too severe that would have left a scar.

Tattoos & Piercings || Not a big fan of either, Ita refuses to decorate her body any further than it already is.

Noticeable Features || Apart from the massive, gazelle-esque horns protruding from her forehead, Ita possesses some rather unique colorations on her skin. With a scarlet to brick ombre covering her legs and arms, it isn't hard to pick Zura out from the crowd. Including some other features are pointed canines and tapered elf ears.

Rumoured and known to be a beauty of ethereal poise, Itazura sports a demeanor akin to the realms of polar opposites; 'innocent' yet 'otherworldly'. Barely reaching the petite height of 5 foot even, her mass weighing in at a mere 6 pounds, this particular girl, off the bat, is noted by strangers to possess the 2 most sought after attributes by women and men alike; stature and curves. Naturally crafted and molded to possess a physique carved out in a sloped hourglass, her chest of smaller nature for her age, Zura often is the recipient of spitefully-coloured remarks on the nonexistent qualms regarding her boundless options of clothing and the slot she holds in becoming fantasies for other men (and, sometimes, women). With her nipped waist and toned limbs, it's almost next to impossible to describe her gait other than in the most poetic of ways; 'a flower swaying in the breeze' or 'a leisurely feline padding down the walk', perhaps. In any case, one can always count on Ita to gather attention from crowds…even if she wishes not to.

Shifting focus to yet another selling point, her tresses, Kakusa has been, undeniably, blessed with a gift. Generous amounts of cashmere-esque strands, their hue bordering on the unnatural, tumble down in cascades to frame her silhouette in the utmost perfect way. Typically, and almost shamefully, the rambunctious teenager will leave her waterfall up in a fashion must unsuitable for any fae; two simple pigtails.

Without a shadow in anyone's mind, Itazura is a stunning individual.. but, in all honesty, the major factor that separates her from being classified as "model worthy" to "fairytale ready" are her eyes. In her opinion, as well as her friend's and stranger's, the brightly-colored pair are the best and most alluring trait on her. Why? It's all simply due to the breathtaking contrast they provide with the rest of her appearance. Almost constantly, the orbs seem to flux in their varying shades of greens and golds, every complex tone found to be present within the expressively gleaming orbs.


Even when we have our eyes closed, there is a whole world out there that continues to move on without ourselves and our dreams.



Fears & Secrets
Love || A long time ago, when she was still rather young {96 years old}, she fell in love with a human. However, it only ended in disaster as he aged and married a girl from his village. Needless to say, it broke her heart and she vowed never to become attached to a human ever again.
Slaughter || Following the aforementioned heartbreak, Itazura's possessive nature kicked in once discovering the woman who stole her lover. To spare you a gory story, the Yosei had the intent on killing the woman but, instead, ended up slaughtering the entire village as they opposed her intent.
Athazagoraphobia || The fear of forgetting one's self, this may seem silly to some but it is all too real for Itazura. When her anger kicks in, everything you know about this yokai vanishes to be replaced with a jealous monster, capable of slaughtering without a second thought.
Enochlophobia || The fear of crowds. Normally, Zura can handle up to 10 people in a room..however, if there should be more than that, she will start to hyperventilate. After all, within large crowds, there are far too many emotions and spirits swirling, it is quite easy for her to be trampled.

Talents & Skills
Polygot || After being shuffled around as much as she has and for living a lifetime of a few hundred years, it's only natural for this Fae to be able to communicate in several languages. While Japanese is her mother tongue, Ita can also fluently write and understand French, English, Russian, Korean, German, and Italian.
Immunity || Due to her blood carrying magical properties, Zuta is immune to certain drugs, poisons and sleeping pills. As such, it'll take a larger dosage than normal to reap an effect.
Puzzle Solving || Always one that loved activities involving an answer, it was only a matter of time before Rata discovered mind games. Puzzles, whether they be simple jigsaws or riddles, were a source of great enjoyment for her person as a child….so much so that her motto was "Let no riddle go unsolved!". As such, simple problems won't pose any difficulty for her with even the more complex ones becoming something she loves to mull over.
Pranking || A talent that was evident since her birth, Itazura can manage to pull off some of the most elaborate tricks any one has ever seen. In fact, she could be pulling your leg for over a year and you still wouldn't know it was her…unless she told you, that is.

As per all Yōsei, Zura possesses the following universal powers:
Levitating & Flying || By activating the magic within her blood, Itazura can, magically, hover in the air as well as fly across the skies.
Spirits || Most Yōsei are rumoured to be the communicators of the deceased, their abilities allowing them to perceive spirits that have passed on from this world. While it isn't as finely tuned as it should be, Itazura can identified the presence of ghosts, as well as tag them with their old identities.
Luck Perception || Creatures that strive off the misfortunes of humans {often ones that they, personally, inflict on the lesser species}, Itazura can suck the luck from an individual as well as transfer it into another being. Going hand in hand with this, she can also determine how much another living being possesses.

However, unlike the other members of her species, Itazura has one main power that is tailored to her person; Electricity Manipulation.
Generation || Zura can conduct, generate, absorb, increase, shape and manipulate electricity of various intensities.
Vaporize || By targeting a specific object, ZuZu can gather up a ball of electric energy in her hands before releasing it to that intended spot, effectively vaporizing it from existence.
Electric Healing || Through charging her body, or others, with electricity, Itazura can accelerate the healing of cells.
Forcefield || Through this ability, Rata can create forcefields of highly concentrated energy or force-fields composed of electromagnetic energy for protection, travel, and/or offensive use.
Jolts || Perhaps her favourite usage, Zuta can send small sparks of electricity into another person. Deciding the amount, she can either give them a small spark or have them experience what it would feel like to be struck by lightening.
Invisibility || ZuZu can become invisible when in/on/touching electricity.


You know, sometimes people are exactly like stars; we fall to make another's wish come true.



Nature || "It's beautiful out here, among the flowers and trees. If only I could stay out here all day.... too bad I have a stupid job to distract me."
Sunsets || "Simply atonishing.. you know, in a a sense, it reminds me of my childhood; brief yet filled with brilliance. Ooooh..that was pretty poetic of me!"
Winter || "Oh goody..where to begin? First off, we have the gorgeous snowflakes.. oh-! and then snowball fights and the snowmen building! And we can't forget sledding, can we?"
Pastries || "Hm….. Let's see… I LOVE Doughnuts, Cakes, name it! I can't get up in the morning without a slice of cake waiting for me and a doughnut at lunch~ H-hey-! Did you just say that I'm going to get fat!?"
Fire || "The way the flames dance is just so mesmerizing and beautiful…plus, I feel warm around it!"
Gambling || "Aw..c'mon..! Just one round? You name the game, we'll play it *not like you'll be able to beat me*"
Alcohol || "OI! You bastard-! Stop hogging it all and share already!"

Apples || "Ugh, the smell, the sound, the taste. *shudders* Everything about them gives me goosebumps."
Gossip|| "….I feel my IQ lowering.."
Liars|| "This is the biggest and most unforgivable offense, in my eyes."
Peppers|| "Hmph. They taste disgusting, have far too many flavour combinations and the colours- pick one already, will you?! Why must you take EVERY color out there!? Why!?"
Disrespect || "In my opinion, when someone shows you disrespect, it means they are insecure about themselves."
Insects || "Creepy, loud and annoying… it's a shame that they are found in Nature.."
Other Yosei || "We are territorial…as such, you better pray that I don't run into another of my kind…things would get pretty ugly rather quickly."

Riddle Solving || Holding a high love for solving questions and riddles, it goes without saying that she has acquired a rather quick mind to become proficient in battles of wits. Present a riddle to her person and this yokai will strive to solve it….no matter how long it takes.
Reading Others || Ever since her birth, Zuta has always possessed a strong sense of empathy for those surrounding her. Able to understand another's motives or underlying emotions through their words and actions, many find it unnerving when she offers a spot on analysis of their person.
Independent || Despite what some may think of her, Itazura is completely capable of standing on her own. After all, when you are a yokai, you have to learn such a strength to live. While trusting of many people, she definitely still adores the idea of being "her own master", of being free from another's shackles. Doing what she believes to be right and voicing her input, many have just labelled it as her being 'unrefined'.
Loyal || Although her intense loyalty is often the root of those endless relationship problems, it can, undeniably, be an admirable attribute. Rata's loyalty to those she deems worthy enough is unbreakable, a strong hold for meaning. Despite her being a highly independent woman, it can still be persuaded of her to follow someone she loves to the ends of the Earth
Imaginative || Even if most would disagree, being creative is a great asset….especially when put in a tough situation that requires unusual resolutions.

Starves Herself || Especially during times of stress or depression, Ita will, completely, forget about her need to consume luck…or her want to. As such, the hunger will build to the point where she will attack any living thing in them human or yokai, it doesn't matter. Usually, she can last up to 2 weeks {with her record being 6 weeks} before it settles in.
Isolated || Not exactly the world's largest social butterfly, it shouldn't be a surprise that Itazura has difficulty blending in with others. Whether it's her looks or powers, there was hardly anyone out there ready to be a true friend to her, aside from Nobara, that is. As such, it isn't a shocker that Ita readily accepts people into her heart, her eagerness to befriend someone outweighing her rationality.
Conceals Negativity || Wishing not to add to the already evident depression of the world, it shouldn't come as a surprise to some that Zuta conceals all negativity within her heart. Keeping emotions from pain to regret bottled up, rarely will anyone ever see instances in which these leak through her, at times, false smiles. As such, it needs to be noted that she can be considered a ticking time bomb…after all, a person {er yokai?} can only take so much.
Dango || Truly willing to do anything for this treat, even if it means stepping into an obvious trap, Zura ADORES any and all variations of dingo...often, she can't even resist the sight of them. Truly pathetic; a yokai brought to her knees for a Japanese sweet.

Disappearing || An annoying habit for sure, whenever Itazura gets in a foul mood with someone or is simply done with their company, she'll vanish into thin air. Often, she'll do it without warning…..and has even been known to disappear during strategy meetings to escape the stifling environment *much to the dismay of everyone*.
Levitating || Noticeable whenever Ita's thoughts wander or whenever her concentration is being put to use, the power of levitation activates in order to buy her mind some time to gather itself. Often, she won't even realize she is floating above everyone else, this habit almost a second nature to her race..However, once someone points it out to her, she'll immediately lower her body back down to the ground in embarrassment.
Smirking || The default setting of this Yosei, it can become pretty infuriating to talk to her the second that impish expression flashes on her features. Ita can smirk in, practically, any situation, humorous or serious, with her mood not affecting the fanged countenance. In fact, whenever someone asks her to stop, she usually retorts with "I can't help it..I'm an Imp after all~ Deal with it~".
Head Tilting || Another odd form of expression on her part, whenever Zura comes across something quite puzzling, she will always tilt her head to the left side. Whether it has the same reasoning as her Levitating habit {buying her mind time to think} or to increase blood flow, not even this Fairy truly knows the rationality behind this particular quirk.
Unimpressed || The surefire way to notice that Itazura is unimpressed with someone or something is the signature quirk of her right eyebrow. To a stranger, it appears as if she is enthralled with them...though, to those who know her personally, it's quite the opposite.


I simply hate it when people ask you to reflect on your past. Why would you even bother? It's not like you can go back to yesterday because, as of this moment, you are a different person from then.



Determined: [Sometimes] || "Depends on what or who we are talking about, I guess."
Opinionated: [Yes] || "Though it isn't always the popular ideal..."
Stubborn: [Yes] || "Honey, I invented "Stubborn as a mule"!"
Quiet: [No] || "Pffft!"
Friendly: [Yes] || "Depends; are you an ally or an enemy?"
Easygoing: [Yes] || "Seriously, just give me some food and I'm good."
Affectionate: [Sometimes] || "…I like cuddling..? Does that count?"
Risk-Taking: [Yes] || "Ok, on the count of '3', we are going to jump from the waterfall, alright!?"
Curious: [Yes] || "Life for an eternity without curiosity? Booooorriiinnngg."
Emotionally controlled: [Yes] || "I've been working hard to keep my temper under check.. I mean, it's pretty tough but I think I got it."
Charismatic: [Sometimes] || "Like everything, depends on who you ask."
Adventurous: [Yes] || "Tehehe, sometimes I thick Nobara wishes I wasn't, though."
Defensive: [Yes] || "…I like to defend my ideas, ok!? There isn't anything wrong with that!"
Sarcastic: [Yes] || "Wha-?! I'm sooooo not sarcastic!"
Boisterous: [Yes] || "Oh god. Don't ever see me when I'm'll regret it."
Grudge holding: [Yes] || "Um…have you been listening at all?"
Persuasive: [Yes] || ",either you are going to do what I say.. or I turn into a cattle prod and give you 95 volts. Got it?"
Calculating: [Yes] || "Look, I know I make these pranks look like a piece of cake..but they all require a strategy! Definitely not for a rookie, like yourself."
Insecure: [Yes] || "….."
Doubtful: [Yes] || "I admit, I can be pretty doubtful…like, say, did Nobara make the right choice in making me his second-in-command? Or can I really keep my temper under check?"
Humorous: [Yes] || "Teeheheh, I LOVE telling jokes~"
Selfless: [Sometimes] || "I guess I can be selfless…but don't ask for me to share my dango! No way in hell is that happening!"
Secretive: [Yes] || "Sure, I mean..everyone has their secrets..Right?"
Honest: [Yes] || "I mean, I lie about little things…but if it' serious, I believe honesty is the best route."
Loyal: [Yes] || "I would die without a second thought for a select few."
Serious: [No] || "What?! I can be totally serious!! …….*whispers* I put a spider in Nobara's hair….don't blame me! this meeting it boring! *whispers*"
Romantic: [No] || "I…y-yeah.. I haven't had a good record so far in terms of!"
Flirty: [No] || "Ehhh…..moving on…."
Sympathetic: [Sometimes] || "I mean, it's hard to be sympathetic towards someone if they keep whining about how they broke their nail."
Brave: [Yes] || "Well, if you count rushing into battle head-on as brave, then I guess so..."
Optimistic: [Yes] || "I'm just one big ray of happy sunshine, aren't I?~"
Pessimistic: [No] || "The world, in my eyes, is already too pessimistic.. why add to that slump?"
Independent: [Yes] || "Well, isn't that obvious?"
Dependent: [No] || "God…. I hate the very word! It reminds me of being a 'damsel in distress' waaay too much."
Logical: [Sometimes] || "I, um, guess it depends on what we are talking about.."
Hyperactive: [Yes] || "……."
Jealous: [Yes] || "We Yosei are infamous for getting jealous..I mean, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone…oh!And we are extremely territorial!"
Nurturing: [No] || "Well..I can always try….but last time, I ended up dumping hot water on Nobara by accident..."
Childish: [Yes] || "And you know what? I'm damn proud.. life is waaaay too long for me to be "mature"!"
Hostile: [Sometimes] || "I guess it depends who you are..."
Argumentative: [Yes] || "Heh. If I think I'm right, then I'm right. You can't win, just ask Nobara."
Passionate: [Yes] || "I think the world needs more passion in it, you know? Cuz, from my standpoint, it's pretty dull.."
Demanding: [Sometimes] || "I can be… and other times,I'm not. It all depends on the day, I guess."
Possessive: [Yes] || "If I like something, it's mine. It is as simple as, please, no touchy~ Unless you want to get all of your luck drained, that is~"
Social: [No] || "E-erm….well…I…um…….Next please!"


If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.



[img]IMG%20HERE[/img]Romantic Interest & Relationship History
Ren Yamaguchi || The human boy from her past, it was love at first sight. While they remained together as a couple for a few years, once the boy turned into a young man at 23, he married into a different family. Consumed by rage, Itazura ended up slaughtering the entire village with not even the women and children being spared.

Most Precious Person
{Answer Here}

{History here}


A beautiful answer isn't necessarily the correct one.



{Anything else here}

So begins...

Kakusa Itazura's Story


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#, as written by KOKIA


~ Flashback ~

"My lady, would you like some tea?"

The soft and quiet voice came from behind the person the girl was speaking to. The girl who was speaking had her head bowed down, showing off her brown hair in an up-do. Her clothes were nothing put pure white, like many of the other people wore in the large temple. The girl was older... so she was more a woman then a girl. This woman had known the Lady's father, as well. The woman was always there to offer the Lady some tea or other bits of food, which she would almost always accept. But this time it was different. The younger woman just sat and looked out the window while remaining silent.

It was just then that an explosion of fire shook the whole village for about five seconds. Everybody in the temple flinched and some yelped, while the people outside screamed and ran away... as they had been doing for a long time. There was, indeed, another war outside and demons had invaded. It was different this time, though. With Chiyoko's father gone, she was now the leading lady in charge.... and this was the first time she had seen such an awful war going on right outside her window while being the leader... and she was frozen in place, not knowing what to do.

Tears welled up in her eyes (which was unusual for her) as she continued to watch the fire burning away homes and burning away memories. Yet, she was still frozen. How did she go through life before with her father and watch these wars and not feel anything? She did not know, but today she felt something. Sadness and despair.

"Is the..." Chiyoko started off saying quietly before she stopped to swallow the lump in her throat and dry away her tears. "Is the Kōaki Clan out there right now?"

"Yes, miss. They are fighting as we speak." The woman replied quietly. Chiyoko only nodded and continued to watch the wreckage going on outside her window. She somehow couldn't bring herself to get up and go out there and fight with them. It was a horrible feeling, and it made her feel sick to her stomach.

"Miss! Miss!" A mans voice called out at her as he ran down the hallway to meet up with her. Chiyoko quickly turned her head towards the man and brought her attention to him. She looked up into his panicked eyes with her sad ones.

"T-T-There's a m-man out there asking f-for you!" The man sad in a worried voice while he pointed towards the front door. "A man? What does he want? This isn't the time!" She protested as she glared up at the panicked guy. He had sweat slowly forming on his forehead and he was still panting his lungs out.

"I-It looks like a d-demon!" He whispered quietly, but loud enough for everyone in the room to here. Everyone in the room gasped and some started to run out of the room to safety. Chiyoko's eyes widened as she stood up quickly. She smoothed her purple coloured kimono out swiftly and started heading towards the front door without another word. Her black hair moved along as she did and the red ribbon in her hair did as well. She swallowed the lump in her throat as she approached the door and suddenly felt like she was choking on something. She kept her chin up though and slowly opened the front door. She could hear whispers from behind her from the people probably spotting her down and watching her every move. It wasn't everyday that a demon comes to a humans front door.

As she opened the door, she saw this demon man. Yes, he was indeed a demon. A demon who towered over her in height and had long red hair. She took a breath before she stepped outside and faced him. The temperature was hot from the fires around her and she could still here the screams of the villagers...

"You better have a damn good reason why you are here." She said sternly before the demon started explaining. Chiyoko kept her face blank as she listened to him closely and before she knew it, a piece of paper was being handed over to her. A Peace Contract. Humans haven't seen these things in years... and now that she was holding one in her hands, she didn't really know what to think or do. So, she read the thing out.

It was, indeed, asking for peace. For no more wars or fights. But then again, it was saying that if she agreed to this, the demons would be allowed to tear down some of the village and grow new trees in it's place for their homes. Chiyoko shook her head and looked up at the demon facing her.

And with a smirk now on her face, she took the piece of paper and tore it up bit by bit, all while remaining eye contact with the demon. Once she was done that, she threw the little pieces of paper on the ground in front of her and turned away. She knew she probably just disagreed with a deal of a lifetime, but she sure as hell wasn't about to bow down to a bunch of monsters.

~ End of Flashback ~

It was a busy day in the village. It was now the beginning of the week and the workers were all getting back to work to start a new week of business. It was almost noon and the sun was shining down upon the village and it's neighbors, the forest. It wasn't usually this warm out at this time in the month, so most people were taking it in and spending the day outside and placing out new markets and opening old ones along the street.

And Chiyoko herself was glad to be in the middle of it. She was there, walking down the busy road. She received a few waves from people and waved back with a smile. She was wearing another kimono, one that was dark red and had golden dragon designs all over it. Her hair was up in a traditional geisha kind of style.

She had left early in the morning to go walk around. Usually she would be required to go out with some kind of protection or guard, but she sometimes likes to take walks on her own from time to time. The company from the villagers is plenty of company for her.

She did, however, leave her bow back at the temple where everybody stayed and called home. Usually, members of the clan were required to go out with some sort of protection or weapon just in case anything were to happen, but... well... Chiyoko sometimes didn't listen. She just liked to go out on her own and enjoy a day. Especially a hot, sunny day like today.

"Hey, Chiyoko! Nice to see you out of your hiding place!" A mans voice called out to her. She recognized the voice immediately. An old friend. Well... not really a friend to her. She found the guy annoying but still continued to talk to him. He was starting work early, as he did everyday, to go cut down trees along with the other men. Chiyoko rolled her eyes and continued on walking, pretending as if she didn't hear him. But the guy knew she heard him. Almost everybody heard him...

"Hey! Wait up! Where's your husband at?" He asked loudly as he caught up with her. He now stood at her side and walked along with her pace as he looked at her. Chiyoko, however, didn't look back.

"He's not my husband, yet. Why don't you continue on with your day, okay?" She said with an annoyed voice as she refused to look at him and continued walking. The guy just shrugged... and just when Chiyoko thought he was thinking about turning away and going back to his job, he started up with telling her some amazing story. Chiyoko continued walking and tried to block him out, but it was hard to when he was practically shouting in your ear. She sighed. He'll probably be gone soon... so she had to put up with him for the time being.