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Ryuu Ashikaga

Member of the Demon Tribe

0 · 674 views · located in Kazeoke Village

a character in “Mending Swords”, as played by Akantha




Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before.

Everyday Life | Sword Art Online OST
A Tiny Love | Sword Art Online OST
Challenge | FFX OST



⌈Full Name⌋
Ryuunosuke Obori Ashikaga
"Keep it short and simple and call me Ryuu, okay? Although if you wanna call me by my full name..We could take this to my bedroom."

Demon Tribe
"It's an interesting clan. Rather, the word for it would be unique."

"Stands for dragon. Doesn't it fit?"

Appears 22-25 Years Old, Actual Age is 369 Years Old
"I appear and act much younger though. I'm not an old geezer."

"Everything is where it's supposed to be. Between my legs."

"Girls are the bane of my existence. Its a manly pleasure to be of service to them."

Member of the Demon Tribe
"I'm not cut out for leading people even though I'm pretty awesome. It's simply laziness."

Yokai | Obake
"My race? Well, we are typically weak. Essentially we are soul-eating creatures who are able to shape shift into different forms. However, there is only one true form. It's said that the form becomes more beautiful and strengthened with the more souls an Obake lures and eats but that's partly a rumor. The weak ones will get you by taking your lovers form and then take away your soul when you let your guard down."

⌈Face Claim⌋
"That guy is just as handsome as I am. Could totally be my twin."



⌈Height & Weight⌋
"I'm decently tall and I assure you, the ladies love it."

⌈Hair color/Length/Quality⌋
Silver | Just Above Waist Length | Silky
"Envious? Women just can't keep their hands off my hair. Although I wish they would direct their touch somewhere else perhaps."

⌈Eye color⌋
Ocean Blue with Red Tinted Pupils
"I don't need any eyeglasses. It's because my eyesight is superb."

⌈Distinguishable Facial Features⌋
Red Eyebrows
"I'm exotic but certainly no islander and I don't dye them. Don't get strange ideas."

Blue and Green Scale Markings on His Arms and Chest.
"They shine nicely in the light and it certainly attracts all the right attention."

⌈Physical Description⌋
Ryuu is tall and slim but he sports a muscular physique. His skin is pale with two red short eyebrows framed by silver bangs. He has bright turquoise teal eyes with pupils that appear red to others. It's a sharp contrast between the ocean blue eyes and red pupils. The narrow shape of his eyes give his gaze a piercing feeling and his straight nose gives him the perfect regal touch. His silver hair is extremely long, reaching his lower back, and it tapers off into many directions. His face tends to have a lazy look all the time except occasionally when he smirks or grins. Uroko also has noticeable blue/green shimmering scale tattoo's on his upper arms and chest. Overall he's exotically handsome and is easily capable of wooing women. In his true form his fur is silvery white and his red eyebrows become markings around his eyes and on his muzzle and forehead. His tail is extremely long and his fangs are peculiar in that like regular beast-like teeth, the canines are elongated, but his back teeth are pointed and elongated too. Also, his eyes which are blue with red pupils in his humanoid form become a golden-orange. The slitted pupils remain in both forms as that is one of the few small things that are hard to change. Any other form has the same white color and red markings, although the markings can be found on different parts of the body.
"I fall in love with myself a little more everyday. You should hop on the bandwagon darling."



Being Touchy with Females || It's all apart of his flirtatious games.
Shape-changing into normal animals to spy on his friends || The rare few times he feels like doing something, he likes to spy on his friends and check out all their weird habits.
He only drinks rice wine made by human brewers. || This is a strange quirk because Ryuu dislikes humans to the point of wanting them dead most of the time, but he prefers their rice wine to any others and will go to certain lengths to get it.

"You wouldn't guess some of the strange things I've seen spying on the leader! I'll never tell though."

♥Rivers, Lakes, Pools
♥Eating | Drinking

"The three best thing in life, right?"

Tracking Scents|| Ryuu is able to decipher scents and sort through them to find scent trails that can be used to find someone.
Spying || His shapeshifting ability allows him to take inconspicuous forms to spy with. No one would suspect a stray cat, a sparrow, or even more so their best friend.
Guarding || Ryuu doesn't have much in offensive talents other than brute strength but he's an excellent guard Obake. Especially since once he claims a nice spot he'll never move.

"I'm useful to my tribe. What do you do?"

Swimming|| He remembers being born in the water and from a young age loved swimming in shallow pools and warm waters.
Sleeping|| You can experience otherworldly things in dreams and it's the perfect way to recuperate after a quick visit with a woman.
Drinking || Alcohol doesn't effect him the way it would a human so he can drink heavily for hours and still have only a warm feeling, no grogginess or bad decisions.

"If you don't enjoy my hobbies, you don't enjoy living. Plain n' simple."

✖ Kappa
✖ Humans
✖ Overworking

"I'm not racist. I'm not completely lazy. I just dislike those froggy things, humans are unreliable, and it's exhausting to work too much."

Buried Alive|| Ryuu dislikes the idea of being crushed and choked to death underneath all that dirt the most. He fears it plenty more than he does drowning, poisoning, or any other type of death.
Decimation Of The Forest || If he lost his forest, he would lose his home.
Guns || He believes that the iron bullets poisons the soul and turns any creature into a hatred filled demon.

"You thought I would be afraid of spiders? Wow. I'm not pathetic like that."

Arrogant|| Ryuu doesn't just think he's superior, he knows he is. The only exceptions to that belief would be the Leader and Second-in-Command to the Demon Tribe. All others get subjected to this belief. This sprouted from a young age after he became the strongest among a few others of his kind.
Apathetic | Lazy || Ryuu is lazy enough for his laziness to turn in apathy towards having strenuous relationships and tasks. He likes to lay around and dislikes working too much. He would prefer it if he could just sleep, mess around with women, and drink all day. Don't forget the occasional swim.
Commitment Issues || Ryuu has never been the type to tie himself down intentionally and likes being a single man with a thousand fish swimming in front of him. Why pick one when almost all of them have pretty scales?

"It's true. Although they certainly aren't flaws!"

⌛Has Loved Only Once. She was Human and very Beautiful. Died After Attempting to Kill Him Upon Finding Out He Wasn't Human.
⌛When He was Young, He Devoured an Entire Countryside's Worth of Souls. Childrens, Adults, and Everyone in Between. Also, Came Back Every Other Generation After the First Time for More Until he Became Strong Enough not to Need to Eat Human Souls.
⌛The Lady of Kazeoka Reminds Him Of His Dead First Love.

"These will go with me untold till my last days."


|| Humorous || Lazy || Wise || Mischievious ||
|| Clever || Flirtatious || Haughty || Easygoing ||

Ryuu is an easygoing guy who treads along at his own pace and doesn't pay much attention to what others want from him. He's not selfish but he simply is only interested in doing things his way. He thinks that his way is better and that he is stronger and more awesome than most others, the only exceptions being the Leader and Second-in-Command. He respects their leadership traits and strong positive traits and therefore looks up to them slightly. The ones who suffer the worst from his arrogant behavior are humans because he thinks they are unreliable, untrustworthy, and self-destructive. This is probably due to one of his secrets. Therefore, Ryuu is never serious about relationships and keeps things purely casual when it comes to lovers. He goes out of his way to avoid having to stay too long with one person and has definitely earned the title: player.

Behind all his easygoingness and laziness is the fact that he is a truly intelligent and helpful person. He cherishes his few friends and does offer help when it's desperately needed, making him a reliable person in dire situations. He's not protective but he does feel responsible if someone gets hurt in his presence. In such a backwards way, he could be considered a caring person. He doesn't overtly try to concern himself with others but when needed he will do what he must.

Lastly, because Ryuu is an easygoing person he often cracks jokes and is the clownish person of any group. Although sometimes his humor is exclusively understood for a select few people, there isn't a dull moment with him.

"Perfect description if I may say so! Can we highlight the part about me being intelligent and amazing?"



⌈Romantic Interest & Relationship History⌋
"Not much to know here. I don't have any real relationships…and the rest is my business."

⌈Most Precious Person⌋
"I don't know how to answer that. No one person is special to me."

Ryouta Kuu Ashikaga || Deceased || Father || After I was old enough to take care of myself we separated and last known news said he was dead.
Kaede Hana Watachiho|| Alive, 546 Years Old || Mother || She stayed a bit longer after Father left but she still left when I became old enough to take partners.

"I don't have much in the way of family. I don't even know if I have brothers or sisters."

Ryuunosuke was born in the river in the forest that he currently lives in. (His kind gives a cross between live birth and oviparous birth. So he was incapsulated in a thin egg sack in a shallow pool and then when he is fed a strong soul that grows and becomes his own, he hatches so to say.) It was very long ago so he barely remembers the circumstances of his birth but he knows that his parents were from different parts of the lands and that his father was a Bakeneko and his mother a Kitsune which is why his form turned out looking like a mix between the two Obake species. Supposedly his parents had been in love and had immediately procreated to give life to him. His mother had said that his soul had grown from a cheerful old mans' soul on his death bed. A mercy to the man to be freed and given forth to new life, they said. His parents both left him when he was still relatively young but not at the same time. His father left when he was a toddler and would assuredly survive and then his mother departed when he began to stake out his own territory and females. Back in that day, the humans hadn't yet had a strong civilization beside the forest and times were unregulated and peaceful.

Ryuu took advantage and decided to become stronger than any Obake. He succeeded, but, at the price of dozens of innocent lives. However, he doesn't regret his choice because at the time it was survival of the fittest. It was many years later that he fell in love at first sight with a human woman. She was as weak as any other human woman physically, but, boasted a beauty that went unmatched by any creature he had seen in his long life. Her long black hair, petite face, and svelte figure covered by her woven robes always stuck at his heart every time he saw her. So, he courted her. However, the day came when she saw him transform into the true form and the next time he went to see her she tried to kill him. She drove a dagger into his back and screamed words from the holy faith at him. He was no demon and definitely wasn't weak enough to die from a wound in the side so he killed her and ate her soul so that she would always be with him as punishment for betraying him. Since then he lived casually and minded his own business, refusing to eat any other souls unless necessary.

Some time close to present day, he joined the Demon Tribe. He didn't have much of a choice if he wanted to keep his large territory since it overlapped with the tribe's and he quickly became suited to the tribal life. Sometimes it made him weary but he enjoyed the company of other Yokai and even the Demons. Now, the war is upon them and he already knows who he sides with regardless of the proceeding events.

"Those humans don't know what's coming, eh?"



✦Shapeshifting | The power to transform and reshape the form of one's body. It's said that harming a Obake during the swift shift can often be fatal and detrimental to their health although that's just a rumor.
✦Fire Manipulation | He can create, shape and manipulate fire. Specifically, his flames appear blue because of his parentage and genetics. (Kitsune flames are often blue)
✦Soul-Eating | He can devour souls, but it either must be offered or the person must be killed in order to eat it.

"I'm fairly simple. Just a few tricks really."

So begins...

Ryuu Ashikaga's Story


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#, as written by KOKIA


~ Flashback ~

"My lady, would you like some tea?"

The soft and quiet voice came from behind the person the girl was speaking to. The girl who was speaking had her head bowed down, showing off her brown hair in an up-do. Her clothes were nothing put pure white, like many of the other people wore in the large temple. The girl was older... so she was more a woman then a girl. This woman had known the Lady's father, as well. The woman was always there to offer the Lady some tea or other bits of food, which she would almost always accept. But this time it was different. The younger woman just sat and looked out the window while remaining silent.

It was just then that an explosion of fire shook the whole village for about five seconds. Everybody in the temple flinched and some yelped, while the people outside screamed and ran away... as they had been doing for a long time. There was, indeed, another war outside and demons had invaded. It was different this time, though. With Chiyoko's father gone, she was now the leading lady in charge.... and this was the first time she had seen such an awful war going on right outside her window while being the leader... and she was frozen in place, not knowing what to do.

Tears welled up in her eyes (which was unusual for her) as she continued to watch the fire burning away homes and burning away memories. Yet, she was still frozen. How did she go through life before with her father and watch these wars and not feel anything? She did not know, but today she felt something. Sadness and despair.

"Is the..." Chiyoko started off saying quietly before she stopped to swallow the lump in her throat and dry away her tears. "Is the Kōaki Clan out there right now?"

"Yes, miss. They are fighting as we speak." The woman replied quietly. Chiyoko only nodded and continued to watch the wreckage going on outside her window. She somehow couldn't bring herself to get up and go out there and fight with them. It was a horrible feeling, and it made her feel sick to her stomach.

"Miss! Miss!" A mans voice called out at her as he ran down the hallway to meet up with her. Chiyoko quickly turned her head towards the man and brought her attention to him. She looked up into his panicked eyes with her sad ones.

"T-T-There's a m-man out there asking f-for you!" The man sad in a worried voice while he pointed towards the front door. "A man? What does he want? This isn't the time!" She protested as she glared up at the panicked guy. He had sweat slowly forming on his forehead and he was still panting his lungs out.

"I-It looks like a d-demon!" He whispered quietly, but loud enough for everyone in the room to here. Everyone in the room gasped and some started to run out of the room to safety. Chiyoko's eyes widened as she stood up quickly. She smoothed her purple coloured kimono out swiftly and started heading towards the front door without another word. Her black hair moved along as she did and the red ribbon in her hair did as well. She swallowed the lump in her throat as she approached the door and suddenly felt like she was choking on something. She kept her chin up though and slowly opened the front door. She could hear whispers from behind her from the people probably spotting her down and watching her every move. It wasn't everyday that a demon comes to a humans front door.

As she opened the door, she saw this demon man. Yes, he was indeed a demon. A demon who towered over her in height and had long red hair. She took a breath before she stepped outside and faced him. The temperature was hot from the fires around her and she could still here the screams of the villagers...

"You better have a damn good reason why you are here." She said sternly before the demon started explaining. Chiyoko kept her face blank as she listened to him closely and before she knew it, a piece of paper was being handed over to her. A Peace Contract. Humans haven't seen these things in years... and now that she was holding one in her hands, she didn't really know what to think or do. So, she read the thing out.

It was, indeed, asking for peace. For no more wars or fights. But then again, it was saying that if she agreed to this, the demons would be allowed to tear down some of the village and grow new trees in it's place for their homes. Chiyoko shook her head and looked up at the demon facing her.

And with a smirk now on her face, she took the piece of paper and tore it up bit by bit, all while remaining eye contact with the demon. Once she was done that, she threw the little pieces of paper on the ground in front of her and turned away. She knew she probably just disagreed with a deal of a lifetime, but she sure as hell wasn't about to bow down to a bunch of monsters.

~ End of Flashback ~

It was a busy day in the village. It was now the beginning of the week and the workers were all getting back to work to start a new week of business. It was almost noon and the sun was shining down upon the village and it's neighbors, the forest. It wasn't usually this warm out at this time in the month, so most people were taking it in and spending the day outside and placing out new markets and opening old ones along the street.

And Chiyoko herself was glad to be in the middle of it. She was there, walking down the busy road. She received a few waves from people and waved back with a smile. She was wearing another kimono, one that was dark red and had golden dragon designs all over it. Her hair was up in a traditional geisha kind of style.

She had left early in the morning to go walk around. Usually she would be required to go out with some kind of protection or guard, but she sometimes likes to take walks on her own from time to time. The company from the villagers is plenty of company for her.

She did, however, leave her bow back at the temple where everybody stayed and called home. Usually, members of the clan were required to go out with some sort of protection or weapon just in case anything were to happen, but... well... Chiyoko sometimes didn't listen. She just liked to go out on her own and enjoy a day. Especially a hot, sunny day like today.

"Hey, Chiyoko! Nice to see you out of your hiding place!" A mans voice called out to her. She recognized the voice immediately. An old friend. Well... not really a friend to her. She found the guy annoying but still continued to talk to him. He was starting work early, as he did everyday, to go cut down trees along with the other men. Chiyoko rolled her eyes and continued on walking, pretending as if she didn't hear him. But the guy knew she heard him. Almost everybody heard him...

"Hey! Wait up! Where's your husband at?" He asked loudly as he caught up with her. He now stood at her side and walked along with her pace as he looked at her. Chiyoko, however, didn't look back.

"He's not my husband, yet. Why don't you continue on with your day, okay?" She said with an annoyed voice as she refused to look at him and continued walking. The guy just shrugged... and just when Chiyoko thought he was thinking about turning away and going back to his job, he started up with telling her some amazing story. Chiyoko continued walking and tried to block him out, but it was hard to when he was practically shouting in your ear. She sighed. He'll probably be gone soon... so she had to put up with him for the time being.