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Yamato Daijuuji

"I'm a work-in-progress, please wait until I'm finished!"

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a character in “Mending Swords”, as played by FamishedPants




Yield. One step closer to her and you'll regret it.

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⌈Full Name⌋
Yamato Daijuuji
"You would do well to remember it."

Kōaki Clan
"Second only to Lady Kazeoka"

"Of what use would one be to me? We are not friends."

"Cease further investigation, if you would."

"It is my sincerest hope that we would not have to rely on you for your archery skill."

"Me? I-I haven't the time for such meaningless things."

Second-in-Command of the Kōaki Clan
"My heart and soul for my clan and its leader."

"You mistook me for one of those beasts?"

⌈Face Claim⌋
Assassin || Fate/Stay Night
"I resemble an assassin? What?"


⌈Height & Weight⌋
5'9" || 142 lbs
"I grow tired of your idiotic inquiries.""

⌈Hair color/Length/Quality⌋
Yamato's hair is a deep indigo color. It is quite beautiful in appearance and is typically kept in a long ponytail, with two long bangs reaching down past his cheeks on either side of his face.
"Character Thought"

⌈Eye color⌋
His eyes share the same deep indigo color that his hair has. They often seem to look into one's heart or stare someone into submission.
"Character Thought"

⌈Distinguishable Facial Features⌋
Yamato is considered quite attractive and hasn't any blemishes or marks on his skin. He owns a small, sharp skin with a fair skin tone. A complexion that makes most men envious of him.
"Character Thought"

Again, there is nothing on him that would ruin his image.
"Character Thought"

⌈Physical Description⌋
Yamato Daijuuji holds an air about himself that can make other, weak-willed people fear him just upon glance, yet at the same time, he is seen as a quite attractive individual. With an athletic build hidden behind his apparel and an indigo theme about him, his appearance betrays his desire to stand out amongst others. He owns a powerful set of piercing bluish eyes, accompanied by small, narrow eyebrows. His lips seem so tiny unless you manage to somehow get the guy to smile, which is a feat many will go their whole lives without accomplishing. His chin is fairly defined.

Most people, obviously, tend to admire his well-kept hair, something he is secretly proud of. As gorgeous as any woman's, it hangs in a ponytail with two long, blue bangs accessorizing his face. The indigo color tends to draw attention, while the very sheen and feel of it gives it a final touch. If one had to make a good guess at what part of himself he really pays attention to the most, well, they'd have to be blind not to make the obvious choice.

Finally, there's the matter with his attire. He wears a traditional light purple umanori hakama and kimono, light purple tabi and black geta with purple haori and tekkou and carries his sword on his back for the most part.

"M-maintaining image is only expected of me, after all..."


✦[color=#choice of color] Isolating himself||[/color] When Yamato is stressed, angry, upset, or any extreme form of emotion, he often hides away so that he can cool down. He also does this if he's thinking deeply about something.
✦[color=#choice of color] Eating||[/color] Typically eats a lot of food in order to keep up with the demands from his body. Apparently, thinking and training works up the biggest of appetites.
✦[color=#choice of color] Checking people out||[/color] Yamato has a nasty habit of sizing people up when he first meets them, and he doesn't bother to hide the fact that he does so. Regardless, he doesn't miss a single detail about someone.

[color=#choice of color]"There's nothing wrong with what I do."[/color]

♥Strong-willed people
♥Spicy food

"Even I enjoy things from time to time."

✔[color=#choice of color] Swordsmanship||[/color] His skill with the blade is outstanding. There's not likely to be too many people who can keep up with him.
✔[color=#choice of color] Answer Here||[/color] Explanation Here
✔[color=#choice of color] Answer Here||[/color] Explanation Here

[color=#choice of color]"Character Thought"[/color]

✔[color=#choice of color] Answer Here||[/color] Explanation Here
✔[color=#choice of color] Answer Here||[/color] Explanation Here
✔[color=#choice of color] Answer Here||[/color] Explanation Here

[color=#choice of color]"Character Thought"[/color]

✖Answer Here
✖Answer Here
✖Answer Here

[color=choice of color]"Character Thought"[/color]

✘[color=#choice of color] Answer Here||[/color] Explanation Here
✘[color=#choice of color] Answer Here||[/color] Explanation Here
✘[color=#choice of color] Answer Here||[/color] Explanation Here

[color=#choice of color]"Character Thought"[/color]

✘[color=#choice of color] Answer Here||[/color] Explanation Here
✘[color=#choice of color] Answer Here||[/color] Explanation Here
✘[color=#choice of color] Answer Here||[/color] Explanation Here

[color=#choice of color]"Character Thought"[/color]

⌛Answer Here
⌛Answer Here
⌛Answer Here

[color=#choice of color]"Character Thought"[/color]

|| Protective || Smart || Cunning || Sadist ||
|| Contradictory || Loyal || Cold || Serious ||

Behind the handsome figure lays a strong-willed and loyal being whom seeks only to eliminate the foreign threat disturbing his village. He is a man of action but also a man who is good with his words and fine with a blade. The man is not one to enjoy any senseless violence, but does own an intense hatred for those of demon-kind. However, if he should be known for one thing, it should be his undying loyalty.

Yamato can be seen as the person every organization needs to be successful -- A no-nonsense, willing-to-do-whatever-it-takes kind of man, and is both reliable and trustworthy, while have an incentive of his own to remain as such. He's the guy you go to when you need non-biased advice based on facts and reason, rather than emotion, but his is not immune to emotional-based choices himself. He will tell you if you are hurting your cause or assisting it, and he'll do so quite bluntly so there is no room for misinterpretation. Because of this, he oftentimes comes off as cold and unapproachable to those who don't actually know him, but this is his intent.

There are only a few things the man holds to a high regard, with the most prominent one being non other than Chiyoko Kimura, the woman in charge of the clan he has dedicated himself to. When asked, he responds in most cases by saying he admires people who aren't afraid to stand up for something, who express strong wills, and who don't faulter at the slightest disturbance. He thinks that Lady Kazeoka is stronger than most woman, even those who've twice the amount of years on her. Because he accepts her as strong and capable, he has no qualms whatsoever about following somebody how is his younger. It should also be fairly obvious that if you offend or otherwise upset her, you'll not be on his good side.

To make things more clear, it should be mentioned that he is somebody who cannot stand the sight of a helpless human being. He holds a deep dislike for the weak and openly expresses contempt for those he views as such. People who're easily tricked, physically inferior, or just plain stupid are some examples, though certainly not the only kinds of people he thinks weak. He is sexist in that he generally assumes women to be weak creatures, so he does not expect much from them. However, this tends to make him expect even more out of his fellow man, and it also helps his opinion on Lady Kazeoka, since he does not know of many men who've shown the strength she does. He dislikes weakness greatly, but would never turn a blind-eye to a human in need of assistance, so he's not very likely to start some organization to exaggerate natural selection or anything like that.

He's a man who dislikes a great deal many things, but has only ever shown actual hatred for one thing: Demons. He despises the creatures and voices an opinion similar to the public's: That they should all be killed. He, like many people, has a reason for this rather than simple-minded racism. He's lost things he held dear because of them and they're threatening to take away his village. Of course he hates them, but then, he's even odd with that. He has no problem whatsoever dispatching or otherwise killing male-looking demons, or demons threatening humans, yet, he tends to have a soft spot for women and children, and this extends to demonkind as well. He would still choose a human woman over a demon woman, or a human baby over a demon baby. He's still very much loyal to his own race, however, he is unlikely to go out of his way to harm those particular members of the race unless they've killed or injured a human. Again, his sexism towards women tends to harm the men rather than the women themselves. They are, after all, more responsible for his loss than the female members. In fact, he is quite sadistic when it comes to them. He would chop away at them for days were he given the chance. It's unfortunate, but he only really smiles during the time he gets to fight them, and it only grows wider when he's doing well.

Basically, you can sum Yamato up as the smart, serious guy who would lay down his own life for his clan and Lady Kazeoka. He isn't really the kindest or humorous being, though to call him evil would be silly. He's capable of sparing people, but also guilty of enjoying torturing demons too. Reliable, but also contradicts himself in many cases. Most of all, however, his is loyal and appears as though he'll stay that way for a while.

"I do not see why you've found me so interesting..."


⌈Romantic Interest & Relationship History⌋
None he'll admit to.
"It's not like I think about those sorts of things in the first place, b-baka."

⌈Most Precious Person⌋
Chiyoko Kimura is the most important person to him that is still living.
"Leaders with potential are hard to come by these days, that's all..."

Mine Daijuuji|| 14 (When they died) || Elder Sister|| Onee-sama....
Kentaro Daijuuji|| 34 || Father|| There's nothing wrong with revenge for you, right?
Marimo Daijuuji|| 30 || Mother|| For you, father, Onee-sama, and the village.

"The demons already took my family, I won't let them take my land either."

Answer Here
"Character Thought"


Answer Here
"Character Thought"

So begins...

Yamato Daijuuji's Story


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#, as written by KOKIA


~ Flashback ~

"My lady, would you like some tea?"

The soft and quiet voice came from behind the person the girl was speaking to. The girl who was speaking had her head bowed down, showing off her brown hair in an up-do. Her clothes were nothing put pure white, like many of the other people wore in the large temple. The girl was older... so she was more a woman then a girl. This woman had known the Lady's father, as well. The woman was always there to offer the Lady some tea or other bits of food, which she would almost always accept. But this time it was different. The younger woman just sat and looked out the window while remaining silent.

It was just then that an explosion of fire shook the whole village for about five seconds. Everybody in the temple flinched and some yelped, while the people outside screamed and ran away... as they had been doing for a long time. There was, indeed, another war outside and demons had invaded. It was different this time, though. With Chiyoko's father gone, she was now the leading lady in charge.... and this was the first time she had seen such an awful war going on right outside her window while being the leader... and she was frozen in place, not knowing what to do.

Tears welled up in her eyes (which was unusual for her) as she continued to watch the fire burning away homes and burning away memories. Yet, she was still frozen. How did she go through life before with her father and watch these wars and not feel anything? She did not know, but today she felt something. Sadness and despair.

"Is the..." Chiyoko started off saying quietly before she stopped to swallow the lump in her throat and dry away her tears. "Is the Kōaki Clan out there right now?"

"Yes, miss. They are fighting as we speak." The woman replied quietly. Chiyoko only nodded and continued to watch the wreckage going on outside her window. She somehow couldn't bring herself to get up and go out there and fight with them. It was a horrible feeling, and it made her feel sick to her stomach.

"Miss! Miss!" A mans voice called out at her as he ran down the hallway to meet up with her. Chiyoko quickly turned her head towards the man and brought her attention to him. She looked up into his panicked eyes with her sad ones.

"T-T-There's a m-man out there asking f-for you!" The man sad in a worried voice while he pointed towards the front door. "A man? What does he want? This isn't the time!" She protested as she glared up at the panicked guy. He had sweat slowly forming on his forehead and he was still panting his lungs out.

"I-It looks like a d-demon!" He whispered quietly, but loud enough for everyone in the room to here. Everyone in the room gasped and some started to run out of the room to safety. Chiyoko's eyes widened as she stood up quickly. She smoothed her purple coloured kimono out swiftly and started heading towards the front door without another word. Her black hair moved along as she did and the red ribbon in her hair did as well. She swallowed the lump in her throat as she approached the door and suddenly felt like she was choking on something. She kept her chin up though and slowly opened the front door. She could hear whispers from behind her from the people probably spotting her down and watching her every move. It wasn't everyday that a demon comes to a humans front door.

As she opened the door, she saw this demon man. Yes, he was indeed a demon. A demon who towered over her in height and had long red hair. She took a breath before she stepped outside and faced him. The temperature was hot from the fires around her and she could still here the screams of the villagers...

"You better have a damn good reason why you are here." She said sternly before the demon started explaining. Chiyoko kept her face blank as she listened to him closely and before she knew it, a piece of paper was being handed over to her. A Peace Contract. Humans haven't seen these things in years... and now that she was holding one in her hands, she didn't really know what to think or do. So, she read the thing out.

It was, indeed, asking for peace. For no more wars or fights. But then again, it was saying that if she agreed to this, the demons would be allowed to tear down some of the village and grow new trees in it's place for their homes. Chiyoko shook her head and looked up at the demon facing her.

And with a smirk now on her face, she took the piece of paper and tore it up bit by bit, all while remaining eye contact with the demon. Once she was done that, she threw the little pieces of paper on the ground in front of her and turned away. She knew she probably just disagreed with a deal of a lifetime, but she sure as hell wasn't about to bow down to a bunch of monsters.

~ End of Flashback ~

It was a busy day in the village. It was now the beginning of the week and the workers were all getting back to work to start a new week of business. It was almost noon and the sun was shining down upon the village and it's neighbors, the forest. It wasn't usually this warm out at this time in the month, so most people were taking it in and spending the day outside and placing out new markets and opening old ones along the street.

And Chiyoko herself was glad to be in the middle of it. She was there, walking down the busy road. She received a few waves from people and waved back with a smile. She was wearing another kimono, one that was dark red and had golden dragon designs all over it. Her hair was up in a traditional geisha kind of style.

She had left early in the morning to go walk around. Usually she would be required to go out with some kind of protection or guard, but she sometimes likes to take walks on her own from time to time. The company from the villagers is plenty of company for her.

She did, however, leave her bow back at the temple where everybody stayed and called home. Usually, members of the clan were required to go out with some sort of protection or weapon just in case anything were to happen, but... well... Chiyoko sometimes didn't listen. She just liked to go out on her own and enjoy a day. Especially a hot, sunny day like today.

"Hey, Chiyoko! Nice to see you out of your hiding place!" A mans voice called out to her. She recognized the voice immediately. An old friend. Well... not really a friend to her. She found the guy annoying but still continued to talk to him. He was starting work early, as he did everyday, to go cut down trees along with the other men. Chiyoko rolled her eyes and continued on walking, pretending as if she didn't hear him. But the guy knew she heard him. Almost everybody heard him...

"Hey! Wait up! Where's your husband at?" He asked loudly as he caught up with her. He now stood at her side and walked along with her pace as he looked at her. Chiyoko, however, didn't look back.

"He's not my husband, yet. Why don't you continue on with your day, okay?" She said with an annoyed voice as she refused to look at him and continued walking. The guy just shrugged... and just when Chiyoko thought he was thinking about turning away and going back to his job, he started up with telling her some amazing story. Chiyoko continued walking and tried to block him out, but it was hard to when he was practically shouting in your ear. She sighed. He'll probably be gone soon... so she had to put up with him for the time being.