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Yuki Rin

I do not find the war necessary, but I will fight if that's what the lady wishes for me to.

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a character in “Mending Swords”, as played by moahi




I just want to live happily and die happily... Is that too much to ask?

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⌈Full Name⌋
Yuki Rin
"It means snow... not a bad way to describe my personality."

Kōaki Clan
"Yes, we're humans... so what?"

Silver, Coat
"Its not like I dislike them, but please address me formally."

"Time passes so quickly."

"Oh please, enlighten me on the relevance of that question."

"Relationships are such complicated things... I can never understand why people like them."

Member of the clan
"Is it not obvious to you?"


⌈Face Claim⌋
Hampnie Hambret
"Why, do you have a problem with how I look?"



⌈Height & Weight⌋
5'9, 121

"I'm a little on the skinny side"

⌈Hair color/Length/Quality⌋
Silver hair kept at collar length of his coat.
"I'm albino so yes, I have silver hair."

⌈Eye color⌋
A crimson red
"It can't be helped, I was born like that after all."

⌈Distinguishable Facial Features⌋
"It would be bad if your enemy has something to discern you by... Although I think most people can tell by my eyes."

A birthmark shaped somewhat like a rose on his left arm.
"Again, I can't help the way I was born."

⌈Physical Description⌋
Answer Here
[color=color of choice]"Character Thought"[/color]


Putting his hands into the pockets of his coat|| He does that any time he's nervous, and it calms him down effectively.
Reading|| Being a passive reader, he almost reads all the time, partly to bottle up his emotions. When he feels angry, you would see him wildly reading through a thick pile of books.
✦[color=#choice of color] Answer Here||[/color] Explanation Here/size]
[size=80]"Well, nobody is perfect."


"My favorite things in the world... they help to calm me down"

Collecting and taking in information|| He soaks it up like a sponge, and is really good in getting information from various sources.
Aim|| He usually uses dual pistols, but her aim is also brilliant in using other objects like knives
Speed|| He is quick and agile in fight, and dodges most of the blows

"Some of the things I'm good at..."

Day dreaming|| He just blanks out sometimes, especially if things get out of his control. Sometimes, he just had to escape from real life.
Eating sweets|| As odd as it seems, sweets help him regain his energy quickly, and he often eats them.(Sorry is that a hobby...)
Reading|| The only habit he can't and doesn't want to get rid of. His reading materials consist of history to fantasy, and he is often found in his room reading.

"Sorry if you don't like them, I don't plan on changing them any time soon."


"Basically all the things I detest are going on around me... just my luck."

War|| He is half afraid of it actually breaking out, but keeps it in.
Losing his books|| He freaks out if he can't find even one volume of his treasured books.
Losing to the demons|| He is too afraid to think of what would happen if they lost, and what the demons would do.

[color=#choice of color]"Character Thought"[/color]

His emotions|| He can't think radically when his emotions are stirred up, and would do things rashly, unlike his usually calm and composed self.
Injuring someone|| He is terrible at inflicting pain on someone, even a demon. He just can't stand the though of purposely hurting someone Picking them off at a place where he couldn't see them, however, is much easier for him.
Hand-to-hand combat|| He is horrible at them, despite being able to dodge most of the blows.

"I try to change, so give me some time."

⌛He is terrified of the sight of blood. He couldn't stand it, but tries to keep it under control. That's mainly why he picks off opponents at a long distance, where he couldn't see them. He insists he prefers to do so for no reason though.
⌛He thinks the whole war business is pointless. Really, why did they have a war in the first place? He would rather sit down and have a nice discussion with the demons instead of actually fighting them, but he follows the orders from the lady anyway.

"Use them against me and I will kill you, whether I hate blood or not."


|| Cold || Loyal || Kind || Sarcastic ||
|| Determined || Calm || Logical || Quiet ||

On first sight, Yuki is a cold and quiet person, hardly ever speaking and even if he does, it was in curt sentences riddled with ridicule. However, behind his coldness, he is kind and loyal, despite being distant to others. In his mind, the matters of other people doesn't affect him adversely unless of course, he is involved. He tries not to, but stays loyal to the clan, even if he thinks those decisions the lady makes are wrong. He'll stick with them to the end, and hardly insists on his own opinions.

However, when things really become too much for him to take, he tries to escape reality, preferring to immerse himself in his own world. The outside world is much more chaotic, with all the corruption and complications, and sometimes that's all one man can take. That is part of the reason why he tries to make everything logical, trying to find order in the hectic events that are going on, and perhaps take control of his life.

As he doesn't have anyone he trusts enough to confide in, Yuki reads to hide his emotions, and it is the only time where he isn't alone. He treats the books as his friends, as they won't betray him. Because of that, he had become good in analyzing and collecting information, especially for something he is seriously interested in. Now, he is studying the types of demons and how to avoid their powers, but he spares a moment or two to check up on human behavior and relationships. Despite knowing many things, the complications and ties between people are something he can never quite grasp fully.

Yuki is sarcastic at times, but it was always either because he did not quite understand you, or that he thinks that you are completely and intolerably stupid. Its often the later as he has a low tolerance level, so make yourself clear quick before the simply cuts you off curtly. That was partly why he doesn't get along with most people, but that doesn't bother him the least.

Even if he seems like an unfeeling statue, he does experience emotions to things he feels strongly about, like his clan. He really cares about the villagers and his clan even if he does not show it, but he rather not show it as then he would seem to have weaknesses. He hides them under an indifferent mask, but he deeply cares, but bottles up his emotions so people won't take advantage of him. He is still a child at heart, afraid of blood and wars, and secretly wants to end it all.

"I wonder why I'm telling this to a complete stranger."


⌈Romantic Interest & Relationship History⌋
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⌈Most Precious Person⌋
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[color=#choice of color]"Character Thought"[/color]

Name || Age || Role in Family|| Character's Thought on Them
Name || Age || Role in Family|| Character's Thought on Them (continue this format for more family memebers)

[color=#choice of color]"Character Thought"[/color]

Answer Here
[color=#choice of color]"Character Thought"[/color]

So begins...

Yuki Rin's Story


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#, as written by KOKIA


~ Flashback ~

"My lady, would you like some tea?"

The soft and quiet voice came from behind the person the girl was speaking to. The girl who was speaking had her head bowed down, showing off her brown hair in an up-do. Her clothes were nothing put pure white, like many of the other people wore in the large temple. The girl was older... so she was more a woman then a girl. This woman had known the Lady's father, as well. The woman was always there to offer the Lady some tea or other bits of food, which she would almost always accept. But this time it was different. The younger woman just sat and looked out the window while remaining silent.

It was just then that an explosion of fire shook the whole village for about five seconds. Everybody in the temple flinched and some yelped, while the people outside screamed and ran away... as they had been doing for a long time. There was, indeed, another war outside and demons had invaded. It was different this time, though. With Chiyoko's father gone, she was now the leading lady in charge.... and this was the first time she had seen such an awful war going on right outside her window while being the leader... and she was frozen in place, not knowing what to do.

Tears welled up in her eyes (which was unusual for her) as she continued to watch the fire burning away homes and burning away memories. Yet, she was still frozen. How did she go through life before with her father and watch these wars and not feel anything? She did not know, but today she felt something. Sadness and despair.

"Is the..." Chiyoko started off saying quietly before she stopped to swallow the lump in her throat and dry away her tears. "Is the Kōaki Clan out there right now?"

"Yes, miss. They are fighting as we speak." The woman replied quietly. Chiyoko only nodded and continued to watch the wreckage going on outside her window. She somehow couldn't bring herself to get up and go out there and fight with them. It was a horrible feeling, and it made her feel sick to her stomach.

"Miss! Miss!" A mans voice called out at her as he ran down the hallway to meet up with her. Chiyoko quickly turned her head towards the man and brought her attention to him. She looked up into his panicked eyes with her sad ones.

"T-T-There's a m-man out there asking f-for you!" The man sad in a worried voice while he pointed towards the front door. "A man? What does he want? This isn't the time!" She protested as she glared up at the panicked guy. He had sweat slowly forming on his forehead and he was still panting his lungs out.

"I-It looks like a d-demon!" He whispered quietly, but loud enough for everyone in the room to here. Everyone in the room gasped and some started to run out of the room to safety. Chiyoko's eyes widened as she stood up quickly. She smoothed her purple coloured kimono out swiftly and started heading towards the front door without another word. Her black hair moved along as she did and the red ribbon in her hair did as well. She swallowed the lump in her throat as she approached the door and suddenly felt like she was choking on something. She kept her chin up though and slowly opened the front door. She could hear whispers from behind her from the people probably spotting her down and watching her every move. It wasn't everyday that a demon comes to a humans front door.

As she opened the door, she saw this demon man. Yes, he was indeed a demon. A demon who towered over her in height and had long red hair. She took a breath before she stepped outside and faced him. The temperature was hot from the fires around her and she could still here the screams of the villagers...

"You better have a damn good reason why you are here." She said sternly before the demon started explaining. Chiyoko kept her face blank as she listened to him closely and before she knew it, a piece of paper was being handed over to her. A Peace Contract. Humans haven't seen these things in years... and now that she was holding one in her hands, she didn't really know what to think or do. So, she read the thing out.

It was, indeed, asking for peace. For no more wars or fights. But then again, it was saying that if she agreed to this, the demons would be allowed to tear down some of the village and grow new trees in it's place for their homes. Chiyoko shook her head and looked up at the demon facing her.

And with a smirk now on her face, she took the piece of paper and tore it up bit by bit, all while remaining eye contact with the demon. Once she was done that, she threw the little pieces of paper on the ground in front of her and turned away. She knew she probably just disagreed with a deal of a lifetime, but she sure as hell wasn't about to bow down to a bunch of monsters.

~ End of Flashback ~

It was a busy day in the village. It was now the beginning of the week and the workers were all getting back to work to start a new week of business. It was almost noon and the sun was shining down upon the village and it's neighbors, the forest. It wasn't usually this warm out at this time in the month, so most people were taking it in and spending the day outside and placing out new markets and opening old ones along the street.

And Chiyoko herself was glad to be in the middle of it. She was there, walking down the busy road. She received a few waves from people and waved back with a smile. She was wearing another kimono, one that was dark red and had golden dragon designs all over it. Her hair was up in a traditional geisha kind of style.

She had left early in the morning to go walk around. Usually she would be required to go out with some kind of protection or guard, but she sometimes likes to take walks on her own from time to time. The company from the villagers is plenty of company for her.

She did, however, leave her bow back at the temple where everybody stayed and called home. Usually, members of the clan were required to go out with some sort of protection or weapon just in case anything were to happen, but... well... Chiyoko sometimes didn't listen. She just liked to go out on her own and enjoy a day. Especially a hot, sunny day like today.

"Hey, Chiyoko! Nice to see you out of your hiding place!" A mans voice called out to her. She recognized the voice immediately. An old friend. Well... not really a friend to her. She found the guy annoying but still continued to talk to him. He was starting work early, as he did everyday, to go cut down trees along with the other men. Chiyoko rolled her eyes and continued on walking, pretending as if she didn't hear him. But the guy knew she heard him. Almost everybody heard him...

"Hey! Wait up! Where's your husband at?" He asked loudly as he caught up with her. He now stood at her side and walked along with her pace as he looked at her. Chiyoko, however, didn't look back.

"He's not my husband, yet. Why don't you continue on with your day, okay?" She said with an annoyed voice as she refused to look at him and continued walking. The guy just shrugged... and just when Chiyoko thought he was thinking about turning away and going back to his job, he started up with telling her some amazing story. Chiyoko continued walking and tried to block him out, but it was hard to when he was practically shouting in your ear. She sighed. He'll probably be gone soon... so she had to put up with him for the time being.