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Yume Musaboru

"To understand ones enemy and not love them. I believe that to be impossible and thus I have committed sin against my kind." (Themes)

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a character in “Mending Swords”, originally authored by Polarisbear12, as played by RolePlayGateway


Yume Musaboru


Sweet dreams, sours dreams. I’ll have them all.

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⌈Full Name⌋
Yume Musaboru
"I guess I can give you my name"

Demon Tribe
"They are my family"

"J-Just cuz I eat them doesn’t mean anything"

Answer Here
"I lost count, so long as there are dreams for me to munch on, I am content"

"Please don’t look at me"

"Um they both make me nervous and I can’t help but stare"

Member Of Demon Tribe
"Like I said, they’re family to me"

Baku||Dream Eater
"Well my species name says it all, I eat dreams. Unlike the Obake, we don’t eat souls but dreams or rather we feed off a humans dream. Be they sweet, lustful or plain evil that is our purpose. The dream world is our domain, nothing can compare to the power a Baku wields in their territory."

⌈Face Claim⌋
Clione||Yumekui Merry
"I uh don’t really agree with her choice in clothes but she is very pretty. Just how I dreamed it to be."


⌈Height & Weight⌋
"I’m not very tall"

⌈Hair color/Length/Quality⌋
Blonde||Short With Bangs Framing Her Face||Feathery
"I like ti just the way it is"

⌈Eye color⌋
Green with Cross Shaped Pupils That Are White
"Strange aren’t they, but I digress I love them."

⌈Distinguishable Facial Features⌋
There Seem To Be Two Nubs Protruding From The Top Of Her Head That Could Be Cat Ears||Her Pupils
"They are indeed odd, not even I know why they are like that. I’m sure they are just tufts of hair, just hard tufts of hair"

None[ size]
[size=80]"Nothing to see here I guess"

⌈Physical Description⌋
Yume’s form is held within a slender body and petite body that is often mistaken as frail and scrawny from a distance. Feathery blonde hair frames her face, with a short top layer that frames her face and a second but slightly longer layer that curves inwards towards her collarbone. In truth the majority of her hair is tucked neatly into her hat. The most notable feature on her person are her eyes or more specifically the shape of her pupils. With their incredibly odd shape and eerie glowing white color, they are a stark contrast against the beautiful forest green. The small woman, or girl really, looks to be in a miserable state of mood or nervousness from what an onlooker can tell it’s almost as if she is guilty of something. In the end Yume appears as a defenseless girl with no self-confidence.
"I’m not that noteworthy, I’m really not."



Fidgety|| She’ll often fidget under pressure or simply when she is nervous
Hip Movement|| As with her fidgeting, this is mostly apparent when she is nervous around people who are intimidating. What occurs is she’ll swing her hips around in a small circle or just sways them.
Eye Contact|| Yume hardly ever makes eye contact, but when she does that’s something to be aware of.
Nibbling|The small woman will nibble on anything close by, be it her lip, hands or even hair
Hand Clasping||Another action caused by being nervous, she’ll bring her hands together and close to her chest for comfort.[/color]
Sleeping||It’s the easiest way for her to enter her dream world and be by herself.

"Um I’m a very nervous person"
♥Being Left Alone

"If it’s dream related, I’ll like it. Well for the most part"
Reading People||Having spent practically most of her life walking through dreams. Yume is good at reading people from their body language to their habits.
Hiding|| Something she is for some odd reason very proud of doing. Once she finds herself a good hiding spot it’s near impossible to find her.
Singing|| As a Baku, Yume has a beautiful yet eerie singing voice.
Strength||[/color\] Although she may not look it, Yume is stronger than she looks. This is more so apparent in the dream world as it is her domain.
[color=green]"I’m not very useful am I?"

Dream Collecting|| Yume has a vast collection of dreams she has taken from other people. Of course she only takes a little bit of them and they can be tasty snacks for later.
Story-Telling||One of the rare moments where Yume will open up, she absolutely loves telling stories and most of the time they are based off of the dreams she has encountered.
Naps|| A quick getaway to her dream world is all she needs to calm down and relax

"These are what make me, me"

✖Being Touched
✖Loud People
✖Lustful Dreams

"I never want to come across that sort of dream ever again. "

Being Touched|| It’s not that she’s germophobic but she shudders at the idea of being in physical contact with people since she is used to being intangible in dreams.
Dying|| Everyone fears death so why shouldn’t she. The real problem lies in her dying in the dream world as she will simply cease to exist as if she were never there.
Destruction of the Forest|| It’s not her biggest fear since she could easily live in her dream world for centuries if she wanted to. However the forest is her physical home, a place to go to that is real.

"Such pitiful fears"

Lack of Confidence|| Outside of the dream world, Yume isn’t very confident.
Guilt|| It’s very easy to make her feel guilty and even easier to accept it as her fault.
Fear|| Yume is easily frightened, one could say she is more so a mouse than a demon.
Blockage||There are countless artifacts and medicines that help in preventing Yume from entering ones dreams, but if Yume tries hard enough can surpass the medicine.
A Strong Will|| Some demons and yokai are able to put up resistance without being having to force it up simply because their wills are generally stronger than a humans. A strong will can also force Yume out of ones dream world but she normally doesn't encounter these particular individuals.

"I’m sorry for being such an ugly person"

⌛Every now and then Yume gets curious enough to venture into lustful dreams but then she regrets it soon after
⌛Nightmares are her favorite dreams, especially ones that aren’t from humans.
⌛One time Yume accidentally destroyed a person’s dreams. All that was left was an empty shell of what they used to be, and it seems her relationship to this person was deeper than one would think

"No one must of these, no one."

|| Shy || Kind || Sweet || Timid ||
|| People Pleaser || Brave || Loyal || Resilient ||

Unlike many in the Demon Tribe, Yume is not a confrontational person, and may very well be the kindest demon one could ever meet. She cares little for who you are or what you have done in the past for she cares only for the present. The young woman is quite shy about her appearance, mainly her figure since it isn’t the most desirable. Not only that but she is quite timid, which many find surprising considering she is a Baku. It’s not to say she is a coward per say, rather she is quick to frighten when there is an occurrence she was not prepared for. If one hasn’t noticed it yet by reading her gloomy expressions and nervous mannerisms Yume has little confidence in herself. The blonde is the kind of person who others blame to suit their own convenience and allowing such a thing to occur is something Yume is willing to do. One could say she is a people pleaser and at times when you catch at the right moment she will admit to it.

Yet despite this, Yume is capable of showing courage in a situation most would scurry away from. She will admit that she is scared but she is very much willing to stand against the odds if it means she is protecting the things she holds most dear. So calling her a coward is out of the question, even if her actions point to it. There is one quality to her that is both good yet bad and that is her resilience. Even if the situation looks grim Yume will try her hardest to accomplish her goal. Many see this and wonder if she is simply being determined or just plain stubborn, Yume likes to think it’s both but in fact it’s for a shameful reason. As mentioned before, Yume is a people pleaser and for her to accomplish the tasks given to her and her own goals is a way to please the crowd.

Quite possibly the only good quality to Yume is her loyalty. Once you gain it you have it and she will go to the ends of the earth with you if you ask her too. It is this quality that often confuses people as to whether or not she is a people pleaser or not, for only those who have gained her loyalty and trust are able to make her do what she does. Underneath it all still lays a kind and sweet girl, however people have simply chosen to only see what they please to suit their needs. Although Yume is a Baku, she doesn’t hate humans like one would think. Yume has indeed ventured into many dreams that were violent and horrific but she has also come across ones that were truly endearing to her heart. So with the little pride she can muster, Yume simply cannot bring herself to hate humans. Even if they destroyed the forest it doesn’t bother her as much as it does the rest of the inhabitants, making them believe she is arrogant and selfish which is very far from the truth. It's very difficult to make her upset or to even have her despise someone. Yume believes from the bottom of her heart that there is good in everyone, she just has an odd way of showing it.

"I may be a mouse but I’ll be a brave mouse"


⌈Romantic Interest & Relationship History⌋
"Um I can’t really say anyone has caught my fancy"
⌈Most Precious Person⌋
"My most precious person died"

Unknown||Mother|| Yume never really had a mother but she does know that someone brought her into this world
Unknown||Father||As with her mother, Yume, being a dream eater, never had much parental guidance.

"It’s not that I was abandoned, it’s rather I never met them and was aware of it"

Yume’s first memories were of her awaking in darkness then a dazzling show of colors as she regained her vision. What she saw astounded her for she had entered her first dream. Thankfully it was merely a child’s dream so one could imagine the joy the child felt. Even if she didn’t grow up knowing her parents, Yume knew they were out there and she was pretty sure they loved her. The young woman became accustomed to her dream world, during the day she would sleep in the darkness and when minds drifted between conscious and unconscious she ventured out of her brief hibernation to see what dreams were there. Yume’s favorite dreams were ones brought up by children for they were innocent however one day she stumbled upon an older man’s dream world. What she saw scarred her as she simply couldn’t comprehend how a human could in such a disgusting way.

Each dream she came across was different than the last but each one had similar traits. However in search of solitude she came across a dream was very familiar with and then it hit her. This was the first dream she had ever entered and so she went in search of the dreamer. It was a small boy and Yume decided that she would stay with him after he told her he had few friends. As time went on Yume grew to care for this small boy however unlike her, he grew older and older. It was during her time with him that she began to develop her skills as a dream eater. When the boy finally reached an age that was similar to hers he asked her a question she wasn’t sure she could answer, “will you leave to be with me forever?” It was then that Yume realized that her feelings were not hers alone and with a joyful smile she agreed to come with him to the real world.

When the day came, he went to sleep and greeted her with open arms. Returning his embrace, Yume created a door that she knew would take her to his world. Hand in hand they crossed that door completely oblivious to the consequences that would follow. When she opened her eyes what she saw astounded her. Walking around the small room Yume turned to face the love of her life and rushed to his side as the two ready to embrace each other in the real world. However what happened next struck fear in both their hearts, Yume passed right through him. Confused there were many attempts to touch one another but alas Yume was unable to touch him physically. Unsure of what was happening, Yume tried one last time however in her desperation Yume unlocked her true potential. With tears rushing down her face, Yume phased right through him again but warmth flooded her body. Confused, she turned to face her lover only for him to fall to the floor a dead look in his eyes. Questioning him, Yume realized she had taken his hopes and dreams from his very body; however that was the very thing she needed to gain a physical body. Yume stayed with him for the next couple of years and watched as he slowly dwindled away until he passed on in his sleep.

Saddened by this, Yume began to wonder the land created by dreams. Practicing to better control the after effects of her entering and leaving dreams. During this time Yume came across the Demon Tribe and seeing that there were already other creatures like herself, she decided to stay with them. Unlike the other demons, Yume’s true home was her dream world so when the humans began to destroy the forest she didn’t pay much mind to it. She was aware of the reaction and tension that rose within the Demon Tribe, and even if she didn’t think the humans deserved to be killed Yume has a home and she has no intention of betraying them.

” Not much to say really"


Dream Walker||Like many Baku, Yume is able to enter the dreams of others and it is up to her if the dreamer is aware of her existence of not. As a dream walker, Yume is also able to influence the dreams but she cannot change them if it goes against their will.
Lullaby||With her beautiful voice and its eerie feel, she is able to bring those around her into a light slumber. Whenever she does this, Yume is able to bless the dreams they are to have.
Day Dream||As the name states, Yume is able to force day dreams. However she does not enter the day dreams of others but rather she allows others to enter her own dream world.
Dream Eater||An ability Yume doesn’t quite like although she does use it often but only to a small degree. There are two variations to this ability, one where she feeds off a person’s dreams little by little. Doing this has little effect on a person’s hopes and dreams but the second variation is a lot more dangerous. The second variation results in Yume feeding off a person’s dreams in the real world, leaving but an empty shell.

"Uh, I’ll do my best"


So begins...

Yume Musaboru's Story


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#, as written by KOKIA


~ Flashback ~

"My lady, would you like some tea?"

The soft and quiet voice came from behind the person the girl was speaking to. The girl who was speaking had her head bowed down, showing off her brown hair in an up-do. Her clothes were nothing put pure white, like many of the other people wore in the large temple. The girl was older... so she was more a woman then a girl. This woman had known the Lady's father, as well. The woman was always there to offer the Lady some tea or other bits of food, which she would almost always accept. But this time it was different. The younger woman just sat and looked out the window while remaining silent.

It was just then that an explosion of fire shook the whole village for about five seconds. Everybody in the temple flinched and some yelped, while the people outside screamed and ran away... as they had been doing for a long time. There was, indeed, another war outside and demons had invaded. It was different this time, though. With Chiyoko's father gone, she was now the leading lady in charge.... and this was the first time she had seen such an awful war going on right outside her window while being the leader... and she was frozen in place, not knowing what to do.

Tears welled up in her eyes (which was unusual for her) as she continued to watch the fire burning away homes and burning away memories. Yet, she was still frozen. How did she go through life before with her father and watch these wars and not feel anything? She did not know, but today she felt something. Sadness and despair.

"Is the..." Chiyoko started off saying quietly before she stopped to swallow the lump in her throat and dry away her tears. "Is the Kōaki Clan out there right now?"

"Yes, miss. They are fighting as we speak." The woman replied quietly. Chiyoko only nodded and continued to watch the wreckage going on outside her window. She somehow couldn't bring herself to get up and go out there and fight with them. It was a horrible feeling, and it made her feel sick to her stomach.

"Miss! Miss!" A mans voice called out at her as he ran down the hallway to meet up with her. Chiyoko quickly turned her head towards the man and brought her attention to him. She looked up into his panicked eyes with her sad ones.

"T-T-There's a m-man out there asking f-for you!" The man sad in a worried voice while he pointed towards the front door. "A man? What does he want? This isn't the time!" She protested as she glared up at the panicked guy. He had sweat slowly forming on his forehead and he was still panting his lungs out.

"I-It looks like a d-demon!" He whispered quietly, but loud enough for everyone in the room to here. Everyone in the room gasped and some started to run out of the room to safety. Chiyoko's eyes widened as she stood up quickly. She smoothed her purple coloured kimono out swiftly and started heading towards the front door without another word. Her black hair moved along as she did and the red ribbon in her hair did as well. She swallowed the lump in her throat as she approached the door and suddenly felt like she was choking on something. She kept her chin up though and slowly opened the front door. She could hear whispers from behind her from the people probably spotting her down and watching her every move. It wasn't everyday that a demon comes to a humans front door.

As she opened the door, she saw this demon man. Yes, he was indeed a demon. A demon who towered over her in height and had long red hair. She took a breath before she stepped outside and faced him. The temperature was hot from the fires around her and she could still here the screams of the villagers...

"You better have a damn good reason why you are here." She said sternly before the demon started explaining. Chiyoko kept her face blank as she listened to him closely and before she knew it, a piece of paper was being handed over to her. A Peace Contract. Humans haven't seen these things in years... and now that she was holding one in her hands, she didn't really know what to think or do. So, she read the thing out.

It was, indeed, asking for peace. For no more wars or fights. But then again, it was saying that if she agreed to this, the demons would be allowed to tear down some of the village and grow new trees in it's place for their homes. Chiyoko shook her head and looked up at the demon facing her.

And with a smirk now on her face, she took the piece of paper and tore it up bit by bit, all while remaining eye contact with the demon. Once she was done that, she threw the little pieces of paper on the ground in front of her and turned away. She knew she probably just disagreed with a deal of a lifetime, but she sure as hell wasn't about to bow down to a bunch of monsters.

~ End of Flashback ~

It was a busy day in the village. It was now the beginning of the week and the workers were all getting back to work to start a new week of business. It was almost noon and the sun was shining down upon the village and it's neighbors, the forest. It wasn't usually this warm out at this time in the month, so most people were taking it in and spending the day outside and placing out new markets and opening old ones along the street.

And Chiyoko herself was glad to be in the middle of it. She was there, walking down the busy road. She received a few waves from people and waved back with a smile. She was wearing another kimono, one that was dark red and had golden dragon designs all over it. Her hair was up in a traditional geisha kind of style.

She had left early in the morning to go walk around. Usually she would be required to go out with some kind of protection or guard, but she sometimes likes to take walks on her own from time to time. The company from the villagers is plenty of company for her.

She did, however, leave her bow back at the temple where everybody stayed and called home. Usually, members of the clan were required to go out with some sort of protection or weapon just in case anything were to happen, but... well... Chiyoko sometimes didn't listen. She just liked to go out on her own and enjoy a day. Especially a hot, sunny day like today.

"Hey, Chiyoko! Nice to see you out of your hiding place!" A mans voice called out to her. She recognized the voice immediately. An old friend. Well... not really a friend to her. She found the guy annoying but still continued to talk to him. He was starting work early, as he did everyday, to go cut down trees along with the other men. Chiyoko rolled her eyes and continued on walking, pretending as if she didn't hear him. But the guy knew she heard him. Almost everybody heard him...

"Hey! Wait up! Where's your husband at?" He asked loudly as he caught up with her. He now stood at her side and walked along with her pace as he looked at her. Chiyoko, however, didn't look back.

"He's not my husband, yet. Why don't you continue on with your day, okay?" She said with an annoyed voice as she refused to look at him and continued walking. The guy just shrugged... and just when Chiyoko thought he was thinking about turning away and going back to his job, he started up with telling her some amazing story. Chiyoko continued walking and tried to block him out, but it was hard to when he was practically shouting in your ear. She sighed. He'll probably be gone soon... so she had to put up with him for the time being.