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Samantha Voden

"Bloody nora! I'm British!? I would never hae known that had ye not just told me! Thanks, ye plonker."

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a character in “Mercado Academy”, as played by Machubi-Uniki


Character’s Name:Samantha “Sam” Vodan
Age and Birth date: My cake hold sixteen candles. I was born on the eighteenth of January.
Grade: I am a senior (I skipped a grade easily ‘see below’
•Italian 3
•AP European History
•AP English Composition
•German 3
•AP Calculus
•Piano 3
•Power Control Class
•Defense Against Other Powers
•Concentration Practice
Astral Projection: Astral projection is, basically put, the ability to leave one's unconscious body in spiritual form. While not an extremely popular power, it is sometimes displayed as something that some powerful telepaths or sorcerers can do. However, it is sometimes believed to be its own power. Some astral projectors are not only able to leave their body, but are also able to enter the bodies of others
Possession: This power allows the user to take control of another person’s body. It can be another name for mind control, but more often it differs in that it requires an astral projection or mind transfer into the victim so that the possessor releases control or occupancy of their own body for the one they possess. See Nocturne, Shadow King, and Proteus. Very strong, once the user is in the other person's body, he/she can do anything with it, unless the original owner of the body is still present and has a strong enough will to fight and take back control of their body. (When Sammy does this it will usually last a maximum of two and a half minutes, but this does vary from person to person.) As she Progresses she continues to grow stronger and can hold the possession for longer.
Intuitive Aptitude: The ability to analyze complex systems, ideas, languages, and even people and intuitively understand them completely and quickly without special education or training. (Thus the reason she skipped a grade and can so easily keep up with the homework [excluding the AP History class – she can’t stand history-])
Bio and Personality:
Personality: Sammy is very lazy; actually, she is so lazy it’s almost impossible to actually get her actual consciousness to the classroom. She may show up, but many times she wears sunglasses and then astral projects her actual consciousness wherever she really wants to hang out. Most of the time she doesn’t get caught but occasionally she does. She uses her Intuitive Aptitude ability to her advantage. She can fly through homework without actually needing to be in the class. Actually, the few times she stays in class is so that she can do her homework before she leaves.
Unfortunately, Sammy is conceited, she knows she has an amazing ability that makes her one of the smartest people, if not the smartest person, anyone will ever meet. Then she can easily decide who she would want to hang out with and who she would want to avoid. Although, she isn’t very social in the least so more than likely she’ll avoid you. She isn’t shy per se. However, she is exceedingly annoyed by people who talk too much and too little. There is small area of actually liking you and most people fall too far to one end of the scale.
She is a bit of a geek in the fact that she enjoys M.M.O.R.P.G.s. That stands for Massive Multi-player Online Role Play Games. However, she also enjoys reading. Her favourite book being the Picture of Dorian Gray. She is extremely talented and very skilled at playing the piano, and she is a talented singer also, however she will never sing in front of anyone. Her favourite song to play and sing to is Set Fire to The Rain by Adele.
She despises all things related to history. The only reason she is taking an AP History course is because she doesn’t want to deal with it after she goes to college.
Last but not least, she both hates and loves possessing people. She hates it because it’s hard on the consciousness and vastly uncomfortable, however, it’s fun because she can screw with the people she doesn’t like (so be nice people).

Bio: Sammy is actually from London, England. She was raised there from the time she was born until she came to this school as a Sophomore (occasionally you can’t catch the Cockney in her speech or rather you will catch the Cockney in her speech). So sometimes she’ll “sound like a wankey” as she would put it. Her father was a very good business man, he worked for a large computer company. Her mother was a talented musician. Many say she got the best of both worlds, but she disagrees. Anyways, originally she went to a public school in England but she made the mistake of attempting to astral project herself instead of actually going to school herself because she was feeling ill. Needless to say, she got caught, and it wasn’t considered normal to be able to, you know, leave your unconscious body in spiritual form. Small details. Anyways, her father pulled some strings to have the incident erased from her records and quickly sent her off to Mercado Academy in hopes that she could live a more ‘normal’ life there. “Of course, that makes complete sense! I could certainly hae a normal life at a school for the, i don't know, not normal. But oi, wee details.” Anyways, there is more to her life than just that but most of it is vaguely uninteresting even to her and not worth the time it took to live it.

So begins...

Samantha Voden's Story


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0.00 INK

My second return to the boarding school known as Mercado Academy would be the most redundant thing I have ever experienced. All I knew, was that I was lucky enough to have avoided all human life; especially considering my complete lack of a fashionable outfit. That, of course, goes completely against all semblance of my past fame for always having the exclusive benefit of a completely designer wardrobe. Including, even, my pajamas. Ah, the benefits of having extremely rich parents who just want you to avoid causing any kind of issue.

Right, at the moment I’m wearing a white tank-top and grey sweatpants; not to mention the severe jet lag I really wished I could have avoided. Oh well, that’s one of the tortures of being from Britain. Another torture of being British was that very annoying British accent I just couldn’t get rid of completely. I had been working on it all summer and had failed miserably. It was nearly as bad, but once I got too casual I resorted back to my Cockney.

Anyways, upon arriving at my room in the appropriate building (because yes, I once again walked into the wrong building) I found no roommate (as of yet) and all of my bags in the middle of the floor. This meant I got to choose which side of the room I wanted. After all, “ye snooze ye loose.” I chuckled and immediately went for the side with the largest window and closet, this involved dragging all of my bags with me. Two had ALL of my hair and make-up supplies. Another had all of my shoes, one had all of my accessories, denim, shirts, dresses, and finally items to personalize my room with. I did a LOT shopping over summer.

Immediately, I picked up my cell-phone and called the mover I had temporarily hired. He brought in some of the furniture I like to put in my room. It didn’t take him long because he had been waiting at the entrance to the building so he quickly arrived when I gave him my room number. He left soon after and I thanked and paid him. Then I finished decorating my side of the dorm room until absolute perfection. Then I unpacked my clothes and stuck them in my closet.

Then I changed. Obviously. I wasn’t going to keep wearing this stupid outfit. I grabbed a more, designer outfit (but still comfortable). Finally my hair needed something done with it, so I brushed it out and then straightened it so that I could curl it. In the end I had a curly hairstyle with a white fuzzy bow in her hair.

There we go. All better. I walked over to my window and looked outside. Dark clouds had pitched their tents, and the cavalry of winds were rushing down on their enemies, us. Yet they had yet to rain their wet bullets upon us. More than likely it would be one of those nice cool and not sunny day. Just the way I like it. Bring it on weather! I’ll take you on any day. That was I’ll admit aside from the point. Anyways, I should probably go get my schedule considering that was the real purpose I had arrived earlier than everyone else. “Well, I gander my part, now it's time to get to the real business.” I took one last look at my room that I had spent a good portion of my day decorating. Yep, it was worth it.


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Sammy had been planning to go seek out the schedule that would dictate, or at least try, the rest of her school year. As to whether she’d actually show up; questionable at the most. However, this process was interrupted before she could even leave her seat by the window by a blonde girl with icy cold eyes that took away from her dainty looks; thus making her somewhat plain in her eyes. The only interesting thing about her, at least in Samantha’s opinion (which was honestly all that mattered to her), was the little man on her shoulder. Weird? Yes, very much so. Kind of cute? Eh, if he was normal sized…maybe. Did it inspire curiosity? Not in the least.

Sam redirected her attention back to the actual girl. Immediately, her Intuitive Aptitude ability kicked into gear.

Analysis Start.

This nameless girl had creativity and craftiness in spades, but not so much so she could use it in normal conversation. This is due to the fact that she has next to know social life. The little she does have more than likely presents her as the rude quine with absolutely no friends because they can’t stand her bluntness. That or they could simply feel the deadly aura she emits. No doubt, she is a walking hypocrite in many if not all matters; a pessimist with a soft side.

She is more than likely talented in many non academic matters but is simply average in the actual schooling part of attending instructions. However, after the first part of the analysis the rest becomes vague guesses that could only be discovered through actual conversation, and all-in-all she is not worth the trouble it would take Sammy to befriend her to simply see the soft side.

Analysis Complete.

Would you believe all of that came from simple body-language, dress, and over all expression. Oh yeah, Sammy did love her mutations occasionally, whether the world knew about all of them or not. Sam turned her attention away from the girl and out the window once more. She wouldn’t say a word, more than likely ever, and it was highly doubtful that the blonde would either. After analyzing her favorite kind of weather once more, Sammy stood. She turned to the white stool in front of her bed where her purse was. Upon removing it from the stool she checked it and found both her iPod and cellular phone. Got to love technology!

Anyways, she also found her all time favorite book, The Picture of Dorian Grey, and some sheet music for a new piano composition. She slung the black purse over her shoulder and walked behind the desk. It was underneath the desk that she had placed her computer bag and proceeded to sling that bag over the same shoulder. She turned around and grabbed one of her many downloadable online game and placed that in said bag before she left the room; closing the door a tad too hard. “Whoops a daisy, my bad. I dae apologise.” (and yes I spelled that wrong on purpose). Sammy quickly, and physically, smacked herself in the face. “I really got to work on the accent,” she said to no one in particular except, maybe, herself. With a careless roll of her eyes she glanced down the hall. Someone, somewhere, or rather directly in to her left, was already making friends, how sweet. They were already talking about their powers, Well they are certainly bleedin' glaikit. Sharing abilities already...I suppose that will simply make it easier for me when we hae 'events'. “Gormless idiots.” She rolled her eyes again. She had the nasty feeling she’d be doing that a lot today. The really terrible part was that she’d have to walk passed them to get to the nearest staircase and thus the nearest exit to the library and bookstore. Sure, she was supposed to be going to the office, but she had the itching feeling she wouldn’t be the only one to do that so she figured she would wait out the crowed.

She stared at them for a moment; the electricity thing could be an issue, but only if the girl had the capability of actually controlling it. Sammy could also foresee a possible dilemma with an ability to change objects shapes, however, just because she could change shapes does mean she would know how to utilize the object after it has changed. As for the rest, one had a headache, however, she highly doubted that had anything to do with his ability.

Now back to the issue at hand, she could completely analyze all of them later. They were rude enough to take up most of the hallway. She could go the long way around. However, the walk was atrocious. She shuddered at the mere thought of going around the dorm building. She was so lazy. With a huff and a puff she made her way for the throng of show-offs and interrupted whatever conversation they were having. “If ye’ll excuse me, I’d like to go around ye people, but that would in fact require me to be paper-thing, which I am not, so if ye could please get out of my way. I would be oh so grateful.” Sammy had worked very hard to hide her accent and succeeded mostly, ‘you’ still gave her a hard time.

((Sorry about the long post everyone, just trying to play catch up and have some character involvement.))


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#, as written by Jeggy
Emerson laughed at Lux. He was really starting to feel at ease, even when each new person came up. December was shy at first, but of course Lux brought her out from hugging the wall. And Alex, too. Emerson shot Damien a laughing smile; outnumbered by girls already, the younger boy sure seemed to be more exited.

When they started talking about powers, however, Emerson got really excited. He stood straighter, listening in awe at their explanations. December’s power surprised him when she didn’t seem to be able to control her… electricity? And what could Alex mean by asking them if they were hurt? He shook his head slowly. No aches and pains here.

But when Lux changed her camera and fixed December’s iPod like new, he couldn’t help but gawk. His hands fell to his sides and his amber eyes were open wide. He wanted to ask if she could possibly shape-shift other things – living things, herself. Like him! But he shied slightly, still feeling awkward when the girls chatted so easily about their abilities. He glanced another look at Damien. He hadn’t shared anything, either. Emerson still wanted to ask Lux about her abilities, but was surprised by yet more newcomers.

Who was that older girl pushing through? Emery ducked his head and quickly stepped against the wall, frowning slightly. Everyone had seemed so nice… and there was another boy, too, relaxing against the wall further down the hallway. How long had he been there? Emerson scolded himself; in a school full of kids with powers, he should watch his back.
But he had to agree with December. They should move. He chose this chance to speak up, suggesting an idea. “We could go outside,” he said, clearing this throat. It took a breath to talk to so many people, but he did want to listen to them and get to know them – he’d be living and learning with them after all – and he’d get to check out the campus grounds outside. Killing two birds with one stone, so-to-speak.


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Samantha finally managed to make her way through the crowd, not failing to notice the blue-haired girl’s eyes rolling. Some people were just born rude she supposed. She did say please when she asked them to move. She could have just shoved her way through and not said a word. Oh well, a girl who, know doubt lacked any form of concentration, could easily be possessed and have her life ruined in an instant. The boy mentioned moving outside and she couldn’t help but like him even in the smallest bit. He seemed to have some common-sense. With a shrug she continued down the hallway, stairway, and tripped down the last flight of stairs, before stopping at the bottom and hopping back up. She shook her head and got up; that’s what she got for running in stilettos, after that she continued her journey to the bookstore/library. She barely got to the first tree in her path before she realized that her fuzzy bow was missing. “OH HORSE-TOM TIT! I bleeding fancied that bow too! I suppose I’ll have to go back and find it then.” It was rather obvious when it fell off.

She walked to the nearest tree and placed her bags next to it, and then she sat down and leaned against the tree before sighing and closing her eyes. After a few moments of relaxation there was a blur and her body slumped, in the distance ‘she’ reappeared near the staircase. In all actuality her physical body wasn’t there, rather her soul and consciousness was there. It still looked like her but more translucent with a slight glow. Very ghost-like. Once there, she began her desperate search for her bow. It was brand new and like hell was she going to lose it on her first day.

In her search a couple of people stared at her. “Is that a ghost!” she heard one whisper.

“I’m not a ghost ye imbecile! Honestly, ye would think in a school for people with supernatural powers this would not be such shock to everyone!” She was annoyed with these people, wanting nothing more than to slap all of them upside the head. “Since you’re all here, would you mind helping me look for a white fuzzy bow-barrette?” They all grumbled and walked away, “no, really, thanks for all yer help.” She supposed a snob like herself got what she deserved but it still hurt her feeling that no one would stay behind to help her.

She sighed slightly, “Perhaps, if I really tried harder to be noice, people may actually be noice to me.” Fancy hell, that hadn't worked before it won't graft now. She tapped a lucid finger against the opaque concrete.

She walked around the bottom of the stairs and then went under them, nope still nothing here. It wasn’t long until she heard foot-steps coming towards her. She looked up; it was the same group from before. You’ve got to be kidding me, of all people. Whatever would she do now? She could just return to her body and avoid them all together but she still hadn’t found her bow. She could ask them for help but she already knew one of them, if not all of them, didn’t already despise her existence. Oh yeah, she really needed to try being nicer from now on…try being the key word.

With a sigh she watched them leave the general area and go outside. Thank you Lord! Now all she needed to do is continue her search and return to her body. Oh crap my body! She stuck her head outside and watched the group.

Sammy momentarily paused; someone in that group seemed so familiar but she just couldn’t put her finger on who or why. Red hair, red hair! For some reason the thought of someone always trying to beat her at stuff but always just falling short except on some rare occasion when she would gloat about how she was so much better because she finally beat her at something.

“Ah, wotcher Alex!” she whispered underneath her breath. No doubt if that lass found her body she do who knows what to it, and her body was pretty close to the group. Perhaps a distraction was needed. “Eh, excuse me!” Sammy said as she came outside and towards the group, “I’d like to apologize for earlier, I realize I must have come across as rude; I didn’t mean to be. I’ve been suffering from severe Jet-Lag and have been touchy all morning and afternoon. I do hope you can forgive me,” Sammy smiled then winked at the red-head, “’ello Alex. How are you? I do hope your summer was extremely incredible!” Why yes, she was being overly sweet just to annoy Alex, “What classes are you taking this year, if you need help with anything then please ask.”


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A small twitch in Sammy’s smile became more apparent at the mere mention of the word ‘blimey’; it was just so, so Australian. ‘Bollocks or Bloody Nora’ was so much more appropriate. That plus, that had to be the worst fake British accent ever. The falter in her sweetness lasted a second later and then was completely gone; her smile widened at the mere idea of ‘getting into Alex’. What fun it would be to completely ruin her social life, but that would have to wait for a more opportune time. Meaning not now. If ever.

Anyways, returning to that which is important. The forced smile was obvious, no need for analysis here. Immediately Sammy could tell that poor Alex was becoming aggravated and there was absolutely nothing she could do to lash out Sam. Such a failure in such a small singular red-head, it was almost funny. Almost. Not enough to laugh at. Alex performed introductions for her; she also did not fail to mention that Sammy was in fact an astral projector. How rude. Revealing someone’s powers without actually asking for permission. That’s alright though. Two could play at this game, and just like everything else: Sammy was better at it. “OH! Alex! I was just wondering; should I hae a really bad migraine or sumfink of the sort would yeh mind helping to make it go away? I seem to hae become immune to all those pain pills you know, or sumfink fancy that,” Sammy flashed a mischievous smile, ““after all yeh can manipu-”,she stopped and smiled bigger, “whoops a daisy, I almost gave that away, would hate to dae that accidently.”

With a slight cover of the mouth she yawned, “I would really fancy to thank yeh for waving yer hand around also, I've had an itch all day and yeh just scratched it for me. Thank, honey.” With a passing glance she looked at the kid who was suddenly a cheetah. How strange, another shape-shifter! Wasn’t there one last year? Or maybe it is the same one? With another shrug she brushed the thought off. It wasn’t worth it if she couldn’t remember him. “Anyways, now that I've apologized to ye all and said my wotcher to Alex dearest, I'll be taking my leave, for now...unless, Alex, ye 'd fancy me to help ye practice that British accent, it was god awful. Also, we don't really use Blimey, I believe the dickey bird ye were looking for was bollocks.” She smiled again, and winked. “Perhaps I’ll see everyone around. Perhaps not.” With a wave she walked back towards the building and noticed her white bow, “Oh, there ye are!” She’d have to come back and get it unfortunately, but that was alright. She could wait until Alex and her new group of friends left the vicinity.


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0.00 INK

Somewhere in between returning to her body leaving her body to possess the librarian and kidnap a book then returning to her dorm to sit by the window and read, Samantha had fallen asleep. The book she had stolen, ‘Twilight’ was not at all worth the trouble she went through, so much so she couldn’t get through the first two chapters before throwing it at her roommates wall. She continued to sit in the chair and looked outside before she began to drift. Bad books and possession always wore her out.

It was sometime in the future that Sammy reawakened. No particular reason why, she just woke up. She looked up at the sun, which had finally made an appearance from behind the curtain cloud cover, it was annoyingly shiny. Although, she supposed that made perfect sense considering it was, obviously, the sun. The same sun that shines on everything thus creating life. With a shake of her head she looked in the mirror and blanched. She looked like absolute crap, well her hair did. The rest of her was mostly fine. With a swoop of her hand her hair was immediately placed in a quicky side ponytail. There we go, almost all better. With a slight collapse of my head to the side she gave up on trying to make herself as perfect as she was this morning. She didn’t really care that much about her image, but she did care a little bit. There was no way she was going to let anyone look down on her.

She opened her door and stepped outside immediately she was forced to avoid a random elbow being accidently thrown her way, and let me tell you: that is no easy task in three in heels. Of course, she immediately lost her balance when the most unwanted, desperately unwanted, voice rang out to one side of her. Her eyes widened, and her pupils narrowed. Her head turned and immediately she fell on her behind because of that turn. Sunglasses, brown curly hair, and the largest (and somewhat cute had she not despised the annoyance he placed on her very existence) smile. “SAM! I missed you!”

She was on her feet and running in the opposite direction before he finished his last syllable. “EH!? SAM WAIT FOR ME!!”

“Sod it! Go bother someone else!” Sam responded before climbing into an elevator right before the doors closed. “Och, I can't believe I forgot about him...what are yeh looking at nosy toss-pot.” Sam said to the kid that was also in the elevator. He jumped up and looked away immediately a small blush on his cheeks.

~ ~ ~

Sammy was not as chipper as Sam was. He had missed the young girl by the heel on her shoe. Literally, three inches. Why had she run away, though? That was a question that kept running through his mind. Perhaps, that coin in your pocket could bring her back. Try it, just once. I think you’ll be surprised at what you can do.

“I know what I can do.”

But not what I can do.

“Shut up.” Sammy looked forward the elevator, no everything, he couldn’t reach his surroundings because of a strange pane of glass that didn’t disappear when he took his sunglasses off. Such a dull surrounding bored him and he went for the stairs. Immediately that pane was gone and he put his sunglasses back on. All better. He skipped over to a bush and leaned down. He recognized this bow from last year. It was Sam’s bow. Somehow she must have dropped it. He picked it up and then stuck it on top of his own head. What a lovely bow this was. Perhaps, just perhaps they could keep it, no he could keep it. There was not two people there. Nope not ever.


“Do you just not know what shut up means?”

You know, you are a lot like me.

“Nope, not at all.”

What’s the real reason you want to keep that bow? You just don’t want to forget about her, because sooner or later you’ll forget about everything. That’s alright, though, I’ll handle everythin-


“O~OWIE!” He exclaimed, before him stood Sam in all her brunette and pissed of glory.

“That’s my bow, yeh gormless aris.” She stood glaring down at him before swiping it off his head. Immediately he jumped up and wrapped his arms around her waist as she turned to walk away. “Oi! Let go!” She pushed against him, “So help me, I WILL kick yer arse.” Sammy smiled and let go spinning as he did. She looked at him a look of confused annoyance decorating her face. “Yeh’re a strange bloke, yeh know that?”

“Yep yep yep!” He smiled even bigger, flashing all of his pearly whites. She glared back and turned to leave, “Hey! Aren’t you going to thank me for finding your bow!?”

“Yeh mean thank yeh for trying to steal it?”

“He~ey!” Sammy was now officially in whiney mode. Sam rolled her eyes and began to walk away, he trailed behind her.

“Why don’t yeh go find Alex and annoy her?”

“Eh, she might hurt me!”

“Exactly my point.” With that Sam attempted to scamper away, but Samuel followed her like a loyal dog on a leash. She clenched her fists and attempted to walk faster. He sped up also. She stopped, turned around and shooed him with her right hand. He frowned and sighed.

“You’re not in a good mood are you Sam?”

“Nope.” He drooped as he heard her reply, she was mean enough as it is, but when she was in a bad mood her severity escalated a couple of levels. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a worn quarter, “Hey, heads or tails?” He tossed it in the air but before it could get more than a couple of inches high Sam turned around and caught it quite smoothly.

“First of all, not fair. Second of all, don't even think about it, hobknocker. And third of all, I'll be keeping this.” After which she left leaving a shocked and flabbergasted Sammy.


With that he leaned back against the tree and began to space-out staring into the world as if it was window with something really, really interesting on the other side. Fun right?