Samuel Visbald

"The will is not free - it is a phenomenon bound by cause and effect - but there is something behind the will which is free. "

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Samuel (Sammy) Visbald

Age and Birth date: Seventeen, so glad you asked! My birthday is on the eighteenth of January.

Grade: A senior, of course!

AP Music Theory
Political Science
AP English Composition
AP German
Dance (Hip Hop) 3
AP Piano
Defence against other Powers

Ability: Manipulate Cause and Effect-
He has the ability to manipulate any process of cause and effect started by himself. He can toss a penny in the air and cause a car accident in which only the one person he wants dead dies and everyone else gets away perfectly safely. Of course, there are very few limits, for example his ability cannot reach into a process in which the cause was not himself and his ability forces a mental toll on him, one that will eventually drive him over the edge of very little mentality left if used in excess.

Bio and Personality:
Personality – Normally Sammy (Oh God this is gonna confuse me) is the sweetest, annoyingly so, person you will ever meet. However, that is only if he has any interest in you what-so-ever. Unlike, Sam (…Gyah) who is blatantly rude, it doesn’t matter what you do he will be completely ignorant of your existence. You could cause him harsh pain and he will still ignore you, however he may go one step farther and be the cause to your death. This is because of his second personality formed by his ability, Adiel.

Adiel is an exceedingly dark person who enjoys tossing coins in the air just to watch the process unfold before his eyes. Once Sammy crosses this line very little can return him to ‘himself’. Sam is one of the few things that can draw him out (whether she knows it or not) her ability of possession forces his alternate personality into its dormant state again allowing Sammy to return to himself (thus this is the reason he is completely obsessed with her)

He fears Adiel and what he is capable of. However, there is very little anyone can do to help him. There are medications he has tried but the side-effects make it so everything he does causes some-kind of drastic effect. It isn’t a matter of controlling his power, rather it is a matter of controlling ‘himself’. For this reason he clings to people that can interfere with his ability and thus Adiel. Whether it is for a good or bad intent is questionable.

Both Adiel and Sammy have a passionate love of music and dance, though Adiel is more the dancer while Sammy was more the musician.

Side note: He is literally the best gambler ever. Also, Adiel somehow managed to fall in love with Sam’s voice although, both Sammy and Sam have yet to figure out how he heard it considering Sammy has never heard Sam’s voice. (AKA: Adiel is in love with Sam and thus is a further drive to Sammy to bother her to no end.)

Biography – Samuel hasn’t had the easiest past, his powers became more prominent as a little kid. He found that anyone he couldn’t stand was easily taken care of with a vivid imagination and an eraser. However, over time he began to realize that there was a second voice in his head that wasn’t his that was directing him to do what that voice wanted with that ability.

Then one day, with a toss of a coin he caused the accident of the man who he had an affair of his mother and that resulted in that man’s death. A psychologist immediately hinted that he may have had something to do with it. He, of course, got away with it. After all, how could a coin cause an accident? His mother thought sent him to this school as soon as she could in hopes the person known as Adiel could be ‘taken care of’. So far it has been vastly unsuccessful.

So begins...

Samuel Visbald's Story


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0.00 INK

Somewhere in between returning to her body leaving her body to possess the librarian and kidnap a book then returning to her dorm to sit by the window and read, Samantha had fallen asleep. The book she had stolen, ‘Twilight’ was not at all worth the trouble she went through, so much so she couldn’t get through the first two chapters before throwing it at her roommates wall. She continued to sit in the chair and looked outside before she began to drift. Bad books and possession always wore her out.

It was sometime in the future that Sammy reawakened. No particular reason why, she just woke up. She looked up at the sun, which had finally made an appearance from behind the curtain cloud cover, it was annoyingly shiny. Although, she supposed that made perfect sense considering it was, obviously, the sun. The same sun that shines on everything thus creating life. With a shake of her head she looked in the mirror and blanched. She looked like absolute crap, well her hair did. The rest of her was mostly fine. With a swoop of her hand her hair was immediately placed in a quicky side ponytail. There we go, almost all better. With a slight collapse of my head to the side she gave up on trying to make herself as perfect as she was this morning. She didn’t really care that much about her image, but she did care a little bit. There was no way she was going to let anyone look down on her.

She opened her door and stepped outside immediately she was forced to avoid a random elbow being accidently thrown her way, and let me tell you: that is no easy task in three in heels. Of course, she immediately lost her balance when the most unwanted, desperately unwanted, voice rang out to one side of her. Her eyes widened, and her pupils narrowed. Her head turned and immediately she fell on her behind because of that turn. Sunglasses, brown curly hair, and the largest (and somewhat cute had she not despised the annoyance he placed on her very existence) smile. “SAM! I missed you!”

She was on her feet and running in the opposite direction before he finished his last syllable. “EH!? SAM WAIT FOR ME!!”

“Sod it! Go bother someone else!” Sam responded before climbing into an elevator right before the doors closed. “Och, I can't believe I forgot about him...what are yeh looking at nosy toss-pot.” Sam said to the kid that was also in the elevator. He jumped up and looked away immediately a small blush on his cheeks.

~ ~ ~

Sammy was not as chipper as Sam was. He had missed the young girl by the heel on her shoe. Literally, three inches. Why had she run away, though? That was a question that kept running through his mind. Perhaps, that coin in your pocket could bring her back. Try it, just once. I think you’ll be surprised at what you can do.

“I know what I can do.”

But not what I can do.

“Shut up.” Sammy looked forward the elevator, no everything, he couldn’t reach his surroundings because of a strange pane of glass that didn’t disappear when he took his sunglasses off. Such a dull surrounding bored him and he went for the stairs. Immediately that pane was gone and he put his sunglasses back on. All better. He skipped over to a bush and leaned down. He recognized this bow from last year. It was Sam’s bow. Somehow she must have dropped it. He picked it up and then stuck it on top of his own head. What a lovely bow this was. Perhaps, just perhaps they could keep it, no he could keep it. There was not two people there. Nope not ever.


“Do you just not know what shut up means?”

You know, you are a lot like me.

“Nope, not at all.”

What’s the real reason you want to keep that bow? You just don’t want to forget about her, because sooner or later you’ll forget about everything. That’s alright, though, I’ll handle everythin-


“O~OWIE!” He exclaimed, before him stood Sam in all her brunette and pissed of glory.

“That’s my bow, yeh gormless aris.” She stood glaring down at him before swiping it off his head. Immediately he jumped up and wrapped his arms around her waist as she turned to walk away. “Oi! Let go!” She pushed against him, “So help me, I WILL kick yer arse.” Sammy smiled and let go spinning as he did. She looked at him a look of confused annoyance decorating her face. “Yeh’re a strange bloke, yeh know that?”

“Yep yep yep!” He smiled even bigger, flashing all of his pearly whites. She glared back and turned to leave, “Hey! Aren’t you going to thank me for finding your bow!?”

“Yeh mean thank yeh for trying to steal it?”

“He~ey!” Sammy was now officially in whiney mode. Sam rolled her eyes and began to walk away, he trailed behind her.

“Why don’t yeh go find Alex and annoy her?”

“Eh, she might hurt me!”

“Exactly my point.” With that Sam attempted to scamper away, but Samuel followed her like a loyal dog on a leash. She clenched her fists and attempted to walk faster. He sped up also. She stopped, turned around and shooed him with her right hand. He frowned and sighed.

“You’re not in a good mood are you Sam?”

“Nope.” He drooped as he heard her reply, she was mean enough as it is, but when she was in a bad mood her severity escalated a couple of levels. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a worn quarter, “Hey, heads or tails?” He tossed it in the air but before it could get more than a couple of inches high Sam turned around and caught it quite smoothly.

“First of all, not fair. Second of all, don't even think about it, hobknocker. And third of all, I'll be keeping this.” After which she left leaving a shocked and flabbergasted Sammy.


With that he leaned back against the tree and began to space-out staring into the world as if it was window with something really, really interesting on the other side. Fun right?