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Asteridax Morzän

"You do not have my permission to die."

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a character in “Mercenaries' Princess”, as played by R.T.M.X.


Asteridax Morzän
The Puppetmaster

25 | Grave-touched Human | Heterosexual

If one was lucky to steal a glimpse of his face behind the mask, they would be mostly correct to say that Asteridax could have seen better days. His frame is covered with an ornate mix of armor and cloth, standing roughly at 5'8, on par or shorter than the rest of his fellow mercenaries.

Asteridax mostly wears a golden mask to cover the scarred and ghastly visage that makes up his face. His facial features are not gaunt but slightly sunken, giving his otherwise youthful features a feeling of extreme age. With that said, his eyes are most unusual, having a unique reddish-orange hue rather than any of the other known eye colors common to his kind. While he may have a fair complexion, it still gives off an uncomfortable image to those who see his face without his mask.

He is always wearing the same outfit, oddly enough. The outfit consists of a highly ornate set of (personally) magically enhanced Plate Mail armor, ornate being the descriptive word, the armor forged from a rare metallic glass, and is complemented with a set of crimson and black cloth, reaching down to his ankles and effectively concealing his form.

What makes this particular armor unique is, while it's considered by some as heavy armor due to being related to plate mail, it is surprisingly light. It weighs as much as a set of chainmail, and this is due to the enchantments that Asteridax placed on it. One unique property of the armor is that it seems to "heal" itself of any slight damage over time. Now how this is done, is something that even the necromancer refuses to talk about.

Around the edges, there are various runes and gilt designs etched into the metal that give off a (whitish) aura when he uses magic, effectively making the robes and armor appear exotic. Yet despite the dark coloration of the armor, it is not black. During the time it took to create this armor, it had been so finally polished, that the protective finish had taken on a black coloration.

Asteridax is well known for the golden mask and the distinctive armor that he is almost always wearing. Aside from these two obvious items of apparel, he carries a wide assortment of alchemical extracts, mutagens, and reagents, used for the sole purpose of creating potions [of magical nature]. The properties of these substances, when mixed, create effects from healing wounds to negating the effects of sunlight for a limited time.

For those who are more martially inclined, one will notice that he holds no weapons on his person whatsoever. This is due to the belief that he holds true: "Why fight yourself if you can have others do it for you?" Yet, if he is required to enter combat, his effectiveness lies within his spells and magical prowess.

However, the most important item that Asteridax carries is a seemingly harmless crystal orb. One can argue that the orb serves as a focus of his magical abilities, but the necromancer knows better. He is also seen using a staff from time to time, but the staff is nonmagical and is just a simple walking stick in reality.

Intelligence Network
The young necromancer (and lord) serves as the Queen's personal eyes and ears in many situations. His network of information is known by nearly everybody and feared by most. If something happens in the Kingdom of Iverien, Asteridax will have heard of it within a week at most.

Magic in the Blood
Unlike the magi that have spent their entire lives studying and mastering a large variety of spells, magic runs strongly through his blood. Because of this, Asteridax is capable of frequently casting a selection of favorable spells. While he lives and breathes what's natural to him, he has limited understanding of how the magic that runs through him works.

This is his specialty of magic and the type he uses almost exclusively. Necromancy is widely regarded as dealing with death and evilness, but this isn't so. Necromancy is really the magic of manipulating life energy, and was one of the most revered and holy of the ancient magicks. Using the power of Necromancy, Asteridax is capable of performing feats that could almost be considered miracles.

If left to his personal machinations, Asteridax will eventually break the wills of those he's interrogating, one way or another. However, this also serves as a double-sided sword. They don't call him the Puppetmaster for nothing.

Most of the spells that Asteridax cast has two forms, each having one side that benefits and positively reinforces the caster and his allies, while the other is negative and wracks the caster's enemies.
Mage Hand
The caster points at a small object (something that normally weighs no more than ten pounds), becoming capable of lifting and moving it at will from a close distance.

A minor spell with a number of relatively various effects, mainly used to pass the time or for practice. 'Nuff said.

Force Bolt
A crystalline missile of pure, dark, magical energy is formed at the caster's fingertips and strikes its target unerringly, dealing a minor amount of pure damage that bypasses most forms of armor and resistance. It's a variation of Magic Missile, customized for the capability of being cast rapidly within short amounts of time.

Blood Link/Barbs
The caster creates a magical bond of positive life energy between himself and another target. Whenever the target should experience pain or injury, the bond lessens the affliction by sharing the pain and damage equally between the target and the caster. When used offensively, the caster curses a target enemy that links itself with nearby enemy beings, and when one of the afflicted successfully attacks, they inflict the damage to themselves instead.

Healing Hands/Life Tap
By using necromantic magic in a positive fashion, the caster may heal the wounds of another living person, though the amount of positive energy to heal is halved when cast on himself. However, he can cast the spell and use the negative aspects of necromancy in a similar manner to absorb the life force of a target to heal his own wounds, dealing damage and weakening the target in the process.

The Pumpkin Song
A unique spell of Asteridax's creation, when cast upon a target (much more helpful of the target is helpless), it fills a sentient target’s mind with unsettling and wracking urges. Part would be fright; part would be agony; part would be anguish. They all affect the victim simultaneously in near equal magnitude, and if one is resisted, the other two are amplified. If two are endured, the third becomes distinctive. Most minds can't last long under the constant bombardment of these three emotions, often breaking down within mere minutes which allows the Puppetmaster to easily retrieve whatever information he was after.


  • He doesn't need to study or prepare his spells or magic, as it naturally comes to him. This gives him a strong advantage over other spellcasters.
  • Despite being a known necromancer, Asteridax is employed within the Queen's royal army as a mercenary due to certain ties.
  • Even when facing unfavorable conditions, he remains a step or two ahead of his opponent, usually with a plan within a plan.
  • He knows how to retrieve information from somebody, and he does a nastily good job about it.
  • It sucks when a group's healer happens to be the one who deals in death.
  • He has little to no formal training with weapons.
  • His imposing nature works against him as well, as he's generally left alone to work behind the scenes. He's generally not a people person.

Personality: Scary is the only term that comes to mind when describing Asteridax. While it’s easy to assume his personality to be sadistic, this is simply a façade to keep his enemies guessing. Face-to-face, he is as grim as he is intimidating, and he won’t rest until he’s hammered this belief into the minds of his enemies, however he is not evil. While Asteridax has a few people he would classify as friends, he would not hesitate to use them for information should he feel it necessary. He is calculating, logical, and incredibly sane. He analyzes every situation, always having some sort of contingency plan in place for every action.

However, to those whom earned special treatment from the Puppetmaster have realized that he is quite friendly, provided that one does not piss him off.

Biography: To most people, the early years of Asteridax is a story most mysterious, as very few people alive still know the truth regarding his origins. Asteridax had served the royal family his entire life: his father was the late King's personal advisor, much to the dismay of the queen. Before the King's death, he had served as his father's apprentice, learning how to master the magic that flowed through him while being taught on how to serve the kingdom of Iverien through the art of intelligence gathering and espionage. He was sharp and caught on quickly, finding himself employment in the service as one of the assistants of the royal family, most specifically a servant of the princess.

Over the next few years following the king's death, Asteridax had taken his father's position as the Queen's personal advisor, despite being younger than most, as it was around that time that his father had suddenly vanished, and he now serves as the head of the Queen's personal intelligence service. If it reaches the her ears, it is through the necromancer's many mouths. It had only been recently that Asteridax had found himself "attached" to a small group of mercenaries, reasons kept private for the time being.

How far will one obtain freedom from the grasp of certain fate?

So begins...

Asteridax Morzän's Story


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#, as written by Siryn

It was about time.

Years of planning and getting ready for that very moment were about to take place. Sakura looked about her room, no, her prison. A frown pulled on her lips as she eyed every inch of the space that had been the only thing she'd known for almost ten years. The bed in the center of the room with its four tall mahogany posts. The closet that held all of her clothing which she'd only ever worn three dresses from. A writing desk that she never used, except to sit at and ponder how she was going to free herself.

It had taken several years to accumulate what she needed. Hiding sheets from the nursemaid who tended to her room every so often, but not so much that it was suspicious. Gathering up old clothes from a couple of the servants in the castle whose rooms were close to her own. Finally, making requests for cloth that she knew she would be granted and from that making the rest of her clothing that she would wear when leaving the castle. She didn't want anyone recognizing her right off the bat as soon as she stepped foot outside of the palace walls.

Not that anyone would, though. Sakura thought to herself as she turned to the window. She'd never been let out of the castle before and even rarely ever allowed to wander the halls of her palace. It had taken place when she was about five years old. One of the maids had been carrying a tray of dishware and Sakura had startled the poor woman by coming around a corner too fast as she'd been playing. The young princess had crashed into the woman's legs and they both got tangled up. In order to not fall upon the small princess, the maid dropped the platter she'd been carrying and the dishes broke all around Sakura, scaring her.

Sakura wasn't entirely sure what had happened after that, all she could remember was feeling a lot of pain in her chest and then nothing afterwards. Since then she'd been locked into her room, her mother's only reasons were that she was very fragile and that she was being taken care of in this way.

Shaking her head, the princess cleared the memory and went to where she'd stashed all the sheets that she'd tied together. Dragging it all out from a well concealed place underneath the head of the bed, she tied the end of it to one of the bed posts and pulled on it heavily. When it didn't give out, she nodded her head in satisfaction and released her hold on it. The last preparation was for her to change clothes. Currently she was wearing a bright red silken dress and her hair was done up, pulled away from her face to show the flowering mark on her forehead. Undoing her hair, she let the long black silken locks fall, covering the mark perfectly.

Stripping from the dress, she pulled out the commoners clothes that she'd prepared. First a pair of leather pants, over that a white and brown skirt that was cut in such a fashion that the front of it only came down to mid thigh while the back was down to just above her knees. Tall boots came on over the pants, their leather warm against her feet. A white commoners shirt was next, and over that was a leather vest that pulled it all together. Catching her reflection in a tall mirror just across from her, she eyed the appearance with careful scrutiny. Satisfied with how it looked, she grabbed the sheets and threw them out of her window.

She frowned a bit, wish there was a better way to do this.... Leaning out the window she looked around to make sure that there was no one around. It was nearing the end of the day, the sunlight casting it's orange glow on the other side of the castle and thus where her room was, the shadows were much darker. Climbing up onto the edge of her window, she gripped the sheets that would take her three stories down the side of the castle wall. Straddling the sheets, she took one look over her shoulder and ground her teeth.

For a brief moment, her body shook uncontrollably. Facing the wall again, she took a deep breath and stepped off the ledge of her window. Leaning backwards, she started walking down the side of the stone wall. Thankfully, there weren't any other large windows down below her room, only the small occasional one here and there. Halfway down, she felt the sheets slacken a bit, jolting her body. Her heart jumped to her throat and she feared for a moment that she would begin to feel the pain that she hadn't felt in a few months. The attacks were rare, but every now and then when she was feeling particularly upset it would flare up.

Was this going to be too much for her? No. She shook her head and continued downwards. Freedom wasn't too much farther and she would have it even if it cost her. Nearing the bottom, the sheets finally gave, the knots loosening as she'd climbed down. A bit of a sharp gasp filled her throat as she fell the last few feet. Thankfully she hadn't been that high up and the bushes softened her fall. Tangled up in leaves, vines and a some thorns, she groaned slightly before sitting up. Brushing her fingers through her hair, she worked to free the small sticks and leaves that had tangled there.

Standing up, Sakura turned and caught sight of a carriage that was sitting not too far from where she'd come down at. Her heart leapt with elation and joy. My escape! Looking left and right, she quickly skirted towards the carriage and jumped into the back of it just as she heard voices from the palace entrance. Ducking down between two large boxes, she settled there with her heart pounding rapidly. Closing her eyes, she focused on calming herself quickly and hoped that whoever it was wouldn't notice her until she was far from the palace.


"Thank you for your trouble, mercenary," the Queen's adviser called as Shyc left the castle. He waved back at the man without saying a word or turning around, taking the steps two at a time.

He walked out back to the carriage that he'd been driving. The delivery to the castle had been taken care of and a couple of the palace guard were escorting him back to the cart. Shyc wondered what it was that the Queen had wanted, and what was in the box that he'd just delivered to her, but he knew it was best not to ask. Even so, she probably wouldn't have answered him anyway. The Queen was just that kind of woman, cold and secretive.

A few gold coins had been given for his trouble and the talk with the Queen had been short and to the point, a feature that he quite enjoyed about the woman, even if she was cold in manner. Shyc reached up and ran his hand through his brown hair, pulling it away from his eyes as he strode towards the carriage. The guards next to him halted a few feet away from it, having done their duty.

"Thanks!" he called back to them, waving his hand a bit. His grin was a bit wild and mischievous as he climbed up onto the seat of the carriage and flicked the reigns to get the horses going. Once he was freed from the scrutinizing gaze of the castle guard and others, he laughed out loud. Putting the reigns in one hand, he dug into his pocket with his free hand and drew out a few jewels. His grin was wide as he let the horses pull the cart down the cobble stoned street of the city.

"Way too easy. Sometimes it's no fun being able to just grab what you want and not get caught at all," he said to himself. Re-pocketing the jewels he pulled the reigns to the left and the horses turned at an intersection in the street. The carriage clattered down the street that came to a small gate leading out of the city and into the forested area just beyond. Shyc hummed to himself while he directed the horses into the woods. I wonder if Merialeth or Henry will like the jewels I got... Or maybe Kai would like them... he thought to himself. He enjoyed showing off what he'd gathered to the others, even if he was going to get into trouble about it.

The carriage pulled into the area where they'd camped out for the night only because they had to do that delivery. Shyc stood up and stretched. With having to report back to the castle, getting new supplies was also in order since they were going to be away for a while. As he jumped off the cart, he pulled from his pouch a letter from the Queen, "Hey Raze, this is from her Majesty," he called out and handed the letter to the elf.

He went back to the cart and lifted himself up onto the back of it and grabbed the crate that he'd filled with the supplies from the city. As he lifted it, he caught sight of black hair and a body shifting around frantically. Startled as he looked at bright purple eyes gazing up at him in shock, he gave a sharp shout and stumbled backwards. The back of his boot caught the edge of the carriage and he cried out again as he fell from the cart. Landing hard on his back with the heavy crate atop his chest, he groaned as he lay there. Lifting a hand he pointed at the cart.

"Girl.... girl in cart...."


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Asteridax Morzän

"Thank you for your trouble, mercenary,"

After watching the mercenary leave the castle grounds, Lord Asteridax had finally returned to his personal quarters, excusing himself from the Queen's presence by stating that he had some delicate matters to attend. Even though the Queen was one of absolute power, she did give him free rein over some aspects of her kingdom.

Once he reached the entrance, the door leading to his quarters had opened itself as if by reaction to his presence. Potions of various colors and sizes lined one of his walls, across from the many ingredients lining the opposite wall. Paperwork and alchemical devices laid scattered across his main desk, the window behind it revealing the castle's beautiful courtyard below.

The sorcerer took his usual place at the window, hidden behind the darkened glass frame, removing the golden mask that most of the kingdom's subjects have recognized him by. Taking a quick glance into the grounds below, he noticed the same mercenary from below, being escorted by a couple of Her Majesty's palace guards to the gates...

"Sorry for the intrusion my Liege, but Her Majesty has tasked me with passing this message to you."

One of the guards had entered his personal quarters, his domain, passing a letter from the Queen herself, the personal seal clearly visible.

"Well then, explain what Her Majesty requires of my personal abilities," Asteridax ordered with his back turned, his reply holding such fervor.

"I apologize, but I believe it is better for you to read it yourself. She explained that no other eyes are to gaze upon the letter but yours, my Liege-"

"Very well."

The sorcerer replaced his golden mask before turning to the guard, his fiery eyes burning through the mask itself, and removing the sealed letter from the guard's possession. As he opened the letter, he sighed approvingly to what the letter had contained, before inscribing a nearby piece of parchment and setting the letter alight.

The Queen wished for him to personally serve as a Liaison between the very group of mercenaries that she had contracted and herself, though she would not explain for what reasons exactly in the letter. This was more than enough for him to understand that the Queen had taken interest in this odd group of mercenaries.

"My transport, have it ready. I'll be taking my leave soon. Her Majesty has tasked me with a special assignment. Now leave my sight, you've extended your stay for long enough."

By his order, the guard had removed himself from the sorcerer's sight, closing the reinforced door behind him. Asteridax grabbed a small crystal orb from the surface of his desk, then proceeded to search his collection of potions, deciding upon keeping a few restoration and abjuration potions for his travels, their hues of blue and green shining through their crystal containers. Before departing, he magically recalled a wooden walking stick from a nearby wall.


"My Liege, we have arrived."

Asteridax had suddenly opened his eyes from the sound of the guard's voice, after taking a quick rest during the [roughly] twenty-minute ride to the mercenaries' campsite.

"Good. I no longer require of your services. You may return to your duties," he called out through the carriage's door, before departing the transport itself. As he looked towards the camp, two royal guards were stationed to both sides of the carriage, much to his chagrin. He waved them off, before entering the campsite itself.

While he approached the odd group, the guards had removed their presence as quickly as they had arrived, leaving only the sorcerer and his belongings at the entrance of the camp. That was when he realized that the group were too busy to notice a guest and had leaned against the trunk of a nearby tree...

I wonder how long it'll take them to realize that there's a guest at their campsite and if I have to cast any spells to garner their attention, he chuckled to himself as he waited silently before introducing himself to the crowd, not feeling the need to closely observe what exactly was happening.


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Naturally, if Shyc captured Razeluxe's attention, the rest of the camp was sure to follow shortly behind. This statement held true when, no sooner than when Raze attempted to question the stowaway, Henry appeared to see what all the commotion was about, as anyone probably would when hearing a womanly screech of the likes of which Shyc had previously emitted. Assertive as always, she forced herself into the scene.

"It's a girl Shnc, no need to be screaming like that." she restated, and honestly, it was probably needed. Shyc could be a handful on occasion, especially with his nasty habit of thievery. And he dared boast about it as well! At the very least, the young man was wise enough not to do so directly in front of Razeluxe, who would only get irritated with him. The woman began ordering them back. "Move back, you're crowding her." she told them, giving Razeluxe a small push away from the carriage before turning back to the other lady and (although Raze couldn't really see it) giving her a smile. She the decided to introduce herself to their stowaway.

"What is going on?" Kai asked, appearing from the camp. He did not look his best at this moment, but Razeluxe had something else to worry about right now.

"Shyc brought back a woman." Razeluxe informed, leaving it at that. Perhaps one could take that a very odd way, but he figured that Kai would get the gyst of what was occurring soon enough, when she explained herself. For now, however, Razeluxe could do naught but wait and see if Henry just upset the woman more or got actual answers from her. Raze, although a chilvarous guy at times, was not the expert in dealing with woman, especially those who decide to use his carriage as a free trip without so much as asking for permission. She did not look harmful, but that did not mean she wouldn't be a problem. By her reaction to his earlier question, she was completely oblivious as to whose carriage she stowed away upon. He couldn't help but wonder if she was a fool, and hoped that she would soon be gone, for her own good. Without common sense and skills to survive, being with mercenaries would get you killed in a heartbeat. He did not want an innocent's blood on his hands, and if she was with them when she died, Razeluxe would consider that as good as killing her himself. It was how he handled things, and he had a sense of responsibility for those around him.

By now, the carriage turned into the equivalent of a party, with just about everyone from the camp all checking the scene out, and most agreeing to just let Henry deal with it. Although Raze did take notice his fellow elf hadn't appeared yet. Anyway, while it SHOULD be the leader's responsibility, Raze had no real desire to deal with the situation, hoping that it would deal with itself. This, of course, turned out to be a huge mistake on Razeluxe's end, as Henrietta decided to promise the stowaway a place to hang out. Namely; with them. And he had just been thinking about the possibility of her getting killed just by being around them....

"Don't just decide things like that by yourself, Henrietta." his tone was strict, and like most of the others in the camp, he normally just called her Henry. He was prepared for any arguments about the girl, but he was ultimately going to forbid the stranger from accompanying them. There were many things wrong with it besides the risk of life, such as that they would need even more supplies than they had, they'd have to be able to trust her, and she would have to be able to carry her own weight. Family or not, nobody here did get to slack around. There would be no exceptions. Hopefully Henry could understan----

"Oh, hey Raze, what did the Queen want?" Shyc asked, seemingly recovered from earlier, and completely oblivious to Razeluxe's prior statement. Well, it was like him.

"Ya Raze, let's hear what her majesty has to say, and Shyn, don't go throwing around crates like that, someone could get hurt." she joined in, then adding, "Oh and if everyone's cool with it, Our dear runaway over here is going to join us until she can return 'home'."

Razeluxe couldn't help but narrow his eyes at her, using that situation to seal the argument before it begun. For now. He'd definitely deal with the situation at a later time, but for now he could just answer it since it was on their minds. "Another mission." Raze explained. "We'll be acting as the Queen's eyes for this one. Nothing complicated, just seeing what Lyura's military is up to. However... it's a mission from the Queen, so don't screw this up and we'll be content with the reward, I'm sure." Royalty did know how to pay, after all, and Razeluxe was a fan of that pay. It kept them fed and their weapons sharp. In fact, the Queen was likely to give them enough to take a while off, hopefully. The idea that they could relax for more than a day at a time really excited the young half-elf. No fighting, no working, just some shut-eye and interaction between the rest of the crew. What more could he want?

Nothing, that's what.

"Now that that's settled with, enjoy the company of our 'guest' for a bit longer, I suppose. If she's willing. However, about her staying with us, when she appears as though she knows not of combat... well, we'll discuss it later." with that, he took his leave. And as fate would have it, another 'guest' had appeared, leaning against a tree further up the road.

Guess I'm not going back to sleep anytime soon.

It was a shame, but he was not one to cry over spilled milk... or rest. Or to cry in general, honestly. But I digress. Unsure as to what this eccentrically-dressed man wanted with him, he approached. Not that the mask made him approachable or anything. "I apologize if I kept you waiting, sir. I shall assume you know where you are? Do state your business being here, if that is the case."


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Compose yourself, don't freak out, just calm down..., for a couple of seconds, Zefar just stood there, breathing out and in without letting anyone notice, and slipped even further away from the cart, letting Sync troubles being unseen. Usually, he would help anyone out without expecting anything in return; however, it was obvious that today wasn't particularly one of his best days. To Zefar's relief though, no one seems to have perceived his slightly different state of mind, given them to be busy concerning themselves with the current situation.

It took Zefar not long to settle down and follow the events afterwards; which appeared rather ominous. There was no doubt that Zefar did not believe the story the girl presented..., which made her suspicious. Although it was obvious that this girl did not own that certain filth within her scent and face, Zefar was never able to completely pass women (in general) as innocent or harmless. He experienced various things which he still remembered as a memory, dearly or not, even until now. Most of them came back as nightmares, with women to be the cause of it -- probably the reason he preferred men. The only reason he let Henry talk to her was to fully comprehend her true intention by hearing her out… but that appears to have failed. He can’t seem to understand what she actually wanted. Distrust made him stare at her eyes a tad bit too long, which secret intention he only covered with a mere smile. Not really holding any gentleness, only professional sympathy services.

"Another mission. We'll be acting as the Queen's eyes for this one. Nothing complicated, just seeing what Lyura's military is up to. However... it's a mission from the Queen, so don't screw this up and we'll be content with the reward, I'm sure."

As his attention averted to the words the leader had told them, he caught an individual from the corners of eye, not far from the place he stood. Gazing to the direction he thought it was, a rather eye-catching figure leaned there, seemingly watching the group of mercenaries. It was truly a tad bit disturbing and suspicious, but there is no special threat about him or any bad intentions, or so Zefar's instincts told him. Although he isn't completely convinced about the significance the masked man was, he had an apprehension that he wasn't a mere passer-by. Well, who would be? Most of people preferred to stay out of problems, or so it was logical. A familiar noise awoke him from his gaze, as suddenly Henry glared at his direction... or to be exact, to Shyc who was behind him, using him like so often as a shield. Although it was kind of noisy, Zefar enjoyed it nonetheless and felt amusement within those now daily little quarrels. Probably a prove that those two getting along fairly well with each other.

"Well, aren't you both cheerful today?,", he said, as always letting him sound like an old geezer. "Don't you mind him Henry, I heard that boys tend to tease the girl they like,"When he received the gift from Shyr though, he could only frown. He disliked how Shyc is stealing things as he pleased, because he helt to the conviction that one should work for their belongings, and to thieve didn't belong to the division 'work', did it? "Where did you take this from, Shyc?,", he asked very seriously and strict, though afterwards he went off somewhere else, leaving Henry, the woman and Zefar behind. Raze on the other hand already went for the other guest. He trusted Raze to do the right thing, and due to that he didn't concern himself any further with it, allowing him to put all his attention to Sakura.

"Really, today is an odd one. Truly a rare occasion and I thought we have time to relax!,", although his voice conveys a significant carefree attitude, there was a slight discomfort, given that he had to do something with this new woman who called herself 'Sakura'. "I doubt it, to be honest,", said Zefar by the question of Henry while still keeping the distance between him and the female individuals. "And Miss... Sakura, is it? You’re well aware that I can't trust your words entirely, aren’t you?,", he firmly stated. " I hope you understand myself asking questions concerning yourself only for the sake of our groups safety," Afterwards, his smile appeared, not warm, but less distant. "However, I think you will just get along well with Henry. Right Henry?,", he asked, indirectly gave the responsibility to her concerning Sakura. Well, not like this couldn’t be foreseen. She was the one wanting her to join in anyway. "Well then, may I invite you to a drink within the tent?,", by having said that, it was only common sense to offer a hand to help her step out of the cart.


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#, as written by Siryn

"You Brat! Just wait till I get you! I am not a boy!" Henry shouted, shaking her fist in the air, but she halted in her steps as she snatched something out of the air as Shyc had tossed something at her.

"Don't you mind him Henry, I heard that boys tend to tease the girl they like," the man whom Shyc had hid behind said with a gentle smile and soft voice.

Sakura shifted her gaze between both Henry and the hooded man who had remained with them while the others had seemed to scurry off to do other things. Well, at least Shyc had scurried off, although he had tossed back at the hooded man that he most certainly did not like Henry in that sense. Sakura giggled at this. It was still fun to watch the young man so energetically rushing about. Although he did avoid the question of where he'd gotten those jewel's altogether, that or he just hadn't heard. This left the princess wondering where he'd gotten them too, especially since it seemed that Shyc was the more mischievous out of the group.

"Sorry about that, Shyc just knows how to wind people up, so Sakura just had to make sure, but do you actually know how to fight?"

"I doubt it, to be honest," the male mercenary said, though his voice wasn't harsh. Still it cut straight to the truth.

To this, Sakura blushed as she gazed at Henry. Oh no... how do I answer this... she thought frantically. He'd hit the mark, that much was for certain. Slowly she let her head fall down as she nodded a bit.

"Yes, it's true, I don't know how to fight, but I'm more than willing to learn! Would you teach me? I wasn't allowed to know anything when I was in captivity. I've only known a single room for most of my life, please I want to learn all there is to know!"

"And Miss... Sakura, is it? You’re well aware that I can't trust your words entirely, aren’t you?" the hooded mercenary said as he turned to address her and Sakura bit her lip.

"I hope you understand myself asking questions concerning yourself only for the sake of our groups safety. However, I think you will just get along well with Henry. Right Henry?" he continued.

Even Sakura could hear the words of responsibility given to Henry about Sakura's joining them from the man's voice. She glanced over to Henry hoping that the girl would accept in having Sakura with her and helping to have Sakura learn the ropes of this small group. Her fingers intertwined together and clenched lightly as she watched the exchange.

"Well then, may I invite you to a drink within the tent?"

"Yes, of course," she answered a bit stiffly, her voice low. Of course it was to be expected that at least one of the people in the group would find her suspicious. Sakura hadn't even expected it to go as good as it had. She glanced around the group, more specifically looking for Razeluxe who had been the first to see her. She found him on the other side of the camp approaching someone who looked to have been standing on the edge of the camp for quite a while. She couldn't get a good glimpse until Raze moved a bit and her heart jumped a bit.

Oh no! Someone from the castle! I've been found out... she thought frantically, her heart racing which in turn began to hurt a bit. She winced and quickly turned away. Too soon! Way too soon for this! her fingers clenched tightly as she tried to keep the pain from her features. Sakura hoped that the two she was standing with wouldn't be looking all that closely. Breathing hurt a bit so she took shallow, slower breathes in an attempt to calm herself from the sudden shock.


Shyc looked up from where he'd been trying to coerce Kai to return the barrel of ale. He'd been hoping that his words of having brought the young man a flask from the market would change his mind from stealing the barrel from the tent. It was then that he'd noticed someone else on the edge of the camp to which Raze was striding over to. He immediately stopped what he was doing, his interests elsewhere then and stood up straight. Reaching upwards he pushed his hand through his hair with a bit of a grin.

"Hey look Kai! More people! Man, today is a strange one isn't it? It's been a while since we've had so much attention... Er well, the good kind of attention is what I mean. Nothing like those damn bandits and irritated shop keepers and the like you know?" he said, rambling on as usual. Glancing over to Kai he smiled, giving a bit of a laugh as he did so.

"Hmm, wonder what that guy wants... I'm sure Raze'll tell us when he finds out."


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Merialeth Riverblosem

It was the 9th of Frostfall and since I was a youngling that only meant one thing in my mind. It was time to pay homage to Erevan liesere the elven God of trickery and deceit. I left the group a few days ago to begin my pilgrimage as is custom on this day. Of course I didn’t tell them what I was doing, it was hardly their business anyway this was a moment for me to be alone with Erevan liesere.
I traveled to the shine of Erevan Liesere; along my way others joined me however to fully embrace Erevan one must travel to his shine alone and unwatched so we parted way after a short time. Although all was not loss, the pilgrim did help me secure a sacrifice for my Lord a golden locket that seemed to mean a great deal to her. How fortunate, when this little trinket found its ways into my hands.

As I made my way back to camp, I seemed to find myself wander on the embers and ancient group of tombs describing to priest and pilgrims the power and might of Erevan Liesere. A tear withdrew from my eye as I gazed upon the tomb that read; “Honor amongst Thieves.” I had just broken that tomb, when that little locket found its way into my hand. How foolish I had been, I forgot this tomb this sacred truth of my people.

As I continued down the mountain, I read on “Thou shalt rob an honest man.”
“Shadows are an extension of thy self.” And so on…
Most of the tombs were harmless sayings that really had no deeper meaning then to tell a story. Others the more pivoted ones told ways to live your life and be in favor with Erevan Liesere. Many of these more sincere ones I had broken in my lifetime, perhaps even twice, was Erevan looking down on my actions as a consequence of this?

The next morning; I continued my way back to the camp with a much grief ridden mind set. After a few days I approached a smoke pile that I thought to be the others, I heard voiced peering from the direction. Many of them I knew, but there was one I did not, it was younger and naïve apart from the others. A new member or trouble I thought as I braced myself into the clearing ready to grab my bow if anything were to surprise me. I saw the groups with the stranger, no hostile intent seemed present I opened my mouth in a melodramatic tone.

“I heard your voices nearly a mile away, what did I miss wail I was gone?” I asked looking at the group; my eyes looked tired I had not slept in a day. My body ached and all I wanted to do was rest, I was getting far too old for this anymore I would retire if I had the funds but alas for a comfortable retirement I would need a good chunk more to make it worth my while.


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Asteridax Morzän

Asteridax had counted the seconds when some of the inhabitants began noticing him, and only then did a minute or two had passed when one particular being approached him - a half-elf.

I apologize if I kept you waiting, sir. I shall assume you know where you are? Do state your business being here, if that is the case.

The words flowed from the stranger's lips, and upon closer inspection, the sorcerer recognized the half-elf as a male, somewhere in his early twenties, though he anticipated the elfling before him would be much older than what he appeared.

"I know exactly where I am. It's not difficult to find a group of mercenaries as yourself with the amount of noise you generate, now is it?" He gestured towards the rest of the mercenaries. Shifting his weight, lifting himself from the trunk, the sorcerer continued. "I do apologize, I am Lord Morzän, personal advisor to Her Majesty. Now, you asked for what my business is, straight to the point, I like that. I'm under the direct orders of the Queen herself to... oversee a particular group of mercenaries to make sure that they carry out a special mission without much difficulty."

Asteridax straightened himself, correcting his posture while taking a small breath in before continuing on.

"Now that I've introduced myself formally, now who would you be, and when shall we start?"


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Given that Henry was fairly overprotective of her made him on the one hand rest assured, on the other anxious. She was too trusting and that worried him. Even though he could relate to her sympathy, there are endless things which aren’t as it seems and unless Henry did not understand that, they’re not going anywhere with this. That’s why, he approved of her presence within their circles. Additionally, he had to admit that Sakura was indeed getting more and more harmless in his eyes, probably due a certain naïveté swinging within the words in which she expressed herself. Was it really mere act? Even Zefar began to doubt it. Nonetheless, he stayed alerted. He merely needed to observe her demeanours, and if she is proven to be suspicious, he’ll just get rid of her like any other who was trying to deceive the groups trust.

"Don't mind him Sakura, we all have our secrets and we don't have to spill them till we are ready."

Zefar merely frowned, slightly shook his head. Henry did not understand him, like any other day. Must she be as carefree as Shyc in this kind of important matters? He only tried to prevent them to be killed when light was out and everyone was sleeping, due to that time any other assassin would have attempted to launch an attack. Even though her remark just hurt him quite a bit, he smiled to brush it off. If Henry didn’t regard her as suspicious, she should do it. Nonetheless, Zefar was only able to decide after talking to her more seriously. His hand however, which he’d stretched out for her remained cold in the air without any sense of significance. She did answer to his invitation (well, not like Zefar gave her much too choose) but her attention was scattered elsewhere, her eyes seem to be fixed on something particular. Zefar followed her eyes and figured she’d stared at the other guest with the mask, and Zefar deemed that there was a certain turmoil going on inside her when regarding her eyes. The appropriate thought probably had to be: Is that her kidnapper? On the other hand, there was a difference between the fears Zefar anticipated that she felt. In any way, he contemplated it as necessary for them, both Sakura and the masked man, to meet. Yes, probably with that, he’d receive information regarding the two of them.

“Marialeth! Good to see you! However… you seem very tired. Why don’t you lie down in the tent? Shyc and Kai are present there, they’ll probably better off watched by you,” He uttered with a friendly countenance. “For the drink in the tent… I am afraid, that have to wait. I prefer us to greet the other guest now, don’t you agree, Henry? … Sakura?,” With a smile covering up his true intentions, he didn’t left Henry much choice to choose from, as well as Sakura, who couldn’t afford to act suspicious now. She would accompany him to the guest, and that won’t be interfered yet. By slightly telling her to step forward first, you could say he gently pushed her up front, closing to the other guest who had entered the scene. He caught some of the words, but not entirely that he’d come to a clarity of how his presence was of any importance. “Sir, Raze,” He nodded politely towards both of them. “My name is Zefar. This is Henry and she is Sakura. I apologize to have bothered you within your conversation; I only deem it as necessary. I don’t regard it as appropriate to eavesdropping and so I might as well, participate,” It was a plain lie, but his sole purpose was to be accomplished and Zefar hoped Raze didn’t mind him interrupting. He stole a quick glance to Sakura’s demeanours and didn’t let any of her movements to be unnoticed. In the other hand, he smiled politely to the masked man without being able to figure out what there is so intimidating about him. Perhaps it is due to Zefar unable to see his face? In anyway, the man with his graceful attitude wasn’t from the streets that’s for sure.