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Rosaline Delaune

"Will you pay the price for freedom?"

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a character in “Mercenary Martyrdom”, as played by Horseygirl




Full Name
Rosaline Aurélie Delaune

Rose, and if you are really close to her she might let you call her Rosie


Co-leader of the rebellion



❤Feeling free
❤Causing trouble
❤Leading the rebellion
❤Figuring things out
❤Her group

✖People ignoring everything wrong with the government
✖Being judged on because of her district
✖Her group being blamed
✖Having to keep her relationship secret
✖Dull people
✖Feeling inadequate
✖Being pushed around

Distinct Markings
She has a thick, long, painful looking scar on her back.



In general, Rose is very charming, outgoing, and stubborn. Being from district seven, she naturally has excellent manners. She knows how to hold herself like a queen, and charm her way into getting someone to tell her all their secrets. She uses this skill very rarely, really only when it's necessary. She's quite flirty, but usually in more of a teasing manner. She often does this with Will, but nobody really thinks twice about it because that's just how she is. Every now and then she'll flash a bright smile and a wink to get what she wants, although she's usually just joking. She loves to tease her group members, and most of then learned that with her it's just a display of affection.
but Rose really does care about everyone in her group. She often plays a mother role, and every one of them knows they could come to her with any problem or secret and she would help them through it with no judgments or hesitation. She would do anything for her group members. She would never allow anything to happen to them, and when making a decision she keeps every one of them in mind. She does tease them, but it's all in good nature.
When Rose sets her mind to something, there is no stopping her. She can be very stubborn and hardheaded. She will often risk her own wellbeing, but never would put someone she cares about at risk. She is very passionate, and when she feels strongly about something she will throw her entire being into it. It's impossible to sway her, unless you are very, very close to her.

She is very intelligent, and is usually the person to come to for creating detailed plans. She would not allow anyone to just rush into a dangerous situation, without finding a way out of something goes wrong and such. She is generally very logical. She figures things out very quickly, and can easily find her way out of a situation.
Rose is also quite wary about letting people in. She is very friendly and open with new people, but generally doesn't really allow many people to really get under her skin. But if you can earn her trust, you have someone who would never give up on you, no matter how many times you hurt her, and is actually very tender. Although she tries to keep her emotions out of things, she tends to get attached too easily.



Rosaline Aurélie Delaune was born in district seven- the district for the most privileged. Her father was a very prominent, intelligent official. Her mother didn't have to work, and stayed at home with Rose. From a young age, she noticed the strive for absolute perfection. The streets were clean, they all dressed very nicely, and everyone was very polite and friendly. Rose's mother did her best to make everything perfect- the house the lived in, the clothes they wore, even Rose. She was scolded harshly for her rebellious nature, and was shown off like a doll, being the only Delaune daughter. Her mother never asked how she was feeling, or what she wanted. It was always you would look prettier in that dress or smile more, the neighbors will think something if wrong. Everything felt so fake, so wrong. Nobody really thought about anything or anyone other than themselves.

This was a fact she just sort of accepted until she grew to be a little older, and more aware. She saw the injustice of the system. Some families would go days without eating, and in district seven people threw food out like it was nothing and lived in lavished homes. Rose felt like a toy- only there for viewing purposes. There was no need to think, or strive for anything. From the moment she was born, her whole life was already planned out for her. She would marry someone who treated her well, but didn't know anything about her. She would have a few kids. She would stay home, and never have to worry about anything. It was all so wrong. She was a person. She had a brain for a reason. Those people starving, they were people. She would smuggle in articles and papers that showed all the injustice of the lower districts. She confronted her mother, who told her not to dirty her mind with such dark thoughts. Rose was livid. How could they just live like this, without a thought or care in the world.
When her father learned of her anti-government beliefs and her wanting to help the rebellion, he turned on her. He threatened to disown her, and kept her under 24/7 surveillance. She was barely let out of the house, and someone was always watching her. So, she would try to help out in any way she could. She would send food and supplies to people who would then give it to the leaders of the rebellion, and warn them if she heard her father or anyone around him talking about plans to crush the rebellion. But in public, she planted on a charming smile and attended all of the parties her mother wanted her to be at. She was charming and kind, even though inside she hated this life so much.

When Rose was nineteen, she turned her back on her family. Since she was an adult, she made the decision join the rebellion, as quietly as possible. But she was still disowned. She didn't feel like she had a ton to offer, but she was damn smart and knew every aspect of upper-class living, and the weaknesses of high-class officials. This turned out to be very helpful. She gave the group everything she had, and tried her very hardest. It paid off. She quickly went up in the rankings and soon met Will. He was so charismatic, inspiring, and overall intoxicating. They became very close quite quickly. They just got on so well, from day one. They grew closer and closer, from friends to best friends to being inseparable. Rose couldn't help but fall head over heels for him.
Much to her elation, they started dating. They kept it to themselves, waiting for the right time to tell everyone. But when Will came into power and chose her as his second-in-command, they decided it was too risky. It would seem like he only gave her the spot because they had a thing, and the group could easily turn on them. Rose was happy enough keeping it to themselves, so long as they could still be together in some form. She loves him.

Rose was originally with Will when he started the riots that night. But as soon as she heard people were being hurt in district seven, she quickly fled to make sure her family was okay. When she got there, there were so many people dead. Some were people that she had known- that she grew up with. She felt sick. When she finally made it to her home, she found that her parents had been murdered. Despite everything that her family had done to her, she was distraught. She vowed to find whoever it was who killed her parents.

[color=COLOR HERE]Theme Song[/color]
Elastic Heart || Sia

and another one bites the dust
oh why can I not conquer love
and i might have thought that we were one
wanted to fight this war without weapons

and i wanted it i wanted it bad
but there were so many red flags
now another one bites the dust
yeah let's be clear i'll trust no one

you did not break me
i'm still fighting for peace

i've got thick skin and an elastic heart, but your blade it might be too sharp
i'm like a rubberband until you pull too hard, i may snap and i move fast
but you won't see me fall apart
cos i've got an elastic heart

and i will stay up through the night
let's be clear won't close my eyes
and i know that i can survive
i'll walk through fire to save my life

and i want it i want my life so bad
i'm doing everything i can
then another one bites the dust
it's hard to lose a chosen one

you did not break me
i'm still fighting for peace


So begins...

Rosaline Delaune's Story


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It's late afternoon, three days after the riots. Yesterday, the declaration that all rebels are now outlawed was announced, and the tension in the base is tangible.

"Among the known rebels are Will Barnes, formerly of Division 5, Brooklyn Davis, formerly of Division 3, Rosaline Delaune, formerly of Division 7 and Cheryl Prior, formerly of Division 3. The public is reminded that if any of these individuals are spotted, the police should be informed immediately. They are assumed to be armed and dangerous, and should not be approached. Will clenched his fists and shut off the TV as they once again showed photos of the known rebels.

Yes, they set stuff on fire. Yes, they liked to cause chaos. But they were not murderers. They had nothing to gain from killing off most of Division 7. His hands curled even tighter as he remembered Rosaline's expression when she had gotten to Division 7. Seeing her former friends and her family dead.

An idea was burning in the back of Will's mind, though. If they could show that it had been the army that had killed Division 7, the public would rise up. Join their cause. And the divisions would fall. A new system. One that was fairer than all of those before.

He saw someone at the door and the smile came easily to his lips. He shut the door behind her and took her face in his hands, kissing her gently on the lips. He looked at her and just allowed himself to smile. Things seemed a lot more achievable when she was around. "I say this every day, but I'm glad you're alive." He told her, allowing himself to just take in her beauty.


The notes he played on the piano contrasted starkly with the thoughts in his head. He didn't even know what he was playing. All he could think about was the riots. One moment, in particular. A girl with long, curly blonde hair and a gentle face who reminded him so much of Hayley that it hurt. Seeing her and freezing. Seeing a bullet go through her heart and having to turn away, remembering that Hayley was gone. But the fires kept flickering through his mind as his fingers flowed over the keys.

He'd tried letting it out with some target practice. But that made it worse. The girl in his mind changed to Hayley, and every time he fired, it was his bullet that hit her. He wasn't quite sure why this was troubling him so much. It had been three years since he'd found out that she wasn't coming home. He sighed.

As much as he disliked Division 7, their massacre had really gotten to him. It was probably just an exhibition of power by the soldiers. Look what we can do. Look what we will do. It's you next. He shook his head and stood up abruptly. Nothing was working.

He stormed back to his room, trying to shove the thoughts of the riots from his head. He had to get out of this place. He needed to clear his thoughts. He needed to breathe.Everyone here was so tense about the fact that they had been outlawed and that the army could turn on them at any point. If you drew a knife at the wrong time, you would cut the tension.

He went into his room and grabbed a black hoodie, pulling it on over his blue shirt. He swapped his blue jeans for black, and changed into a pair of more comfortable black Vans. He slid his gun into the holster around his waist and grabbed a dark red scarf, shoving it into the pocket of his hoodie. He jerked up his hood and turned around to leave, but was surprised to find that his door was blocked by a body.


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Rosaline couldn't stop hearing the news castor saying her name- saying that her group was wanted for the murders in district seven. Of her family. Her former friends. Every time she closed her eyes, she could see their bloodied faces. She felt so sick- how could they think that she killed her own family? How could anyone believe them?
She guessed it was easier that way. Pinning them as crazy, so nobody would join their cause. But she would prove who really killed those people, even if it was the last thing she ever did.

With a heavy sigh, Rose stood up and looked at the ground. She felt so impossibly hurt, angry, and lost. He had always grown up essentially feeling like she had no parents but now, knowing that she really was an orphan, she would do anything to see them again. Even if they did just send her away once more.

She wandered out of the room, and made her way over to Will's. She lingered in the doorway, and couldn't stop the smile that spread across her face when his eyes met hers. Just like that, she could feel all of her fears and worries melt away. Just being with him, she felt so at ease.
He shut the door behind them, took her face into his hands and kissed her. She kissed him back, and felt herself completely relax. She leaned back slightly, smiling softly as she gazed into his dark eyes. "I say this every day, but I'm glad you're alive." He told her, and her smile broadened slightly.

"Sorry to tell you, but you're stuck with me." She chuckled, and kissed him again when suddenly his phone rang. Rose pulled away to glare at the phone, and looked back at Will with a soft smile.


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"Sorry to tell you, but you're stuck with me." He grinned as she kissed him again. However, his phone rang and he had to lean back, swiping it from the arm of the chair behind him.

"This is Wendy SinClaire and my father was just murdered by Goverment officials. Before he died he handed me this phone which only contained your contact and told me to call you. Am I right to assume you are the person I should be speaking to?" He swore under his breath.

"You would be correct. This is Hawk speaking. Wendy, you need to get here as soon as possible. Your father told me that he'd also left you a map of where the base is. Do not come here directly. Myself and another rebel will meet you in Division 7, you'll need a briefing. Do not speak to anybody unless strictly necessary. You'll know the rebels when you see them. I await your arrival." He hung up and swore under his breath again.

He turned and looked at Rose. "SinClaire is dead. His daughter's on her way to meet us. We need to go out into the city." He grinned. It was a chance to spend a little time alone together without having to worry about rebels bursting in at any moment and finding them. "As my co-leader, I feel you should come with me." He went to his closet and grabbed a grey jacket, zipping it up over his plain white shirt and yanking up the hood. He threw Rosie a black scarf to cover her fact and grabbed a white one himself, tying it around his mouth and nose.

It troubled him that SinClaire had been killed. That was part of the reason he wanted Rosie with him. It would kill him if anything happened to the others, but if anything happened to her... It would destroy him. He would tear the city down, brick by brick, if they touched her. He could at least defend her in the city. That was why he had chosen Division 7- it was practically abandoned. He'd hear an attack coming.


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#, as written by Miyer

"You would be correct. This is Hawk speaking. Wendy, you need to get here as soon as possible. Your father told me that he'd also left you a map of where the base is. Do not come here directly. Myself and another rebel will meet you in Division 7, you'll need a briefing. Do not speak to anybody unless strictly necessary. You'll know the rebels when you see them. I await your arrival."

Wendy listened to everything the man had to say, eyes watching the road as she made her way in the direction of division. The tell tale sound of a click signified that 'Hawk' had cut the call and Wendy was left alone with her thoughts as she drove down the icy road.

It was a strange feeling, now that the adrenaline was exiting her system and she could think clearly about the situation that had taken place only moments ago. She couldn't fathom why the military would suddenly attack like that. She knew her father had been in relation with the rebels through she didn't know it what way, however the Government had never come after home before. He was an old man, entering his early 60s now, and the only thing that would of been considers dangerous about him would of been his military training.

Her father had not bothered with the divisions in over 19 years of what her mother said was true. Through her mother never talked about her father unless she was drunk, Wendy had been able to gather that her father had been involved in the rebels before Wendy was born, and she guess that was also around the time he met her mother and went into the tundra.

Her father had never had any trouble with the government after that, and they had decided to leave him alone... So why...?

It hurt now, the searing pain that bloomed in her heart at the image of her fathers dead body colouring the white snow. Her father was the only man who ever understood her and now he was gone... She could feel the prickling of tears behind her eyes and hastily rubbed them away angrily, now was not the time to break down and mourn. She could do that when she was safe.

Focusing back in on the now paved road, she gasped at the sight before her.

Division 7 was in ruins.

"What... What the hell happened here...?" she mumbled to herself, jumping out of the jeep as it came to a halt. People lay dead on the street and it looked like there had been some type of massacre, a riot or something just as damaging.

A sound of feet against asphalt, someone was trending carefully and in her direction. Pulling her duel pistols from her halters, she took aim at the people who stood in the shadows. Waiting and watching for them to make the next move.